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"Flight 723 from New York to L.A. is leaving in ten minutes. Ten minutes."

Elizabeth McGuire looked up from her bags when she heard the announcement. Ten minutes. In ten minutes she'd be going home. God, she hadn't been there in so long, in over six years. Just a few months before she'd suddenly received a wedding invitation in the mail. Her brother Matt was getting married to the girl of his dreams, Lily Wellington. I've never even met Lily. I've missed so much. Although she hadn't seen Matt, her mom, dad, or any old friends in ages, Elizabeth new she had to go. Yes, they had all fought after she told everyone about her decision to move across the country to pursue a singing career after high school, but these were the people who knew her best. They would understand now why she'd chosen not to go to college.

One, two, three...Okay got my bags, my purse, magazine, soda. Here goes nothing.

Elizabeth approached the gate, gave the man her ticket, and boarded the plane. She put her bags in the overhead storage compartment, took her first class seat, and opened her copy of People. Ad, ad, ad, something about J.Lo, hmmmm...Ooooo! Life Goes On! I loved that movie!"

The page she was reading read: The Up and Coming Director of Life Goes On is Oscar Nominated! Elizabeth's eyes skimmed the page. Suddenly a name popped out at her. David Gordon! Gordo made a movie? As she read Elizabeth discovered that upon receiving his diploma, her old pal Gordo moved to Hollywood. Before he knew it, he was living his dream. Wow, this is incredible! Why didn't anybody tell me...Well, can't really blame them, I didn't really tell him when I got my record deal...

"Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts as we prepare for takeoff!" said the flight attendant. Elizabeth put down her magazine and fastened her belt. She rested her head on the chair and closed her eyes. She had suddenly realized how much she missed everyone. Matt, Dad, Mom, Miranda and Gordo, too. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I ruined everything with Gordo and I when I left. The truth was Elizabeth and Gordo had been in love back in high school. She tried to explain how badly she needed to follow her dream, but he couldn't understand why she wouldn't go to college. Her parents didn't understand either. Elizabeth had felt so unsupported and frustrated, she'd left with everyone on bad terms. Eventually, her Mom, Dad, and her had straightened things out through letters and phone calls. They'd even come out to New York to visit a few times. It was a different story with Gordo. When she left, she broke his heart and hers. Maybe, just maybe I can fix this at the wedding. I'll get to know Matt and Miranda again, and maybe even tell Gordo how she felt. I still have feelings for him.

Elizabeth slowly drifted off, wondering what Miranda was up too, and if they'd still be as close as ever after no contact for six years.