Note: A story about life's hope and love's misadventure. It will have short chapters and will be updated daily because it's been pre-written. Just think of it as a Christmas gift or something. I don't know. Happy Holidays! It's a fictional story with elements of real-stuff, so I'll be pulling some creaky levers, maybe.

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1. Crash

The beeping on the monitor roused him from the magnetic pull of sleep, allowing him to awaken with expected cloudiness. He opened his eyes, just a crack, as the peaceful rhythm of his heartbeat was reflected on the electronic device. A sudden hammering of panic, due to the confusion of his surroundings, caused him to believe that he was locked away in an uninviting institution of some sort.

I've been kidnapped, he thought worriedly.

"You're currently at Riomem hospital, Edward Cullen," a male voice said.

Edward looked at the man. He was wearing a white coat and had a tag pinned onto the breast pocket of his garment. Blankly, Edward stared at the name tag.

Dr Jeremy Jenks, it read.

"Okay," Edward said quietly. He didn't have a clue as to why he was currently lying on a hospital bed, wearing a patient gown.

Had he been in an accident? Perhaps, he had slipped and fallen, hitting his head.

"Do you remember how you got here, Edward?" the doctor asked.

Edward shook his head. The doctor paused for a minute before he spoke, "I suspected that."

Edward looked around. There didn't seem to be anyone visiting him. No flowers or teddy bears; he didn't even see any cards. He scratched his head, wondering if anyone even knew he was here.

His eyes wandered to the tubes that were stuck into the skin of his hand. Furthermore, he saw cuts and bruises of all shapes, providing some ghastly color to the paleness of his skin. He must have looked terribly infirm.

Edward felt a pain in his ribs as he started to cough. As his raspy wheezing subsided, the doctor gently spoke again. "You were in a car accident."

Edward looked around uncomfortably. He knew he was a careful driver.

"Tell me what you remember," the doctor said.

"I know who I am..." Edward began. "I know where I live. I know how old I am."

"What about your wife?"

"My wife..." Edward murmured.

He remembered vague silhouettes of a beautiful woman. She had long hair and soft skin. He remembered kissing her and making love to her angelic form. He recalled the time when they'd traveled to Hawaii and danced by the bonfire on the beach.

He remembered proposing to her there.

Suddenly, the images in his head weren't silhouettes anymore. They were glowing photographs framed in his bank of blissful memories.

She was his high school sweetheart. His best friend.

She was everything to him. His other half. His kin. His soul-mate.

"Bella Swan," Edward stated. There was firmness in his voice. "Of course I remember... my wife."