Harry hated Slytherins. Harry scanned the Slytherins on the other side of the potions classroom. They all looked haughty and proud. They enjoyed pushing people down. They didn't care who they hurt.

Take Daphne Greengrass for example. She was sitting the front desk closest to Snape on the other side of the room, charming her nails different colors. She was so vain and selfish.

"Shh, Astoria. Don't cry."

"But he's hitting her! Daddy's hitting Mommy!"

"Shh... shh... just stay in the closet. Don't leave."

"I'm so scared, Daphne."

"I will die before letting him touch you."

And then there's Theodore Nott. So nonchalant. Sneering down on those who were "unworthy" of his attention: Muggles and muggleborns and halfbloods.

"You disgrace!"

"Mum, I di-"

"Associating with Muggles!"

"She's my friend!"


"No! Melanie!"

"Theodore, you will learn one day of your place above filth like that."

Tracey Davis sat the row over, reading a book. Probably on the Dark Arts. Tracey especially liked that sort of stuff.



"Enjoying it, Sister?"

"Jeff! Please! Stop!"

"This is your future, Tracey. These are the Dark Arts."

Next to Tracey, Pansy Parkinson was screeching about something or other. She was so arrogant and full of herself. Pansy looked over at Draco and winked. Rolling his eyes, Draco turned back to his work. Harry bet that she thought she was every man's dream.

"Dad! Please, stop it!"

"Stop crying, Pansy! You belong to me!"

"Dad, I don't want to do this anymore!"

"Well, your mother left, so you'll have to suffice."

Seated next to Draco was Blaise Zabini. He was a famed two-timer. He didn't give a damn about anyone's feelings but his.


"Yes, Blaise."

"Where is Mr. Cor- I mean, where is Dad?"

"He isn't your father any longer. I've found a new husband, twice as rich. You'll be meeting him next week."

"But I really liked Mr. Cornfoot."

"Yes, well, you also liked the last one and he's gone, too. You really shouldn't get too attached to people, Blaise."

"Who was my real dad?"

"I can't remember. It was so long ago. It doesn't really matter. He's gone, too."

"Oh. Okay."

Harry then looked over at Draco. Draco was turned around in his chair now, blatantly ignoring Snape's lecture. Of course, Snape didn't say anything. Not to the high and mighty Draco Malfoy. Oh heavens, no. Draco could do whatever he wanted, because he was "pureblood."

"Daddy, can I leave?


"But Aunt Bella is really scary."

"You are to remain at this table and stay silent."

"But, Da-"

"Please, excuse me and my son."

"Daddy, that hurts."

"You will not defy me!"


"You will sit at that table and you will act like you enjoy it!"


"Malfoys never cry. We never show emotion. Now wipe your face and smile. We're going back upstairs."

Who gave them the right to prance around like gods and treat everyone else like dirt? Who do they think they are? Harry hated Slytherins.