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Chapter 3
Tracy's Got an Evil Plan

"Today's session is…how much does Rick Salary love me?" Tracy pointed a baton toward the whiteboard in the garage which had a picture of Rick Salary on it. Her best friend, Macy, was sitting in a chair across from her.

"Uh…he loves you a whole lot Tracy! Totally!"

Tracy glared at the girl in glasses.

"I meant on a scale of 1 to 10."

Jackie watched through the window of the garage door. The band was right next to her listening in so they could find out what makes Tracy tick.

"I can't believe Tracy took the whole garage just to talk about her boy problems." Jackie said grumpily.

"Yeah, but look at it this way!" Corey pointed out. "Now we can finally find proof that Tracy is our new Trina!"

"Wasn't her kicking us out of the garage and insulting the band proof enough?" Laney asked.

Corey shushed her and put a finger to her lips which caused Laney to blush.

"There's more to Trina besides an overall bad attitude Laney."

"10 for sure!" Macy exclaimed.

Tracy slapped Macy's hand.


"No one likes a flatterer Macy!" Tracy scolded. "Try again!"

"Sorry. 8.6? Ow!" she was slapped again.

"No one likes to be insulted either!"

"Bad attitude…harsh on best friend…obsessed with the hottest guy in school…" Laney listed on her fingers. "Looks like a Trina equivalent to me."

"Perfect!" Corey said. "So now all we have to do is do something to her that will make her mad and she'll diary us up some lyrics just like Trina!"

As Jackie watched her sister boss around her best friend, she got the feeling that she was being watched too. Slowly, she looked down to her right where Kin was standing. He was smiling big and tiny hearts were coming out of him.

"Uh, are you okay Kin?" Jackie was concerned and confused at the same time.

"Who me?" Kin giggled. "I'm just dandy! Perfect! Couldn't be better! In fact, I think it's cool that we're spying on your sister together."

Kin grabbed a hold of Jackie's waist and hugged it.

"You know…you and me…next to each other…standing really close…"

"Uh-huh." Jackie said not really paying attention.

"Jacks!" Corey called out. "You gotta listen to what they're saying now!"

"What?!" Jackie immediately ran to where Corey and Laney were easily slipping out of Kin's grip. When Kin realized that Jackie was gone and that he was hugging nothing but air, he fell toward the ground.

"What's going on guys?" Jackie asked Corey and Laney.

Laney motioned Jackie to look through the window.


Jackie peeked through the glass and saw Tracy drawing something else on the whiteboard. From the window, it looked like a representation of herself and the band.

"Now listen up Macy!" Tracy ordered. "You see these drawings right here? They represent my grody sister and her even grodier new friends."

"But I thought we were going to talk about Rick Salary?"

Tracy gave her friend an angry glare.

"Oh! Is that so?" She got up into Macy's face. "Sure, we can talk about Rick. And we can talk about how you're planning on stealing him from me!"

Macy shook with fear.

"B-B-But I'm not trying to steal Rick from you..."


Macy shrieked and covered her head.

"Let this be clear to you Macy. Rick can only have one girl in his life. And that girl is going to be me! GOT IT?!"

Macy looked up at Tracy.

"G-Got it..." She whimpered. Tracy walked back over to the board.

"Now, as I was saying...these drawings are my sister and her lame friends."

Macy took a closer look at the drawings.

"Hey, isn't that Grojband? The fake band that your sister is really into?"

"It totes is!" Tracy nodded. "Well guess what? They're real now! And they're taking over my garage! So you and I are going to make them unreal!"

Macy sat still looking very perplexed. But she decided to go along with it.

"Uh...sure Tracy. But uh...how do we get rid of them?"

"Totally simple! They're planning on playing their unlistenable songs tonight in front of the whole town. Once they get on stage, we'll fire our cannon, and BLAM! Fromojband will be no more! I'll be rid of those losers and Jackie will cry for the rest of her life! Bonus!"

Macy smiled and nodded.

"Sounds great Tracy! Um, except..."


"Where do we get a cannon?"

After Macy asked this question, Tracy had immediately pulled out a Do-It-Yourself-Cannon kit.

"We'll have to make one. And by 'we', I so mean you."

Tracy shoved the kit into Macy's hands.


Macy zipped into the corner of the garage and got to work. Tracy smiled to herself.

"Those stupid rock star wannabes won't stand a chance against my power! Once they're gone forever, my sister's life will be ruined!"

The teenager let out a maniacal laugh.

Jackie and the band, meanwhile, had been watching the two girls the whole time.

"This does not look good..." Corey said.

"Not good?!" Laney shouted. "She's gonna try to blow us up! Trust me, it's way worse than not good!"

Laney looked at Jackie who was smiling.

"Why are you smiling?! This is no laughing matter!"

"No, listen! I think I know how to make sure you guys don't get blown up and get awesome lyrics from Tracy!"

"How?" Corey asks.

"First, we'll invite everyone in town to come and see you guys. Then, when Tracy gets ready to fire her little cannon, you guys use your rock powers to shatter it into a million pieces! The crowd will go wild, and when Tracy sees how much people love you, she'll totally write in her diary just like Corey's sister!"

"Wow! Now I know you're a true fan!" Corey stated. "Your ideas are almost as great as mine!"

"But wait..." Laney began. "We don't have rock powers."

"You do in my heart." Jackie smiled.

"Man, I like this girl!" Kon exclaimed. Kin growled and got in his twin brother's face.


The entire group looked at Kin. Kin blushed with embarrassment.

"Uh...what I mean is...she's my...favorite fan!" He chuckled. "Yeah...I mean you have to be if you come up with ideas like Corey does..."

"Aw, thanks Kin." Jackie poked Kin in the nose. "And you're my favorite keyboardist."

Kin swooned falling into Kon's arms.

"Okay you guys! Let's split up and spread the word! Grojband is rocking out tonight!" Jackie held up her pointer and pinky fingers and the others joined in. Then the five of them ran off in different directions.

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