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Pairing: Toneri x Hinata

Rating: M

Word: Obsession

Warning for lemon, language and some SasuHina


Stopping for a second, a young white haired man took the time to run his fingers through his curly hair and make sure that no stray strands were standing up, free hand moving to loosen his tie, sick of the damn thing hugging his neck.

Once he was satisfied, he continued his venture to the small coffee shop that he was heading to. The door released a soft chime when he pushed on it and he couldn't help the relaxed sigh that escaped him once the cool air of the shop ghosted along his warm skin.

Sky blue eyes immediately zeroed in at the back of the blue haired barista who was busy making a drink. Taking a quick glance around, he was relieved to see only two other customers besides him were lingering around. The afternoon was always nice and empty, he was glad that it was only busy in the morning where people needed a boost to wake them up.

Less customers mean more time with the adorable barista that has been the apple of his eye for the past couple of months.

Striding up to the counter, he was greeted with her warm smile that makes his heart beat a little faster when she spun around and placed a cup of coffee in front of him.

"Afternoon Toneri," Her lavender eyes glowed with cheerfulness as she pushed the cup to him, "I made your usual. On the house."

"My, you spoil me," He chuckled, lifting up the cup to take a sip, he groaned gratefully at the rich flavor along with the delicious aroma. "You give me a free coffee every week."

She giggled, smile widening in amusement, "Because you're such a loyal customer that comes in everyday."

Just the days that you work Toneri corrected in his mind, he's already memorized her schedule and doesn't bother coming to the shop if he knows that she isn't going to be there. He's not actually that much of a coffee addict.

"Of course," He answered smoothly, curling his fingers around the steamy drink, "Your coffee is the best."

The tips of her fingers pressed against her red cheek as she waved her free hand frantically in front of her, "Y-you flatter me too much, Toneri."

"Because its true," He smiled, eyes scanning the shop absently and spotting no other customers waiting, he turned to her with an expectant smile, "Why don't you take a break and sit with me again?"

"B-but," She perked up, worried about leaving her post but at the same time the past couple hours there was no other customers other then Toneri and two other regulars. She supposed it wouldn't be bad to take a break. "Well, I suppose it should be fine, we've been really slow today. Oh, and there's something I wanted to get your opinion on."

Untying her apron, she began hurrying away from him before he could say another word. He spotted her talking to a bun haired girl who nodded and swiftly made her way to the counter that her boss previously occupied.

She sent him a tight lipped smile, "May I help you sir?"

He didn't bother sending her back a smile as he picked up his coffee and began to walk away to find a table to sit at, "No thank you, I already have what I want."

Picking a spot near the back of the shop, Toneri settled into his seat and set his coffee down gently. Long fingers curled around the cup, his blue eyes boredly watched the curling steam flowing up from the brown liquid.

His eyes brightened, smile fixing onto his lips once he finally heard the chair in front of him scrape along the ground before the one he desired plopped into the seat with an anxious expression.

"So, what did you want my opinion on?" He murmured, unable to keep himself from staring at the way her teeth nibbled at her bottom lip nervously. Eyes transfixed by such a simple action, his fingers unintentionally tightened around his cup.

What he wouldn't do to taste them..

"Well, you know my cousin Neji I told you about?" His eyes broke out of the spell and snapped up to hers. The corners of his lips twitched, tempted to drop down into a frown but he forced them into his usual soft smile; he didn't want her to talk about other men with him.

"Yes, what about him?" He continued anyways with his calming smile that set her at ease as she brought up a package that she placed onto the table.

"Well, I bought him a gift to celebrate his promotion at work," She told him, digging in the bag and missing the way his blue eyes hardened at her words, "Since you're a guy, I just wanted your opinion on it."

Pulling out one small box, she lifted the lid and allowed him to peek inside to find a brand new, shiny and quite the expensive looking watch, "He broke his last watch not that long ago so I decided to buy him a new one. What do you think? Does it look nice?"

He blinked, "It looks good...and like it cost a lot of money." Does this Neji guy really mean so much to her? That doesn't look cheap at all.

She blushed, absently brushing a stray strand of hair behind her ear, a sheepish smile pulled along her pink lips, "It...cost a bit more then most watches are, I'll admit...b-but, I also paid extra to get his name engraved into it, look."

Tugging it out of the box, she flipped the watch over to show his name engraved in the back. Toneri couldn't help the stirrings of envy in his chest - how special is this Neji guy to her that she would blow so much money on him?

Closing the box, she didn't notice the conflict burning in the blue eyes across from her as she tugged out another box.

Lifting up the cover, he was greeted with two golden ribbons, "And this one is for my sister Hanabi, she always loves to tie ribbons and stuff in her hair so I bought her this to celebrate her getting into the college that she wanted."

"Why would you spend so much money on them?" He asked before he could stop himself.

"Why?" She blinked at him incredulously as if she couldn't understand why he wouldn't know why she would buy her loved ones gifts, "Because I love them, of course."

"Ah, that makes sense," It really didn't for him, he couldn't emphasize when he never understood or experienced love for himself his whole life. "Forgive me for the ridiculous question."

"It's okay, it's not ridiculous Toneri so don't worry about it." She assured him with her soft voice as she began to place the boxes in the bag making his heart flutter pleasantly. He had to press the rim of the cup to his lips to keep his pleased smirk from showing - everything about her was just so gorgeous to him, from her sweet personality to her silky blue strands that he wished to run his fingers through; he desired nothing more then to keep her to himself. "So, how was work today? Wasn't too stressful, was it?"

He relaxed back into his seat with a crooked smile, "Thank you for asking, but no, nothing eventful happened today. Just the usual, boring work."

Hinata stifled a giggle at his words, "Nothing wrong with that, its better then having any dram-" The chime of the door opening distracted her as her eyes widened at who entered the shop.

"Neji! Hanabi! W-what're you two doing here?" She exclaimed with surprise as she shot out of her seat with her bag in her clutches and took a couple steps away from her loyal customer who didn't say a word but the sour expression on his face spoke volumes about his irritation with the barista's attention being diverted from him.

"What, I can't visit my own sister?" Hanabi grinned as she sauntered her way up to her older sister. Unable to contain it any longer, she flung out her arms and wrapped them around the older Hyuuga's waist.

Hinata sighed with an exhausted smile and hugged her back, her little sister was just a bundle of energy. Not that that was a bad thing of course.

A ghost of a smile appeared on her serious cousin's face as he made his way over to the sisters at a slower pace. He placed his large hand on the top of her head once he reached the two and leaned down to press his lips to her forehead in greeting since Hanabi was hogging her waist, preventing him from hugging her sister.

"Finally got some time off from work so I decided to bring Hanabi along to see you." His hand ran down the soft curtain of hair, grey eyes glowing with affection for the two girls.

"Hey Hinata, whatcha got in the bag?"

Toneri watched the three interact from his peripheral vision as he steadily sipped his now luke warm coffee. His calculative eyes roamed over the three boredly, he supposed that this scene is what most people would call heartwarming.

He couldn't find any interest in it besides the blue haired woman and the way she blushed and smiled with the other two. He just couldn't emphasize with enjoying family members company considering that he's been an orphan since he was a child and was moved from foster home to foster home until he was able to live on his own. He never got along or cared at all for any of his foster families and he certainly did not enjoy spending time with them.

His eyes narrowed at the animated young girl still clinging to her waist and the long haired man and couldn't help but muse to himself about what was there to love about them.

All they did was waste her time with useless chatter.

With his mood now dampened with the twos presence, Toneri gulped down the rest of his coffee and placed the empty cup down on the table. Standing up with a noisy scrape of the chair, he peeked to see if Hinata noticed.

Frowning when he realized the three were still too engaged in their conversation, he began to quietly slip away. The chime of the door reached his ears when he pulled it open but Hinata still didn't take any notice of the sound.

He visibly deflated with hurt when she continued to chat with her family members instead of giving him her usual sweet goodbye.

His jaw flexed when he gritted his teeth together and after stuffing his hands in his pockets - trudged out of the shop.


He noticed that her usual brilliant smile has dimmed, glowing lavender eyes dulled to a weak glow when she greeted him with his usual, "Afternoon Toneri." Her low voice welcomed him with a slight tremble.

"Thank you Hinata," He tried to hand her money but she shook her head, smiling lips quivering as she forced herself to keep it up. Slowly, he lowered the money and placed it back in his pocket before regarding her with his inquiring gaze, "Is something the matter? You look as if you're going to cry."

Her eyes widened at his words - was she so transparent? Even her other customers were concerned for her earlier. Blinking rapidly to keep the building tears at bay she sent him a shaky smile with a shake of her head, "No, I'm p-perfectly fine. Thank you."

She jumped when a pale hand carefully slipped over her own smaller one to give a gentle squeeze.

He caught her startled gaze in his own sincere ones before speaking with purpose, "Its not good to bottle things up. Come, I'll listen to whatever you have to say." He ushered her from behind the counter, which she eventually complied to thanks to his gentle coaxing but not before waving over the bun haired barista to take over for her.

Placing a comforting arm around her shoulder, he lead her to a booth and signaled for her to slide in first before taking his spot on the side next to her.

"Now," He murmured softly, brushing a loose strand of hair behind her ear as liquid began to bead at the corner of her eyes, "Tell me what's wrong."

"Y-you know my cousin and s-sister I told you about?" She asked in a hush voice, he nodded and she continued with a sniffle, hands fisting in the material of her jeans. "They...t-they...were in a car accident...b-both of t-them didn't m-make it.."

Brows furrowing in worry, Toneri felt his lips tugging down in concern when silent tears began to dribble down the barista's cheeks, small hiccups escaping the woman as she attempted to hold back her tears. Placing a hand atop of the trembling woman's head, the white haired man carefully drew her into his chest, arms wrapping around her small frame.

"It's okay, just let it out." He whispered into her hair as he rubbed comforting circles into her back.

Within seconds he could feel the front of his shirt become damp with the new rush of tears from his words. He didn't mind, whatever gets her to feel better is fine by him.

"I-its not f-f-fair...N-Neji was finally b-being recognized for h-his hard work..and H-Hanabi h-had so much..ahead of h-her.." She sobbed into his chest, trembling worsening by the second the more she talked about them. Her fists tightened around Toneri's nice dress shirt. "I-it should have b-been me instead.."

"Hey, don't say such a ridiculous thing." He reprimanded her with a low voice, peeking through the white strands of his hair, he could see the other couple of regulars in the quiet shop sending the two sympathetic glances. Obviously, saddened by hearing the cries of their kind barista.

It was a good thing his hair was so long.

Otherwise they would've noticed how dull and bored his blue eyes were as he continued to comfort the trembling woman.

Like before, he just couldn't empathize. In fact, he could care less - everybody dies at some point, those two just happened to be sooner then most.

Cherishing the feeling of her soft strands slipping through his fingers, Toneri couldn't help but think of one thing.

And that was - how long will it take Hinata to recover and get back to how she originally was?


It was months before Toneri finally began to see the old brilliant smile begin to return to the blue haired woman's tempting lips. Enchanting eyes glowing with happiness at the sight of him and he could feel his heart pound with anticipation everytime he entered the homely shop, he's honored to have gotten so close to her after that day he let her cry on his shoulder.

"Afternoon Toneri," She chirped with her usual greeting, sliding his coffee to him before waving over her replacement as she bounded around the counter to his side.

"My, someone seems awfully happy today," He chuckled, snatching up his coffee before following the perky woman to a seat by the window. "Did something happen?"

"Mm," She nodded, tugging a small box out of her pocket, she lifted the top and presented to him a necklace donned with a fancy red and white fan pendant. "Do you think this will look good on a guy?"

His guts twisted uncomfortably. Who the hell was she buying a gift for now? "Uh..who is this for?" He asked hesitantly, unsure whether or not he really wants to know.

His stomach began to feel queasy when a blush quickly peppered along her pale cheeks as she shyly raised a fist to cover her mouth. Lavender eyes slid away from his gaze meekly, "Uhm...m-my...boyfriend." She whispered in such a low voice that he would've missed it if the shop wasn't as quiet as it usually is.

It sickened him to see her become so flustered over another man.

"You...have a boyfriend?" When the hell did she get a boyfriend? Was it before she was mourning or after?

"Y-yeah, my childhood friend. He was always there for me no matter what - especially after..." She hesitated with her words. Shaking her head, she decided to phrase it differently. "..Especially these last couple months."

Though his face was a mask of cool indifference Toneri felt his jaw clench from his teeth gritting together.

He was there for her too!

Did she forget that?

But the woman was oblivious to his simmering anger as she continued with a fond smile, "He finally confessed his feelings for me a couple days ago. Apparently he's liked me since we were was really sweet to hear from someone like him.."

"I'm...glad to hear that." He wonders if she could hear the sarcasm in his voice.

Apparently not 'cause with a bright smile, she went back to her original question, " you think this will look nice on a guy?"

"Of course," A tight lipped smile tugged across his face. As frustrated as he was his words were still genuine this time around. "Anything from you is a gift to be cherished."

He thoroughly enjoyed the flustered expression that appeared across her gentle features - now if only he could reserve those type of expressions just for himself.

Her mouth opened to reply when the chime of the bell reached their ears.

Now her cheeks darkened further much to his displeasure as some random spiky haired pretty boy sauntered confidently up to their table, "S-Sasuke!"

Covering the box and swiftly hiding it in her pocket, Hinata stared with wide eyes up at her boyfriend, startled by his sudden appearance, "What are you doing here?"

Before answering her, the dark haired man lowered his head down to press his lips to the flustered female. Toneri felt sick to his stomach at the disgusting sight.

However, his anger came to a boil when an eyelid lifted and a cocky onyx colored eye peeked at him with meaning while the raven locked lips with the barista in front of him.

He could understand the message the newcomer was conveying very clearly.

And he did not like it.

The pair parted and the bastard sent Hinata a smirk, "I saw you in the window and just came to see if you would join me for lunch?"

"O-oh," The girl shot up out of her seat, accidentally banging her knee against the underside of the table in her rush but she only winced and brushed off the pain before either male could ask her if she was alright. "Yes, let me just go tell Tenten that I'll be leaving."

Nodding, he watched her stumble away. Sasuke looked at the customer briefly, giving him a once over before sending a possessive glare at the white haired man who was chatting up his girlfriend.

The disinterested blue eyes just regarded him coolly before the silent man casually turned his attention to sipping his coffee instead which only served to tick the Uchiha off as he moved to wait by the door before he curses the curly haired asshole out.

Toneri won't lie when he says that he was beyond livid when the lavender eyed woman once again forgot his presence as she exited the shop with her childhood friend.


It was almost a month later when he noticed that his barista began to seem more anxious then usual. The bright smile absent as her eyes constantly flitted to the door with a hopeful expression everytime the chime went off.

"Afternoon Toneri," She greeted with a slightly disappointed tone though the smile stayed plastered to her lips as she pushed the cup towards him and accepted the money.

"Uhm," His eyes were once again drawn to the diamond ring that she's donned these last couple weeks, "If it isn't too much trouble...can I speak to you about something?"

Blue orbs regarded her curiously, "Of course."

Once they were settled on a table, he quickly noticed how the petite female began to fiddle nervously with her ring, "Uhm...I was...just wondering if've seen Sasuke anywhere?"

"Your boyfriend?" He asked before taking a tentative sip of his coffee, don't want to risk scorching his throat. "Why? Did something happen?"

"...Y-yeah...he's been missing these past couple weeks. No ones seen or heard from him at all." A downtrodden expression appeared on her fragile visage, shoulders sagging as a depressed air began to surround her. "D-do you think...maybe he's changed his mind about me?"

Toneri watched her quietly, analyzing eyes examining the way her whole body seemed to slump with the negative thoughts that floated around her head.

"I mean..he was always popular with girls. I can't help but wonder if maybe he found someone better.." Her lavender eyes darkened as they stared at the shiny ring wrapped around her finger. "Maybe he realized that he isn't ready to settle down yet after he proposed to me.."

Placing the cup down with a light clink, Toneri decided to choose his words carefully, " be honest, he does look like the type that doesn't take well to settling down. I hate to be so blunt and negative but who knows? Maybe he did end up just running off with another girl, he looks like the kind of guy that only enjoys the chase and loses interest once he gets what he wants."

"M-maybe your right...maybe...I didn't know him as well as I thought.." Sucking in a shaky breath, she stared up at her faithful customer desperately, "What...should I do then?"

He didn't hesitate with his next words, "Forget him."


"Come with me," He held a hand a out with an inviting smile. "I'll help you forget him."


"Y-you don't have to force yourself to do this for me, you know." Hinata whimpered out to the nude man laying between her spread legs as he pressed butterfly kisses down the length of her abdomen.

After all, a small part of her couldn't help but feel like that partaking in this activity was a bad thing, that small part still held hope that maybe Sasuke just ran off 'cause he needed more time before he returned to her. Fingers curled into white strands when warm lips tickled her inner thigh, but another, more dominant part of her couldn't help but feel like maybe the Uchiha really did run out on her. Maybe he really did lose interest when he finally decided to ask her out and got between her legs quite a few times. Maybe he got his fill of her and ran off after leading her on with proposal.

"Trust me, I'm not forcing myself, if it's too help you then I'm willing to do anything," Toneri whispered against her skin, warm breath ghosting along her sensitive flesh and sending chills up her spine. "And if you want me to be completely honest - I've been desiring you for quite a while."

She didn't have long to linger on his words, all thoughts were thrown out the window when his fingers parted her labia to allow room for his eager tongue to dive through. Groaning, he lapped up her juices like a dehydrated man drinking water for the first time.

Pulling back, his tongue slipped along his upper lip as he thought about how he can get addicted to her taste. Not wasting a second more, he dove back in to latch his lips around her sensitive bundle of nerves. Sucking and licking at the bead, he pressed two fingers into her moist heat.

He loved the melody of pleasured moans that he won out of his barista as he continued his ministrations. Curling his fingers inside her, he found a certain patch of flesh inside that got her squirming wildly in his hold as he sucked hungrily on her pearl.

It didn't take long for him to feel her walls tightening around his invading digits, moans growing higher in pitch as his scalp burned from how hard she was pulling his hair but he took it all, even when her toes curled into the sheets as her hips raised to gyrate against his face, riding out her orgasm until she slumped weakly against the mattress.

But he was far from finished as he pulled his fingers out with a squelch and crawled up her body until he was face to face with her. His peaceful blue eyes delighted in the blissful red cheeked female's expression. He was finally gonna make her his and could barely contain himself as he spread her wider and aligned his engorged tip to her entrance.

Hooking her knees over his elbows, he lowered down till he was inches away from her lips. He quickly discovered that he loves her flexibility.

Finally, he gently pressed his lips to hers, languidly moving it against hers as he continuously bumped his tip against her sopping entrance teasingly. Soon, he began to hungrily devour her, slanting his mouth over hers, the dominating pink muscle began to rove over every inch of her panting mouth.

He was sucking on her lower lip when she finally felt him begin to penetrate her, gasping when the thick length was shoved deep into her. Hinata dug her fingers into his taut back, a guttural moan escaped the man when her fingers raked down his moist skin, hips thrusting shallowly into the pleasure filled woman.

He was being so soft and gentle with her, lips grazing hers with such passion that she couldn't help but be reminded about another who fucked her as if she was a glass doll that would break if they go too hard.

Glazed lavender eyes blinked in bewilderment once the curly strands above her began to straighten. The pure white steadily being tainted with black.

Suddenly it wasn't sky blue eyes that were staring down at her lovingly but onyx colored ones and right away she could feel tears building at the corner of her eyes as her kiss bruised lips began to form a name unintentionally.

"S-Sasuke.." She whispered, causing the gentle thrusts to stutter to a stop.

Toneri stared down at the woman with a frown. She wants to fantasize? Fine. Then that means he obviously wasn't doing a good enough job in helping her forget.

Leaning up, he braced his hands against the headboard above her as he began to draw his length out of her addicting heat. Without any warning, his hands tightened on the headboard as he slammed his hips forward, hard.

A choked moan escaped her once he began ramming into her hard and fast, practically pounding her into the bed as he put as much force into his thrusts as he could. The change of pace caught her completely off guard as the dark haired image shattered back into the white haired man that seemed determined to fuck her until she couldn't think straight.

"I told you I you for..forget," He panted out, unable to keep himself from groaning at the friction of her tight walls scrapping along his hard cock deliciously. "And if it means...f-fucking your brains out..ugh...then I will."

His relentless thrusts became too much for her as she released a sobbing moan, head shaking from side to side as her eyes rolled to the back of her head as another mind blowing orgasm snuck up on her. Walls flexing sporadically around the thick cock sliding in and out of her like a piston, Toneri didn't give her a chance to recover from her second orgasm as his hands moved from the headboard to her legs.

Spreading her wider and pushing her knees to her chest, the groaning man hovered over the smaller woman as he persistently kept on with his aggressive thrusts. The sound of their flesh slapping together only spurred him on as he forced his eager cock as deep into her as he could with each thrust while the bedsprings protested loudly to their frantic movements.

A shrill cry ripped from the usually quiet woman's lips once ecstasy rapidly flew across her trembling body for a third time. Unable to handle the sporadic flexing over his length, Toneri released a husky moan, pressing deep into Hinata as his warm release rapidly filled her with each jerk of his hips.

He gave her a few more lazy thrusts before slipping out of her warmth to collapse next to the exhausted woman. Arms curling around her shaky form, he tugged her into his chest as he ran his fingers along the back of her head.

"I apologize if I was too rough." He murmured huskily into her hair.

"No, it's fine." Her scratchy voice answered once she finally found the ability to talk again, "I liked it."

He chuckled once he realized the Hyuuga ended up falling asleep almost seconds after. Snuggling his nose against the top of her head, he couldn't help the satisfied smile from pulling along his lips.

She was finally his.


Feeling fingers caressing her cheek, Hinata was roused from her sleep to be greeted with Toneri's smiling face.

"Morning," He leaned down to press a kiss to her lips, "Make yourself at home, I'm gonna make breakfast."

Standing up, he fished out his boxers from the mess of clothes on the floor and slipped them on before striding out of the room with a pleased smile.

Stretching, Hinata sat up groggily, she was still unsure about what to think about what happened yesterday. A part of her felt guilty in allowing the white haired man to ravage her but another was happy to feel the amazing pleasure from yesterday.

Wanting to put on clothes, Hinata swung her legs off the bed.

Only to furrow her brows quizzically when her heel connected with something hard sticking out from under the bed. Curiosity peaking, Hinata bent down to reach out for the item and pulled it onto her lap.

She frowned at the small metal box.

Well, he did say to make herself at home and it's not like it had a lock on it so it couldn't be anything too private, right?

Lifting the lid before she decides to change her mind, Hinata took a peek at the contents.

And immediately felt her stomach quiver with dread at what laid inside the box. Breath picking up, she suppressed the urge to hyperventilate as her trembling hand reached into the box and pulled out the first item.

An expensive looking watch.

"I-it c-c-can't be.." She whispered in disbelief, flipping over the device to examine the back.

And sure enough, Neji, was engraved in it.

With a gasp, the box toppled from her lap to land on the ground. The golden ribbons and fan necklace spilling messily on the ground.

"T-T-Toneri...h-he.." She whispered in horror, unable to believe what she's found.

"You know," She gasped, frightened eyes shooting up to see the man in question leaning casually against the doorway, "Its not nice to dig in people's things."

He watched her like a cat eyeing a terrified mouse, his lips stretched into a disturbing smile that frightened the life out of her.

"I'm so glad you decided to come home with me yesterday."


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