"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why."

- Mark Twain

Star-date 2241.218

The medical staff are astounded by the raging squalls from the tiny, blood and placenta covered new born infant they have been currently carefully pulling out of a C-section incision. They quickly cut the umbilical cord and set to work repairing the mother's skin while a midwife on standby takes the baby in a cloth and wipes carefully at it's head to take off any excess fluids.

However they do not take the child to the mother. Instead they walk over to a much older man who was standing in the corner of the room doing his best to stay out of the way of the working surgeons and nurses.

He is wearing a black uniform with a blue torso, his brown and grey hair combed neatly back and his dark eyes sharp with a quiet but dark uneasiness as he looks up at the approaching woman.

"How is he?" He asks a slightly sharp edge to his voice as he stands up to look down on the infant she carries

"I think you mean 'how is she?'…sir…" The midwife corrects him carefully, avoiding his eye.

She is a middle aged woman with smooth dark skin and black hair flecked with grey and has seen and delivered many babies in her lifetime; however it is still not wise to one up an admiral an Admiral, especially one like Alexander Marcus

Marcus looks down into the still squalling infant's face. Her skin is still rather red but he can discern a small tuft of dark black fuzz atop of her round fragile head. She's barely seven pounds in weight and small as well in length. He frowns at this.

"Kind of on the small side isn't she? Considering her heritage"

"With all due respect sir, I hardly find this surprising. Every baby grows differently during the gestation period, no matter what heritage they come from." The Midwife gulps realising her sass a little too late, but Marcus doesn't seem offended at all. In fact he seems genuinely intrigued. She inwardly sighs in relief and proceeds to explain herself "they may have been more superior to us in means of intelligence and strength but in many ways they too were still very much as human as you or I. All I can theorise from my experience in my profession is that her current physical state is probably similar to that her biological genetic providers' was at this point in their lifetime, like so many other normal children. And even then who knows what she will become later"

"Who knows indeed, now may I?" he holds out both his hands forwards but she hesitates. Marcus smiles, though his eyes are cold and she still doesn't hand over the child.

"Oh come now Nurse Jefferson, I'm a happily married man with a daughter of my own. I can assure you I know how to hold a baby" he chuckles in a light-hearted manner though she can see in the rest of his body language his patience with her is wearing thin.

Jefferson sighs in defeat as she hands over the now mewling child into her superiors arms.

"Only for a moment while I go fetch the formula then I have to give her, her first feed"

"Of course Jefferson, of course" Marcus waves her off looking down at the little babe in his arms.

"All that hard work, hours researching your kind…your potential…ten months getting you prepped and ready" He mutters softly. Nurse Jefferson, who is now just only a few feet away pauses, feeling her gut drop badly as she hears the man's next words float into her ears.

"Now let's see what you can do"

"Alex!" a voice called and Admiral Marcus turned to see a man in his thirties running into the room looking frantic. He had short brown hair and light blue eyes that were filled with worry as he looked over the room. Unlike Marcus he was dressed in the standard grey Captain's dress uniform usually seen worn by normal Starfleet regulation, though it was sufficiently crinkled and unkempt due to the hurry of its wearer.

"Chris there you are" Marcus's cold smirk quickly transformed into a warm friendly grin at the sight of the haphazard officer "You missed all the fun. They're just patching Helene up now"

"I know and I am so sorry I'm late. I tried to get the first shuttle I could but still-Is she-" Chris panted as he made to run up to his friend only to stop dead in his tracks as he caught sight of the small swaddled bundle in the Admiral's arms.

"Yes she's fine Chris…" Marcus's smile widened as he shifted his arms to reveal the tiny scrunched up red face of the little infant "both her and your daughter are fine"

"May I…may I…hold her?" Chris breathed and Marcus nodded.

"Of course, you are her father. Legally that is, now that you and Helene have exchanged vows" but even as he said this the admiral seemed to have had no qualms about handing the little baby girl over to his friend who was quick to hold her securely against his chest.

As Chris looked down on the girl he almost felt his heart melt. Though she didn't bear any of his features, what with her jet black hair and pale skin, she was still nonetheless the most beautiful thing he'd ever laid eyes on, not counting his new wife.

He felt the corners of his eyes prick with tears of joy as he saw two tiny eyes opened to reveal murky pools of swirling light blue.

"It doesn't matter that we don't have the same genes" He murmured down to the little babe who began to mewl with interest at his face. "In fact that just makes what familial bond we will have all the more special"

"Always the sentimentalist" Marcus chuckled though something in his eyes turned slightly cold as he continued to watch his friends cooing "What shall you name her?"

"Well" Chris smiled, still not taking his eyes off the child in his arms and not noticing his friend's strange demeanour "Helene always liked the name Layla and I did agreed to let her pick the name, but…but I rather found I always preferred the name Serena…"

He trailed off looking up at Marcus with a slightly pleading expression.

Marcus quickly forced a smile back on his face as he suggested at the top of his head.

"Why don't you give her both names? Layla as the first and Serena as the second. That way it's a win win for both of you"

"Yes…" Chris murmured softly looking back down to stare at the little blue eyes which were still looking innocently up at him "Layla Serena Pike…it's perfect"

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