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Author Note:

This is a Harry/Multi story. The pairs are decided and I will stick to the plot I have fixed. Please read and review if you like the story idea. I may have used few concepts that other authors have already suggested / used in their fanfiction stories. In such cases I apologies beforehand. I have read many fanfiction stories, before I started on this and some concepts influence you more than you realize. This is exactly what happened to me. It would be difficult for me to give all the references of all concepts imported from other authors as I don't really remember the original stories. If I do remember a story, I will try to give the credit to said author; though I cannot guarantee you of this rule being followed for everyone and every time. I also believe the major plot line that I am using here is still unique and new. If anybody wants to use concepts / plot from my story they are free to do so. If you give me credit well excellent, if you don't, it is still no problem. As I said, I am not going to fuss over such small issue. If you like the story, then that is all I want and that is my best reward.

Also please remember this is AU world. I have followed the canon world till end of Harry's 3rd year. The story diverts in the summer before 4th year of Hogwarts.

Before beginning with chapter, I would go through relevant house hierarchy and time lines I would be following.

House Hierarchy:

1. Most Ancient and Most Noble House (Potter, Longbottom, Bones, Black, McKinnon, Deverill)

2. Most Ancient and Noble (Abbot, Diggory, Malfoy, Nott etc.)

3. Most Noble and Ancient (Greengrass, Davis, Rosier, Prewett etc.)

4. Ancient and Noble (Weasley, Boot, Dumbledore etc...any house with inherited Wizengamot Seat)

5. Noble House (Any other house which can prove its Wizarding ancestry up to 3 generations back.)

6. First Generation (Any new house... New muggleborns)

Time line:

1. Hogwarts Founder Era

2. King Arthur Era

3. Ministry of Magic Era

The only point I want to make here is that the Hogwarts was built first and then came the Camelot. Ministry of Magic was founded after this.

Also note that I have given only few houses in each category. Many others are either dormant or not mentioned here. If a particular house comes up I would explain its position there.

Now let's start with the chapter.

Chapter 1: The Slip of Goblin Teller

2nd July 1994, 3.30 AM

In the smallest bedroom of Number 4, Private Drive Harry Potter woke up at the ungodly hour of 3.30 AM. This was due to the vivid and terrifying dream he just had. The dream was about Lord Voldemort. This was a bad news for young Harry for Lord Voldemort was his sworn enemy. Lord Voldemort had already tried to kill Harry on 3 previous occasions. In the dream he heard the manic, high pitched and cruel laugh of Lord Voldemort. He was very happy because the servant had returned to him. This was the lifeline the dark lord was waiting for. He was already planning to return to the world of living from his enforced spirit like state.

Harry checked the watch and time was 3.30 in the morning. He was sure that sleep won't come to him after this. Now that he was awake and laying in his bed, he started thinking about his life. Last 3 years in Hogwarts had shown he was going to face another difficult year, even though all he craved was for a single normal year. This combined with latest dream about Lord Voldemort and he was sure that somehow he would be involved in this.

This thought process concluded in him realizing that he needed a comprehensive foundation for magic and dueling. He must be prepare to face any music that dark lord will surely through at his way once he gets his body back. Thinking about all he had learned in his time at Hogwarts; he came up to a startling realization – he was absolutely unprepared for any kind of combat. The incident with Sirius was another strong indication for this. He remembered it as clearly as it happened just few hours back – "there was Sirius on the floor and Harry had wand in his arm. Sirius was unarmed. Hermione had seen to it. He was thinking of the deadliest spell that he knew about and was coming up with blank all the time. Then come Remus and Snape to save the day for him." This was not a very good state of affairs as far as Harry was concerned.

He immediately decided that he must prepare a strong database of offensive and defensive spells along with other useful charms. He could do this in the summer and then practice those spells once he is back at Hogwarts. Unlike the common misconception that he was an average wizard at best, Harry knew if he applied himself lot more then he could be top of their year. The strong Petronus he had produced to save Sirius was proof of that fact. Now that he had some idea about this year's hardship, Harry wanted to give him a fighting chance. Thus a trip to Diagon Alley was required. In this trip he could purchase few useful books on charms and DADA. Since he was already up for the day he decided to visit Diagon Alley on same day.

He quietly and quickly got up from bed and soon finished his morning rituals. Then debated whether to wait for Dursleys to wake up and then leave by taking their permission or he should just leave by keeping a note. The moment he imagined the face color of uncle Vernon if he told them about his visit to Diagon Ally, his decision was made. A quick check to watch showed it was 5.30 in morning. He had spent almost 2 hours in thinking. He took an old bag pack of Dudley and quietly came down in the living room. From there he opened his old bedroom – Cupboard under the stairs – and removed his trunk. This was done by the same trick that Fred and George had shown him in his first summer back from Hogwarts when they had rescued him. He took his invisibility clock, wand and his parent's photo album. He also took few parchments and quills as an emergency. This was due to the fact the he realized that he does not have his Gringotts vault key – it was with Mrs. Weasley if he remembered correctly. He decided that he could ask for another key once he could confirm his identity. It will also allow him to check his monetary status. He just knew he had lot of money but never bothered to check exact status. With addition of his money pouch, he was ready to leave Number 4. He immediately repacked his trunk back to cupboard and locked it as best as possible – hopefully none of the Dursleys would bother to check it. Then he came back to leaving room, wrote a quick note to Aunt Petunia saying he had to visit some of his friends and that he would come home by evening.

Now all he had to do was leave the house, travel some distance and flag for the Knight bus. But before that, he needed to hide his infamous scar. He knew from experience that magical world mostly worked on impressions. Thus, if he could successfully hide his scar, there is likelihood that he may able to reach his destination under false identity. So he took one of his old shirts and cut it to make a temporary band which he tied to his head so that it could hide his scar. Then after searching Dudley old cupboard, he found an old, dusty hat. He took it, cleaned it as best as he could and wore it. One look in the mirror confirmed that no one will recognize him on the go. Satisfied with his appearance he did exactly what he had thought about leaving the house.

He quietly sneaked out of house through its backdoor, then walked fast towards Magnolia Crescent and then near the park checked if anybody was watching him. Since it was still early morning, the coast was clear and he removed his wand and flagged for the Knight bus. The bus came after agonizing wait of 30 seconds. After paying the required amount of sickles to Stan under the disguised name of James Evans, he boarded the Knight bus for Leaky Cauldron. After a treacherous journey of 20 minutes he was getting down at the said place. It was very early in the morning and by the looks of it, Tom had just opened the bar. So he decided to have a nice breakfast before going to Diagon Ally.


2nd July 1994, 8.00 AM, Diagon Ally, Gringotts Bank

Harry was one of the first customers Gringotts bank had on 2nd July. When he entered the bank, only 3 counters were open and one of them was free. So he immediately went to the teller and politely asked "Um…Master Goblin, I would like to withdraw some money from my vault."

The goblin asked "Key?" without looking at him and held his hand so that Harry could give him the said object.

Now Harry was nervous and said, "I don't have my key with me. Is there any other way Gringotts can generate a new key for me? I would pay the charge of course." Harry added the last part as to not offend the goblin bankers.

This was met with a typical goblin sneer as the goblin cursed him in his tongue before replying back, "How typical of wizard youngling, huh? Have you really lost it or have your family restricted your access now? Huh…any way we will soon find out. But be warned human if we found you are lying to us, you will be punished very severely. We don't like the thieves and you would be considered as one if we found you are lying to us. What is your name wizard-ling?"

Harry was properly intimidated by now but was sure that he could prove his identity without any doubt. He replied quietly as "My name is Harry Potter master goblin and I would like to keep my identity secret for now."

Goblin teller was immediately perked when he heard Harrys name. He sneaked a look at scar but found it hidden behind a cloth band. Seemingly satisfied with the information, he asked another goblin to take Harry in to deeper parts of Gringotts. This was again done in goblin language which restricted Harry's ability to understand the proceedings. After receiving instructions, the second goblin beckoned Harry to follow him and took him deep inside Gringotts. Now Harry was in an area where it seemed very high profile goblins would work. There were rows of offices and many had large collection of armor on their doors and inner walls displayed by front side glass wall. The goblin in front of him seemingly knew where to go though, as he carried Harry to almost end of hall and asked him to wait outside. Then he knocked the door 3 times before entering the chamber. After another five minutes of wait, Harry was taken inside and the messenger goblin was gone.

Inside of the chamber was very beautiful and huge even by goblin standard. The rear wall was decorated by various medals (at least that is what Harry assumed) while two side wall were covered by the shelves carrying various account books. The desk in front of him was having a family crest – his family crest to be exact if the Potter written on the logo was any indication of. As he took all this in, Harry wondered why his family was of such importance to the goblins that they would assign a separate goblin dedicated to handle their money. Then his eyes met the only other occupant of the room – an old but sharp and warrior goblin. He slowly put forward his hand and greeted the goblin, "Hello Master Goblin, I am not very sure why I am meeting you, but I am Harry Potter and I wanted to withdraw some money from my vault. The problem was that I didn't have my key and I simply asked for a new key when the teller had directed me to yours office."

The Potter account manager – Sharpclaw – was impressed with what he had seen so far in the young wizard and he was almost laughing at the nervous energy that was seeping out of Harry. After shaking himself back to reality, he shook Harrys hand and told him, "You are at right place Mr. Potter, don't worry. I am Sharpclaw and I have been Potter family account manager since yours grandfathers time. If you need a new key, only I have an authority to make one and hence you are here."

Reassured that he was at right place, Harry took the seat Sharpclaw had offered him. While this was going on, Sharpclaw continued his introduction. "I was beginning to wonder Mr. Potter if you wanted to visit us or not. You are yet to take the Potter heir ring even though you should have done so at the young age of 11. We of course sent you may reminders but you never responded. We thought that since you could not access the family vault till you are magically adult, probably you had decided to do the required tests when you become of age."

This put Harry in thinking mode. He had never received any communication from Gringotts. Now come to think of it, he had never received any letters apart from his known friends. Keyword here is "known". This was surprising and something he would need to look into. Also he did not know about his Family vault the goblin was talking about, so he asked the most obvious question that he thought of "Um…Master Sharpclaw Sir, I have not received any mails from you. And what is the family vault? Hagrid only mentioned one vault to me when I first entered this bank 3 years back."

Now it was Sharpclaw who was surprised. One look at young wizard and he was sure that he was not lying. So the question remained where all the mails sent to one Harry Potter were gone? He decided that it could wait and that he should confirm the identity first. If he is indeed a Potter then they would look into it in more detail. So he produced the specially minted parchment and a sharp blade from his front drawer. The parchment was goblin creation and few drops of human blood would reveal their entire ancestry.

While passing the parchment and blade to young wizard, he explained the process, "Mr. Potter you must drop 7 drops of your blood on this parchment. This will confirm your identity. It is a very special parchment made by goblins for this very purpose. Be warned though, if you are not who you claimed then we will know immediately. So, good luck young wizard. The wound would be healed once 7 blood drops are absorbed by parchment. We will discuss your lack of knowledge once your identity is confirmed."

Harry accepted the parchment and blade. He made a small cut on his right index finger and dropped the required amount of blood on the parchment given to him. Once 7 drops were placed, his wound was healed and Harry marveled at what magic can do. To his astonishment the parchment was now filled with his family tree. But before he could read it, Sharpclaw snatched it and stared at it for 5 long minutes. Then he suddenly left his seat and took parchment with him on his way out of office. The only warning he gave Harry before leaving the office was not to leave his place or there would be consequences.

Now Harry was worried. He was not sure what the result of his inheritance test was, which had put his account manager in very foul mood. The only thing he read was that his name was written as "Harry James Potter". This was good news as this means his identity was genuine and now he could access the vault again. Now that he had some time, he decided to make a list of to-do things for this summer. So he took out the parchment and quill from his bag and started making his list.

Harrys To-Do List for summer (2nd July 1994)

Make database of spells for

Useful household charms

Defensive magic

Offensive magic

Common transfiguration

Read about his family and their history

Learn the goblin language

Read various dueling strategies and practice stances

Check why he does not receive common mails

Learn all the spells made in database once back in Hogwarts


Meanwhile account manager Sharpclaw was very excited goblin as he waited for his emergency appointment with Director Ragnok. His fortunes were very favorable today as he again took a look at inheritance result.

The inheritance test

Name: Harry James Potter

Confirmed Inheritance:

From Fathers (James Charlus Potter) side:

Potter – Gryffindor –Ravenclaw – Peverell – Pendragon

From Mothers (Lily Rose Potter nee Evans) Side:

Evans – Slytherin – Hufflepuff – Peverell

This was a gold mine. Young Harry had double claimed on Peverell line. He was also very powerful looking young lad from what Sharpclaw had gleaned. Also the fact that Potters were one of the direct descendants from Peverell line and it is most likely that he would be worthy of title of lord Peverell. If his magic is judged worthy by Peverell line then he could become emancipated adult and that would open the large Potter and Peverell vaults to Gringotts. He was very enthusiastic at this prospect and he then would be charge of such huge fortune and its investment.

Finally the director was ready. He eagerly went into chamber of Ragnok and briefly explained his purpose of visit. Then he showed the result sheet to the director. Once Ragnok saw the results, he was equally excited and immediately called another goblin. He then instructed that they bring Peverell and Pendragon Lord rings to him and that they should meet him in the office of Sharpclaw where he was going. He closed all other appointments till next instructions and asked Sharpclaw to lead way back to his office.