A/N - My apologies for not posting Day 11 yesterday! It was a rough day at work, and I was over-loaded with holiday stuff. At least you get two updates at once! Merry Christmas to all of those who celebrate! Have a safe & happy holiday! :)

Day 12 - Cheer

"Merry Christmas!" Jo exclaimed as she breezed through the doors of the hospital.

"Bah humbug," Alex grumbled behind her.

"Stop that," the brunette frowned and swatted his arm. "You should be happy! It's Christmas!" Normally she wasn't a fan of Christmas, but creating traditions with her boyfriend had put her in a better mood.

"I'd be happier if we were home," he complained in return and pushed the button for the elevator.

Jo frowned and looked to him as they boarded the elevator. "I totally understand that, Alex. I mean, working on Christmas...ugh, how terrible! It's almost as bad as being a sick child, in the hospital, on Christmas."

Alex's eyebrows knit together, and his frown deepened. "Shut up."

The brunette gave him that sassy smirk when she knew she'd made a point. "Just imagine what it would be like to be stuck in some old hospital on Christmas day! I mean, seriously!"

"Okay, okay," the man said and raised his hands. "You win!"

"I like winning," Jo grinned and placed a peck to his cheek. "Seriously though, try to be leave Scrooge in the elevator, okay? Spread a little Christmas cheer."

"Fine," Alex rolled his eyes as they parted ways. Despite being bummed that he had to spend the holiday on the clock, the man managed to brighten the day of his patients. He spread the Christmas cheer, and it made all the difference.