This is a Percy Jackson story full of humor and involves lots of Percabeth! This will also involve Harry Potter! I promise I'll update every Thursday because I have time then. ENJOY!? ゚リワ

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Percy's POV:

Annabeth and I were lying on the beach teasing each other.

"Seaweed Brain, you are made of kelp!"

"Your face looks like an owl!"

We were interrupted by Flavian Perno, a son of Hermes, running down towards us.

"Percy, Annabeth, Chiron wants you at the Big House."

Annabeth and I ran to the Big house and to the ping pong table. The nine who had went on the quests where gathered around the table with Chiron at the end.

"What are you all doing here?" I asked Reyna and Frank.

"Chiron IMed us." Reyna explained.

Chorion flicked his tail, " I have summoned you here because we need you for a new quest. You are to go to Hogwarts to protect Harry Potter and his friends while they journey to find horocruxces."

Annabeth asked about the horocruxces. Chiron replied that they were parts of a soul put in an object by dark magic.

He was interrupted by Leo asking about the name,"Is it really pig warts?" Leo asked, snorting.

Chiron said yes and told us to meet him at Thalia's pine tree in an hour.

Whew * wiping sweat off forehead* that was hard! I'll update on Thursday but maybe extra! Enjoy and review