Chapter Seven: Parlez Vous Francais

The home was solid, made of red and white bricks on the outside and many beautiful windows to shine out onto the large yard and forests surrounding them. The inside of the home was much the same, solid and warm, the walls were painted perfectly for each room or lined with dark oak. Two room were next to the other, but couldn't be more different and yet still very the same.

The first was for Virgo Ivy Obsidian, known also as Samantha before her move to France with the Black family. Her room was surprisingly sparse, the walls were painted a dark green color with silver trim, Bella had been surprised when the girl wanted her room in those colours, but was happy none the less. The room had a very large window, and a small platform so Sam could sit and look outside comfortably. The young girl had several plants in carefully made pots, ranging from simple flowers, to dangerous magical herbs. Her desk was covered in dusty tomes, dirty pieces of parchment and several projects in the works, it was found fairly early that she had a gift for Alchemy, and an obvious advantage in Herbology.

The second on the other hand, was for Corvus, the walls were painted gray with small black boarders that would drop into the grey like feathers. Where Sam had a large window, Harry had several small windows near the top of the wall to filter in just enough natural light. He was careful with his room, everything had a place but his desk was truly a disaster. Next to the desk a small stone inscribed with runes, to further his research into the Black Family rituals.

'You know this is a bad idea.' Scarlet whispered through their link.

"Hen, please I am trying to focus." Harry growled out lightly, his knife just carefully carving the runes into the wax of the white candle in his hands. In front of him, he had about five of them, along with another six red candles on the other side of the room.

Scarlet huffed lightly at the nickname, he only called her that when she was getting on his nerves; after all these years he should be used to her careful nature. Still though she knew that Harry was a curious, inventive child, someone who would always look for the loopholes in magic.

'Fine, don't blame me when you hurt yourself.' She called out, flying towards one of the small open windows and roosting on the sill. Scarlet was going to keep an eye on him, but not enough to get her caught in whatever he was doing.

Harry placed the inscribed candles around the circle he had branded into the floor, and he placed the object within the circle. "Do vobis potestatem ad modum loquendi quo fluxus temporis, ut sciam quid requiratur ex vobis est. Ex hic vos should be known as Herculis speculas, et scientia." He said slowly as he brought the silver dagger across his palm.

A bright green light filled the circle 'You can't bind me.' A voice filtered from within.

"Can't I?" Harry said darkly holding out a bright yellow stone, which he promptly pushed into the green light. The bright green light vanished as quickly as it appeared, leaving only behind a silver watch with a bright green stone within the center.

'Did it work?" Scarlet asked warily, flying down onto her masters shoulders, looking down at the innocent looking watch. Knowing full well that her young ward had trapped a spirit within it, and depending on the strength of the enchantment it could only last so long.

Harry shrugged his shoulders "It should have, this area was a prime spot for the last few hundred years, much blood has been spilt here." He explained picking the object up from the circle "Only one way to be sure." He pulled a strand of hair from his head and closed the clasp on it.

A bright green flash washed over the back of it, within a few moments a few words appeared on the metal. 'Harry James Potter: Age 11, Race: Human-Wizard-Magnus. Powerlevel: 1299.' Harry nodded at that "It'll work for now, I'll have to tweak it a little, but it works."

'So it's an information device?'

"Something like that, it's suppose to help me figure out if someone is like me." He pulled another strand of hair from his shirt pocket. Once more it flashed green 'Bellatrix Virgo Lestrange: Age:36, Race: Human-Witch. Powerlevel: 5302.' It seemed to have worked.

'Bellatrix is far stronger than you are.' Scarlet observed tilting her head on his shoulders 'It is impressive magic none the less.'

Harry nodded closing the clasp once more, and slipping it into his pocket "I wish Aela was still around." He said looking at the small magically heated stone near his bed that his pet once occupied.

'There was nothing you could have done, she just…was sick.'

Harry hung his head, what was the point of magic if you still couldn't fix the damage done by simple things. He took a deep breath, and looked towards the clock on his wall "Come, we're going to the Market today." With that he turned around, snapping his fingers the candles all went out, he strode out of his room, dodging the small black blur that was Sam "Watch it!"

Sam turned just a tad, giving him a mocking face and continued to rush forward "Cain is taking us to the Market. Come on slowpoke!" She called out, turning a corner and Harry could hear her footsteps turn from wooden, to tile.

Harry entered the rather roomy kitchen, where Sirius was sitting at the table, reading a paper and Bellatrix was closely watching the skillet. He could hear her mumbling 'Not this time, you're not burning on me.' And it almost made him smile. Scarlet left his shoulder and flew onto the rafter, gazing down at the family with Guinevere to her right.

"Good morning." He said with a small smirk, taking his normal spot at the table, and glancing at Sam across from him. The pair had changed very little over the years, though Harry was no long runty looking and Sam had a healthier look. Harry wore his hair to cover his left eye, while Sam wore hers to cover her right. "When are we leaving?"

"As soon as we finish breakfast." Sirius said casually, tilting his coffee cup and taking a long draw "Bell?"

"Almost finished." Bella said with a snarl, flipping the egg onto the plate and nodding to herself "Done! Fried eggs, bacon and toast! Not a thing burned!" She said proudly, crossing her arms as she looked at the four plates, which floated onto the table with a flick of her wand.

As Bella set the table up, Harry narrowed his vision on a strand of Sirius' hair that had fallen on his jacket, which his quick wand work made float into his palm like a fly. He took out his newest creation, snapping it closed on the strand 'Sirius Orion Black: Age 33, Race: Animagus-Hound/Human/Wizard. Powerlevel: 5401.' Harry nodded, figuring that Sirius was stronger than Bella but not by much was practical.

Sirius was eating quietly as he read the paper, the Daily Prophet, the British Paper, apparently they didn't know he was missing, it annoyed him a little. "This is good." Sirius had said simply, lost in the Auror reports that had been filed.

Bell gave him a beaming smile "I worked so bloody hard on this, it was ridiculous!" She turned to Harry "How you make this look easy is beyond me." She pouted when Harry just shrugged, much to the children's humor.

"Beauxbatons sent a list of what you'll need." She held up the two letters, giving them a raised brow, she had heard that Beauxbatons was a top-tier school but she was biased and really did want the kids to go to Hogwarts.

Harry quickly opened the letter, smiling at the blue envelope made of parchment and the light white paper inside. Written with a flowing quill pen, he could tell from the pressure, Quills would have broken at the force to leave the indention. At the top was the crossed wand symbol for the school.

Beauxbatons Academy of Magic: Headmistress- Olympe Maxime former Charms Mistress and Dueling Champion of France 1964-1971.

Dear Mr. Obsidian

We here at Beauxbatons, are please to inform you of your place on the curriculum of attendance. Inside is a list of items that will be required at Beauxbatons, please make sure your owl reaches us here at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic no later than July 30th, as term will begin September 1st. Should you be of in need of assistance please, feel free to owl us here, we look forward to your budding education.

Sign, Camila Kryo- Deputy Headmistress and Charms Professor.

Harry folded the letter, he'd keep it, no reason to throw it out, it took no space and it would be a great reminder of his new education. He glanced down at the require list of items to bring, it wasn't very large but they would need to do some shopping.

Beauxbatons Academy of Magic

Uniform: First Year-Students Will Require.

Three Sets of Work Robes (Cotton, Blue.)

One Pair of Protective Gloves (Preferably Dragon Hide)

One Winter Cloak, Family Cloaks Acceptable (Blue, Golden Fastens)

One Pair of Formal Robes, Family Robes Acceptable (Colors May Vary.)

Course Books: All students should have the following.

Beginners Guide to Charms: Blaise Lucroy: Charms

The Guide to Darkness Book 1: Sara Mossé: Defense Against the Dark Arts

Alchemy 101: Nicolas Flamel: Alchemy

Charting the Sky: Xeno Manis: Astronomy

The Grand Book of Rituals: Gaëlle Gérin: Dark Arts

Hunter Guide to Transfiguration: Bono Hunter: Transfiguration

Know your Potions: Constantin Ballouhey: Potions

Cleaning Cauldrons 101: Julia Mola: Potions

1001 Herbs: Cyril Abadie: Herbology

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Newt Scamander: Care for Creatures

Other Equipment and Items

One Standard Wand or Staff

One Set of Brass Measuring Cups

One Wide Silver Alchemy Bowl

One Standard Telescope

One Slab of Granit inches

Two Pewter Cauldrons Size 3

One Set of Vials (Glass or Crystal)

One Set of Brass Scales

We would like to remind Parents, do not send a top of the line broom with your First Year Students: As we have had accidents in the past on such brooms. Know the limit of your child's flying ability. The Dark Arts Class is also Droppable if you feel like it would not be best for your child; please either Owl ahead or have a note ready for the class.

Students are allowed to brings ONE pet of their choosing, so long as it can be carried and is not a threat to those who do not know how to handle it; A Griffin is not acceptable, neither is a Cerberus. Acceptable pets, would include: Owls, Rats, Snakes (Non- Venomous) Cats, Medium to Small Dogs.

This is seen as a privilege, should your Pet be seen disturbing others, it will be removed and you will be denied one in the future.

Deputy Headmistress Camila Kryo

Harry took it all in and looked up sharply "They have a class for the Dark Arts!? That's awesome! Can you imagine how far ahead I am!" He said with a cackling glee.

"Speaking of." Bell said grabbing his watch "What is this?" She glared down at him "I felt a wave of magic not an hour ago, so it must have been you." She clicked it open and read the face "You created a magical reader?"

Sirius looked up from the paper, taking the offered watch while Harry pouted. He glanced at it for a while, trying to figure out the runes that had been pressed into the lid and lip; he nodded, sliding it back to Harry "It's good work, try adding more functions to it, right now it's pretty bare." He said simply, taking a sip of his coffee, ducking the spatula from Bella.

"He shouldn't be doing it!" She snapped, looking at the watch with malice "Give."

Harry looked down at it, then back to her, sliding it towards her with a shrug "I'll just make another one at school." He spoke with an even tone, looking down at his plate "We leaving for the Square?"

Sirius nodded, draining his cup and stepping out of his chair "You coming Bell?" He asked, he had taken the day off, John said that the Mail was delivered on the first Saturday of July, he was off regardless.

Bella cast a look to the dirty sink, flicking her wand and the sponge started to scrub the pans "Yes, let me grab my shoes." She walked away, untying her apron as she went towards her room. Another perk of this home, she had her own room, granted she still missed sleeping with Sirius, he was so much fun to play with; easy to tease.

The kids were leaving this year, who knows she might start making him sweat again, now that would be entertaining. She darkly chuckled as she looked for her favorite pair of converse.


The Market Square, also known as just the Square was a lot like Diagon Alley in London, by that it was filled with those of Magic. Unlike the Alley however, the Square was exactly that, it was large open and fully of room and bright soft colors.

"Every time we come here, I'm always amazed by it." Bell said as she hooked her arm with Sirius' they had to play loving husband and wife after all. "It's open, and the colors don't give me a headache."

Sirius chuckled lightly, looking forward and he could see the two kids lightly shoving each other and sticking out their tongues. He could the squat and marble building that housed Gringotts, the need for a large towering leaning building moot by the space. They were on the outskirts of Paris, under the comfort of expansion and cloaking charms.

"Remember, be respectful to the Goblins!" Bella called out, they had given the two of them their own vaults, purely for allowance and education. She knew that once Harry was older, he wouldn't need to worry about money at all, the Potters were quite wealthy.

Harry was in the front, with Sam behind him, he knew that he was the braver of the two, with Scarlet perched on his shoulder, he always felt taller and stronger than he actually was. He approached the Teller that was open, they weren't extremely busy, most waited until lunch to shop. "Excuse me sir, me and my sister would like to access out vaults." He said firmly, but in a respectful tone. "Vaults 591 and 592, here are the corresponding keys. They should both be under the Obsidian family."

Harry recalled reading that Goblins were a Warrior race, that turned into Bankers, which was actually pretty similar. He knew that showing weakness wouldn't grant him any favors, but being rude was likely to get him stabbed. The Teller glanced up from his paperwork, nodding and taking the keys passing them to another Goblin nearby "Polx will take you Wizard, may your wealth be great." His voice was bored, and gruff.

Harry took another moment as Polx motioned them towards the tunnels "Thank you Teller, may your wealth be great as well." He bowed his head as a sign of respect and then followed the Goblin into the cart. Once inside and locked down, the Goblin turned around for a moment.

"Was that sarcasm, or did you mean it?" His voice was equally as gruff, his beady eyes narrowed.

Harry raised a brow in confusion and then widened them for a moment "Why would it be sarcasm? He was very professional." He explained simply.

Polx stared for another moment, then his mouth was drawn into a sharp smile "What's your name boy."

"Corvus Obsidian." He said offhandedly, knowing that Goblins likely had a file on the Family linking them to the past. "Pleased to meet you."

Polx gave him a nod, and escorted them to their vaults "Vault 591, owner Corvus Obsidian." He said gesturing to one door and then to the one right next to it "Vault 592, owner Virgo Obsidian." He then stepped back casually leaning against the cart.

Harry watched silently as Sam twisted the key and entered her vault, before he did the same; within the vault wasn't that large, it wasn't rolling with golden coins or with towers of silver and piles of bronze. He knew that what he saw before him wasn't bad, and would make his new few years at Beauxbatons very enjoyable; so long as he didn't spend it on Ritual supplies and Brooms.

He took the coin pouch that Sirius had given him shortly before this trip, and filled it with what he figured would be enough for both shopping and the next year at school; he might need to Owl order something.

Harry entered the cart, Sam had already filled her pouch as well and they ventured back to the surface on the death machine that the Goblins used to travel. Polx wished them well, and they were back in the lobby. "Canis, Bell. We're ready to shop." His grin was contagious.

The two adults who were waiting patiently for the kids, stood up, Sirius folding his news paper away with a pop and Bell putting away her compact mirror. They decided to follow the list, starting first with the necessary robes and cloak, finding the location of the shop wasn't terribly hard; noticed by the needle and thread sign hanging above the shop. Manteaux de Laflèche.

Within they could already see a few older students and their parents within, looking around at the varies robes as a young blonde was taking measurements from a boy who looked about their age, at least based on the size and air that the child gave off. "Ouch!" He snarled at the teen who likely pinched him with a needle.

"Sorry, I got what we need, you can step down." She said with a sincere look on her face. She looked around, pointing at another teen to step up on the block.

Harry could now see the kid better, he had styled brown hair which was swept lightly to the right and his dark brown eyes were shrouded by a pair of square framed glasses. He was already wearing something akin to casual robes; looking at their lack of robes with distaste.

"Muggle Spawn, lovely, out of my way, I'd like to sit and wait for my robes." The boy said with a light voice, his scowl lingered as the two didn't move an inch.

Harry raised a brow, his green eyes locking onto the other kids "We're actually Half-Blood, you twat." He spoke casually, looking down at his state of dress and shrugging "Regardless that's just rude."

The boy sneered at them, as if they went from being mud, to dirt, nothing the child wanted on his shoes "What is your house name then?" His voice was still that annoying lit.

"Obsidian, a rather new house." Sam said with a growl, she hated people who acted like they were entitled.

The boy continued to sneer, Harry believed it might have deepened "Never heard of you, Muggle Spawn." He said with a chuckle and decided to walk away.

Harry held his arm out, catching Sam as she charged ready to attack the insulting boy "Easy there, ignore him, trash is trash, regardless of what kind of bag it's in." He said lowly, so that she could calm down "Come on, let's get these robes, Cain and Bell will be back soon after gathering our family sigil from the artist." He escorted her to get measured and then explained that they had a crest to add to their cloak, knowing that they would buy formal robes in the family colors as well.

As they approached the station, another boy crossed by, leaving from the spot that Harry was about to enter. His inky black hair was slicked black ever so slightly parting down the middle, dark red eyes locked onto green and those eyes looked at the form of the Wizard who was insulting them. "Anyone who has to boast about his status, has no status." He spoke simply, hands in the pockets of his long trench coat style robes. Not waiting for Harry's reply, he walked towards the checkout counter.

Harry watched him for another brief second, before joining Sam.

Sirius and Bella returned within minutes of the explanation, holding out an example of their crest, the Obsidian family had a black Griffin as a motif, resting on a shield with three purple stars and 'Defendat Obumbratio.' Resting on the bottom of the shield. The pair got their cloaks in purple, with the Griffin in black flying on their shoulder. For the formal robes, they both got black and purple robes, Harry's more black and Sam's more purple.

They checked out, gathered a few of the other necessary things as they walked around the Square, leaving only the books and Wand, which they stood now in front of the store. Kraft and Sparks seemed clean, and busy with the now awoken students that were looking for wands, or trying to get theirs fixed. Harry glanced down an alley way close towards the store, and saw another dirty sign with a wand on it.

"Cain." He tugged on the man's shoulder, pointing towards the store.

Bell whose attention was gathered by him, looked down the at the sign as well "Perfect! I almost miss Nocturn Alley, this Square doesn't have much in the way of Black list shops." She was practically dragging the family towards the store.

Once inside Harry could tell why most people went to Kraft, it was cleaner and seemed less dangerous than this store; Queen Vulcan- 781 AD. Within the walls were filled to the brim with branches, things within jars, jewels, stones and all manner of things regarding wands; even books and scrolls. A bell gave a whine as they crossed the threshold. "Coming!" A female voice said boredly but loud enough to hear.

The woman looked like she hadn't slept in days, her brown hair sticking up in odd angles, and her silvery blue eyes covered in dark circles. Her robes were askewed, dirty in some places and seemed hastily put on "What can I help you with?" She breathed out, dully looking at the group.

"Well…we're here to get them wands." Sirius said with a raised brow.

"Go to Kraft, that's where everyone else goes." She said lightly, turning around assuming they were in the wrong store.

Bell took a step forward "We wanted professionally crafted wands, these two won't likely find anything that matches them there." She explained, hoping that the woman would change her mind.

The woman rolled her eyes "You kids aren't that special." She said dully as she turned around.

"He bound a Familiar at six and she's a Druid." Sirius said gruffly "I'm pretty sure that most kids eat their bogies and play with dirt."

The woman raised a brow, looking at the Raven resting on the kids shoulders "Huh, that is pretty interesting." She stepped towards the counter, with her eyes coming more into focus "I'm Lory Vulcan, pleasure to meet you."

"We're the Obsidian family, Canis, Belladonna, Corvus and Virgo." Bella gave her a quick bow, one more for traditions sake than respect.

"Come here you two." She tapped a wand to two rolls of tape, which sprung to life and started to measure their wrists, arms and fingers "Let's see." She looked deeply at the pair of them, her eyes narrowing "You'll need something strong." She said to Harry, then looked at Sam "And you'll need something light."

She dug around the varies wood scraps that she had in barrels, pulling out two branches "You, Black Walnut." She put in his hand and nodded, then placing the other in Sam's "Vine."

Sam looked up in alarm, she hadn't felt something so filling as this piece of Vine, it was slightly terrifying. Harry rolled the branch in his hands, feeling it spread out warmly through him, his other wand was Black Walnut and Cherry.

"Perfect, onto the cores, the boy will likely need a focusing gem." She explained, taking the branches and setting them on a table. "The shelves are yours to browse, please don't touch or break anything." She started to draft what looked like plans for the wands.

Harry stuck out his hand and felt around with his magic, it was a skill that all magical children learned when they were young, it helped to control the wild fire known as magic. He felt a tug in a certain direction and followed it, until he was staring a jar of feather, labeled Muninn Breed. That was the name of one of Odin's Ravens.

Sam had done the same, but she had a harder time finding anything or at least locating it, she found it hidden behind jars and vials; a tiny little golden bottle, labeled simply Tears of The Phoenix.

Vulcan looked carefully at their wand cores, looking up with narrowed but not angry eyes; in fact she almost looked excited. She cast a look to Sirius "You're right, interesting kids, if I had to make an Aspen with Unicorn Hair, I would've killed you." She said with a bright smile, almost all of her sluggishness now completely gone.

"You, young man, pick a stone." She held out a tray of rough cut stones, each jagged and some cracked. Harry's hand roamed for a moment, before plucking a small black round stone, it was one of the few that was perfectly round and smooth, within it was a swirl of light. "Ah….I should have figured this might choose you….A Soul Stone."

"A what?" Bella asked in alarm.

Vulcan waved her down "It doesn't actually hold a soul within, it's a metaphor, but they are rarely used in wand making, hell even in warding, they're dangerous." She explained, leaning back in her chair after writing something down "Alright, to sum up the pros and cons of your wands."

"You little Druid." She held up the branch of vine, it looked like it was curling in on itself "You see, the Ancients of your tribes, deemed anything with a woody texture as a tree, and so they used Vine in wands, not staffs as it wasn't a proper type of wood for something that long." She paused, rolling it in her fingers "They have a habit of picking their perfect owner right away, those of great depth and foresight or thought." She lightly spun the tiny bottle of tears "Phoenix Tears, extremely rare, my family have had this bottle in the store for centuries, used twice in wands." She explained with a small chuckle "It takes a certain type of magic to commune with the healing tears of the Fire Bird." She nodded to herself and ruffled Sam's hair "You'll find this wand will work of all kinds of helpful magic, such as healing or ward making, and it'll be less suited for combat and violence." She looked Sam in the eyes as she said her next few words "Dark Magic will destroy the bond you have with this wand, corrupting the tears within and therefore rotting the wood."

Almost as if she hadn't dropped that bomb on the small girl, she spun to Harry "Now you, you're a powerhouse, and you'll only get stronger." She spoke as if it was the weather "Black Walnut, it's familiar to you, and that's good, this type of wand detests conflict within, so keep your mind clear and straight as you use this wand; focus on a single goal." She explained, as she rolled the rough piece of wood between her fingers "The feathers of Muninn, those are rarer than Phoenix Tears, at least Phoenixes are still alive." She looked deeply at the jar "Muninn, was in charge of memory, as such these feathers only choose those with a thirst for knowledge, spread their abilities….I expect great things from you." Her voice was sage like, almost as if channeling someone else.

Then she held up the stone "The Soul Stone, for some reason, these magical stone is always at the ground zero of disasters, some think they cause the disasters themselves but my family believes they are merely a byproduct." She tossed the stone and caught it easily "For some, it is a curse, making the worst of things come about….." She tossed it again, breaking a vase as it landed "Others though, this stone seemed to give them a sixth sense, an extra edge…..for some." She dusted the stone off and stood "Your wands will be ready in three hours, do not be late."


Within the bookstore Rouleaux ou Epines, the books were easy enough to gather, and finding that they had enough time to burn, they let the kids run around and see if they could find books that might peak their interests. As Harry browsed the spines, looking at tomes after tomes, he heard it; that voice again.

'Power.' It hissed in his ear. 'There's something there.'

Every now and then, something would speak within his mind and through his research into the Dark Arts, he hadn't found anything quite like it and couldn't find anything, anything with a mention of Magnus, anywhere in any books that the family had available.

However he felt drawn to something, well into the back of the shop, where the bright windows light could no longer reach, and only the flicker of a candle brought him sight. The books changed as well, gone were the perfect spines with clear lettering, he drifted into damaged, old and even burned books; those that should be in a personal library not a bookstore.

"Ah." An older voice caught his attention "What have we here sis?" They were both rather tall, slender and brown haired; twins "Looks like a lost little kid."

"Come on Eva, leave him alone." The other said with a mocking voice "What if his parents caught him back here?"

Eva rolled her eyes with a grin "Well, then he'd be in trouble right? Maybe he'll be in the same year as our dearest little brother." She looked down at him, he suddenly wished he was taller. "What's your name?"

"Yeah, kid, where your parents at?"

Harry scowled lightly at the two 'Annoying little brats, push past them. Agreed, they're in the way.' The voices continued, the female and male; though that male had changed from Moody to someone new but he didn't know who. "Corvus, excuse me, I'm looking for something."

With that he pushed lightly past the twin sisters and continued forward until he came across a wall, his senses told him that it was just a wall, but something inside screamed it wasn't real. Focusing on that power once again, he opened his eyes and looked around once more, he saw a symbol. A trinity, glowing in a bright green, was centered on a brick just barely out of reach; he jumped to tap it.

A sudden flash of power washed over him, the brick moving out the way for him to walk into the small hidden chamber; a single book rested on a podium within.

"A Magnus I see." An ancient man with his wispy white hair slicked slightly to the side, his eyes glassy likely losing his vision. "I had heard the tales, but didn't dare believe any still lived; though whispers of one in Russia aren't uncommon…." The man seemed to be talking to himself, looking Harry up and down, as if trying to evaluate him. "You don't know what that means do you?"

Harry slowly shook his head, letting the man know before turning back to the pulsing book, it felt alive to his senses; like a heart. "Wh-what?" His eyes still glowing that powerful blue colour.

The man smiled gently, leaning on a cane "A Magnus, that's what you are, that's what that book is." He explained, hobbling forward and taking the blue covered book, it's pages were yellow and frayed. "They have the power to mimic the powers of others, Wizards…creatures." He gave a small cough "It will be explained in that book, take it, have fun at Beauxbatons." He held the book out with a smile.

Harry reached out, taking the book gently, it felt worn and old in his hands. "Thank you…" He said softly, his fingers lightly tracing over the trinity symbol on the front. "This will explain everything?"

"Even those voices." The old man used his cane to poke him in the head "It'll be alright young man, trust in that book and it'll explain everything." He turned, heading back towards the front of the store "It's quite a thing, the last Magnus I knew of was Miss. Evans." His voice carried but he was out of sight now "I heard she passed, sorry for your loss."

Harry's head had shot up at the sound of his mother's maiden name, he rushed towards the aisle only to find it empty and after a few moments of searching; chose to quit. Glancing down at the book in his hands, before tucking it in his shoulder bag and heading back to the front of the shop.

They had wands to collect.


Someone was inside of the shop, he had assumed they'd be her only customer but he assumed wrong it seemed. The pair of women were quietly speaking, while a young girl waved her brown wand lightly towards a pillow, making it float rather weakly. The woman, who was likely the young girl's mother, had the same style long blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

Harry narrowed his eyes at the girl though, she didn't seem like her mother in one regard, she had scabs on her knees, bandages on her fingers and a bruise on her cheek. Her shirt wasn't girly, nor were her shorts; a Tom-Boy. A pulse washed over him, narrowing his eyes further and focusing, he could see the power within, a glowing red fire and a Greek symbol for bird.

'She's young, but she'll be powerful.' 'They're the dangerous ones, the ones with unlimited potential and no experience to teach them when to stop.' 'Mimicking her would be a challenge, too many useless abilities for you, not enough bonus, don't.'

"Ah, Obsidian! Welcome back! I just finished your wands when the Delacour family arrived." Vulcan walked back to her counter "That'll be the same as last time Apolline, Veela hair, must be a family thing." She spoke rather off handedly, taking the gold coins and tossing them in her register "You two have a good day, you have a great year Gabriella!"

The girl, Gabriella gave her a dark look at the name spoken but gave her a smile a few moments later; waving her goodbye and following her mother out of the shop. Though the two did share an eye lock, his eyes still pulsing blue with power and her own almost seemingly burning with the inner fire.

"For the young lady, I call it, Vida." She held out what seemed to be a handmade wooden box, it had intricate designs of plant life carved into the lid and the wand within rested on soft cloth to keep it safe. The wand looked like it was alive, like the wood that had been carved from it was trying to grow over itself, creating many layers of small roots or vines. The same symbol he saw a long time ago was pressed into the handle of the wand, those three swirls. "My last statement holds, please do not use any advanced dark magic with this wand, the simple curse or hex will not effect much, though it will be much weaker."

Sam nodded taking the wand in her hands and the room was filled with a wave of a bright green light; not sparks but a wave. Her hair was blown back showing the completely black false eye that Bella had created for her after removing her rotten one. The smile on her face though, said it all, she didn't care one bit.

Vulcan turned her eyes to Harry, who had finally switched his eyes back to their normal green "For you, I have Makt." The case wasn't made from wood, but instead from stone, and it was more like an oval than a box. The dark stone had ancient Nordic runes carved across the surface, and the black cloth within seemed to protect the wand within. The wand itself almost seemed like an animal's fang, it wasn't straight but curved lightly inward. The wood was dark, clear of all blemishes until you got to the handle and then it seemed to take the look of leather wraps, finally at the very end was the soul stone, it was carved to resemble a Raven skull, and it was pulsing with energy even before he took hold of it.

Harry took it lightly in his fingers, the warmth flew through his very being and he felt something click into place; like a slot that had been empty just filled. Purple fire seemed to sprout from his core and then exploded outwards, his energy flew out of the shop and into the market square, causing people to stop and watch as something akin to an aurora borealis occurred in the middle of the day.

"Woah." He whispered, the ghostly green skull had now taken a ghostly purple glow, having accepted him. Looking into the Skulls eyes, he felt as if he was still being judged, as if he had earned the right to use this wand, but not claim it. "It feels alive."

Sam nodded still rolling her wand in her fingers, no one spared a glance at the flowers that had sprouted outside of the shops windows. "It does." She whispered back, eye wide as her hair returned to its proper place.

Vulcan leaned back in her chair and smiled widely at them "Of course, Wands have always been alive, we not only use wood, and magical creature parts, we also use magic." She flicked her own rather broad wand into being from her wrist "That is why I name the wands I sell, they are alive in some form of way, they whisper their name." She smiled softly "They want to work with you, they want to help you move forward. They are your partners, not your tools."

Harry nodded, his eyes flashing once more and he could agree with her, his wand had something similar to a magical core, its own symbol of something he couldn't describe. His wand was alive, and it was producing magical waves that mimicked his own.

Did a Magnus create wands?


When they were being transported to Beauxbatons on September 1st, having heard of the stories of the Hogwarts Express, he had hoped that the way to the French School of Magic might be similar; it was far from the truth. They were going to use the Floo at home, that was opened to them from Noon, to Five P.M or the use of Portkey's to those of Muggle decent.

It was shortly after lunch that the pair stared down the fire of the Obsidian family house, former Death Eater hiding spot. Bell had charmed their trunks to fit in their pockets, a single tap of the wand would unravel to charm with ease. They both dressed in their casual muggle style clothing, and didn't seem to care one way or the other about anything to do with them leaving home.

"Remember what I said Virgo, if some little shit gets handsy, cut him and I'll deal with the consequences myself." Sirius explained his arms crossed and then he turned back to Harry who was getting talked to by Bella "And you, anyone gives you a hard time, you do the same, but for the love of Merlin, don't get in too much trouble."

"Wouldn't dream of it." Harry flashed him a Potter style grin, which did nothing for his conscious, as James often had the same smile when he was going to be in trouble rather soon "Sides, I can't wait! This is going to be so much fun!"

Sam smiled gently at his antics "I agree, who knows who we might meet, what we might learn." She had her hands behind her back and a bright look in her single eye "I think we should leave Cor, we don't want to be late or get stuck in line."

Harry nodded back at her "Of course, well, I suppose we'll see you two for the Holidays." He rushed forward, giving Bell a strong hug around her middle before darting to Sirius "Write me, yeah?"

Sirius was slightly taken back by the affection, but grinned none the less and rubbed the menaces hair into a ruffle "We'll both." He spoke softly, closing his eyes "Now off with you."

Sam vanished in a swarm of fire after her call of the location, once the fire had died down, Harry tossed a small pinch of dust in; a trick to an easier ride. "Beauxbatons: First Year Entrance." He vanished following Sam in a swirl of green flames.

For the first time in years, he was going to be with kids his own age, and that didn't scare him a bit; he was looking forward to being the top of the year and being popular.

As Scarlett once told him years ago.

I admire your innocence.


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