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A Love that Lasts Forever by jmtadych

Will's article was just published. Sonny was shocked to know that he wrote about Paul. He had to admit that it was great article. He now feels it is time for him to tell him about Paul. Since Paul is out he is going to being staying in Salem for a while so he thinks Will needs to know the truth.

Sonny said "I just got done reading your story. It is good. I have something to talk to you about." They sit down on the couch. "I want you to know I know Paul."

"Okay I am sure you do - everyone knows him."

"No Will. I mean I dated him."

"What OMG!" Will was shocked. "Why didn't you tell me?"

Sonny said "Will you always said you did not want to know about my past boyfriends."

"Yes I know, but I think I should have known since he is here in Salem. I do not know why you did not tell me."

"I just told you and also because I did not want to out him. As you know he is gay and he was in hiding all this time."

Will said "So did u know he was coming to Salem?"

"NO Will I did not."

"Do you still care about him? How long has it been?" Will demanded.

"OKay Will stop with all the questions...I will tell you. Paul and I were dating for over a year. It was secret affair because he did not want to come out. It was good for awhile and then I could not take it. So I made him make a choice, and I guess you can figure how that went!"

Will says "Were you in love with him?"


"Are you still now Sonny?"

"No Will. Do I care about him, yes, I always will. He was my first love. But that is it. I ran into him at the hospital when I was on the supply run and he saw me. I have to tell you that we did kiss..but he caugt me off guard. But that is all. I let it happen but then I told him it could not happen anymore, and I was married and in love with my husband."

"Does he want you back?"

Sonny said "I think he thinks so but I told him more than once that I was happy and with the right person. I told him what we had was in the past and that we could never have that again. I really think he understands."

Will was shocked "I wish you would have told me before I wrote the story."

"Would you have turned it down?"

"No but at least I would have had a better idea."

"I know I should have but you did not tell me who you were writing about."

"I couldn't Sonny that was part of the job."

"I know Will but I really think we need to start trusting each other and telling each other things and know we can trust what the other person tells us."

Will said "I guess you are right. So I do not have anything to worry about?"

"NO! I love you and are with you! It is long over with Paul and I and I am happy with my life."

Will and Snny decided they need to be more open and communicate more with each other. The both kiss. They do not want any more secrets.

Later on that night when Sonny was sleeping, Will got up. He could not sleep. He could not believe what he just heard. OMG what has he done? What was he going to do? He cannot tell Sonny what happen. He would never understand. How could he have done this? He has been regretting it ever since. The only two people who knew were him and Paul. He figured this would be the last secret he would have to keep from him. Will went back to bed feeling like things will be fine. He should have known that his worst nightmare was about to come true.

Things have been going really well for Will and Sonny. They have been communicating better and had everything figured out about Paul. Things were going well...until today.

Will comes home and sees Sonny sitting on the couch. He can tell something is wrong. "Sonny what is wrong, it looks like you've seen a ghost?"

Sonny looks at Will. "Maybe I should show you."

Sonny starts to show Will the picutres of him and Paul kissing. Will could not believe it. He says "Sonny let me explain it just happened it is not what you think!"

"Oh really Will it isn't? It just happend right?" Sonny started to throw the rest of the picutres at Will. "Explain to me why my husband is making love to my ex boyfriend. I CAN NOT BELEIVE YOU DID THIS. YOU RUINED OUR MARRIAGE, OUR VOWS OUR LOVE. TELL ME, WILL, TELL ME. WHY WHY WHY?"

"Sonny please, you are getting excited...please stop."

"Don't tell me to stop getting excited! I just want to know why you cheated on me Will."

"Sonny please wait; let me explain."

"What I don't understand is why would Paul do this to me. I know I told him I was over him, but did he do this to punish me? Sleep with my husband?"

"Sonny he didn't know we were married."


"Okay, let me start from the beginning." So Will told him how he got the job and how he had to keep his personal life a secret. "So I had to take off my ring."

Sonny said "I can't believe you allowed that."

"I had to. It was the job. So I interviewed Paul several times and asked lots of questions. I had this feeling he was hiding something from me, and I had to find out what it was. Yes he was flirting with me and when I asked him if he was gay, he kssed me. I immediately backed away and he still kissed me again and asked if this is what I wanted."

"What happened next?" Will hesitated. "Tell me that is when you slept with him, right Will."

"Yes. I had some kind of feeling for him."

"Was I not good enough for you?"

"Sonny no that is not true! I just dont know what to say...I am sorry I love you."

"Really Will? You love me? Did you think of our love when you were doing my ex? How could you say that. You should have thought about that before you cheated. I just do not understand how you can have feelings for someone." Sonny was crying. He had to go. He could not hear any more."

He got up and grabbed his coat. "I have to go."

"Sonny please wait lets talk more."

"NO Will I am done talking. You ruined our marriage and the sacredness of our commitment." He opens the door, and leaves Will standing there alone.

Will could not believe what was happening. Last thing he remembered, he was sitting on the couch. He woke up in the morning, and Sonny never came home. He waited all night tried to call him but it just went to voicemail. He knows he hurt him, but he has to try to talk again to him and see if he is fine.

So when the babysitter came he left and he went to the Club. T was there. "Hey is Sonny here?"

He shook his head.

"So T, you have not seen Sonny?"

"No that is not what I said. I said he wasn't here right now...yes I saw him. I guess he must have worked really late last night cause I found him sleeping in his office. You really got to get your husband to stop working so hard!"

"Yes," Will said. "Do you know where he went?"

T said "No he just said he had something to do. I am sure he will not be long. Why don't you just wait."

"No, I have to find him."

"Will is everything alright?" Will was gone before he could finish.

What Will does not know is that Sonny was back at the apartment packing a suitcase.

Will looked everywhere for Sonny but could not find him. He decided to go home and hope he would come home. He got home and let the babysitter go. He checked on Ari and when he came out, he saw a letter on the table with his name on it. He sat on the couch and began to read:


I love you and Ari so much. You were my world, my life. I would have done anything for you. But you threw it all away, our love, our marriage. I am hurting really bad. My heart is broken. Right now I cannot come home, I cannot be with you. I think we need some time away from each other. We need to think and you can think about your feelings and what you want. This is the best thing right now. I am not doing this to punish you . This is the hardest thing but I honestly feel this is what we need. I hope you can understand.


Will just sat on the couch crying reading the letter over and overs. He knows sonny is right. But what is he going to do? How is going to tell this to Ari? What if he lost him forever? How could he have been so stupid. He really needed someone to talk to. So he called his grandma. A few minutes later Marlena was at the door.

She can tell Will was crying. "What had happened?"

He went to her and hugged her. "I cheated on Sonny."

"Wow that was not what I expected to hear." She sat him down and asked him to tell her the whole story. So he did.

He said "I know you are disappointed in me. I know I screwed up. I guess I am like my mother. That is what you are going to say right?"

Marlena was shocked. "Yes I am surprised but I can understand why."

He told her about the letter from Sonny. He asked what he should do. She told him to give Sonny time. "You hurt him Will."

"I know but how much time do I give him? What am I suppose to do? I know I made a mistake and messed up. What if Sonny nevers forgives me or takes me back?"

"Will you need to give him space and let him figure thinks out. You need to talk to him."

"I tried but he was so mad and he is not answering my calls."

"In time Will in time. Just don't give up on him." She gets up gives him a hug and tells him she loves him. She says "If you ever need to talk to me again, you know how to call."

"Thanks Grandma. I love you too." She leaves. Will is going to give Sonny time, but he knows one thing for sure. He is not giving up, he is going to get Sonny back, he will do what ever it takes to win him back.

While Will is giving Sonny time, Paul is trying his hardest to get Sonny back. But right now it is not going his way.

Paul has been talking to Sonny trying to let get him back. He has been trying to tell him that he loves him and that they can have the life they have always wanted. Sonny is still mad at Paul even though it is not his fault, he still cannot get past what he did.

Paul tells him this is their second chance in life. This must be fate. For Sonny, it is not that simple. Paul wants to know why.

"Paul, I do not love you. I love Will still."

Paul says "How can you still love him after he cheated on you?"

Sonny gets mad "You just dont get it. We are married and he means something to me. You know I really cannot do this right now. You need to leave. I need time alone. I don't want to talk about it anymore. Please leave me alone."

Paul could tell Sonny was mad so he decided to leave and give Sonny some time but he was not giving up.

Back at Will's place it has been a month now since all this went down with Sonny. He hopes he has giving Sonny enough time. He wants to talk to him; he wants to fix things. He just hopes Sonny is ready to talk. He went in the drawer to get his keys when he spots the envelope with the pictures in it. He still cannot believe it. Who would do this?

In the meantime T texted Will and told him Paul has been hanging around Sonny alot. All of sudden it hit him. He cannot believe he did not see this before. It is Paul - he did this. He wants Sonny, so he sent those pictures. He grabs the pictures, his coat and keys and heads on over to Paul's hotel room to confront him.

He gets there and knocks on his door. Paul answers and is surprised to see Will.

"Will why are you here?"

"You did this!"

Paul plays dumb. "I do not know what you are talking about."

"The hell you dont you jerk! You want Sonny and you are trying to get him back."

For the first time, Paul tells the truth. "Yes I do I still love him. I never stopped."

"So you sent the pictures, didn't you? You ruined my marriage."

Paul replied, "Listen here, don't come here and blame me...you ruined your own marriage. You are the one who cheated."

Will was shocked. "You came on to me - flirted with me."

"I did nothing wrong. I am a gay guy who was flirting with gay guy. I did not know you were married. You are the one who took off your ring and never mentioned you were married. You liked me flirting with you; you were flattered. I asked you if you did not want this to happen. You wanted it and enjoyed. So, yes I had someone send those pictures. Sonny told me he married the right person, and I just had to let him know what kind of person you are. I am the right person for him."

Will said "What did you think he was just going to come back to you?"

Paul stated "What we had was great, it was special. We were in love, we could have had it all and we still can."

"Maybe what you had was great, but you let it go, that was in the past. You are Sonny's past. He does not want you. See Sonny moved on from that. He moved on with me, he loves me, he married me. We have the kind of love that everyone dreams of. We have a special bond, a connection. A love so strong that is something you just don't get over. It is not like a light bulb that you can just turn off. We have been through so much together and our love got us through it all. Yes I made a mistake, and I regret it so much. But I love Sonny. He is an amazing person. I am not giving up on him. I am going to fight to get him back . So you can try to get him back, but I will do whatever it takes to win him back too. Bye Paul."

So Will is back home. He needs to talk to Sonny; he needs to get him back. He was going to call him but he is afraid he will just let it go to voice mail. He can go see him at the club but again he is afraid he will just say he is busy. What can he do? He wishes he can get him come to see Ari but he does not want him to think something is wrong. Then it hits him that Ari is his answer. He would have to talk to him if Ari is with him.

He gets Ari and heads on out to the club. When he gets there, he sees Sonny sitting at one of the tables. He is holding Ari and walks over to him. He says Hi.

Sonny looks up. "Will why are you here? What is wrong...why do you have Ari? Is she alright?"

"Yes Sonny she is fine. I just thought..." he stops and then says "she wanted to see you."

Sonny looks at Will. "What is it you really want?"

"Okay I thought maybe we can talk."

Sonny could not believe it. "I am busy Will, I do not have time for this and your lies."

Will replies "Sonny I am not lying."

Sonny says "Really you did not bring Ari here to see me? You brought her to get me to talk to you. Now you are using your daughter."

"Maybe...I am sorry. What did you want me to do, I had no other option! I did not know how else to get you to talk to me. If I called you, you would not answer, and I figured if I just showed up, you would say you were too busy. Beside Ari does miss you, and I know you miss her. Come on Sonny I just want to talk just a few minutes, please.?"

Sonny looked at Will. "Alright fine Will."

"Can we go somewhere else and talk?"

"Yes," Sonny says and they head out to the park.

Sonny has to admit he is really happy to see Ari; he really did miss her. He says, "Alright, Will let's talk. What do you want to say?"

Will says "Sonny I am sorry...really sorry. I made a terrible mistake. I know I hurt you, I do not have an excuse why I did what I did. I really can't explain myself. Something just got over me having a handsome pro baseball player like me. I guess I was flattered. I don't know why I wanted it to happen. But I regret it Sonny, I will regret this for the rest of my life. I was just hoping that you can give me another chance, give us another chance. Try to make our marriage work again. I know what I did was wrong but we have made mistakes both of us."

Sonny says, "What? Are you are saying this is my fault that you cheated on me."

"NO Sonny that is not what I am saying. I know I am mostly to blame for all this. I should have been more aware of things. I just want to try to make this work again. I know it will take some time for you to trust me again. I will do what ever it takes Sonny to get this right. Sonny I never stopped loving you. I know Sonny you still love me. I want another chance."

Sonny is listening to everything he is saying. He wants to try but he still can not forget what he did. He has to think. Sonny sees what time it is. "Wow I have to get back. I have been gone long." Sonny gets up and Will grabs his arm. Sonny turns around and looks at Will.

"Can you at least think about it? Can you think about what I said?"

Sonny replies "Yes Will I will think about what you said."

"Thanks Sonny that is all I ask. Thanks for talking to me." As Sonny is leaving Will calls his name again and Sonny turns. "I LOVE YOU SONNY"

Sonny looks at him and is abut to say "I L..." but he catches himself and says, "I have to go, Will, bye."

Will looks at Ari and says "he loves me. Sonny still loves me I know it!"

It has been a couple days since Sonny and Will talked. Sonny has been thinking alot about what Will said. He really does not know what to do. He really needs some good advice and someone to talk to, but his parents are not the right people to talk to right now. He knows exactly who he needs to talk to and he calls that person. Ten minutes later Marlena shows up at the Club.

She says "Hello. You wanted to see me?"

Sonny says "Yes, I wanted to know if we can talk. I need some advice."

"Sure," she says and they go sit sown.

"Well, Will and I talked a couple days ago."

Marlena looked at him. "Good. So what did you talk about?"

Sonny replied "Well, he wants me to give him another chance - our marriage another chance."

Marlena just looked at him.

Sonny said "I want to. I am just not over what he did. What if I can never forgive him? I want to forgive him. What should I do? What do you think?"

Marlena says "I cannot tell you what you should do, but let me ask you this...do you still love Will?"

"Yes, very much," Sonny replied. "But sometimes love is not enough."

"I know that is true. But the kind of love you and Will have is a once in lifetime love. Do you want to give that all up for just one mistake?"

Sonny looked shocked. Marlena said "Now don't get me wrong. I am not saying what he did was right, I am just saying that Will did not have sex with Paul because he loved him or he was intentionally going to have an affair. It just happened; it was a weak moment and sometimes when you make a terrible mistake you learn from it and you realize what is important. You have do what your heart is telling you what your heart feels. I know you Sonny, I know you will forgive him and someday you will get past this."

Sonny said thanks to her and she said anytime. She get up and says to him, "Good luck. Bye sonny."

Sonny thought alot about what she said. It made sense but he still was not sure. He really needed to give Will an answer; he needed to let him know. So he texted him and told him to meet him at the club.

Will got there so fast. He was so happy to hear from Sonny. They sat down. "I have been thinking alot and you hurt me really bad, Will, you broke my heart."

"I know," Will said.

"I do not know if I can get past this."

Will knew where this was going. He puts his head down.

Sonny said "Will, I have to do what my heart tells me. So, Will look at me." Will looks up. "I am willing to try to make this marrige work to rebuild our relationship."

"Really? You want to give us another chance?"

"Yes I do."

Will is so happy. "OMG Sonny I love you!"

Sonny said, "Will, I still have not forgiven you or gotten past what you did."

"Okay I know it will take time. So where do we go from here?"

"Well if we are going try to make this marriage work then I will have to move back in." Will was relieved. "I am only moving back in nothing else. Will, you understand it will take time."

Will knew what he meant. "Sure I understand."

"I cannot promise anything but I am willing to give this another chance. Alright then, I have to finish up here but I will see you at home later."

"Fine. Bye Sonny," he walked out happy as a clam.

So each and every day, Will and Sonny will work on rebuilding their relationship trying to get back what they lost.

It has been over a month now since they have been back together and things are going well. They are communicating more, talking and have been really happy. They are really trying to make this work. Life is good so far. The only thing Will hopes for is that Sonny can forgive him. He know it may still take some time, but he thought by now they would be sharing a bed together. Will misses Sonny, he misses his touch. He knows someday it will happen when he can feel Sonny next to him, the man that he loves sleeping next to him. Will this be the day Will has been waiting for?

So Sonny is at home and Will just gets home from work. He wanted to finish his assignment. He is no longer working for Sonix. After Will and Sonny got back together Will told Sonny he would a quit Sonix since he felt that was the cause of his problems. He was writing assignments and hurting the people he loved while doing it. So he asked Victor if they would take him back at True Vista and Victor was delighted.

"So," Sonny said to him, "it was a long day."

"I wanted to get this assignment done, so I just stayed and finished it."

Sonny said "Well, I figured after a long day you would like a glass of wine so I poured you one." Will sits down next to Sonny and takes a sip. Sonny looks at Will. "I FORGIVE YOU. I REALLY FORGIVE YOU."


"Yes I have goten past all of it...I finally got past it all. I just want to put it all behind us."

Will said "OMG Sonny, I waited forever to hear you say that. I LOVE you so much."

They kiss. "I love you too Will, I always have loved you, I never stopped."

Will and Sonny kissed and kissed; they could not stop. Sonny starts to unbutton Will's shirt and Will stops him. "What is wrong?"

Will says "I just want to make sure this is what you want."

"Yes I do Will. I want to make love with you."

Will said "Then I think we should finish this in the bedroom." Sonny gets up and grabs Will's hand.

A few hours later, Will and Sonny are laying in bed cuddling.

Will said "I missed that so much. It is so good to have you back in bed with me."

Sonny said "yes it is. It has been a long time."

They both share some kisses. They kiss a few more times and Sonny sits up. "I have something I want to tell you."

Will says "Alright what is it?"

Sonny said "I don't think we will ever get back what we had."

Will is shocked to hear. "WHAT?"

Sonny says "Will let me explain." He grabs his hand. "What I am trying to say is that I want to put everything these past few months behind us. I want to start fresh. I want to start over. Everything Will. See I think this all started with Nick's death when we both thought the other person killed him. And then there was your LA trip and everything. So what do you think?"

"That sounds great."

"See Will, you know tomorrow we will be married one year."

"I know," Will says.

"So that could be our fresh start; a new beginning for us. We can make our anniversary our new beginning and put everything that happened behind us and start fresh."

Will could not be happier. He loves that idea.

"To Sonny and Will."

Will replied "To us...a new beginning." They seal with a kiss. "Happy Anniversary my love."

"Happy Anniversary Will. I love you so much."

Will said "I love you so much too."

They kissed and then they made love the rest of the night. But this lovingmaking was different; it was a new beginning for them. Sonny and Will knew their life was going to be good and that their marriage was going to last and they would be happy forever.

The End.