Alaya carries the last of the large boxes out of the laboratory at 15 Savile Row and passes her Mother Vastra on the way to her mothers' office. "This is the last one."

Vastra pulls out the list from her pocket, "Hot water, towels, basins, gloves and pillows."


"Her head and lower back. Laying on the cold surface will tough enough, but her lower back will be carrying the burden."

Alaya nods, "Fiona is on her way. Are you ready?"

"Fiona has taught me well. I have had limited opportunities for hands on, but I will do my best."

"Do you have your notes? Book for reference?"

Vastra smiles and goes back to her office, "Good idea."

Alaya places the last box against the wall and returns to the hallway to see her beautiful wife in a white lab coat and carrying two medical bags. "Do these go into the operating room?" Alaya bends down and takes from Fiona's hands.

"They do. Thank you." Fiona takes this private moment and kisses her wife right on the lips.

"Doctor is that best to get flustered before a critical surgery?"

Fiona smiles, "Where is mother Jenny?"

"Pacing in the kitchen." Fiona goes into the kitchen and laughs, "Mother Jenny are the twins hungry now? They shall greet the world in a less than an hour. Honestly." Fiona comes over, puts the sandwich down and looks into her eyes, "You have nothing to worry about. It will go as we planned. You will go into a deep sleep and when you wake up there will be extreme discomfort nothing else. Any questions?"

"Have you done this before?"

"Mother Jenny, I have completed many. Too many to count." Fiona smiles, "You have seen so many I bet you could aid me."

Mother Jenny smiles, "I actually would like that."

Alaya walks into the kitchen.

Fiona turns, "She was eating a sandwich."

'The twins were hungry." Mother Jenny offers as a reason.

"I bet they were." Alaya bends down and talks to her sisters. "I shall see you two soon." She offers her arm to her mother, "You ready?"

Mother Jenny quickly takes another bite of the sandwich and places it back down. "Yeff I am."

Fiona follows.

Once Jenny is under Fiona preps the area and looks at the blue eyes behind the mask, "Are you ready? Do you want me to assist or do you want to assist?"

Vastra smiles under mask, "Please allow me to lead if I get into trouble, please take over."

Alaya knocks on the door, "I have the phone with me."

"Thank you dear, I hope we don't need it." Fiona offers a smile to her Vastra, "We must protect our family. We must be able to do this ourselves."

Vastra nods as she makes the first incision.

The whole operation goes without too much effort. Managing twins was delicate. They had to call in Alaya to hold one of her sisters while the first was being weighed, measured and notes were taken.

Fiona quickly takes the first baby removed and put on the prepared table. She cleans the little girl off and weighs her "2.2 Kilograms, she is a tiny one." Fiona measures, "20.5 centimeters, she is going to be tall like her Mother Vastra." Fiona continues to call out other facts she finds out about this new member of the family, "Blue Silurian eyes, human genitalia, human tongue but her heart is beating like a Silurian." Fiona picks the newborn up and slaps her buttocks and she screams. "She has lungs of a Silurian too." Fiona swaddles the tiny girl into a warm pink blanket and hands off to her sister.

"Vastra that is fantastic suturing. You are doing an excellent job. Did you count the bandages you used?"

Vastra looks up and smiles, 'Yes Doctor I did and thank you.' Vastra has to keep her tongue in her mouth, there is too much blood and it overpowers everything. She has purposely been breathing from her the oxygen stored in her lungs.

Fiona takes the next newborn and cleans off the distinct Silurian baby. "She is without a doubt Silurian." She cleans the little girl off and weighs her "3.7 Kilograms, healthy weight." Fiona measures, "34.8 centimeters, she is also going to be tall like Mother Vastra." Fiona continues to call out other facts she finds out about this new member of the family, "Beautiful green scaled body in incredible patterns, brown Human eyes, Silurian genitalia, Silurian tongue but ..." Vastra looks up. "Her heart is beating like a human."

Vastra continues finishing up taking care of her wife.

Fiona picks the Silurian newborn up, slaps her buttocks and the infant just licks the air and lets out a sound of irritation. "These two are opposites." Fiona swaddles the tiny Silurian newborn female into a warm pink blanket and she starts to cry. Fiona removes the blanket the newborn stops. She looks to her wife, "Watch."

Fiona covers the newborn with a blanket it cries and as soon as the blanket is removed it goes back to sleep content. Fiona holds the scaled girl to her body it cries immediately. "Curious. Alaya please hold your sister against your cool body."

Alaya and Fiona switch newborns. Alaya takes her scaled sister and lays her against her cool neck. The response is immediate and the newborn sleeps quietly.

Fiona smiles, "Alaya you will have your hands full," as she hands her other sister. "We must finish cleaning up your mother.

Together Vastra, a great Silurian warrior and scientific mastermind of her tribe, alongside Fiona, a human consummated in the twenty-first century but born one-hundred years back in time, have delivered two wonderful half-Silurians.

"We did it." Vastra smiles as they watch Jenny sleep.

"She should wake up any minute."

"Do you think I could wake her?"

"It would not hurt, she just will be a bit drowsy."

Vastra straight-away pulls up a chair next her wife's bedside. She grabs her wife's hand. "Jenny. Would you like to see your new daughter?"

Mother Jenny slowly opens her eyes and smiles.

"Careful," Fiona says to Mother Jenny, "Remember you have stitches and you will be uncomfortable for a couple weeks."

Mother Jenny holds out her arm, "Please help me sit up."

Vastra stands up, fluffs the pillows and pulls her wife into a seating position. "Better?"

"Thank you. Now please introduce me to our new family members."


Alaya comes walking into the room laying one against her shoulder and the other in the crook of her arm. She hands the swaddled one first, "She likes to be warm."

Jenny opens the blanket and sees jet black hair, "She's human?"

Vastra smiles, "Half-human. I dare you to take off the blanket."

Jenny unwraps the little girl in her arms. As soon as the cool air touches the newborn skin she opens her mouth and lets out a hair curling scream. Her poor pink human tongue quivers as it cries. Jenny quickly swaddles the child and it goes back to sleep. Jenny looks to her wife, "What was that?"

"It seems her outside is human but inside she is all Silurian." Vastra hands her the stethoscope, "Listen to her heartbeat."

Jenny listens to the baby's heartbeat that familiar sound she often hears when she falls asleep on her wife's chest. "She is our Mirum."

Vastra nods her head yes, "Perfect. Mirum Vastra Flint."

Jenny smiles at her Alaya, "May I hold her?"

Vastra takes Mirum and holds her tight.

Alaya hands her mother her newborn sister.

Vastra hands her wife a blanket. "She is also half-Silurian. I dare you to put this blanket on her."

As soon as Jenny covers the scaled newborn she begins to whimper and lets out soft cries. Jenny hands back the blanket to Vastra.

"This one is a Silurian outside and a human inside."

"You must be joking."

"Listen to her heartbeat."

Jenny takes the stethoscope and she hears a soft swooshing sound similar to her own. "Oh boy. They are nothing like each other or anything like Alaya. We have our hands full."

"Is this our Odea?"

Jenny smiles, 'She is our Odea Vastra Flint."

Alaya and Fiona watch their family grown. Alaya takes her hand and places it on her wife large stomach. "This is incredible. Just think in two months you will be holding our daughters."

Fiona smiles, "Yes and i trust Mother Vastra completely." Fiona speaks a little louder, "Your Vastra handled it all herself. I assisted when she needed my help, and it was because of the twins, not because she wasn't capable. She was marvelous."

Since Vastra is facing her wife, only Jenny is able to see such happiness and satisfaction beaming off her Silurian wife's face. "I am very proud." Jenny looks to her Alaya and Fiona, "I am very proud of my family."

Odea and Mirum both begin to cry.

Vastra laughs, "It is feeding time. They have been patient enough."