Dear Readers:

This is a collection of oneshots that pairs Apple with Rotbart; son of the evil sorcerer from Swan Lake and an original character created by Janet-Mufasa. The premise of this collection is based on Janet-Mufasa's compelling story Tales As Old As Time Should've Been Retired Years Ago (which I encourage you all to read). Aside from the basic premise, however, this story is a completely separate work (especially since Apple and Rotbart do not have any romantic inclinations in Tales As Old as Time). And this story has nothing to do with my other Apple fanfic Apple in Atlantis.

I love the complex character of Rotbart, and I feel he is the perfect contrast to Apple White and everything she stands for. Much thanks to Janet for her support and answering all of my questions about Rotbart.

So without further ado, I hope you enjoy reading these short episodes and watching Apple and Rotbart's bizarre relationship unfold.


The Author