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Five Nights at Pinkie's

By TheWalkingSkyMon

Edited by darkponyD

Ch. 1 - Getting the Job

I recognized this office, I was in here when I was fired. It wasn't for anything serious, I just didn't really like my job and was trying to have some fun. Until I bumped into one of the animatronics and they malfunctioned, apparently biting somepony later that day. Okay, I guess it was something serious.

But whoever made the complaint was full of it, the machines weren't dangerous. Until, I bumped into- Whatever. Anyway I was pretty good friends with the manager, so it hurt her to have to fire me. We never really kept in touch after that day, until now.

I was sitting in the office, the only sound being the fan that was circling overhead. I did my best to follow one of the blades but couldn't. One of the childhood struggles I guess, knowing you can never follow one of the fan blades.

I heard the door open and turned to see my old friend and employer, Fluttershy.

She looked just as great as she did 5 years ago, beautiful pink mane, amazing blue eyes, she looked amazing.

'No, I'm here for a job' I thought to myself.

We didn't have history in a relationship together, but I did feel something for her. But I didn't know if she felt the same way.

"Sonic?" She asked.

"Hey Flutters." I replied.

She sat down and got out a piece of paper from her desk.

"So, I haven't seen you in 5 years. When did you get out of prison?" She asked.

I then remembered the event they named the Bite of '86, and the trial that happened. All they had to do was look at the security tapes and find my hoofprints on the animatronics to put me on trial. I was already losing, then somepony had to come in and claimed they saw me bump into the animatronic.

"Last year. You know I didn't mean to do it, right? I told them. I said 'I didn't mean to do it.' You know that, right?" I said.

"I know, Sonic, I know. You were so scared too." She said. She picked up a piece of paper and read off of it. "You filled out your resume and I don't see a reason not to hire you again. But this is your only chance Sonic, I'm sorry, but if there's another incident that you caused, I'm going to have to fire you." She said.

I instantly lit up. "Thank you Fluttershy. Don't worry, there won't be a repeat of '86, okay? It was 5 years ago, I'm a changed stallion." I said.

She nodded.

"I missed you Sonic." She said quietly.

"I missed you too Flutters." I said.

"Well, um, I think I should take you on a tour of the place. You might not remember the layout of the place, and you'll need to know that if you're going to work as the night guard." She said, walking to the door.

We walked out and she took me straight to the Stage, with all the animatronics.

"I assume you remember them?" She said as we walked to them.

How could I forget? "Apple Jack, Rarity, and the party queen herself, Pinkie Pie." I said.

"Yeah, that's them. They bring so much joy to children. I love working here, you know that?" She said.

"Yeah, you've told me this before, a lot." I said.

"I know that everypony else will love to have you back, I know they do." Fluttershy said, pointing towards the animatronics.

We then left the Stage room, but before we did, I could've sworn I heard soft giggling coming from the Pinkie suit.

She showed me around the rest of the building to jog up my memory and took me to a small room in the back of the building.

The room was just a square with a poster of the three animatronics with the words "Celebrate" on it. It had a fan, a phone, and a chair with some kind of square box on it.

"That's how you check the cameras." Fluttershy said.

"What? How?" I asked.

"We got this maybe 3 years ago. You just turn it on, and touch any of the buttons on the map of the building to see through the camera." She said, turning it on and showing me.

"Heh, kids these days are getting all the cool stuff." I said.

Fluttershy laughed a little and put the tablet back on the chair.

"Wait, wasn't there a fourth animatronic?" I said.

"Yeah, but we had to shut her down due to the incident, the poor children were devastated." She said.

I remembered bumping into an animatronic, but not which one. I then remembered that it was the one in the Cloud's Cove area that bit somepony.

Fluttershy told me I only had to stay until 6:00 A.M, and then I could leave.

"Alright, good luck on the first day tomorrow." She said as we left the building.

"Hey, I'm a night guard. What's the worst that could happen?" I said.

I watched Fluttershy fly off and went home. I didn't have anything to do so I just watched T.V. until it was midnight. And when my clock hit midnight I flew off, towards Pinkie's Pizzeria. My mind started telling me to go back and watch more T.V. but I just shut the idea down, I told Fluttershy I had changed and I had. I was going to take my job seriously and I wouldn't slack off on work time. When I walked in and the other guy left I went straight to my little square room. Once I had settled myself I checked the clock, 12:00 A.M. My shift, had officially begun.

I turned on the tablet just how Fluttershy showed me and checked on the cameras. Nope. Nopony was trying to break in, nothing was broken, breaking, leaking, nothing. I looked at the clock and it read 12:00, I groaned loudly.

"Okay, come on Sonic. You just have to do this for six hours, and then you can go home." I said to myself.

I nearly fell out of my chair when I hear the phone ring suddenly.

It rung for a while and then played the message it had prerecorded onto it.

"Hello, hello hello? Uh, if you're hearing this, then you've made a very poor career choice my friend."