Remember the terrible fanfiction that Annabeth wrote in the last chapter? Well, now you get to see Percy, Piper, and Leo react to it. Hopefully it's funny and stuff.

Also this is the last chapter of this story unless for some reason I decide to add on more. Enjoy!

"Okay," Annabeth said. "We're going to start this out like pretty much everything else started, run out there, make a comment about how you're going to vomit, and then let everyone read it."

"Got it." Jason nodded. "And all of you, act disgusted."

"It shouldn't be too hard." Frank muttered.

"Oh my gods!" Jason ran out into the mess hall, a very convincing disgusted expression on his face. "This fanfiction, I can't even."

"Great, now he's talking like a fangirl." Hazel muttered.

"What's wrong with it?" Leo asked, he looked at the laptop and grinned. "Let's read it. Pipes, you read it."

"Okay." Piper took the laptop and began. "Jason was jealous of everything Percy had. Percy was still praetor, Jason wasn't. Percy was attractive, Jason wasn't. And most infuriating of all, Percy was dating Annabeth, the girl that Jason had been crushing on for eighteen years."

"Wait..." Annabeth shot a glare at Jason. "What? Jason, what the Hades?" Meanwhile, Piper looked from Annabeth to Jason, cringing. Percy was glaring daggers at Jason. Frank and Hazel were blushing. Leo was laughing. Then she continued reading.

"Holy mother of zeus, that girl was amazing. It wasn't necessarily her looks, though she was stunningly gorgeous. What Jason really liked about her was her intelligence." Piper read. "Jason Grace..."

"What?" He asked. "It's not like I had any part in the writing of this! I'm as disgusted as you are!"

"Okay, okay, break it up." Leo joked. "Please continue, Beauty Queen."

"He'd heard Annabeth complain about not being taken seriously as a blonde, and Jason could relate, unlike that greek scum that called himself Percy Jackson. Percy had red hair."

"Whoa..." Percy furrowed his brow. "Did it just say that I have red hair?"

"Mhmm..." Piper said disgustedly.

"I have black hair!" He complained.

"I know!" Leo said dramatically, making fun of Percy.

"Jason just wanted to shove aside that stupid greek and go kiss Annabeth. He looked down at his imperial gold sword and had an idea..." Piper continued reading. "Okay, I don't know whether to laugh or be scared."

"Scared." Percy said. "Definitely scared."

"'Percy Jackson, i challenge you to a sword fight!' Jason yelled. 'Winner gets to date Annabeth, loser has to fight Clarisse to the death!'"

"Oh my gods." Leo muttered. "This is getting weird."

"Let's just face something," Jason said. "If Percy ever had to fight Clarisse to the death, he would die."

"True," Percy agreed. "I am disturbed, but I want to know what happens. Continue reading, please."

"'Okay! I will win!' Percy said cockily, He went up to stab Jason, but Jason beat him and sent him to Clarisse. Instead of fighting, Percy realized how pretty Clarisse was and kissed her." Piper read. "Oh my gods! Ewwwwwww!"

"Just finish the story." Percy moaned.

"they fell in love and had six and a half children-"

"HOW DO YOU HAVE SIX AND A HALF CHILDREN?!" Percy looked genuinely afraid now.

"then they ate two of those children for breakfast-"


"while Jason lived happily ever after with the beautiful Annabeth." Piper finished. "The end."

"I'm never reading fanfiction again." Percy seemed on the verge of a panic attack. "... let's find another one!"

Meanwhile, Annabeth and Jason were laughing so hard that they had to run out of the room so they wouldn't draw attention to one another.

"Oh... My... Gods." Annabeth gasped in the middle of her laughter. "That was... That was awesome!"

"What are you two laughing at?" Piper inquired.

"Oh, I just..." Jason's eyes widened. "I just told her a really funny joke. Wanna hear it?"

"Okay, sure."

"Knock knock." He said uncertainly, looking to Annabeth for help. She didn't offer any.

"Who's there?" Piper asked.

"Umm..." Jason remembered something Frank had said to Hazel. "Doctor."

"Doctor Who?"

"Correct." To his relief, Annabeth began to laugh harder while Piper just looked at both of them confusedly.

You know that accomplished feeling when you get someone into on of your fandoms? Because my little brother watched like five season of Doctor Who with me and now he's pretty much in that fandom. I'm so proud.

on a completely unrelated note, what kinds of stories do you want to see from me? Because I'm planning one for Jason's birthday which is in like a month but whatever. Also it's Frank, Grover, and Rick Riordan's birthday (which I totally forgot about so no special stories about any of that).

But what do you guys like? What fandoms? What ships? What genres?