Yang stumbled into the kitchen, still half asleep and wondering where her little sister was. She knew the four year old girl couldn't have gone far, especially with their dad out on a hunt. She heard Zwei bark and looked up, there was Ruby, standing in a chair so she could reach the counter, wearing only a shirt and underwear. The entire kitchen was covered in… Yang wasn't sure what all, but it was a huge mess. She looked over to her younger sister, not sure she wanted to know what she had been up to all morning. Zwei barked again.

"Good idea Zweiee." Ruby said, patting the dog on the head. Zwei was on the counter beside her.

"Ruby, what are you doing?" Yang asked, looking at the huge mound of white powder.

"Science!" Ruby cheered, looking over her shoulder and dumping an entire bottle of vinegar on the mound then squealing as it foamed.

Yang sighed, not sure how to even deal with this so she grabbed a frozen waffle and went back to her room.