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-Chapter 1-

A boy, around sixteen, sat on his front porch, staring out into the streets of Everwood, Colorado. His hair died purple and his light blue eyes staring off into space, Ephram Brown watched people walk around the small town.

"EPHRAM! Come in here for a minute! Don't you realize you are 10 MINUTES LATE FOR SCHOOL ALREADY?!" a man yelled from inside the house.

Ephram sighed and rolled his eyes before standing up and walking into his house. His younger ten-year-old sister, Delia, sat at the breakfast table quickly eating her breakfast.

"Ephram, you've been out there for a long time! Now you're late! Now get your things and go to school!" his father, Dr. Andrew Brown, shouted to his son.

"Geez dad, chill! Like they'll ever know I'm gone anyway." Ephram mumbled as he got his backpack and ran out the door before his father could contribute anything more to their little 'chat'.

"Hey, want me to drive you to school?" Dr. Brown yelled after Ephram.

"No, I'll run." Ephram said, running to the prison they like to call school. Everwood High.sounds fun, huh?

He arrived 10 minutes later. He decided if he was going to be late, why waste his breath anyway?

He dropped his stuff off, got a pass to class and strolled into his first period Biology class.

The teacher said something to him and people snickered at him but he wasn't listening. No one in this God-forsaken town liked him anyway.

Ephram sat down at his desk, put on his headphones and did what he did everyday.pretend he was paying attention.

"Thank you for joining us Mr. Brown. Now, as I was saying before our good friend Ephram made his grand entrance, we have a new student. Perhaps you might know her Ephram. Considering she also is from New York." The teacher said.

"New York is a big state you know." Ephram said with a glare, not even trying to be polite or nice to the teacher.he was already having a rotten day.

"Well, excuse me then Mr. Brown. Dicey Johnson, would you please come in.?" the teacher said to a girl that had been standing in the doorway.

Ephram head shot up at the name. No, it couldn't be.could it?

A slim girl walked in. She had short, light, feathery brown hair that went almost to her shoulders. She had dark, piercing green eyes and thick lashes. Her face was thin and her outfit concealed her long legs. She wore baggy black jeans and a tight black tee shirt that said 'If you can read this, you are too close'.

She smiled at the shocked face of her long-lost friend.

"You may choose your seat Miss Johnson." Said the Bio teacher, Mr. Smith.

She nodded and sat next to Ephram. Just as Mr. Smith turned around, Dicey leaned over and gave Ephram a hug.

"Ephram! Long time no see, huh? I was beginning to wonder if I got the right Everwood, Colorado." Dicey said in a whisper. The rest of the class was in a dazed and confused state of shock.few people bothered to talk to him, he was the freak...the new guy.

"We can talk after class, okay Dice? Besides, I have some catching up to do on my passing away my times of boredom." Ephram said, one of his rare smiles making an appearance.

"Can I listen too?" she asked.

"Maybe later, it's your first day. I doubt you want the teachers to hate you as much as they hate me." Ephram commented to his friend.

"Now Ephram, don't go thinking that I care what these teachers think of me. I am me, and that's that, okay? But I guess I can wait till lunch." She said.

"Okay then, see you after class then." Ephram said as he slipped his booming headphones back on, which may some day lead to the need of hearing impairment.

Dicey busied herself with various things from doodling to actually paying attention. Then she tried to make conversation with her surrounding peers but they were soon busted. So she settled for a nice nap.

About an hour or so later, she awoke at the sound of the bell. Ephram took off his headphones and the two walked out into the hall. On the way to the next class, they ran into Amy Abbott.

"Hi Ephram." Amy said, flashing a smile. "Who's the girl?"

"Hey Amy, this is Dicey." Ephram said, motioning to the girl.

Amy flickered her long, straight blonde hair and smiled. "Oh, that's nice. Is she new too?"

"Um, yeah. I can fill you in at lunch. See ya." Ephram said, rushing himself and Dicey to the next class.

"Who was that girl?" Dicey asked.

"Oh, that's Amy Abbott. Her dad is the other doctor in this town and despises my dad.or so he says.well, anyway, she's in hopes that my dad will cure her comatose boyfriend for her.yeah, that's about it. Oh, and her brother, Bright, is my worst enemy.that too.but she's the only one in this whole school who talks to me." Ephram explained.

"Ah.that's nice Ephy." She replied as they went and somehow survived yet another class period.this time in separate classes.

They met up for lunch and found a nice, shady spot by a tree. But before she could reach Ephram, a muscular guy walked up and put his hand on her thin shoulder.

"Hey babe, you new? Want to sit with me and my friends?" he said, attempting to flirt with the uninterested girl.

"No thanks, I already have plans." She said with a scowl as she acknowledged him.he was a jock.joy, joy!

"Like what babe?" he asked, his sandy blonde hair shining like in the movies.

"Like sitting with my friend.a person with a life. Now if you'll excuse me." she said, turning away from him and continuing her walk to Ephram.

He grabbed her hand. "Hey, I was still talking to you! Who's your friend?" the guy asked harshly, his eyes burning.

"That's none of your business." She said, trying to pull away.

"It is now." He said turning her around to face him and lean in towards her face.

Struggling to get away, she turned to Ephram for help. Meeting eyes with her, he stood up and walked over.

"Ephram, get this dude off me." She whispered angrily to him.

"Will do." He answered walking over to the scene.

"Would you mind letting her go so we can eat? Lunch isn't very long anyway." He said with a scowl.

"Hey Brown, what are you doing with a hot chick like this? Don't you have some plans of suicide you should be contemplating?" the guy asked Ephram.

"Nope, already done that. I need a break every now and then you know." He said smirking, not losing his temper.we all know what happened when he loses his temper.

"Yeah, now I want some lunch so if you would SO KINDLY let go of my arm, I'll be going now." Dicey said, trying to pull away again.

"I don't think so chica, you're coming with me." He said with a smirk and a tug on her arm.

Just as Ephram was about to beat the living crud out of him for harassing his best friend, Dicey turned around and kicked him where the sun don't shine.

"YOW!!!" he yelped as he knelt down on the ground. Everyone around broke into hysterical laughter.the team captain of the football team bested by a girl.

Dicey smirked proudly at Ephram as the two made their way back to their lovely spot by the tree.

"Nice hit.but that had to hurt.he's gonna feel that one in the morning." Ephram said, making a pained face.

"Yeah, at least he won't be following me around anymore." She replied happily.

"Unless he's as stupid as the say.typical jock.he isn't exactly known for his brains.more like lack there-of.none of the football team really is.it's a real honor to beat them up in front of everyone and live to tell the story." Ephram complimented.

She took a bow and he started laughing. She grinned as they started eating.

"But you do know I wouldn't beat him up any day of the week had you not gotten him first." Ephram said grinning.

"Of course you would dear Ephram.you'll get your chance." She said smiling. He laughed again and they started eating.

Ephram decided to start up another conversation.besides, he had been itching to ask this question since she had shown up.

"So, Dice, what are you doing here?" Ephram asked, as if he had been holding it in forever.despite the fact that he had been all day.

"Well Eph, we were all sitting around at school and we decided hey, we missed you! Especially me Ephram. I've missed you so much.I still can't believe Dr. B dragged you all the way out here.to Colorado.gosh.so, you made any friends yet?" Dicey stated.

"Umm.no.I haven't. To these people, I'm the 'hard-rockin', piano- playin', rebellious, purple-haired outcast'.lovely huh? Notice the deep respect the your 'attacker' used with me. To be blunt, they don't find me worthy of breathing their precious air.nice people, aren't they?" Ephram said, once again smiling. Dicey grinned at him. Gosh how she had missed him.

Just then Amy walked up. She was kind of shocked. Ephram Brown had smiled FIVE TIMES in the SAME DAY! The world must be ending.Ephram NEVER smiled.ever.for anything.

"Hey guys." she said, breaking the smiles to look at her.

"Hey Amy, 'sup?" Ephram said while Dicey nodded.

"Nothing much.can I sit with you two?" she asked, almost afraid of the response.

"Sure, I guess.but why aren't you sitting with you 'friends'?" Ephram asked, putting sarcastic emphasis on the word 'friends'.

"Um, I wanted to learn more about Dicey and.well.I guess I just wanted to." She said, trying not to be offended by the boy's remark.

"Okay.that's good enough.sit down then." Ephram said, satisfied with her answer, moving over a bit to give Amy a place to sit.

"Okay, Dicey, want me to explain or do you want to?" Ephram asked the brunette who sat by him.

"You can Eph." She said with a small smile.

"Okay then, Dicey is a good friend of mine from New York. We had a tight group of about four of five people. They were my close friends and the worst part of leaving New York. Sure I'll miss everything about it, but I missed them the most. There's Dicey, Jake, Rika, and Krista. So it seems Dicey just got up and left, coming here, right Dice?" he explained.

"Yep, my parents think I'm taking you to a counseling session on suicide." She said with a giggle.

He grinned.for the SIXTH TIME!!! *gasp* "What did I do this time Dice? Slit my wrists? OD medicine? Jump of the big mountain in the background? Try and eat my dad's cooking?" Ephram asked with humor.

She started laughing. "I couldn't say cutting yourself because she would ask for scars. No mountain or cooking because she would know I was joking. So I went OD." Dicey explained.

"Ah, but the cooking one is true.it's so true it scares me." Ephram said in a serious tone.

"Eph, that's mean! Your dad isn't THAT bad of a cook! Give'm a break!" Dicey said, defending the great Dr. Brown.

"Huh?" Amy said with confusion.

"Oh, I tease Eph about suicide because he's always acting so miserable and depressed.it's a joke.isn't it Ephram?" Dicey explained.

"Yes.it's terribly funny to see her reaction.she flips out.it's hilarious." Ephram said as he made history and laughed a seventh time.the guy's on a roll!

"I bet.I mean, if she thinks you're suicidal, she's gonna freak." Amy added, contributing to the conversation.

"Yeah, I guess, but she doesn't have anything to worry about.there's a very slim chance I'll be committing suicide anytime soon." Ephram said.

"Anytime soon?" Amy asked, shocked at the wording.

He cracked a grin. "Of course not, I have to find a good reason first.THEN I can kill myself."

She looked petrified.

"I'm just kidding, Ames, chill! I won't go and kill myself.as if you care that much anyway." He said, returning to the Ephram Brown she knew.

Before she could say anything else, she was called over to her normal table and excused herself.

"I think ya scared her a bit Ephy." Dicey said, holding laughter.

"No joke.but I really don't think she cares that much.she has better things to do than care about people who aren't 'cool'. Things like drive to Denver and sit by the bedside of her boyfriend in a coma. Not that I'm saying she shouldn't, she's just much too busy." Ephram said, starting to eat his lunch.

"Ah.okay." Dicey said, dropping the subject and joined him in eating her lunch.

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