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-Chapter 11-

Days passed as Ephram and Dicey enjoyed their last times together. They went to the park numerous times, they visited Denver once to humor Dicey. They watched movies in one of Everwood's old movie theaters. They went to the Diner; they sat and watched in bored spirits as the clocked ticked by, waiting for Dr. Brown to get home from work. They found pleasure in laughing at the people who were still in school when they weren't.

Eventually, the day came...it was time for them to leave.

Jake got up and got dressed and waited in the hall. As much as he would miss Ephram, he wouldn't be in half as much pain as Dicey due to her newly formed emotional bonds.

Dicey, however was sitting on her bed, staring outside at the birds flying around. She had had a great time in Everwood and didn't want to go back to New York. At least not with Ephram still here. She couldn't even tell anyone about it because Krista might take it the wrong way and think I was abandoning her...wait, or would she? Will she care if her best friend went out with her old boyfriend? The one she still likes? Isn't that like some unwritten rule of what NOT to do? Uh oh...not good.

Dicey's gaze snapped to the door as she heard it open. She looked to the intruder and smiled. It was Ephram.

"Hey Eph," she said, turning her whole body to face him. She was clad in baggy purple-ish black jeans, a bright red shirt that said "Hottie" and a sideways black baseball cap with green sneakers, her hair down and slightly messy.

He grinned because even after all the time he's known Dicey, he rarely sees her in the same outfit twice. She mixes them up and buys new shoes. The green sneakers were new; they had bought them in Denver one their trip a few days earlier. They were so typically Dicey.

"You never cease to amaze me Dice." He said playfully as he sat down and gave her a peck on the forehead.

"Why thank you Ephram." She said, leaning on him and staring at the bare room, thinking about how messy it had been. About how this had been her room for a week and now she had to go again. It wasn't fair. It was actually kind of nice here when you have people to talk to.

She studied him for the last time in Everwood. She took it all in because she didn't know how long it would be till she saw him again.

He was wearing his Ranma ½ t-shirt with a pair of baggy blue jeans. His purple hair unbrushed and his normal sneakers on his feet. He was leaning back looking around at her room.

"It looks as if you were never here." He said quietly, examining every corner of the room and the bags that lay by the side of her empty yet not unoccupied bed.

"I know...kind of scary if you ask me...it looks so...clean...and empty too..." she said back, joining him in looking around.

~It's so plain...man...this majorly stinks...it is NOT fair...it's sad to say but I don't really want to leave...sure Ephram says it so horrible but not even he can complain whenever Jake and I are here...~ she thought with a sigh.

"Ephram! Dicey! Jake! C'mon! We're getting in the car!" they heard Dr. Brown's voice shout from downstairs.

"Looks like we better go down there, doesn't it?" Ephram said as he stood up from the bed and pulled Dicey up. She wouldn't stand up.

"C'mon Dicey! We have to get downstairs." He said, trying to pull her but as soon as he got he off the bed, she was clinging to the leg of the bed.

"NO!" she whined childishly, hugging the leg of the bed tightly.

"C'mon Dice, we're kind of on a time schedule! I would give anything to go back to New York and you refuse to?" he asked, giving up and sitting next to her on the ground.

She let go of the bed and sat up next to him. "You see, there's a difference. I want to stay here with you so I don't want to go. I would rather spend my life in Everwood with you and than in New York City without you." She said, hugging her legs to her chest.

He nodded slightly. "Don't worry Dicey. You just go on to New York and don't worry about it. I have a plan that will keep us all happy. Now let's go on downstairs and get you and Jake back home, okay?" he said persuasively as she gave in and followed him down the stairs and to the living room where Jake, Dr. Brown and Delia were waiting patiently.

"There, now Delia, I know you want to go but you need to stay at Nina's while we're gone, okay?" Dr. Brown said to Delia, resulting in a pout form the ten-year-old girl.

"But daddy! I wanna see them off!' she complained.

"I know sweetheart but we're trying to keep the number of passengers down and Nina offered to watch you. She said they we're going for ice cream..." he said, looking away with a smile, knowing it would get Delia.

"Really? Okay...but can I at least say goodbye?" she asked, agreeing that ice cream would be good.

"Of course Delia! Go on and say goodbye." He said.

Delia ran over and gave Dicey a big hug. Dicey returned the hug and rocked the younger girl back and forth slightly.

"I'm going to miss you Dicey! You have to come back and visit, okay?" Delia said when they broke the hug.

"Of course Del! I wouldn't miss it for the world. Be good for Nina, okay?" she said, almost earning a "hey, that's my line" from Dr. Brown but he held it back, knowing it meant more coming from the teenage girl than him anyway.

"Okay!" she said, then walking over to Jake.

"Bye Jake." She said with a smile.

"See ya kiddo. Oh, and don't blow anything up or set anything on fire while I'm gone...I wouldn't want to miss it." He said seriously before he cracked a smile at the end.

"Don't worry, I won't. I could never forgive myself for leaving the pyromaniac twins out of it." She said earning exchanged grins form Ephram and Jake.

"That's a good girl." He said, applauding her answer.

"Okay then, off to Nina's Delia. I'll see you when we get back. Bye." He said, watching his little girl walk over to the next-door neighbor's house.

"Okay. Bye daddy! Bye Ephram! Bye Jake! Bye Dicey!" she said as she ran over to Nina's house.

The blonde woman watched her approach and smiled at Andy Brown as he watched her go.

"Don't worry Doctor, she'll be okay!" Nina yelled over to the father as he started smiling.

"Okay Nina! And Delia, have fun!" he said one last time as he watched her nod as they two walked inside.

Dr. Brown, Ephram, Dicey and Jake made their way into the car. Jake sat in the front while Dicey and Ephram sat in the back seat. In any normal situation Ephram would be in the front but then again, this is no normal situation.

After driving for awhile, Jake got a little annoyed with the 'love birds' in the back so he voice his opinion.

"Hey, brake it up! Can't you save the "Tongue Wars: Attack of the Lovesick-I'll-Miss-You-So-Muchness" for later? Like, maybe for when I'm not here?" he asked, turning back there.

"Don't make me come back there..." he said, glaring at them.

They broke of the kiss and the grinned. "But now is later, isn't it?" Ephram asked.

"No, Moz, LATER is later...now is now." Jake explained.

"No, because you said it then and time has passed so therefore, now is later because it isn't then and if it isn't then, it is later...or...wait...yeah!" Ephram retorted, leaving himself utterly confused but he went on anyway.

"Eh...or how about I just turn back around." Jake said, his brain trying to process all the words and failing miserably.

"That sounds good to me." Dicey said, smiling sweetly as Jake turned back forward to look out the front seat window.

"I've learned to ignore it by now. I just keep my eyes on the road and all is good." Andrew Brown said, driving.

"You'd think I would have by now." Jake said, placing his elbows on his knees, resting is head in his fingers.

The drive to Denver seemed like it was taking forever for Jake. It wasn't that he didn't miss Ephram at all it's just one can only take so much lovey-dovey stuff...it was making him sick to the stomach.

It was around lunchtime so Dr. Brown stopped by a McDonalds, everyone ordered to go, and they were on their way again. They were about 20 minutes from the Denver airport and a question popped into Ephram's mind.

"Hey dad, how could you have gotten Dicey and Jake to our house if they arrived in Denver?" he asked his driving father.

"Well Ephram, I picked Jake up while you where at school with Dicey and Dicey for that one "house call" before they arrived. I didn't mean to lie about it but I wanted to surprise you." Dr. Brown said with a grin.

"But...how did I not notice Dicey while she was there? WAS she there?" Ephram asked, very confused.

"Yes, she was there. But remember, you were to mad at me for the house call that you went straight to your room and didn't come out. Then you woke up late so I got Nina to drop her off. I was worried that you would run across her before morning but I figured you were too mad." Dr. Brown finished.

"You really thought this through..." Ephram said, looking into the front seat then at Dicey.

"Yeah, you could say that. We've been plotting behind your back for a long time Ephram. We had more than enough time." Dicey said, leaning on his shoulder.

Soon enough, they were walking into Denver airport, dragging luggage around. They waited in long lines to get to luggage check, the Saturday bustle swarming around them.

They soon enough got though the luggage line and were on their way to the waiting area for the planes.

"Man...I hope it hurries already..."Jake said, looking out the window to avoid watching Ephram and Dicey...again...

He sighed and watched the planes fly off into the September horizon. He had broken it off with his girlfriend long ago...months ago...but he still missed her. He missed having someone to hold when they're sad...someone to hold him when he was depressed...

~Ephram has it easy...they all flock to him but no, they can't like me...it's against the rules...~ he thought bitterly.

He shook his head to clear that thought. ~What am I thinking? He's my best friend and he doesn't have it easy. He was uprooted to Everwood...the place I'm leaving now...but he has to stay...he has to watch his girlfriend leave...I guess the green monster of jealousy is coming out again...I seriously need a girlfriend...~

Jake stood up when he heard their flight number being called and walked over to the boarding area.

"Whoa Jake, slow down." Ephram said as he and Dicey got up.

Dr. Brown stayed sitting however. He would let his son say goodbye to his friends in peace.

Jake slowed down a bit but not enough.

"What's your problem man? Slow down! Rushing won't get you to New York any faster. As much as I want to come, I can't so at least give me your precious time until you board." Ephram yelled to Jake, the people flooding back and forth in between them not helping a bit.

"Excuse us, hey eh, please let us through...arrrggg...GET OUT OF MY WAY!" Ephram yelled, the people never ceasing to let them though.

"This is so frustrating..." Ephram muttered. Dicey held his held and told him to calm down that if they had to run through, knocking people down they would catch up with Jake.

The pair started making their way slowly through the mob of people to the gate for New York.

"What's wrong with Jake?" Ephram asked, hoping Dicey knew something he didn't.

"I'm not sure...he seems upset and obsessed with getting home..." she said, cutting their way through the last group of people. They finally caught up to him.

"Hey Jake! Why didn't you wait?" Dicey said, out of breath.

"Sorry. Look we're boarding. See you on the plane Dicey. See you later Ephram!" Jake said, boarding the plane alone.

"Something's eating at him Eph...I'll talk to him on the plane...I may not be able to tell you because of the circumstance but I could call or something once we get home if I find out. Bye Ephram Brown! I'll miss you so much..." she said as she embraced him.

They stood like that for a minute before Ephram gave her a soft kiss and sent her on her way.

"Bye Dicey! Have a nice flight." He said just loud enough for her to hear him.

"Bye Ephram." She said, blowing him a kiss then boarding them plane, a depressed face adorning her previously love-struck excitement.

Ephram watched her go, just staring at her retreating form.

"Excuse me sir, could you please move? The other passengers would like to get on the plane now." Said a young flight attendant.

"Um, yes ma'am." He said back to her, moving out of the way.

After taking one last look at the plane Dicey had left to, he sighed and made his way back to his waiting father.

"Are you ready to go home Ephram?" Dr. Andrew Brown said, standing up.

"No, not yet. I um, have to go to the bathroom." He said, walking off. Little did Dr. Brown know that where his son was going was anything but the bathroom.

He arrived at the large gray counter and walked up to the man sitting there.

"A one-way ticket to New York City please."

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