Piridi fan-fiction.

Chapter one: the uprising of Piridi.

Disclaimer: welcome to my fan fiction of Pit and Viridi also known as Piridi with appearances of Dark Pit, Phosphora, and Palutena at times but there will be as many cliffhangers as in my amour shipping fan fiction of Ash and Serena from Pokémon so I all hope you enjoy this one too.

Pit: sorry drakeowner42 and Palutena am I too late to be in the intro to this fan fiction.

Me: no Pit just on time and since I didn't respect you enough in my Pokémon fabric how about you take the lead in the rest of the disclaimer.

Pit: really do you really mean it.

Palutena: yes Pit now go on and finish it.

Pit: alright I won't let you guys down. Drake is not response able for anything that I do.

Whoops that's the wrong document that's my contract. Here is the disclaimer. Ahem, Drake does not own Kid Icarus uprising © of Nintendo but he does own the game. Now without farther ado.

Pit and me: let's get to the story.

Me: sorry couldn't help it.

Story begins.

Pit: sorry lady Palutena I was busy with beating a level nine Seamus in SSB3DS. What did you need?

Well pack your 3ds and any games because I'm going to the god conceal meeting and I asked Viridi and Phosphora to watch you while I'm there.

Pit: but doesn't Viridi need to be there to.

Palutena: Viridi sends Arlon in her place. Plus Pit too is going to be there.

Pit: Ya but he'll be kissing Phosphora the entire time.

Dark Pit: that's not true pit stain I'll be there playing SSBWU at Viridi's domain. Plus I just got back from there it is amazing. Viridi told me to tell you to bring your 3ds with any of the games you want.

Pit: Let me guess after you played a round with Phosphora then made out in here room.

Dark Pit: THAT IS NOT WHAT HAPPENED. We plays SSBWU the entire time.

Both Pit and Palutena: sure you did. (With a hunt of sarcasm.)

Dark Pit: it's the truth.

Pit trying not to laugh as he tries to say the right words so he won't be punched for it but his snickering gets him in trouble.

(The forth wall is about to be broken.)

Pit that is not funny drake.

Drake: kind of is.

Pit: it still hurts.

Dark Pit: that's what she said.

Drake: lol.

Palutena: you had that one coming at you pit.

Pit: ow harsh.

Drake: get back to the story guys we have more problems on our hands.

Pit: like what the end of the world.

Drake: yes.

Pit: ahahahahahahaha.

Drake: is someone getting this on camera.

Dark pit: I am. Oh this will look great on YouTube.

Pit: no not on YouTube. I'll die.

Palutena: then I'd just revive you.

Pit: oh trust me it would be better if I stayed dead.

Drake: who would lead the centurions? Dark pit can't because he'll be in battle with Viridi's forces of nature. And Palutena could but then probably get distracted by a butterfly or something like I would but I can't because I'm the writer and well I write.

Pit: fine.

Drake: no offence Palutena.

Palutena: none taken.

Drake: OK back to the story.

All: OK.

(Back in the story.)

So ya pack your 3ds and any of the games you want to bring

Pit: cool be right back.

Palutena: then I can warp you both there. Should I send dinner with you or should Viridi cook.

Both pit and dark pit thinking.

Pit: could we get twenty dollars.

Palutena: haha, ya, no.

Pit: then we'll have Viridi cook.

Palutena: right you two ready to go. Oh shoot forgot here's a note for Viridi and Phosphora. Alright see you two in 6 hours or tomorrow.

Both Pit's: see ya.


When they both arrive the place has been turned into a giant mess those green things that can only hurt by melee attacks and shot when red. There three of them on messing with the chili that Viridi was cooking the other two destroying the house.

Phosphora: come back you no good home pit hi pittoo. (Dark Pit only lets Phosphora call him pittoo.) Sorry the house is a wreck can you guys help me catch these things and put them back in there cage.

Pit: I thought Viridi's forces allowed to roam her domain.

Phosphora: Not these three, these three are the worst ones that she had to deal with so she locked them up but they broke out again. Or maybe you could kill them. Either way Viridi will be happy.

Out of nowhere Pit's Palutena bow and Dark Pit's silver bow appear to them with a note from Palutena.

Viridi sent me a call about those trouble makers again and she knew you to were coming so she told me to send you guys your weapons. From Palutena.

Pit: alright let get rid of these thing.



Thanks for reading this chapter of 6 of my Piridi function hope you all enjoy.

Pit: I looked at your YouTube channel you have one video what's up with that.

Me: I had made new intro with video editor that I had on my computer then it wouldn't work and then my computer had to be reset so I lost all of that data that's why the first video was done on my phone.

Pit: I guess that makes a lot of sense, a least for me I don't know about the rest of the people reading this.

Drake: your probable right, and of your searching for my channel it's not Very popular so you have to look up drakeowner42 and under the categories look for channels, then it should come up.

Pit and Me: but again thanks for reading and thanks for the views and everything bye see you next chapter.