Viral Legacy


Tension in the court was high as spectators, witnesses, defense, and prosecution returned for the verdict in the case against Dot Matrix and her brothers. Despite being an accessory to the fact, T. Johnson Peters was still smiling. No matter what happened to him ~ and by what Turbo alluded to, it wouldn't be pleasant~ he had done his job. There was no way the Matrixes would walk out of that court free sprites.

No chance in Dell.

On the defense side, the time to worry was now. Even after the surprise testimony of Peters, the defense was still worried they could come out on top. They had made so many wrong turns at the very start, that it seemed even the luck that came their way now couldn't hold out. Jet sat nervously tapping his fingers on the table, apparently loudly enough Nikki had to cover his hand with hers, telling him, "The whole court can hear you. Stop it." The teen hoped his efforts in flushing out Peters and ultimately the trio of backstabbers that now sat in the holding cell themselves, would help to exonorate his family and hopefully not put them next to the trio aforementioned.

The counsil members one by one entered into the court, followed by Judge Riley.

The time had come.

The members took their seats, leaving the former Prime standing at the head of the table. "Would defense please rise?" he asked, watching as the front table rose together silently. "It is here by the High Court of the Net and the system of Trison that I now read your sentence. It is by judgement of the court, that the defendants, Dorthea Matrix, Enzo David Matrix, and Enzo David Matrix, Jr..."

The court held its breath.

"...on the charges of crimes against the net,"

The prosecutor smiled.

" charged with the verdict of..."

The defense held its breath, desperately searching for redemption, but coming to the realization of damnation.

"...not guilty."

Collective sighs and soft congradulations went through the defense.

Turbo turned to two young guardian cadets that stood next to the table. "If you'll take Mr. Peters..." he said, indicating the prosecutor.

They had done it. Against the odds, against the struggle, they had done it. But as Jet got the praise he had wanted, he still felt like something was missing. The better part of him knew he was just being childish now. They had won and with his help, how could he possibly not be happy? He had to quell his own thoughts as his mother hugged him and he received pats on the back from his uncles. Turbo walked over, following the guardians as they went to take Peters into custody.

"I hate to interrupt," he began. "But I was wondering if I could have a word with you, Prime Guardian. Bring your students along, will you?" It was clear they weren't out of the woods yet. As Turbo turned to leave, the four in question coming to stop behind the former Prime, he turned towards Jet and said, "I'd like to see you as well, Mr. Lan, after I take care of this. Good job."

He then turned and walked away, leaving Jet to stare after his retreating form. The back of his father was soon replaced by the face of Peters. "I must admit, Lan," he said. "I didn't realize you would be so smart as to not only follow me, but to record my conversation as well."

"Conversation?" Jet asked, confused. "Oh, you mean exhibit E? That wasn't your conversation."

"What?" Peters growled.

"That's a little file by the late, great Johann Sebastian Bach." Jet replied. "I always have been fond of classical."

"Why you little..." Peters spat, lunging for the teen, but being stopped by the guardians on either side.

"Oh, and one more thing." Jet said, coming closer to the former prosecutor. "Suck this." And his fist connected with the side of Peters' face.


Roscoe paced outside the makeshift court, waiting for Sabrina to emerge. He couldn't image what could be going on in there. Turbo was like the guy Bob reported to and to have him and three of his students involved in this whole thing...the young adult didn't want to think about it. He didn't even want to think about having to go back to the Super Computer without his girlfriend, without the woman he loved. She was the reason he was a guardian, she was the reason he had escaped the hell that was the UFL, she was the reason his life had gone so good.

She was his everything.

He remembered what life was like without her and he didn't like it, not in the least. He stopped his pacing when he heard voices from inside. The doors opened and some of the spectactors that stayed finally filtered out, not getting the answer to their questions. He watched as they all left, turning to see Dot to his left. She gave him a small smile, but he could see she was as worried as he was. The four in question soon left the room, none of them giving any indication as to what transpired inside.

Roscoe walked over to Sabrina, who was nodding at something her father had said. Matrix regarded his daughter's boyfriend, before nodding him over to where they stood. He then walked over to his sister and brother in law. The purple guardian looked at the teacher expectantly. Sabrina sighed and said, "Suspension. For a whole minute."

Roscoe let out the breath he was holding in relief. "You have no idea how worried I was." he whispered.

"That's what Dad said too." she replied. "It could've been worse, like being kicked out of the Collective. We're really lucky, even Uncle Bob." Bri sighed again. "A whole minute."

"Hey," Roscoe replied, wrapping his arms around her waist. "I'll keep you company and I'll definately make sure you've got things to do."

"Really?" she cooed, her hands on his chest.

Roscoe gave her a seductive smile. "I think I can keep you occupied for a minute." he whispered, leaning his head down towards hers.


The purple sprite actually jumped back, releasing his girlfriend, folding his arms, and smiled at the girl's father.

Dot and Bob gave Matrix a look, causing the large sprite to shrug. "I hadn't done it for a while." he replied.




Kit walked around to face his brother, the very sprite he had been at odds with the whole trip. "Congradulations." he said, taking a seat on the defense desk. Jet gave an embarassed smile. "And I mean with the trial as well as your appointment."

That had Jet shocked as well. After his meeting with the guardian quartet, Turbo had called him in to judges' chambers. There, the former Prime Guardian had asked the teenager to be the permanent defense lawyer for the HCN, provided the teen enroll in the law program they had. The sprite hadn't wasted any time in saying yes and shaking the leader's hand. "I certainly couldn't turn something like down." the teen replied.

"It'll delete Mom, you know." Kit continued. "Having the both of us out of the system."

"I know."

"But," his brother said, holding out his hand. "I couldn't wish it on a more deserving sprite."

Jet looked at his brother, then at his hand, before taking it in his hand and shaking slowly. "Thanks, Kit."

"Look," the elder sighed. "I know we haven't been on the best of terms in this thing and I certainly wasn't behaving up to my best..."

"You were a royal ASCII." his brother inputed.

"That too." Kit said. "None the less, you handled this case very professionally, especially for someone who isn't a lawyer." He was quiet for a nano. "You know I'm proud of you, Jet."

The young sprite looked up in surprise. "Really?"

Kit laughed. "Yes." he said. "What is there not to be proud of? You did what you had to. You took control of this case when it was going out of control and managed to discover a plot so deep it involved the prosecutor. Hell, you stood up to me. And that, little brother, is something I'm certainly not used to. You held your own and battled shit from both the outside and inside. You won this case, just like you said you would."

"But at what cost?" Jet murmured. He and Kit had always been close in the past and it really did hurt the teen to know that his actions as well as his brother's might put them on the off.

"You're still my brother, Jetison." Kit told him, his hand resting on the younger sprite's shoulder. "No matter what ever, ever happens, you're my brother and I will always love you. Even when you're irritating me to no end and I'm a royal pain in your ASCII..." Jet giggled. Kit smiled, then again turned serious. "I'm proud to have you as my brother, you know that, right?"

Jet nodded, abeit hesitantly. His earlier feelings seemed to lift from his chest. Maybe that was all he needed, was his brother to say he was proud, that he was making the right choices in life. "I guess I was kinda worried," he whispered. "About you not being proud or something, like you were better than me."

Kit chuckled. "Well, of course I'm better." he said. "I am the oldest after all."

"Log off." Jet replied, chuckling as well, and giving his brother a shove.

"You were really worried about that?"

Jet shrugged. "I just know that...I felt like something wasn't there and I guess I thought it was cause everyone worshipped you and stuff."

Kit regarded his brother for a bit, still facinated with what went on in the teen's head. Truth be told, Kit could be a little envious of the boy, after all it was Jet who shared a psychic connection with their sister. It was Jet who could teleport. It was Jet who garnered most of the attention... "I've been that way before." he said, earning a look of surprise from his sibling. "Hey, you try being the eldest son, especially when your father is the famed Guardian 452, who is now the Prime of the Collective. Or to top that, try being a scientist in a family of guardians and even trying to best your grandparents, who your mother won't even talk about."

Jet suddenly realized he had been spared all of that. While he had stressing over outdoing his brother, Kit had to contend with making sure his decisions, especially knowing the past that they held, wouldn't upset their family. Kit had started out needing to prove himself, where Jet almost just decided to put that upon his own being. "I've been a selfish little dipswitch, huh?" he asked, quietly.

"No more than usual."

Jet punched him in the arm. "You really do need to log off." he said. "Not that you're not already."

"And what would you know about that?" Kit asked, amused.

"My room is next door, you know." Jet said, coming closer to his brother. "Apparently, your headboard is at the wall where mine is and the walls aren't too thick." The younger sprite let his brother chew on that little bit of information before heading out of court.


The Trison holding cell had been a large attraction since the formation of the High Court of the Net counsel. The holding cell was now becoming more and more crowded with criminals that had been charged. Three such criminals found themselves in seperate cells in the very place. Alexander Gain paced as best as he could, while Vance McMillian sat on his bench writing a list of people who could get him out, either legally or illegally. Robert Packard sat in an adjoining cell, ignoring the voice of guilt that began rising from out of no where. You've lost them, it said. Oh, he lost them, all right. Jet Lan seemed to be the only redeemable member in that family until he turned him over, his own grandfather, to the waiting guardian force. It was just as he had said when he came to Mainframe.

He had no son, his son had no father.

Now his grandchildren had no grandfather.

It was better this way.

To Dell and back with them, for all he cared, and he didn't. He hadn't cared since his wife deleted. That was all the family he needed and he didn't have that. It was better this way. Robert Lan, Jr. wasn't a Lan anymore. He was a Matrix and that went for his children as well. So much better. He wasn't a family sprite anyways. He was a businessman. He glanced at the wall where his other cospirators were. He may be finished with the Matrix family, but he doubt the two in there were.

Probably not by a long shot.