I own nothing and all mistakes are mine.

Dean took the time to actually look at Xander. There were stitches in his cheek where three gashes appeared. He was wincing every time he moved. Dean couldn't tell but Xander was in much more pain than he should be.

Xander's mood was moving to the depressing. His best friend in the whole world tried to end said world. Now he didn't know if he would see her again anytime soon. Not to mention the magic she used on him to inflict her love marks. Which reminded him, he needed to change the bandages. "Excuse me, I will be back."

Xander grabbed his bag from the floor and made his way upstairs. He dropped his bag in the bedroom and grabbed some overly big, comfy clothes to put on. He moved to the bathroom to get a shower.

Downstairs, Dean watched as Xander made his way upstairs. Dean was actually having an internal battle with himself. On one hand he didn't want to push Xander to talk but on the other hand he was the older brother and needed to start looking after his other younger brother. With the battle coming in on the side of annoying the little brother, Dean made his way up the stairs.

Bobby watched as Dean battled with what to do. This was one thing that they all had to work out on their own. Xander was in a holding pattern and Dean, well Dean didn't know how to balance the scales between both brothers. Dean always looked after Sam and Sam was in even worse trouble now than anything but Dean still has another brother going through something that no one knew about. He watched as Dean made up his mind and went after Xander. Maybe, just maybe if they worked together, everything would turn out ok.

Dean got to the top of the stairs and heard the shower running. So he waited. When the shower finally shut off he was hesitant to knock. "Xander?"

"Yeah" came through the door.

"Are you ok?"

Xander wanted to laugh and cry all at the same time for the absurdity of the question. "Why wouldn't I be?"

Dean just sighed. This was a lot harder than it should be. "I'm coming in." He pushed through the door to see Xander standing there with a towel around his waist.

"What?" Xander just stood there.

Dean looked at him. The stitches across his chest and his face made him pause. It looked like his brother actually walked through hell and lived to tell the tale. "What the hell happened to you?" He watched as Xander's face fell. "You can talk to me. I know that I have been selfish and all about this apocalypse thing, but I am trying to fix that. I have another brother and I have not got to know him and I should have from the beginning. "

Xander just looked at him. He was extending an olive branch. Was it one that he should take? Xander shook his head. At least he was trying. "What do you want to know?"

"I want to know about your life."

Xander rolled his eyes. "I think that would take longer than a bathroom talk." He smiled.

"Granted, but when else are we in the same spot long enough to have a conversation?"

"True." Xander could help it, he smiled. "But it is kind of awkward with me in a towel."

"We are guys, it don't matter." Xander turned towards him and Dean saw the extent of his injuries. "Damn, what did you run across that made a mess of you?" Dean saw the smile slip. "Is it personal?"

Xander was going to give him that one. "Yeah. It really was extremely personal. But I single handedly saved the world again."

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"I probably should. " Dean then saw how exhausted his little brother was. Xander just kind of deflated in front of him. "Do you remember me talking about Willow?" Dean gave him a nod. "Well the geek squad, which is what I call them, got the smack down by Buffy and Co. Buffy was walking in the back yard checking for hidden cameras when I found her to talk to her about some things. Things that won't be talked about now. Anyway 2 of the 3 members of the geek squad got busted and we were only worried about one. Our guard was down when he showed up in the yard and started firing a gun. A lot of the shots went wild or so we thought. One hit Buffy in the chest, I was with her and called 911. What I didn't know was that one of the wild shots went through a window in the house and killed Willows girlfriend Tara." Xander had to check his tears.

Dean who sat there and listened didn't know what to say. Other than Willow is a lesbian?

Xander continued, "When the ambulance was loading Buffy, Willow came out of the house covered in blood and took off. I jumped in the ambulance with Buffy and went to the hospital. I didn't know until later that Willow sucked all the black magic up from the Magic Box. Willow came into the hospital and tranced the doctors and healed Buffy. Then she went on a murder vengeance for Warren. She killed Wrath a dark magic user and sucked him dry. Giles came back from England and tried to stop her and she almost killed him. She made Buffy and Dawn fight for their lives with endless demons. She killed Warren by skinning him alive and then making him explode. Then she went to raise and ancient pagan temple on Kingman's Bluff and I was the only one left standing. I got there in time to save the world but this is what I got for my trouble." Xander pointed to himself. "I never thought Willow capable of killing anyone. And it is just another reason why I am torn for leaving when I did and being happy that I am not there every day of my life."

Dean was looking at him with unshed tears. His little brother just lost another good friend. "It must be in the blood?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Us Winchester's have the worst luck in the world. You lost Willow, you almost lost Buffy."

"Hold up, Willow isn't dead. The coven has taken her in and is going to rehabilitate her."

"Oh, I thought she was gone by the way you were talking."

"If I lost Willow I wouldn't be standing right now. I would be in the bottle or dead myself. That girl has been my best friend since she broke the yellow crayon in kindergarten. She is the one who nicknamed me Xander. She has been and will always be the little sister I never had." Xander was really getting upset and trying to hold back his own tears. "She was the only one besides Jesse that I had. And now, I just feel like something has been taken away. That something inside of me is broken. You don't understand. Willow was the kindest, most geekiest nerd you could have ever loved. She went off the rails and I in my Xander shaped self couldn't do anything about it."

Dean realized Xander honestly didn't think his accomplishments meant anything. "Xander you saved her life, and the lives of many others. How can you say that you didn't help her when she needed you the most? She would listen to no one but you. Not Buffy, not this Dawn, Giles or anyone. She listened to you. You have to have more faith in yourself than what you do now. She trusted you to touch the inner part of her that was filled with pain. You got through to her when nobody else could. Be proud of yourself, I am little brother."

Xander had unchecked tears rolling down his face. He couldn't say anything. He didn't want to be alone but he didn't want to cry in front of his brother. Instead he turned around and started to put the gauze on his wounds. Without hearing him move Dean was there to help him. No one had ever told him that they were proud of him.

Dean really was proud of him. It was amazing that this feeling of pride and love came from somewhere, he didn't know where, he just knew that he would protect this brother as much as the other one. "Let's get you patched up and out of this bathroom or someone might think something really icky. These chick moments can be your undoing."

Xander couldn't help it he laughed long and hard. With all the pent-up crap that they just talked about and then Dean had to use the work "icky." That was priceless. "Okay, get out of here so I can get dressed, pervert." He ducked when Dean took a friendly swing at him.

"Ass." Dean left Xander to it and walked back down stairs with a smile on his face.

Bobby noticed this. "Good talk with Xander?"

Dean looked around and spotted Bobby but not Sam. "Yeah, where is Sam?"

Bobby nodded to the outside. "He woke up about an hour ago and said he needed fresh air. How is the kid? Did he talk to you about Sunnydale?"

"Yeah he did and I helped fix his injuries up." Dean went on to explain what Xander had told him.

"Damn, that kid just can't catch a break." Dean just nodded at him.

"But at least he is talking to me about it now. Bobby maybe we should leave Xander out of the hunt for Lucifer. I mean the boy has skills and saving the world by himself is pretty frakking awesome but he needs some down time to get some things sorted out."

Xander who had heard this walking down the stairs said, "You know you could ask me what I want to do instead of being the big brother and telling me what I should do." Xander was smiling.

Dean who looked like a kid in the candy jar turned to look at him. "I was going to ask you but didn't want to put any pressure on you."

"I appreciate that but I can make decisions. I am a big boy." Xander laughed.

Bobby just watched the byplay with amazement. It is the first time he had ever seen Xander screw with Dean in a brotherly fashion. "Ok boys, we will talk about later. Right now, what are we going to do about Sam and Lucifer?"

Xander looked confused. "Wait, you popped the seal while I was gone. Lucifer is free and Sam is supposed to be his vessel. Right?"

"Yep, that in a nutshell." Bobby concurred.

"Man we are so screwed. Remember that break you were going to offer me? Is that still free?" Xander chuckled lightly.

Dean looked at him like he was crazy. "You do know that this is serious, right?"

"Oh, I know how serious this is. I am wondering if I should call reinforcements or if I should duck and cover."

"Why would you call for reinforcements?"

"Maybe because we are going to need all hands-on deck in order to beat Lucifer and have the least amount of fall out or deaths."

"Let's think on it for a while and we will see how things progress and if there is nothing else then we will consider bringing in reinforcements." Said Dean.

"Just throwing it out there." Xander said.

"And I appreciate it, truly. But the last thing I want to do is drag anyone into the mess that Sam and I have made. Or what our destinies are supposed to be."

"You do know that most prophecies are self-fulfilling?" Xander saw their faces go blank. "Most if not all prophecies are self-fulfilling. Meaning that if you know that a prophecy is about to go down or even approximately when it is about to go down, anything that you do will put you on the path to completing the prophecy."

"Huh?" Dean looked like he got a head slap.

"When Buffy turned up in Sunnydale that first year, there was a prophecy saying that she was going to die at the hands of the master and that a child would lead her to him. Now she did die and a child did lead her there but me being the great person that I am brought Buffy back to life and in the process twinned the slayer line. So in the end the prophecy was completed but Buffy was alive." He saw their faces change as he told this, "Now think about what the prophecy was. The master was trapped in an underground cave. A child had to take Buffy there. If we actually thought about it we could have prevented what happened. The master was trapped, TRAPPED in and underground cave. If Buffy would have never ventured down there, he wouldn't have had a chance to kill her. Granted he would have gotten out eventually but then it would have been on her terms. But it would have also gave us more time to come up with a better plan to have her follow a child and die and then come back and kill the master."

"So what you are saying is that prophecies are not infallible?" Dean asked.

"That is precisely my point. This prophecy might be in the good book and be what the world needs to give those that are righteous a chance at paradise but that doesn't mean that it is going to be paradise. Do we really know what is on the other side of that coin or are we basing everything on what the Angels have told us?"

Bobby was starting to realize why they called Xander the one who sees. "So you are saying if we lay down like dogs and not fight this thing then the prophecy will come true, and if we fight like Hell and change the outcome that it will be a different outcome?"

"That is exactly what I am saying. Granted the easiest and probably safest way to do this is to kill one of my brothers." Said brother glared at him. "Not that I am going to do that but remember, I am not like you. I do not have the attachment to you or Sam that you both have to each other. And the easiest way to void said apocalypse is to kill one or both of you. Since that is not an option I am guessing research is in order."

Dean couldn't believe it. "Is it that easy for you? To kill your own brother?"

Xander knew there was going to be explaining involved. "Dean, it is that easy for me. Now let me explain why." He gave Dean a chance to nod his acceptance. "I am the only one who thinks practically in the other group. Every one of them puts their feelings first. Do you know what needs to go first in any situation?" Dean shook his head in the negative. Xander continued, "What needs to come first is the lives at stake. How many lives are you going to save if you can stop this before it begins?"

Dean had never thought of it like that. Xander did have a very good point. "But what about loyalty to family and friends?"

"I am loyal and I would do anything I can to prevent the people I love from getting hurt. But you have to ask yourself one basic question."

"What question is that?" Dean asked snarkily.

"The question is: is my being loyal only because I am afraid they will die or that I will? How many lives can I save by hurting someone's feelings? If after the battle is over and you have to smooth some ruffles feathers because you pissed them off, well at least they are still alive to piss off."

Dean really had never thought of it like that. He never took the time to worry about anyone else other than Sammy. He had to think on this a lot.

"Not everyone is like me. I make tough calls. I call people out on their bullshit feelings, and I get down and dirty when I know someone is not going full out with their potential. Ask Buffy, we had a few arguments about it. Hell, I have even lied to her to make sure she did go all out so that she wouldn't die. It probably won't be the last time I do it either. Why do you think I am so worn down with this life? Do you think that I like seeing what no one else sees? Do you think that I like myself for the way my brain works? Do you think that I liked suggesting that either of you die? And you have the nerve to ask me if it's easy. Hell, no it is not easy. It is downright frakking deplorable and I am the ONLY one who think this way because everyone else wants to make sure everyone is going to be fine with a plan."

Dean was now kicking his own ass. He never knew how bad Xander thought about himself until right this moment. He was guessing but he guessed that Xander didn't know how much he gave away with all his rambling. He brother was and is willing to do anything to make sure innocent people stay alive. He was torn in two right now because he was proud of him and their dad would be too. And on the other side of that coin he was terrified. Because if push came to shove Xander would do what he himself could never do and that is kill Sammy like their father had asked of him before he died. Throughout the whole explanation from the apocalypse to now Xanders' eyes started glowing with how upset he was getting. Dean didn't have a reaction to this as he was getting better at accepting what his brother was.

Xander could feel Nala. She knew that he was upset and wanted to soothe him. He sent a quick message thanking her. She purred to him. "Look I know I am going to step on toes. I know I am going to make suggestions that you are instantly going to reject. However, before you reject them think about why I suggested them before you get cranky about it. That is all I ask. And like I said before, I know killing either of you is not an option. So we will find another way."

Dean gave the kid props. He had some serious balls even suggesting that in front of him and out in the open with it. However, when a new voice in the house spoke out he began to sweat.

Sammy heard the last bit of Xanders thing and was seriously considering it. He and Dean told their mother to never be with john when they went back in time. "You do have a point Xander."

Xanders head snapped to where Sam was standing. "I know I have a point. I was trying to get them to understand that. What they fail to see is that I have two brothers heading toward an apocalypse that I am going to lose if we can't come up with an alternate ending to it. Or how that is going to affect me. Because I don't matter and won't matter until this whole thing is resolved."

Sam and Dean both had the same thought about their brother at that moment. How could he thinks that he doesn't matter? And just when the room was about to erupt in two brothers trying to assure Xander that he mattered and they wanted him to be ok, Xanders phone rang.

Xander waited while the tension became almost unbearable. Then his phone decided to ring. Who the hell could it be. Willow would be in England by now but said she wouldn't call right away because she wanted to get settled. He looked at his phone and frowned. He didn't know that number. "Hello."

Hello, you do not know me but my name is Emily.

"Hello Emily. You may have the wrong number so please tell me who you are looking for."

Oh sorry. I am looking for Alexander Lavell Harris.

"This is him."

Good. As I said my name is Emily and I have some news for you.

"Emily. Can I ask how you know me and why you are contacting me, or even how you got this number?" All three men looked at him. They didn't know what was going on either.

Oh sorry. I am doing this all wrong. I knew I would. Let me explain. I am one of Faith's foster sisters. Back before she got a new Mom when she was 15. Ok that explained how she knew him. I am sorry to call out of the blue like this. Do you have a minute to talk. Not really. "Sure just give me a sec."

Xander glanced at his brother and decided to just walk outside. He needed fresh air anyway. "What can I do for you?"

Well see that is why I am calling. I did not know until she was already in the coma that I was her emergency contact. So when the hospital called me I was completely shocked. I got an even further shock to know that she was pregnant." Xander sat down so fast he thought he broke the steps. Hello are you there?

"Yeah I am still here. What are you saying?"

I am telling you that you have a child and I have been taking care of her since her birth while Faith was in the coma." Xander shut his eyes. "Are you sure that she is mine."

Well that is the part that I am not proud of. When Faith woke up she thought that she lost the child. I know she got into some trouble and went off the rails and she now sits behind bars in a California prison. I tracked her down after she turned herself in and made a visit to her to ask her who the father was. She told me that she only slept with one person around the time of conception and that it was a Xander. I asked if that was the name she knew or if that was your full name and she gave me your full name. I took the liberty of going back to Sunnydale and admitting her and saying that she needed a blood donor but I didn't know who the father was and gave them your name because it was the best possible chance. They ran her DNA against yours from your file and yes you are the father of this beautiful little girl.

"So, the question becomes, why are you telling me this now?"

I cannot take care of her anymore. I got a promotion at work and I am going to be traveling most of the year and I will not be able to take her with me. Since I know that you are the father and I have proof that you are, I thought that maybe you would take her and raise her."

"Does Faith know that you are contacting me about this?"

Yes, she does. She wanted to tell you in person that you were a father but she honestly didn't know she was even a mother till I went to visit her. She is expecting you to make a visit soon and put you on the visiting list. Damn right he would be visiting.

"Where are you?"

I live in Boston.

"What is her name?"

I was waiting for that question. I named her Casey Harris.

"I will be there as soon as I can. It might take a couple days. Is that ok?"

Yes. The new job doesn't start for two weeks. How will you get here?

"Driving probably so that I can bring her stuff back with me. I am going to need your address."

No problem. Since I know this is your cell number I will text you the address. I will see you in a couple days. Goodbye.

Xander couldn't think. He had a daughter. He had a daughter with the only woman he couldn't stop thinking about. Just then a beep came through. It was the address. He needed to move. He slowly stood up. He walked in the house. He just stood there.

Bobby, Dean and Sam all watched him. They were waiting for him to talk. Xander turned his head to look at them. "I….um…..there's…." He shook his head. They were all still waiting. "I need to go to Boston, but I also need to go see a person in California. I'm gonna be gone for a while. No more than 2 weeks and hopefully for not even close to that."

Dean was worried. "Why would you need to go to Boston?"

Xander wasn't sure he should tell them but he needed to tell Bobby but they were going to find out anyway. "I have to go pick someone up."

"Who do you have to pick up?" Bobby asked.

Xander gave them pleading eyes. Dean watched him kind of panic. "Is it personal?"

"It's extremely personal. For me as well as everyone is this room. I have to go pick up my daughter."

All three men froze.

"excuse me…" Bobby said

"When…?" came from Sam

"who?" came from Dean all at the same time.

Xander broke it down for them. "So I have to go see Faith and then I have to go get my kid. Bobby, can we use the spare bedroom for her room?

"Yeah we can." Bobby said. Xander got a different feeling.

"Look Bobby, I can move out and get me and her a separate place if you want me to."

"NO, its nothing like that Xander. It's just that Winchesters usually have boys and you have a girl."

"Well the mother is a slayer. So maybe that is what happened. Why does this matter?"

"It doesn't. We are going to have a girl around here. This is going to be new." Bobby said in amazement and started to smile.

Dean and Sam were dumbstruck. They were uncles. Dean who didn't want to piss off his brother any further asked, "Are you sure you want to bring her here and into this life?"

Xander couldn't blame Dean for asking. "I don't have a choice. He caregiver can't take care of her anymore and her mother is behind bars. I am all she has. I have to go and she is mine. I would go even if she wasn't mine but because I know she is mine, I will take care of her."

All three of them shook their heads. They all knew about responsibility. "How old is she? This came from Sam.

Xander had to do the math in his head. "Around 2 and a half."

"You are only 19. Are you sure you are up for this?" Dean asked.

"I am. I need to get her name changed. In fact I need to get mine changed. Can one of you pick up the forms for me so I can get the ball rolling on that when I get back?"

"Yeah we can take care of that. What's her name?" Sam looked thoughtfully at Xander.

"Her name is Casey." Xander was starting to process everything. "I need to get on the road. I will go and see Faith tomorrow and then I will make my way to Boston. Its going to take a while to get back here, especially with a two year old so I need to book it there. I will call you when I stop." With that Xander turned and headed for his room. He packed a bag and was down the stairs in 10 minutes. Before he could rush out the door they stopped him.

Dean started. "I know that with the crazy in our lives that this is not ideal. I know that family is everything to the Winchesters and finding out you have a daughter is not on the list of ideal things to happen. But congratulations, you are a father."

Xander smiled at him and gave Dean a hug. Then Xander was out the door.

Dean turned to look at Bobby and Sam. "We have stuff to do before he gets back. Bobby what bedroom is he talking about?"

Bobby cringed. It was the biggest of the bedrooms upstairs. However, it was also packed with so many books and boxes it was going to take a week just to get them out and organized in the library at the back of the house. "Come on. I will show you." They trudged upstairs and Bobby swung the door open. Well tried to at least. The door caught on a couple of boxes and then finally swung open. "All this needs to go to the library." Dean and Sam just groaned and started hauling boxes and books out.

Since it was late when Xander took off, he drove through the night. He arrived at the prison about an hour before visiting hours. Since he was lost in his own thoughts that hour passed quickly. He made his way inside and got through all the clearances. Finally, he was in the room with the phones and glass. He sat down and waited until Faith came through the door. It took about 20 minutes but she got there and her eyes never left Xanders once they made the connection.


Faith had been reading in her cell. It was visiting day. She wondered who it would be this time. Angel was her strongest cheerleader and had been here the most. At least he kept her updated with the outside world. Wesley had come a couple of times and they were getting better at the talking thing. Her sister had come that one time. Which made her think that this visiting day Xander would show up. She was surprised that he hadn't come sooner but the scuttlebutt from Angels sources said that Xander left Sunnydale after graduation and no one really knew where he went to. He should know by now. Her sister called last week to tell her what was going on.

The guard came to the door. "Faith, you got a visitor." Faith jumped down from the bunk and checked her reflection quickly. It's not like prison life could make you look hot but the slayerness that she harnessed made her look better than most. She followed the guards through the hallways until she got inside the visiting room and there he was. She locked eyes with him and took a deep breath, She sat down in front of him and picked up the phone the same time he did. "Hello Xander."

Xander just stared at her. He didn't know what to say. He looked so deep into her eyes until he saw it. He saw the real her. She was also nervous. "We have a daughter." It wasn't a question.

"Yes we do."

"Did you know that you were pregnant when you were with the mayor?"

"Yes, I did. He didn't know. I never told anyone. I even signed in at the free clinic under a false name so there wasn't a paper trail back to me."

Xander was digesting this. She was pregnant when she fought Buffy. "When Buffy stabbed you, you knew you were carrying a child, my child."

Faith could understand his anger. "Why do you think I went ballistic when I woke up and body snatched Buffy? I was heartbroken. My entire world crashed when she gutted me. When I woke up and I wasn't pregnant, I thought that I lost the baby. I cried. Then I got pissed. And I went after Buffy and Co. You weren't around and I didn't notice until the Council hit team was trying to take me back to England. I wanted to desperately talk to you but they said that you left Sunnydale after you guys stopped the mayor. I went on a rampage and then went to L.A. where I tortured Wesley and tried to get Angel to kill me. My heart was broken. Then I turned myself in and my sister contacted me and told me that she was raising our daughter. I didn't believe her of course until she came here with her so I could see for myself that she was here in the world."

Xander listened to her. He wanted the truth and she was giving him the truth. "What do you want me to do?"

Faith didn't know how to answer that question. "What do you want to do Xander?"

"I want her to be safe. I want her to know a normal life. I want her to be with me and you." He didn't realize that he was thinking this until the words left his mouth. "Setting aside the fact that we have a child together Faith, I have always had a fondness in my heart for you. You really can't ever forget your first."

Faith was hoping that he didn't hate her. This was way better than that and she was grateful. "Xander I would love to raise our child. I am here though for 20 to life. She needs you in her life. You are the heart that kept that group together. By the way, after you left Sunnyhell, where did you go?"

"I went looking for my family."

Faith was definitely interested in hearing the story. "And did you find them?"

"Yeah. I live with my Uncle in South Dakota. I work at the Salvage yard fixing cars."

Faith smirked, "You turned into a gear head?"

"No that would be my oldest brother."

"Oldest brother? How many you got X?"

"2. And they are hunters." He stared at her for her reaction. Not surprised when he got a confused look from her.

"What the hell is a hunter?"

"Same thing I am. Instead of calling them scoobies. A hunter is someone who fights against the supernatural. They are everyday people who fight back because something happened to them to open their eyes."

Faiths eyes got wide. "We were never going to be normal. How are you going to raise our daughter in that life?"

"It is not going to be easy but I can manage. Since I left Sunnydale I have invested the money I have made. Its not in the millions or anything but I am not hurting for money."

Faith was impressed. Boytoy here got some skills and brains. Her daughter would be in good hands. "Good. I just don't want her in the system like I was. I want her to be loved. That is why I was so heartbroken. She was literally the only pure thing in my world. Something that wasn't touched by the darkness in me or anyone else."

Xander shook his head. He could understand that. "I am going straight to Boston to get her after I leave here."

Faith nodded. "Will you bring her to see me?"

Xander didn't even have to think about it. "Absolutely." He saw her smile at that. "I gotta go and get her and take her home. Its going to take me a while to drive back from Boston with her but I will bring her here as soon as I can."

Faith could understand that. Her daughter is going to be closer. She was happy about that. "Thank you. Xander I never apologized for how I treated you, I have many regrets and my deepest one is that I hurt you and tried to kill you. I can't ask you for forgiveness because I don't think I deserve it but I wanted you to know how sorry I am."

Xander had already forgiven her. "Faith, I forgave you a long time ago. You weren't the only one that made mistakes. And we can talk more about that in the future because there is just something a little more important right now than a really long conversation about our screw ups. I am going to get our child."

Faith had tears in her eyes. He forgave her. The one she most damaged and laid this mess at his feet. He was a better man than she could have imagined. "Thank you again."

"I need to hit the road. I missed you Faith."

Her eyes got wide. Before she could say anything though he hung up and put his hand on the glass. She put her hand on his and then he was gone. She hung up the phone and went to the guard. The unchecked tears running down her face. She was half way back to the cell when another guard came running up, the guard turned to her, "You are popular today." She looked up confused. "You have another visitor. So they turned around and went back. Angel sat there. She sat back down in the same place. She picked up the phone and tried to clear her face at the same time. "Angel."

"What's wrong Faith? Why are you crying?"

Faith filled him in on her visitor and why he was here. She watched as Angel had a myriad of emotions run across his face. There was anger in there as well. "Why didn't you tell me you had a child?"

"I was scared. Besides you didn't need to know. The only one who mattered was that child and the child's father."

Angel could understand it. "So you and Xander?"

Faith smiled. "He gave me something to believe in, even if he didn't know it at the time. And give him more credit, he is doing the right thing. And he forgave me."

Angel could hear the relief in her voice. She really thought that he would never forgive her. "You underestimated his loyalty Faith. He tried to help you, even before I could. He is loyal to those he chooses and he was always loyal to a fault. Your child could not be in better hands."

Faith smiled at that. Angel and Xander would never be best buds but at least they respected aspects of each other. Their visit went on longer than hers and Xanders did but that was how the day usually went.

Xander made it to Boston in 3 days. He picked a motel as close to the address as possible. He needed a good 8 hours of sleep and to wash up. It was the middle of the night anyway. Xander got cleaned up and fell into bed.

The next morning, he called Emily. The next thing he knew he was sitting in front of her home. He was terrified. He was about to meet his daughter. He made himself get out of the car and walk up to the door. He knocked.

A woman he assumed was Emily opened the door. She looked at Xander and told him to come in. "Don't stay in the door, she is in the kitchen having her breakfast." She turned when he finally came on. He shut the door and followed her to the kitchen. When he got there he stood stock still. Her hair was exactly like Faiths. "She is starting to really talk." Xander could only nod. Then the little girl turned and gave him the sweetest smile and he thought he would die because it was his smile. Emily walked over to her and said to the child, "Do you remember that I told you that you were going to meet your daddy?" The girls shook her head yes. "Well this is your daddy Casey. He has come to take you with him." Casey's smile slipped.

Xander stepped in. "Hey pretty girl. You know you are going to have so much fun with you uncles. They can't wait to meet you." The girl smiled at him. "Would you like to meet your uncles and see mommy a bit more?" The little girl shook her head yes again. "Good. We are going on a long trip so you have to bear with me. I am new to this." The little girl laughed.

Over the next couple of hours Xander played with his daughter. Emily had already packed up most of the things that he would need right away. Xander gave her the address to Bobby's so that she could ship the rest. He stayed at Emily's that night and in the morning, they got on the road. Casey cried when she got in the car. Xander knew what it felt like and he let her cry until she fell asleep. Even though his heart broke to hear it.

That is how the next five days went. Xander would drive until they needed to break to use the bathroom or get food. He stopped every night so that she wouldn't have to sleep in the car. It was a long five days back. By the end he was really ready to be home and out of the car.

In the time that Xander was gone the boys got sucked into a job, leaving Bobby to finish the room. He knew they didn't need a crib because she could walk and talk a little. He got a regular size bed and put fresh and brand new sheets on it. He picked out purple cuz as much as it was a girl, he really couldn't buy pink ones. He bought two dressers and cleaned out the closet. That should be good to start. When the boys came back they helped him clean up the house. It hadn't been this clean since his wife was alive but with a kid coming to live with them he knew thigs needed to be better.

On the eighth day that Xander was gone, Bobby heard Xanders car pull in. He didn't grab the shot gun but poured two shots of water. Xander got her out of the car and then ran after her when she ran up the porch. "Slow down, I don't want you to trip." She slowed down and stopped in front of Bobby. She turned and looked at her daddy. "This is Bobby. He has some water for you to drink." Bobby showed the little girl the shot glass. She drank it. Xander drank his too.

"Welcome home. I got her room all cleared out." He bent down to her. "Would you like to see your brand-new room?"

She looked at Bobby and smiled "Yes." Bobby stuck out his hand and she grabbed it. Xander followed them and was really shocked at what Bobby and his brothers accomplished. "Thank you, Bobby. I will bring her stuff in later."

Bobby could understand. Xander looked exhausted. But he also looked really happy. "Take your time, car isn't going no where."

"She needs her stuff and toys. My trunk is packed. I need to do laundry and get some other things done before I put her down for her nap. Can you help me?"

"You don't even have to ask."

"Good. Can you watch her. I can unload the car and get the stuff in the house. And where the hell are my brothers?"

"They doing a job. Should be wrapped up soon though. Don't worry they will be back. They have a niece and new family to spoil."

"Don't remind me." Xander went back downstairs and outside. He got the car unloaded. He took everything up to her room and started putting the clothes away. He toys went in the corner and she immediately started playing with them. In the hour, the clothes were put away and the laundry was started.

Xander tucked her blanket around her as her eyes finally shut. He was rubbing his own eyes. He went downstairs and started to talk to Bobby. Bobby was doing some research and noticed that Xander stopped midway through a sentence. He looked up and Xander was asleep with his head back in the chair. Bobby smiled and got Xander awake enough to go to the couch.

"Life is going to get real interesting around here." Bobby just smiled.

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