Welcome to 'Snowed In'! So what happens when Clary, a Freshman in College, gets convinced by her brother, Jon, to join him and a few of their friends for a week in a cabin? Probably sounds pretty uninteresting, but when one of those friends happens to be her ex, Jace Herondale, things get a bit more heated, even in the middle of December. Of course, despite Jace's presence, Clary is determined to have a good time…luck just doesn't seem to be on her side when a freak snowstorm hits and strands them inside of the cabin with no one but the seven of them for company.

Seems pretty needless to say that she's in for a wild ride! I'll leave you to your reading for now….

"What do you mean that we're stuck in here?" I all but shout in my brother's face. He is looking at me as though I am insane, and everyone else is sitting around the cabin with grim looks of resignation on their faces.

"It could be worse," Jace says from his seat across the room. I don't have to turn around to see the cocky smirk that is plastered on his face. "You could be here without my incredible wit and charm."

"If someone doesn't stop talking," I growl, "he's going to be here without a heartbeat!" I round back on Jon, feeling my anger increase as the very thought of Jace enters my head. "You told me that it would be fine and that everyone else was going to be here in a couple of days! Now, I'm stuck here with no way back to…anywhere!"

"Quit being so dramatic, Clary," Jonathan says, rolling his exasperated green eyes. "Help should be here anytime now."

Two days earlier:

I am riding shotgun in Isabelle's cherry red Porsche as she races down the interstate, following my brother's large Ford, which is carrying a couple of his friends inside and all of our luggage in the truck bed, behind us is her brother and her brother's boyfriend in a showy sports car that I don't know the name of. The radio is playing quietly in the background and I can just pick up the sounds of an old-timey Christmas song that I faintly remember hearing a few times before. I hear Isabelle humming along to it and turn to look at her as she is driving. Her long black hair is woven into a braid to keep it out of her eyes as she tries to concentrate on the road; her black eyes are covered by a pair of stylish designer sunglasses. Despite the way that she was sitting, slightly slouched in the seat, she was still easily taller than me, and carried the length with a lot more grace than I ever could. I saw her glance into the mirror that was on the back of the sun-visor and wipe at something on her cheek, though I have no idea what it would be considering that her skin is pale and flawless.

"What?" she asks, smiling over at me embarrassedly before looking back at the road, "I love this song!"

I shake my head and turn back around so that I am staring at the road in front of me again. The sky above is clear and beautiful, though if I squint my eyes, I can make out some darkness on the horizon line. I smile slightly at the thought. It might snow.

"How did Jon even convince you to come out here?" Isabelle asks me. I look back over at her and see that she is looking in between me and the road at even intervals. Part of me is nervous and wants to tell her to keep her eyes forward while she is speeding, but I don't because she's the most capable driver I know.

"He bribed me with the promise of amazing presents," I admit with a sheepish smile.

"That was worth coming out here with him for you?" she asks me incredulously.

I sigh and tuck my red hair behind my ear as I look back out at the road. The truck in front of us is holding the person in question and I am no happier about the fact now than I was when I learned that he would be accompanying us. "No, but Jon begged me, and finally guilted me into coming. I don't care if Jace is here. We broke up over a year ago, and I'm over him."

"That's my girl!" Izzy says encouragingly. She reaches over and pats me on the shoulder gently before saying, "Just try not to fight with him too much, okay? He and Kaelie were fighting really badly last night and I don't know what's going on with them."

I want to tell her that I don't care, but I have a feeling that it would come off sounding very bitchy. I don't want to start the Christmas holidays off with that outlook. Maybe if I went into this with a few positive thoughts, Jace and I just might become friends again.

It takes a few hours for us to find the small cabin that is nestled maybe a mile down a bumpy trail in the forest. We all exit the cars at the edge of the wood where a small and vacant parking lot is sitting, surrounded by even more trees. Of course, the first thing that I see when everyone gets out of the cars is glitter. That is because of Magnus Bane, he is the single coolest guy that I've ever met and will probably ever meet. I'm almost disappointed that he's gay. I say almost because of his boyfriend, Alec Lightwood, he and Alec make the cutest couple that I've ever seen, and I can't imagine them with anyone else. Alec is Isabelle's brother and shares the ink colored hair, pale skin, and immaculate looks. The only thing that differs between them is their eye colors. Alec has blue eyes and Izzy has dark, almost black ones. Magnus has spiky black hair that is covered in glitter, tanned skin, and the facial features of someone that is of oriental descent. They both grin at us as we begin walking toward them, just as the boys from the truck start getting out.

I look up and see my brother's large build jump out of the driver's seat, a crooked smile on his face and his green eyes, the same shade as mine, light up in what seemed to be a mixture of excitement and laughter. The thought makes me happy myself and I cast him a smile before looking back at the two guys in front of us. "What do you think?" Magnus asks, gesturing grandly to the small wooden building. I look at it, wondering exactly where all of the room that Magnus had mentioned it having went.

"This is it?" I question, not really meaning to sound put out, but I thought that it was going to be bigger.

"Of course it's it, Clary," Magnus says, crossing his arms and rolling his eyes at me. "It isn't supposed to be huge, but trust me, we'll all fit. There're three bedrooms, and the couch is a pullout bed."

I look at the building skeptically again, wondering exactly where three bedrooms were squeezed inside, but I let the thought go. If there was one thing that I'd learned in the ten or so years that I'd known Magnus, it was that I was to never question him…he always had something up his incredibly stylish sleeves. "Okay," I say. "Let's get our stuff then."

The boys were already pulling things out of the bed of the truck and placing them on the dirt-covered ground behind them. I see Jon about to place my bag down when I hurriedly snatch it away from him before he can. I reach up and ruffle his pale blond hair affectionately before I shoulder the pack. He glances at me with a raised eyebrow and I say, "You need a haircut."

"You're saying that when Jace over here," he jabs his thumb to the guy next to him, who was hoisted halfway off the ground so that his upper torso was covered by the walls of the bed, "is starting to look like a girl."

"I bet I'd make a prettier one than you!" Jace says indignantly before he pushes himself back off the truck with a couple bags in his hand. He carelessly tosses them to the ground behind him as he turns and looks at us both with narrowed eyes. "Don't talk about my hair...it's sensitive." This right here was the source of all of my problems. Jace freaking Herondale. Of course, most girls would argue that with his looks, they would beg for him to be something of theirs, even if it was only a problem. I'm not one of them. I feel anger bubbling inside of my stomach as I look at him, taking in the golden tan on his skin, the curly blond hair that was beginning to brush his shoulders, the large and well muscled frame, and the crooked smile that seemed to be his trademark thing. What I refuse to look at are his eyes, which are nothing more than pools of gold.

I look away from him quickly and back to Jon, "I was talking to you. He can look like a girl all he wants. I'm related to you, though, so I refuse to have anyone questioning your gender."

"I can have long hair and not look like a girl!" Jon protests.

"I'm worried about the fact that you're even having this conversation," a voice comes from the other side of the pickup. I look over and see the dark hair and olive skin of my best friend, Simon Lewis.

I grin over at him and nod my head, "I know, he worries me sometimes, I have a feeling that my mother should have gotten him tested when he was younger."

"I think you've gotten that backward," Jon says, giving me a playful nudge. "You're the one who needed the mental evaluation."

"You are fairly crazy," Jace adds as he shoulders a small black pack that looked to be just enough for a week's supply of clothes any toiletry items.

"Really?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. "I thought that my only fault was bad judgment." I see Jace flush slightly an cannot stop the feeling of satisfaction that runs through me at the sight. I know that I am aiming to get along with him, but I refuse to let him talk as if he knows anything about me. Without another word, I away from them and around the truck to Simon. He is grabbing his last bag as I make it to him. I see with a smile that his glasses are askew as he straightens back up. I reach over and fix them wordlessly so that his deep brown eyes are properly behind the frames again. Almost at the same time, we sling our arms over each other's shoulders and begin walking toward the promising warmth of the cabin.

Allow me to admit that the cabin is a lot larger from the inside than the outside. Magnus is like magic! The layout is nice and feels cozy. The door opens to the living room, which has a hallway on the left wall, two doors on the back wall, and a kitchen on the right. This is all that the home consists of, but the way that Magnus has decorated everything completely makes up for the lack of large space. Everything is dazzling, and luxurious, from the plush black leather couches in the middle of the living room to the fifty inch television that is sitting over the large fireplace in the corner of the living room. The kitchen is equipped with a small stove, and a small island for people to eat, along with a table pushed against the end wall that has a large window overlooking the forest.

"This is amazing, Mags!" Izzy gushes as she spins around, taking everything in with silent awe. I can't help but agree with her.

"Go ahead and place your things down in your rooms!" Magnus calls. "The girls have the one at the end of the hallway, and Alec and I have the one right here," he points to the door that it closest to the kitchen. "The rest of you can fight over who gets the last room and who gets the pull-out bed. After you're all settled in, we can start planning out our week."

Izzy and I grin at each other before rushing past Magnus and toward the hallway, laughing as we run. Isabelle gets to the door first and opens it without really breaking her stride. It is a fairly decent sized room for the size of the house and I am sure that we can both make it work. There is a single queen sized bed, and I am suddenly glad that neither of us are major bed hogs. It seems like Izzy is on the same page because she asks, "Did you ever get over that violent twisting-turning thing you did with nightmares?"

"First off, it wasn't really nightmares," I inform her as I sit my bag on the far side of the bed, claiming it as my own. "It was whenever I was upset, nightmares included, and not really, but I don't see what would get me too upset in a place like this."

Both of us are silent for a moment, and I know that she is refraining from saying the one name that I am thinking myself. There wasn't a lot to get me upset, but the one person that could, would be able to piss me off enough to be counted as a lot. Izzy smiles at me after a moment and pulls her braid over so that it is resting over her shoulder, reminding me of Katniss from the Hunger Games. "Come on," she said. "I'm not letting the guys dictate our whole week. We only have seven precious days of freedom before our parents show up."

I figured that I would put the first chapter up! I'm still getting everything straight in the story, and I'm trying to figure out where I'm taking everything, but I'm sure that I've got the general idea pretty well thought out. Does this seem like a good plan? I haven't really consulted with anyone about this, actually, so I'm kind of nervous. If you could leave your thoughts before you go, you have no idea how much I would greatly appreciate your cooperation. :)