Viral Legacy

Prologue: The Trial

This was bad.

Very bad.

A very agitated, and slightly distraught, Enzo Matrix paced the shiny, bright tiles that lined the ground. Dressed in a gray suit and tie, Enzo paced back and forth, looking at his watch, wondering where they were. This was a bad situation, very bad. He couldn't actually believe they were even here. A young tan sprite watched the young man pace continually. Alexandria Matrix knew this new crisis was slowly driving her family insane.

"Where are they?" Enzo muttered, popping his fingers as he paced. "Don't they have any idea what's at stake here?"

"We know exactly what's at stake." replied a rough voice from behind.

Coming up from behind, Enzo's brother and sister came over to him. Matrix was dressed in a similar suit and constantly playing with his tie, Dot was dressed in a simple black business suit. "Where have you been?!" he exclaimed.

"Keep your cool." Dot hissed, looking sternly at her younger brother. "The last thing we need is for one of us to completely lose it. So stay frosty."

Enzo took a deep breath and sighed. "What're we gonna do?" he whispered, his demeanor changing completely. He literally looked like he was on the verge of crying.

Dot also sighed, shaking her head. Of all the things she thought she and her family would face, this was not one of them. "Let's just hope our attorney is able to set some things straight." she said.


"I don't believe this!" came a cry from a back office.

Christopher "Kit" Lan, along with his brother Jet, stood in the counsel chamber before the trial began. The brothers were also dressed in suits. In the room with them was another sprite, beige tone, with brown hair and brown eyes. The three stood in front of a small desk where an older sprite sat. Kit couldn't believe he was in this situation. He and his family were now in the system of Trison, a smaller sister city to the Super Computer.

The whole thing seemed like a nightmare.

Kit hoped he would have a joyous celebration for finishing his internship in the system of Devonshire, a premiere system with the foremost science program. He was now 'Dr. Christopher Lan' and his arrival back home only made the news even sweeter. He had proposed to his girlfriend, Danielle Avery, and had made an official announcement. He was also there in order to see his brother and sister graduate from high school. Things couldn't have been better.

Until they received the vidwindow from Turbo, the former Prime Guardian and head of the Guardian Academy.

The former leader had told them about a new council that had been formed in order to keep justice and peace within the known Net. The council itself was made up of former military leaders, as well as Command.Coms from different systems, and even lawyers. It was basically a jury, with the prime leader as the judge. The group had thought Turbo was calling to inform his mother, Dot Matrix, that she was being considered for one of the positions ~something that had been discussed only a few hours earlier~ but to their dismay, the call was to inform them that they were being summoned to court. The charge?

Crimes against the Net.

Kit couldn't believe it. After all he and his family had done in order to try and save the Net, three members of his family ~Matrix, Enzo, and Dot~ were being charged with committing crimes against the known Net. The charges ranged as far back as to Matrix and AndrAIa's time in the games. Turbo said the group ~all members~ were to be in Trison in about two cycles in order to stand trial.

So now, Kit and his brother Jet, stood in the council chambers, talking ~or rather yelling~ at the judge for their case, a Percevil Riley, an ancient, over weight, balding sprite with a bad attitude. This 'judge', and the boys used the term loosely, was actually saying they couldn't represent their family in court, due to the fact they weren't actual lawyers. The prosecutor, T. Johnson Peters, smirked. He had studied law for five hours before being asked to be prosecutor for council. They had yet to find a defense attorney.

"What makes you think you make a good lawyer?" Peters asked, smiling at the brothers.

"What makes you think you're gonna win?" asked Jet, his arms folded across his chest.

"Gentlemen, please." Riley stated. "TJ, if these boys want to make fool of themselves, let them go right ahead." He then pointed at both young sprites. "But I refuse to have you make a mockery of my court."

"Consider it an honor." Kit smirked. "To serve you. Sir."

Riley looked at the two, knowing an insult when he heard it. "Get out of my office." he growled.

The two brothers left the room, Kit frustrated more than ever. "Of all the basic, two-bit..." he chorused, until he realized people were filling the court room. He couldn't believe these things were opened to the public. The two walked over to their table, their defendants already seated, and took their places.

"How're things going, counselor?" Matrix asked.

"It's going to be a bumpy ride." KIt replied, dryly.

The court room was large in size, being converted from a large dining hall. On the left was the council table where nine council members sat during the trial. In front, like any court room, was the judge's bench and the witness stand. The nine members entered the court, taking their place at the table. The Mainframers weren't too surprised when Turbo took his place at the table as a members.

"Just when I thought he was tired of being a traitor..." Matrix muttered.

"I can't believe he's on the council." whispered Roscoe Bettyoskin, seated next to Sabrina Matrix.

"Stay chilled, Lover boy." she cooed. "Turbo's on our side."

"Wanna bet?" Matrix asked over his shoulder.

Riley entered the court and all was silent. He sat in his chair and banged the gavel. "This is a trial, like any other, to determine the fate of those who would betray us in the known Net." he said. "Mr. Peters, your opening statement, sir."

"Thank you, your honor." Peters replied, standing. "Ladies and gentlemen of the United Council for the Known Net, we are here today to bring justice against those who have betrayed us. The prosecution will show that these defendants, Enzo Matrix, Sr., Enzo Matrix, Jr., and Dot Matrix, have hereby destroyed the trust and positions we have put them in. Not only that, but the prosecution will also show that their family members are also prone to destroy everything we hold dear in this great diplomacy of ours. The list of offenses is long indeed. From kidnapping to murder. Stretching from the new Prime Guardian, Robert Lan, to one of his own cadets, Sabrina Matrix. This family of cold, calculating, and cunning sprites have brought the Net to the depths of harshness. I will do my best to put them away for good."