Summary: Sky realizes he might have feelings for Bridge, and after coming to the realization he does, he decides to tell his friend about it. He then starts doubting himself. How will his struggles go?

Should be happy

Realizations come through?

It had never crossed Sky's mind, if he was being honest. He, the stubborn and proud Blue Ranger, falling for the childish, chipper and somewhat annoying Green Ranger? He would have laughed at the mere idea, only it wasn't funny. It was real. He did fell for the Ranger. How, when? He couldn't quite pinpoint it, and he doubted he would anytime soon, or maybe he never would. That didn't matter. The problem, now, was that he was starting to get feelings for Bridge. His roommate, his teammate, his male friend—not that there was anything wrong with him being male, that was the last thing he worried about. But the simple idea, the whole idea… It was ridiculous, really. He could barely stand Bridge's personality most of the times. How had it come to the point where he found himself to find certain traits of Bridge cute? Oh, but Bridge did had some characteristic that made him cute, adorable even, lovely, he could say. 'Yeah, lovely', he thought bitterly, finding such descriptive word wasn't helping his case.

But what could he do? His brain just came up with such adjectives for his friend. Not that he wanted to call Bridge like that—and he wasn't denying it, not at all, for Bridge was, in fact, cute and adorable and lovely and kind of confusing and many other things he wouldn't think about for his own sanity. He didn't deny those things, not at all; no… he just… wasn't keen on accepting them, either. But maybe he was getting confused with his feelings, maybe it wasn't the affection that developed to a romantic one, maybe it was the kind of affection that seemed to be one, but wasn't one. Like you feel it to be something romantic, but in reality, it isn't, it's just a confusion on mixed feelings that hadn't found its place yet, and that would sort out and everything would make more sense in the end, and be more accord to how he behaved and thought and acted and felt, not like they were now, as if a feelings of another person had gotten inside his line of thoughts, clouding the real ones, as if—and he groaned, because this exact train of thought wasn't exactly his, was it? He was starting to get like Bridge, overanalyzing, thinking more than it was needed, explaining more than necessary and taking some kind of example that wasn't that necessary for it to be understood. If that made sense in any possible way.

But what made sense now? He was feeling something that possibly involved romance for his friend. He hated to deal with emotions running rampant through his body, his actions and thoughts. He could usually push them away to the point they didn't matter anymore or he had enough time to resolve them. But this, this whatever-it-was, was definitely taking a tool on him. He was starting to concentrate too much on it, and his concentration on more important things, like his Ranger duties, was running slimmer by the second. And Sky was sure his teammates would pick up on that change of concentration some time or another, and he couldn't risk that. He would be damned if anything concerning his feelings was let out to be known to the whole world—because he knew that well. S.P.D. was big; there were too many ears, too many mouths, too many eyes to keep a secret for so long.

So he would have to deal with this on his own, as he usually did. And that was fine, he liked it that way. He wanted it that way. If he told anyone of the Rangers this, the others were bound to know, and then Kat and Crueger would know, and then Boom would know, and then the whole S.P.D. base would know, and then the civilians, and then Piggy, and then aliens and Gruumm and—and this was possibly the biggest mess he could create. Sky hated messing up. Sky hated drama.

He let his book down as he came back to reality, seeing he had been staring at the same page for minutes. Fourteen minutes, according to his clock. His hand went straight to his hair, ruffling it as he sighed, finding no point in trying to think of those things. What good did they do, anyway? They left him feeling confused and mentally tired. He swung his legs at the side of the bed, deciding some training would do him good to clear his head of those annoying thoughts.

So, deciding to take a small break from his own thoughts, he walked towards the training room, all that time his eyes wandering the hallways, noticing for what seemed to be the first time how they had too much grey mixed in. Just as he was about to enter the training room, he instantly regretted his decision as he found Jack and Bridge sparring. He turned around on his place. After all, he could always come back later.

"Hey, Sky!"

Or not.

As he mentally cursed the Red Ranger for calling him, he turned around, a forced smile placed on his lips.

"Hey, Jack, Bridge." As Sky entered the room, he couldn't help but notice the sweat the covered his friends' bodies. How the sweat drops rolled down Bridge's forehead, to the side of his face and down his neck.

"So, why'd you come here?" Jack asked as he and Bridge moved to take a bottled water to drink from it.

"Well, I was hoping I could train a little." The Red Ranger nodded, gulping down some refreshing water.

"Well, Bridge and I are always up for some little challenge. How about one against two? I'll even go easy on you, man." And Sky laughed, because he found amusing Jack's offer.

Yes, Jack could easily take him down, if he took the proper opportunities and didn't get too confident. And Jack could even take on Bridge and Sky, if he really tried and used everything he could to his advantage. But Sky could take on an already tired Bridge and Jack, that much he was sure of.

"Sure. I'll try not to kick your ass so hard, Jack." Jack smiled at him, and Sky returned the smile. "Do we start now?" The other two nodded, leaving their bottled water aside.

And then a friendly-yet-serious fight ensued, blows being traded between the three rangers. Jack tried to sweep Sky off, moving a leg under the Blue Ranger's body, who in turn jumped back, blocking with his arm a kick from Bridge. They both exchanged smiles, before Sky pushed Bridge away.

He went to deliver a kick to Jack's ribs, and the male moved faster, elbowing him on the chest and successfully taking some air out of him. That didn't relent Sky's movements, and he took Jack's elbow before the Red Ranger could pull away, easily getting him against the floor. His blue eyes moved to the figure of Bridge, and he ducked in time to avoid a hit on his head, his hands quickly taking Bridge's leg to pull it, making the Green Ranger fall back.

Sky smiled at his friends as they gave a small groan from the floor.

"Maybe you went too easy on me, Jack?" He asked, panting as he had been exhausted from the small fight. As friendly as it was, they had to give their best, put their everything in it.

"And at that you are right." And before Sky could process what Jack was going to do when he planted his hands firmly on the ground, he found his rear bumping against the hard floor. "So would you like me to stop playing games so we can both go straight to the fun?"

Sky grinned, standing as he faced his Green and Red teammates. And here is where the fun part started. And maybe tomorrow his body would be aching for this, but right now, he was feeling exhilarated by the sudden rush of adrenaline. He was more than ready to face against two worthy opponents.

And with a small yell from his teammates, another fight began. Sky had to duck under the swung arms of his two teammates, moving past them; and with a kick to Bridge's back, he sent him sprawling to the floor. Jack let out a grunt before he threw a series of blows directed a Sky, who managed to either block them or evade them. By now Bridge was back on his feet, and tried to get him by his side, ready to strike. At that, Sky rolled away, quickly rising to his feet as he moved back, moving his body to this way and that as Bridge's quick hits totally missed the target. After giving Sky some space, Bridge returned along with Jack. They both exchanged looks and grinned at each other, before running towards Sky, effectively landing a kick on his chest as he was roughly pushed against the wall.

Now he really had lost air. He brought a hand to his chest as he tried to regulate his breath, chest raising and falling rather quickly.

"Does this means we won, Jack?" Asked Bridge, smiling impossibly wide to the Red Ranger.

"Only if Sky admits he has been defeated and overpowered by the always great Red and Green Ranger." It was a childish way to take things, but Jack was the one who played the childish part to keep Bridge in his happy state, something Sky silently thanked, since Bridge had found someone who shared his joking side.

"Right!" Concurred Bridge, folding his arms over his chest."Say we have defeated you, Sky! The mighty Red and Green Ranger get one step closer to be the best anyone had heard of!" And Jack gave him a thumb-up, grinning widely at Bridge's commentary.

So Sky let out a small chuckle, because all of this was impossibly childish for guys their age. "But, for how long these two heroes of justice can keep the pace of the greatest of them all? The Blue Ranger shows his great abilities once more!" He had decided to play along, because he had to let himself relax once in a while.

So he dropped down, easily sweeping his leg under the two astounded boys, letting them fall on the floor. Bridge and Jack groaned in defeat.

"Man, I totally didn't see that coming!" Whined Jack, standing slowly to his feet.

"Yeah, totally took me off guard." Grumbled Bridge, rubbing a hand to his head as he took a sitting position on the floor. "Maybe the Blue Ranger is smarter than what we thought?" Jack nodded in an affirmative manner, before his hand clasped around his own shoulder, and he rolled his arm, making a small cracking sound. "Oh, great Blue, please tell us your secrets!" And Bridge's arms went up, a cheerful smile wide on his lips that was directed at Sky.

This was an odd thing they had going. Something they could share in certain moments of solitude. Jack and Sky both would get in a playful mood, because it made it all the more easier to be with Bridge, and it reduced the chances of the man going to his usual rambles—that they had noticed, and that encouraged them to play along, because they preferred Bridge's childish behavior than the behavior that left them confused and irked. More than that, they also happened to enjoy those brief moments.

"When you prove yourself to be worthy, I shall pass the secret hidden after generations of Blue Rangers to you, young one."

And with a stifled laugh of them all, they decided it was time to leave and get a refreshing shower. Sky and Bridge said their good-byes to Jack and the three went to their own way. Sky couldn't help but smile the whole way back to the room he shared with Bridge. It had been relaxing, the training. And he had enjoyed the exchange they had had in that childish way. A behavior he would not show outside those special moments he had decided to share with Jack and Bridge. He refused to. Even if he was alone with Jack or alone with Bridge, things wouldn't play like that. It had to be with both being on the same room and the mood had to be the right one. Why? Well, he didn't know, but if it wasn't that way, he would feel a mix of nervousness and shame. He couldn't quite pinpoint why that happened, but he just didn't felt like joking around in a childish way when Bridge and Jack weren't around.

When they got to their room, Sky let Bridge take a shower first, as he went through the Green Ranger's clothes, searching for his pajamas. It was a habit they had acquired throughout the years. Sky would send Bridge to take a shower as he rummaged through their room for some clean pajamas Bridge had put around somewhere, since last time he had let Bridge shower first, the boy had took about thirty minutes searching for his pajamas, something Sky wasn't willing to let happen if he could help it.

After he found a neatly folded shirt, sweats and underwear bellow Bridge's bed —Sky wouldn't ask why Bridge's clean clothes were there— he turned to the door that led to the small bathroom, knocking on the door to inform his roommate he had his clean clothes. After Bridge told him he was allowed to enter, he opened the door, moving through the small space to leave the folded clothes over the lid of the toilet.

"Bridge…" Sky started, looking around the small space.


"And your towel?"Sky heard Bridge's nervous laugh, before Bridge's head poked though a small space he opened between the doors of the shower and the wall. "I might have forgotten it…"

Sky arched a brow, giving a look at Bridge's wet hair and the small dimples that formed in Bridge's face, caused by his sheepish smile.

"Where?" Bridge lifted a shoulder, looking away. Sky sighed. "I'll give you one of mine if I don't find yours." Bridge nodded, smiling wide as he once again disappeared after the door.

Sky walked out of the bathroom, eyes searching the room as he tried to figure where Bridge could have put his towel. Figuring it would be easier to get one of his own towels than to search the room for one of Bridge's, he moved to the closet that was against the corner in front of his bed, arching his brows when he looked at the sight in front of him. Deciding to not question why Bridge's towels were over his own, he took one of each, throwing his own to his bed as he went to knock on the bathroom door once again. When he received an affirmation from Bridge that he could come in, he did and left the towel over the sink that faced the doors that led to the shower. And after a muttered 'Thanks' from Bridge, he left the room, to start searching for his own clothes.

It didn't take long for him to find his clothes, since he knew where they were, where he had left them. He didn't throw thing as haphazardly as Bridge did. He waited for the younger man to finish, taking seat in his bed as he watched no specific point in the wall in front of him, full of Bridge's belongings .

A small smiled crept to his lips, remembering how he had found annoying how Bridge had put some things over the shelves, in the beginning being messier in the place they were than now. Not that it was in perfect order right now, in fact, it was still as messy, it just seemed tidier than before. Now he couldn't picture that side of the room bare, and when he did, it gave a small tingling sensation to his insides, feeling slightly odd. He definitely preferred it cluttered with whatever trinkets Bridge had there, and the few books arranged there. He smiled a smile that showed teeth when his eyes landed on a small figure of a dinosaur. More than one time, he had caught Bridge playing with it, giving some small growls and roars as he moved the toy around, something so childish yet so endearing to him.

And he flushed a shade of pink as the thoughts attacked him once again. He was still unwilling to admit he felt something beyond friendship for Bridge, for the man that was probably changing clothes behind the door that led to the bathroom. Maybe he liked Bridge as a friend, a teammate, even like a little brother he had to take care of, looking for him so he wouldn't get in trouble.

Sky Tate didn't felt anything nearly romantic towards Bridge Carson, period.

Or did he? He shook his head. He didn't, he couldn't, and he was just not comfortable with the idea. But why? He growled at the question that popped in his mind. Sky sighed at the thoughts that followed. He didn't want to deal with these thoughts, these feelings, because he wasn't used to them, he didn't felt like developing those kind of deep and more personal emotions that tied him to someone somehow in a way that was beyond his power.

The sound of the door opening made him jump, and he rose to his feet, taking his clothes and towel to move to the shower, passing past Bridge and rushing to lock the door behind him. Not an action that could lift some brows, because Bridge knew he liked to take his shower as soon as the Green Ranger was out, and he usually cut any possible talk Bridge wanted to start. But this time maybe his moves were too hasty, too tense, and too desperate to get away from the other's presence. He didn't want Bridge to start thinking something was wrong with him, he didn't need the boy to try to sneak in his thoughts, to try and read his aura or see through his energy shifts—something he knew Bridge wouldn't do unless he gave him explicit consent.

He decided to shove those thoughts and feelings aside for the moment, just wanting to get a good and relaxing shower. Then he would have a good rest. And that was going to happen, he reassured himself. No deviant thoughts that led to undesired things or surprising actions that could trigger that line of though.

Sky had a restless night, having such a flimsy sleep. He would wake in between hours, only to find out sleep evaded him every time he tried to sleep once again, taking more time each time. He could see the faint dark rings forming under his eyes, and he made a face at his reflection on the bathroom. All he hoped was that Gruumm decided today could be a day of rest, so he could get back some sleep.

As soon as he finished changing clothes, he headed out of the room, giving one last fleeting glance to his friend, who was still sleeping, a small snoring sound coming out of his mouth that was slightly agape. He had already decided what to do next, he would take a small training session, followed by a breakfast and from there on he would carry on with his usual schedule.

By the time he got to the cafeteria, his roommate was already there, a glass of orange juice half finished, a few leftovers of what Sky could guess were scrambled eggs and a piece of buttery toast between his teeth. He went to take seat next to him when he got his food in a tray. The young man smiled immediately at him, letting his toast fall unceremoniously to his plate, crumbs jumping from the impact.

"Hi there." Sky gave a crisp 'Hi'. Bridge eyed his friend, smile softening. "For what I can see, you didn't sleep well, right?" Sky stiffened for a second, before he let himself relax.

"Couldn't keep my eyes shut for more than a few hours." He answered.

"I've heard warm milk helps, though I haven't tried it myself. Maybe sweet fruits could help? Or you can always try to get yourself physically tired to the point you get to fall asleep in your bed the moment you get to it, because, you know, that's something that has happened to me—I mean, I get to my bed after a rough day and I can't help but fall asleep almost instantly, which was actually some bad idea because I—"

Sky's raised hand told Bridge it was his cue to shut his mouth and keep those thoughts more tidy, more arranged to the point he could speak them properly, one by one, instead of mixing them together to try and get a point across that would never reach other people's mind, because he spoke in a jumble of babbled words that Sky had pointed made no sense to about ninety nine percent of the people.

But Bridge didn't mind it when Sky signaled him to put a stop to his ramble, because Sky allowed him certain liberties, and he let him talk for a certain amount of time before he lost his patience. And that was fine for him. Although he didn't get the opportunity to let out all his thoughts, he could at least voice out most part of it.

"Yeah, I think this just was a one-time thing." Then he smiled at his friend, who in turn frowned.

Bridge could see it, could feel it. There was an inkling of something in Sky's gaze, but he didn't want to jeopardize the moment of calm that had formed around, so he nodded and went back to his breakfast, silence growing between them as they both went to their leisure, having nothing at the moment that rushed them.

Slowly, Jack, Z and Syd joined them, starting a small chat about the activities they would be doing that day. Everyone had already planned it, when Syd suddenly gasped, hands pressed firm against the table.

"I've got an idea!" The others looked at her, wondering what this great idea could be. "Why don't we go shopping? Maybe go see a movie afterwards, since we don't expect any problems coming." The Rangers exchanged a look between them, before agreeing with the plan Syd had for them.

Sky couldn't help but roll his eyes. He knew how Syd got over shopping. You didn't put a girl with a thing for shopping in general in a mall. Not when she had something for buying clothes that were unnecessary (in Sky's opinion), neither when that girl had money. That was like giving a good and delicious steak to a dog that hadn't been trained to wait for an order to eat it and was also ravenous, then expect it not to eat it. And it was quite the ominous sight to see someone try to take Syd away from clothes when she hadn't been done. It was like trying to take the steak from the dog, whose first instinct was to defend what was given to him, biting and barking and baring its teeth. Syd was just as bad sometimes. He hoped this time things would be more manageable.

But as this idea involved most of the Rangers available, they had to ask Crueger for permission first. So the five of them went to the command center, finding Anubis Crueger facing a screen, next to Dr. Kat Manx.

"Sir." Jack spoke up, the other four Rangers already behind him, hands behind their backs as they all stood upright.

"Cadet Landers, Rangers."He inclined his head forward as a greeting, and the Rangers returned the gesture. "To what do I own your presence today?"

"We are here to ask you if we can go out, sir, to see if you'd give us permission to go downtown." Crueger looked at the Cadets, and then gave a look to Kat, who nodded her approval.

"We don't expect any trouble for the following hours, so I think they can take some hours to relax." The Rangers gave a grateful smile to Kat, who gave them a soft smile in return.

"Well, Rangers. Then I guess you can take a few hours off." The team exchanged a grin, before Crueger spoke once again. "However, I want you to be alert if anything comes up. You can go now."

The Rangers saluted, saying in unison, "Thank you, sir!" Then they all went away, a wide smile breaking into their faces as Jack let out a relieved laugh. "Say… we meet in the cafeteria in ten minutes?"

"Ten minutes?!" Syd shrieked. "But that's not enough time to—"

"Ten minutes, Syd. You want to come to shop around or not?" Replied Jack. Syd simply huffed, before she gave a small 'fine'. "Well then, guys. Change clothes because we are going to have a great day!"

"Well, someone is cheerful today." Commented Z, and Jack gave her a wink, making her giggle.

"How can I not? I get to have a free day, out with my friends no less and I'll go out, to breathe fresh air." Z arched her brows at him, knowing that wasn't the reason of his cheerfulness, not all, at least. "And there'll be girls."

"Jack, leave the poor girls alone. If they don't get to you first, you should put a limit to your flirting." Her friend came to her side, wrapping an arm around her shoulders.

"Oh, Z. Are you implying I flirt more than what I should?" He said, in mock surprise. "What a friend you are!"

"Yeah, yeah. Move around, fool. We have to change clothes." Jack gave her a pat on her back, before going around a different hall, the group splitting so they could go to their respective room to change clothes.

"Think Syd will be ready in ten minutes?" Asked Bridge, looking at the taller man.

"Not even in my wildest dream. But Z will drag her out, I'm sure of it." And probably Z would show up in the cafeteria with her hair tousled, having to literally drag Sydney away from going on with her makeup or with the selection of clothes. "Do you know where do you have your clean clothes, Bridge? Do you even have clean clothes?"

"Of course I do, Sky. Who do you take me for?"

Sky gave him a look and didn't comment on the topic. It wasn't that Bridge was neglectful when it came to where he put his belongings, no. Sky knew Bridge could find where he had put this or that if he concentrated enough to remember. But that was the problem, in fact. Bridge was always clueless when it came to what he was supposed to do, because he couldn't concentrate enough, his thoughts always running every direction. He had lived something like that first hand. He was talking with the younger boy, years ago, when he suddenly walked away, telling Sky he was hungry. He later apologized to him when he remembered Sky was talking to him, and had said something along the lines of 'I forgot that you were talking, I just got hungry. And I wanted food, so I tuned you out, thinking of what could I eat.' And Sky had accepted Bridge's apologize and explanation, the only thing that had made sense being 'Sometimes I forget a line of thought and get my concentration on another one.', something that had been proven one time after another when he starting rambling.

"So what will you wear, Sky? Because it's not often that I get to see you on casual clothing. Not that I get to see many of us being on another outfit beside the S.P.D. uniform, since we are always on duty. Have to be ready for any possible emergency, right? Apart from the times were we have to go to sleep, in which we do change outfits, at least I do whenever I remember or I'm not tired enough. And you also change your clothes. Tough I'm unsure how can you sleep with those pants; I think they could be uncomfortable to sleep in. But then I tend to sleep with my gloves on—" he lifted his gloved hands. "—, and that is uncomfortable sometimes. Ever got your palms sweaty? But not that I can do much about it, can I? And…" His eyes moved to his friend, who was looking at him with a small hint of a smile on his lips. "And I totally went rambling on, right? Sorry about that."

Sky cleared his throat, giving a small pat to Bridge's shoulder. "We can see when we get to our room. If you want, I can let you help me pick an outfit."

And that last sentence led Bridge to another rambling, but Sky didn't mind it. He was happy to see his friend excited about going out. And being honest with himself, he was actually looking up to that.

So after spending some minutes arguing what looked better on each one, they settled that Bridge would wear a white long-sleeved shirt, along with some khaki pants that he secured in its place with a black belt. On his side, Sky would wear a dark blue long-sleeved shirt, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and some blue pants that were slightly bigger than what he wanted. He had totally forgotten he had this kind of casual clothes.

Bridge laughed a bit when he saw how Sky's pants seemed to be falling from their designed place, and lend Sky his own belt, saying he didn't need as much as he did in the moment. Then Bridge gave him a look, analyzing his attire.

"Well… I would say it could be better if you didn't tuck your shirt under your pants but… I guess you already look so casual, no need to overdo it." And Sky smiled at him, walking to him until he stood in front of Bridge.

"Then I guess you already look to formal with your shirt tucked." And his finger pressed against Bridge's chest. "Better unstuck it." Bridge grinned at that, obeying Sky's words as he let his shirt fall freely over his pants, nodding in approval. Sky stepped back, taking in Bridge's appearance. "Seems fine for me."

Then they both went back to meet their friends, joking around about what the others had chosen as casual clothes to go out.

Jack had decided to put a long-sleeved white shirt under a t-shirt that was a deep gray that had some white splattered around the front, and dark pants that matched his shirt. Z had put on some cargo pants that were a muddy green, along with a black tank top and over it a yellow shirt, and a yellow hat that sat on top of her head. And Syd had picked (or Z had forced her to pick) blue light shorts and a pink shirt, a white cardigan finishing her outfit.

"You look so unlady-like, Z." Z arched a brow to her friend.

"Do I?"

"You so—" And before their banter could continue, Syd's mouth opened wide in disbelief, disgust making itself clear across her face as Z had licked the palm of her hand and she had slid it over Syd's cheek. "That's so gross, Z!"

"Oh, don't be a cry baby, princess. It's not as if my saliva would kill you." Then she grinned amused. "For now, at least. I mean, all those bacteria crawling through your flesh, probably trying to find a way to infect you…" And at Syd's aghast expression, she laughed, passing the thumb of her other hand across the saliva-covered cheek. "It will dry, Syd, no need to panic. And you can always wash it later."

Syd huffed in discontent, crossing her arms. Z could be a pain in the ass some times. "Yeah, yeah. Let's get moving."

Jack's exited voice filled the hallway. "Come on, guys, no time to lose!" And the Red Ranger started to walk backwards, eyes looking at his teammates. "Bet I can get to the mall first!" Then he turned around, running down the hallway. And then Bridge, Z, Syd and Sky followed suit, even if Sky had told them it was against the rules to run, to which Jack answered him to not be a party-pooper. After all, it was their day off, they could ignore a few rules, couldn't they?

The Rangers stopped their mad run when Bridge got to the entrance, hands above his head as he shouted 'I won, I won!', jumping on his spot as the others stopped after him, panting heavily. They were all grinning, filled with adrenaline.

"Yeah… well… you are fast, man." Panted Jack, bended with his hands on his knees. "And you kind of got advantage when…" He breathed in. "When we started to kind of cheat."

And they had been cheating, in a way. Shoving one another to get there first, using their powers to get advantage over the others, taking shortcuts that were easy to take thanks to their abilities and dexterity. What had begun as a friendly competition, turned to be a race where they would do almost everything to get there first, and Bridge had been the less involved between them all, preferring to keep going instead of trying to delay the others, leaving Jack, Syd, Z and Sky to be constantly fighting to get there first.

"But I got here first, so I won!" Came Bridge's cheerful comment.

"Well, how about we look around a bit, then we can go for some food later, maybe." Said Z, moving so she could lead the way down the mall.

"Can we have an ice-cream first? Or a drink, I'm kind of thirsty from all that running."

Everybody agreed to that idea, and went ahead to buy some drinks—or ice cream, in Z and Bridge's case, the former picking a choco-chip ice cream and the later a lemon flavored one, while the others had settled for a bottle of water.

They walked around the mall for a while, entering shops and looking at the clothes that they had to offer, everybody taking their time to try out the clothes, sometimes out of sheer interest on the piece of clothing, or because their friends insisted them to try them out, be it from curiosity to know how the other looked in the piece of clothing, or just to get a laugh from how ludicrous the other might look with the garment on.

"Ha! You look fabulous, Jack." Snickered Z, looking at the clothes Jack had on him.

Jack simply smiled amused, extending his arms to his sides as he spun on his place. "I know, right? Just that the t-shirt is a little too tight around my arms and chest."

"That is tight?" And Syd shook her head with an amused smile, finger pointing to the long, frilly pink skirt Jack had on him that hugged his hips tightly.

"Yeah, well… I'm just glad I could button it up."

Sky sighed, brows rising at the good sight in front of him that made him smile in amusement. "You totally lost my respect, man."

And Jack shrugged at that. "What, you don't like it? I think it fits me just about right. Bet you Syd wouldn't look half good on this."

And then they all laughed at that, deciding to move to the next store to see if there were clothes worth their time or money. Or so they intended to do, before Bridge stopped on his tracks, making Z bump into his back. And before Z could tell Bridge something, the man was already running to see through a glass, pressing his gloved hands to it as he moved this side and that, leaning down to see whatever had called his attention. Which made itself obvious when they gave a look at the store. A pet store.

"I want one of those." Commented Bridge when he sensed someone had approached him.

"You can't have pets on S.P.D., Bridge." Said Syd.

"Who says?"

"The handbook and Crueger." Answered Sky, to which Bridge pouted sadly, looking at the fluffy balls of fur that jumped against the glass, paws raised in an attempt to get physical contact.

"We can always sneak one. Or two… maybe three, four is a good number. And five seems acceptable. But six is more realistic, and seven seems like a good bet. And I'm sure we can handle eight, and nine are sure to be well hidden if we want it that way, but then ten seems li—"

"No pets, Bridge." Said person turned to look with a frown and pout at the Blue Ranger. "We have RIC." Bridge was about to protest, so Sky cut him short. "Besides, we wouldn't like RIC to get jealous, would we?"

"Not even a small, cute and green lizard? We could get him camouflaged with my clothes." He proposed with a small grin.

"Not a chance." Was Sydney's curt reply.

So after mulling the situation, Bridge decided this was not time to get a pet. Not now, at least. He would find a way to sneak an animal inside S.P.D. another time. For now he would settle in just seeing the small animals that decorated the store.

For the others, it took a painstakingly long time, since Bridge stopped at every single animal that caught his eye, and then he would proceed to make comments about it, or he would simply stare at it, sometimes baby-talking to them. His green eyes moved to his legs when he felt a small bump on them. At the cute sight that greeted him, he kneeled down, hand moving to caress the furry neck of the small dog that had pressed his paws over his stomach.

"Are you sure we can't even sneak this cutie?"

"You heard Sky, Bridge. RIC would get jealous and Crueger will most likely not let us go out for about a month if he finds out." Answered Jack, leaning down to scratch behind the dog's ears, earning a lick. "And even if I do want to take the dog back, we still have stores to see, and if we get enough time to go to the cinemas, we won't be able to enter, because of, ahh…"


"Because of her."

"Guess you are right…"

So Bridge decided to let all those animals alone and leave the shop, not before buying some toys for RIC to play with. Next stop ended with the group splitting, Bridge and Sky going to a book store as Syd, Z and Jack went to a music store. When both groups reunited with new bought things, they decided it was time to get some food, and they agreed to share some pizza, spending the time between eating and talking. Time went by and they went to the cinema, Z and Jack going to buy some tickets and Bridge, Syd and Sky going to buy snacks.

Yeah, it was going all good for now, but as it's said, all good things have to come to an end, and the Ranger's spare time seemed to come to an end when their morphers beeped.

Sky was the first to get it. "Yes?"

"Sorry to interrupt your break, guys, but there seems to be a problem near your place. Think you can go for it?"

Sky's answer was obvious when he exchanged a look with Bridge and Syd.

"We are on our way."

The frustrating thing was, to the group's annoyance, that Jack and Z had already bought the tickets. They decided they would kick the criminal's ass and then they would come back as quickly as they could.

And that's exactly what it happened. Things thrown to the side, the Rangers positioned themselves in a clear area that was near the place in which the two alien were causing problems, one cackling in delight as he watched his companion steal all the jewelry on the shop. A petty crime that made the Rangers want to jump into action right there and there, shoving aside any formalities so they could go back to enjoy their day off. And for Jack's side, his desires were voice out loud.

"I wished Omega wasn't on a mission right now." He then sighed, feeling his patience already slim. "Hey, you two!"

The two criminals turned to face the five friends.

"What do you want?" Was the question the frog-alike alien that was taking the jewels asked. "Don't you see we—"

"Time for formalities are over. Ready guys?" Asked Jack, and the others replied in unison.


Containment cards safely placed on Jack's pants pocket, the team came rushing back to the cinema, going straight to catch up on the movie Jack and Z had picked. They had already lost about thirty minutes of the movie, but they were still glad they could continue with what little day off they had.

They took seat on a row that was far back, Jack running ahead to get the seat in the middle, while Z and Syd passed by him, taking the next two seats beside him, Bridge and Sky sitting on the other side.

"Do you want some snacks?"

Jack and the others turned to Z, grinning when they saw two girls looking back at them.

"You shouldn't use your powers here, Z."

"Oh, come on, Jack. I want some snacks, but I don't want to miss the movie." And the duplicated self on her side nodded in agreement. "So what do you guys want?"

A collective 'Shhh' came from the people bellow.

"Well… maybe two popcorns and three sodas." Whispered Jack, as he didn't thought Z could carry more things on the trays the movie theater provided. "I mean, you two could share popcorns as well as the three of us."

"I don't want anything to drink." Sky informed.

"Then two sodas."

"Mind sharing, princess?" Syd scoffed at that.

"Already got your saliva on my face, don't see in what could it affect by now."

Both Z smiled at that, and the replica stood to go for snacks so they could enjoy more the movie.

So, hey there :). One more Sky/Bridge fanfic from my part, this time, though, it will be more centered around romance and how they deal with things. One thing to clarify right now: no, I haven't finished this fanfic. In fact, I'm writting a little bit more of it on a daily basis, so I don't have that much written. Hopefully, now that I'm on holidays (and hopefully I won't return to school anytime soon) I'll have more time to write the ideas I have. I don't plan for it to be to long (yeah, right, I say that when this was planned to be a one-shot), so this might take a few weeks to finish.

And, sorry for any grammatical mistakes, or anything looking odd or making no sense whatsoever, my apologies, I am to blame, since I have never been keen on putting attention to grammar rules in English class. I wish there weren't many mistakes, and that you could enjoy this first chapter.