Greetings readers and writers! We'll be posting Wilson Holiday Stories again this year, however we won't have the detailed posting schedule as we have in the past. That means:

WRITERS - from December 15-31, submit your winter holiday stories to AVeryMerryWilsonHoliday at yahoo dot com. We'll review and post as they come in. Please check your work as much as possible as Tonya and I have less time this year to beta/edit. No min or max length. Story just has to focus on Sonny & Will during the holidays around Christmas.

READERS - make sure to set up your notifications so you hear as soon as a new story is posted. There may be one in a day or more, or one a week, we won't be sure how it will work until stories start coming in. Stay tuned for updates!

Thanks everyone and Happy Holidays!

Jen & Tonya