Writer's Notes- GUESS WHO'S BACK! Its been a few months since I last posted, but I'm back and ready to start the next story. As you may remember, Ross was killed during the Collector attack on the Normandy, leaving Sally to take his place, but is she able pick up where Ross left off? Only time will tell. I must warn you all, this story may contain some scenes of more extreme gore, hurt, and I will try my best to make this story even BETTER than the last. So without further ado, let's get this started shall we.

"Alert! Alert! Unknown subject has entered the facility " went the Cerberus facility's AI, with the sound of an alarm echoing throughout the halls. Screams could be hear, faint due to the alarm, but loud enough, followed by the sound of flesh and sinew coming apart. "Suspect is considered extremely lethal, deadly force has been authorized, but approach with caution." Then the halls began to fill with the sound of Cerberus troops running towards one section of the facility. " The subject has been contained in the medical wing. I REPEAT: The subject has been contained in the medical wing." As the troops ran towards the medical wing, the saw how bad the carnage from whatever invaded the facility really was: Blood was spattered all over the walls, on the windows coming from inside the rooms they'd pass. Bodies littered the floor, the light gone from their eyes, covered in blood, and all of the had the same type of hole punched through their guts.

"God have mercy, what the hell is this thing?" Asked one Cerberus troop

"Whatever this thing is, it isn't human." They resumed their pursuit towards the medical wing. When they got there, they were greeted with 3 other Cerberus troops, all of them the same type of standard issued Medium armor, tending to the soldiers who had been wounded in the struggle in the next room. One of the soldiers had noticed something written above the door, scrawled in blood saying :

people go to prison, dogs get put down.

"Son of a bitch, this thing is gonna kill us all. Please tell me one of you managed to get it"

"Not even close Jace. As soon as we managed to get close to it, it jumped away." said the injured troop "And once it gets its hands on you, you're done, I saw that thing carry Grayson and Coles away. it threw them back, but what thing did to them-" the injured soldier pointed to two bodies in the corner across from him, and he's right, it wasn't pretty. One bodys face had been beaten to the point where it looks like a mix of salsa and raw meat. The other had his limbs broken and bent into place to make him look like a dog, with "Bitch" written in blood on its face.

"*gulp* Let's get this thing. Ready your weapons, all of you!" Roared Jace. the other troops began to ready their weapons, one of the, being an Engineer, was preparing a turret. After priming their weapons, they were ready. The Engineer placed the turret in front of the entrance, with muffled pleas for salvation hiding behind it. Two of the soldiers began torching the door open.

"As soon as that door opens, unload your clips into that thing." Said Jace. "That thing doesn't leave here alive", just as he finished that last sentence, the door came crashing to the ground, and the next thing they knew, the Cerberus troops each of their clips into doorway. Gunfire was roaring through the air, smoke began to cloud the troops vision, so basically they were shooting blind. Eventually the troops ran out of clips and ceased fire.

" D-did we get it?" asked One soldier

"I don't know,go check it out" said Jace

"Wait me? Why not you Jace?" In response, Jace grabbed the soldier, threw him against the wall and place his Cerberus Harrier up to the soldiers face.

"Because not only am I much bigger than you, I have a much bigger gun than yours, plus you're expendable, just like the rest of these soldiers and they know it. Now get your ass in there, and see if it's safe for us to go in." Jace then grabbed the young soldier and threw him into the smoke.

"You think Pete's got a shot at taking that thing on Jace?" Suddenly new screams could be heard, followed by the sound of limbs being torn and broken, blood being spilled, and the sound of a drill piercing someone's skull.

"I'm guessing…... no."

"You guessed right" said a distorted voice. A body flew out of the smoke, what was once Pete, an average expendable Cerberus troop, now reduced to nothing more than meat puppet. One of the remaining Cerberus troops vomited at the sight of the body. "But seriously boys" a figure began to emerge from the smoke, a woman's figure. The woman stood at least 5'10, she had hair as black as the void, blue eyes, an hourglass shaped body. She appeared to be wearing full Medium armor, but in actuality, her armor only covered her torso, her arms and legs were mechanical, brandishing a Cerberus logo (now crossed out). Her face was protected by a mask, but it couldn't hide her eyes, which glowed black and red-orange color. "That's no way to treat a lady" Suddenly, she whipped out two pistols and quickly disposed of the two soldiers standing besides Jace by shooting them point blank in the head. It went by so fast Jace didn't even realize they were dead until he looked at his fallen comrades on the ground, and he didn't even notice that the woman was standing right in front of him. Jace tried to strike her in the head with an electric rod, but the woman blocked it with her mechanical arm,grabbed it out of his hand, and snapped it in two without little effort. "This is the part where you run away like a little bitch who's about to wet themselves. I've got what I came here for, might as well have some fun. How does 10 sound?" she asked. Jace quickly bolted in the other direction, passing the other soldiers waiting for him.

"RUN!" he shouted passing them, with the sound of metallic limbs echoed behind him. The woman followed behind him, smashing the other troops faces into the walls. The only sound they made was the sound of their heads crunching like the crinkling of a bag of chips.

"I thought you said 10 minutes." He yelled out to the woman chasing after him, but she wasn't anywhere to be seen.

"Oh honey you must've misheard me. I never said 10 minutes" Suddenly Jace was thrown to the ground, and in front of him was the woman, standing over him like a animal after catching it's prey, "I meant to say 10 seconds" she said, grabbing his leg. Jace kicked her in the face, got up and ran as fast as he could to get away from whatever it was that was chasing him, when suddenly, music began playing.


Jace managed to reach a room that was untouched by the woman's psychotic rampage, and crawled underneath one of the desks and radioed for support.

"Yes, the situation here is far worse than we previously thought. THis thing we're dealing with it isn't human, you need to get down here."

"Call all the help you want you worthless bitch, they won't be able to help you.

….Jace dare not say another word, afraid that if she could hear his conversations, she could back track his location.

"Awwww, has the big bad dog become a small whimpering puppy? It's such a shame, and I was looking for a decent fight. Jace remained silent, hoping that the woman will just give up and leave him alone.

"Oh for god sake, i'm sorry, but i'm getting the impression that you're taking me for an animal." she said in a condescending voice.

*sigh* alright, here's the deal: If you come out now, i'll let you keep one of your arms and i'll let you go. However if you don't, the second I find you, i'm going to grind you into the same type of meat paste they use to make bologna, at least then you'll get a quick bullet to the head, can't say the same for the rest of your friends."

"WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT FROM US? WHAT DID WE EVER DO TO YOU?" screamed Jace, but as soon as herealized what he said, he clamped his hands down on his mouth and began to break down.

"You people tortured me and my sister, warped us into killing machines, drugged me and made me into a mindless drone to carry out your organization's deeds, just because because your so called leader, what's his name again? Oh yeah, The Illusive Man, thinks humanity should come first before anyone else. So, I decided to teach every single person thats affiliated with Cerberus a lesson, you can either quit working for a racist cause and face the consequences for your crime and live, or…...well, you don't want to know the second option *chuckles*. So, what's it going to be?" She asked.

"I'd rather die, than subject myself to the way society is letting aliens come into our lives, and treat us like we're filth. WE are the dominant race in the galaxy, WE are supreme, WE ARE NUMBER 1, THAT'S SOMETHING THAT EDWARD COHEN UNDERSTOOD." Suddenly he was pulled from underneath his hiding place and impaled him onto the wall.

"Don't. You. DARE SPEAK OF HIM LIKE THAT! You didn't know him, he was a great man. He cared about every race equally and He made me promise that i'd destroy you and every last facility Cerberus has, especially after what you did to him on Akuze!

"OH no, not you, anyone but you." cried Jace. The woman slowly reached for her mask, and removed it, revealing her face.

"My name… is Sally Paxton, but I think you may know me by another name. I'm the same person who's been attacking your bases for the past 6 months, not only to get revenge for what you did to me, Ross, and my sister, but because I know your facility created being used to bring Shepard back to life. So since I got what I came here for, i'll let you live. You should be grateful i'm letting you live, the last 8 facilities I hit, I killed everyone." Sally lightly slapped Jace in the face, placed her mask back on her face, and began to slowly walk out, but not before Jace said-

"What the hell are you?" Sally turned back one last time, and a sweet condescending tone

" I am Sally Paxton, and I am the STEEL BEAST, never forget my name."

Sally's POV, 10 Minutes Later, Cerberus facility LAnding Pad

Now I see why Krogan enjoy intimidating their enemies, IT"S FUN, although I will say it's not as fun with a volus. See intimidating a Volus is kinda like masturbation, I mean yeah it feels good, but it's not as good as the real thing, you know what I mean? \

Anyway after I was done putting down the dogs, I went straight back to the Landing Pad where my shuttle was waiting for me along with my new partner in crime/ "foster dad" if you want to call it-

"Hey Wrex" I said I boarded the shuttle, tossing him a spine that I ripped out of one the Cerberus troops.

"Damn Sally, you're becoming more of a Krogan each passing day. Hard to believe 8 months ago you used to be a spineless whelp." He said getting out of the pilot's seat.

"Screw you Wrex" I said as I lifted the shuttle off the ground and back into space. "But it is amazing how much I've grown in such a short amount of time."

"Yeah I know, I remember the first day you set foot on Tuchunka." Neither can I. Ugh, everyone was staring at me, looking at me like I was a Salarian and they were a horde of varrens ready to pounce. Damn did they hate me. But luckily that didn't last too long after I beat a rival clan's leader into the dust. I even took his headplate as a trophy, he begged me not to take it away from him, started crying like a little bitch. I wear it around my neck as a reminder of my brutality.

"HAHAHAAHAHA, the day you became Urdnot Sally was proudest day of my life. I'm glad to call you my daughter Paxton" he said grabbing me into a headlock. Not the type of father I wanted, but hey, he gets me. After the Normandy attack, I've been training to control my Krogan rage( apparently I have an anger problem). I've also modified my arms and legs to create a shield that can block any of the raging elements on any terrain on any planet, in case I get stranded.

"So Sally, do you think this plan of yours is going to work?" Asked Wrex

"It has to Wrex, the Reapers are coming, and we need to be ready." I said.

"You're talking about doing something that only Cerberus would do. Are you sure you're willing to do this Sally?" he asked in a "concerned tone

"Trust me Wrex, I can't stand the thought of doing something only Cerberus would do, but i'll pay for it when i'm dead." I said as we approached the Mass Relay, "I promised Ross that i'd stop the Reapers...no matter what the cost." I said, then we hit the Relay, and we were whisked back to the Krogan DMZ.

Writer's Notes- Yeah, I wouldn't want to get into a fist fight with Sally, considering what she's newly capable of. Any, that's the end of the first chapter of the new GC story. If any of you have any suggestions, PM me and i'll look over it. Oh, and remember, I'm still have some things to learn, sooo, no flaming, trolling, or basically any bullshit of any kind, K? :) Good, so until next time, BYE BYE :D