Summary: Isabella Swan-Black knew Edward Cullen only as her daughter's father-in-law, an incurable playboy whom she dislikes intensely. And she wants nothing to do with him. But when she unexpectedly becomes a widow, Isabella is surprised to find herself to like him more and more.

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Chapter one

"It's nice of your father to come," Bella said to Emmett, as the last guests finally left. It had been an endless day for all of them, she was exhausted.

"He felt very bad about Jacob," Emmett said, as she nodded and looked at her daughters.

Both girls were devastated by the loss of their father, and for once, they had even stopped fighting.

Rosalie and her sister, Leah, were only eleven months apart, but in every possible way they were entirely different.

And they battled with each other, over everything and nothing, since they were little.

But, at least for now, they had made peace in order to comfort their mother.

"I can't believe he's gone," Bella said in a whisper.

"Neither can I," Rosalie said, as tears rolled down her cheeks, and Leah sighed.

"I want you both to remember how wonderful he was," Bella said as she turned to them, tears running down her cheeks.

"I want you both to know how very, very much he loved you," Bella continued, and then couldn't go on as she began to sob.

She couldn't believe he was gone, couldn't believe he would never hold her in his arms again.

It was her worst nightmare comes true.

He had been everything she depended on, and she couldn't even begin to imagine a life without him.

"Oh, mom," Rosalie hugged her mother as her mother sobbed, and Leah left the room.

They looked out the window and saw Leah in the garden.

"She's mad at me again," Rosalie said. "She's always mad at me about something."

"I wish you two would stop fighting," Bella said sadly, looking at her youngest one.

"I always thought when you grew up it would be different, that you'd be the best of friends, especially once you were both married and had children."

It was all she had ever envisioned for them since they were babies, but there was a look of sorrow in Rosalie's eyes.

"Well, I don't … do I…"

"What?" Bella was confused for a moment.

"Have children," Something about the way she said it caught Bella's attention.

"Don't you want to have children?" Bella was shocked.

"Yes," Rosalie nodded, and looked at her sister through the window. Leah had had four children in five years.

"Of course I do. We've been trying for two years, and nothing has happened."

"That doesn't mean anything," Bella smiled at her. "Sometimes it takes a while. Just be patient."

"It didn't take you 'a while'. Daddy and you had us in the first two years you were married."

Rose sighed then, as Bella patted her hand, and Rose looked up. And what Bella saw in her eyes tore her heart out, it was not only grief, but fear and also disappointed.

"I want Emmett to go to a doctor with me, but he won't do it. He thinks I'm crazy to be worried."

"Did you talk to the doctor yourself, does he think there's a problem?" Bella was beginning to be seriously concerned about her.

"He doesn't know, but he thinks it's worth looking into. He gave me the name of a specialist, but Emmett was furious when I told him. He said his sister has kids, and so does Leah. There's no reason why we should have a problem. But it's not always that simple."

"Well then, maybe you should listen to Emmett, at least for a while, and try not to worry about it."

"It's all I think of, mom," she confessed, as more tears ran down her cheeks. "I want a baby so much…. And I'm so scared I'll never have one.

"Of course you will…." Bella couldn't bear the thought of seeing her daughter so unhappy, especially now, with having just lost her father. "You can always adopt, if it doesn't happen later."

"Emmett says he'll never do that. He wants his 'own' children."

Bella needed to bite her tongue. Emmett was so selfish.

"For now, why don't you just relax, and I'll bet you anything, it'll happen before you know it."

Rose nodded, but it was obvious she wasn't convinced.

"What about you, mom? Are you going to be okay without dad?"

The question brought tears to Bella's eyes again as she shook her head.

"I can't even imagine living without him. There will never be anyone else in my live. Rose. Never, I couldn't bear it. We've been married for twenty-five years, that's more than half of my life. I can't even begin to think about what I'll do now…"

Rose took her in her arms and let her cry.

"I just can't live without him."