Robin's POV:

I see Mya, Janelle, and Jillian the next morning, but all I can focus on is Mya , her blue tank top and a pair of dark blue shorts under a mint green robe, her hair hung loose over her shoulders and a mint headband on her head I hear Janelle whisper "someone's looking at you" she said while poking Mya in the ribs, she gently blushes and meets my gaze. I smile to myself while I Pour a glass of milk. Jillian walks up to me " I see you have taken a fancy to my sister" she says I do a spit take "what are you talking about?" I say a little too loud. All Jillian does is shrug and walk away. I feel someone wrap their arms around my waist and I hear a soft sigh "I'm so tired" a soft voice says as I turn around and Mya wraps her arms around my neck "take me to my room" she says and she holds herself against my chest, I feel my cheeks growing warm and I hear some snickering and a he's never going to do it, I pick her up (bridal style) and carry her away and as soon as we reach her room I set her down on the bed and if start to walk away and she grabs my hand and whimpers "are you going to leave me?" I sigh and smile at her "never would I ever".