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Chapter :The Beginning

Emma had one of the worst headaches in her entire life. Her hands blindly fumbled for another pill. She groaned and slowly opened one eye. //There they are.// She grabbed two pills and dry swallowed them. She then opened both eyes and looked around. She scaned the room and saw Brennan and Shalimar still asleep on beds. Adam was working in his lab. She got up and walked over to him.

"What are you doing?" She asked him.

"Tests, I need to know if I can fix Shalimar and Brennan. I'd like them to get their memories back as soon as possible."

"Do you want me to give it a go once they are awake?"

"I was just worried about you over using your powers."

"Adam, I promise you I'll me okay. If I feel weak I'll stop I just I need to help them. I need to do Something." He bit his lip.

"I don't know...I mean it's just that this will take lot of work-"

"And I'm ready for it!" He didn't say another thing for the longest time.

"Fine, go rest and when they wake up I'll give you a call."

"Okay," She walked to the lab exit. "Is Jesse wake?"

"Yes, I think he is in his room."

"Okay, I'm going to go check up on him." She paused. "Is Shalimar's baby okay?"

Adam smiled. "The baby's perfectly healthy." Emma smiled. Then left.


Jesse was sitting on the edge of his bed as Emma walked in. "Hey, what are you doing?" She asked.

"Just thinking." He looked up. "Are you okay? you look a little pale. Come here and have a sit." He motioned her over to his bed. She smiled at him and walked over.

"It's amazing,"

"What is?" Jesse asked.

"You have a girl in your bedroom and you're not doing anything."

"Yeah, it's you Emma..." Pain crossed her face. "No I didn't mean it like that, It's just that. You're a good friend and I...Don't...I...I mean I can't...don't have those types of...feelings towards you." He paused.

"Are you sure?" Emma asked tapping her own head. He frowned. She laughed. "Don't worry Jesse...Your a friend to me...Sure I would like you to be more but I won't push you." He smiled at her.

"Thanks Em," His smiled left leaving his broading face again. "It's just everything with Shalimar and Brennan. I need some time to cope...I mean what happen. The person I grew up with. My 'sister' is gone. Now the only thing that is left is a shell." Emma pulled Jesse close and hugged him.

"I know, It's just going to take some getting use to." Emma locked her eyes onto his. "They aren't gone forever, I will get them back."

"What if you can't?" He asked.

"I will...I have too." She trailed off and looked off into space. A tear fell down her cheek. Jesse swallowed and placed his fingers under her chin.

"Emma?" He turned her face towards him. "Em, You okay?" He brushed a tear away. She blinked then nodded her head. Bowing her head she took a deep breath.

"It's just my walls. I'm still weak and being this close is a little overpowering." They locked eyes again. Jesse smiled.

"Then maybe we need some happiness. The other's are going Adam has anyother job for them. Want to go see them off?"

"Yeah, that would be nice." Jesse stood up and offered her his arm. She took it and the two walked down to the garage arm-in-arm.


Jemela and Grant were just finsihing packing up as Jesse and Emma walked in. Grant smiled and waved and walked over. "I see that you're feeling better." He stated to Emma.

"Yeah, plus I couldn't let you guys leave without saying thanks." Jemela had walked over and the other soon joined.

"It was nothing." Yvan passed off. Jesse smiled.

"I know your lying, cause we all know how Shal, can be," everyone smiled and Emma couldn't help but feel left out. They all knew each other so well. "And Brennan isn't actually an easy going either." Emma couldn't help but giggle. Jess laughed and looked at her. "What?"

"I can't help it. I remember the first time that you meet after Bren, and I were brought into the circle." Jesse grunted.

"I can't either, I still have the scars." He rubbed below his collarbone.

"Well," Krya said clapping her hands together. "I would love to stay and talk longer but we got to be in France before the day is out, so we will have to going. I'm sorry to cut this short." She gave Jesse a quick hug and then Emma. "It was nice finally getting to know you." Emma smiled.

"Same here."

"Tell Adam and the other we hope to see them soon. Maybe on vaction?" Jesse laughed.

"The chances are high, but then again you never know, Do you?" She smiled and quickly walked to their version of the Double Helix. Calling over her shoulder. "Hurry up guys you have ten minutes."

"She reminds me off Adam, in a sick twisted way." Les commented. The other laughed. Hugging and saying good-bye was short lived when Adam's voice came over Emma and Jess's comms.

"Hey can you two please come up to the Lab, Shalimar and Brennan are waking up."

"On our way, Adam." They waved to the others and left.


Where they entered the lab they saw two thing that instally stood out. Adam trying to calm the two mutants down and they were both in feral mode.

"That's not good." Jesse whispered to Emma. Brennan's head turned and he spotted the two new people. Pushing Shalimar behind him so that her back was to the wall he snarled at his two friends.

"Brennan, you have to calm down you know us, we are your friends." Emma told him moving forward. Adam and Jesse remained in the background. Emma took another step towards the confused mutants. "Do you remember me?" He shook his head no. She smiled. "Thats okay, because I'm here to help you. And Shalimar." He looked confused again. "Her." Emma said pointing to Shalimar. He eyed her then took a step towards her. She smiled. Shalimar also stepped forward. Emma judged the space. They walked towards her side by side. She grinned and jumped forwards placing one hand on each mutant. She opened her mind to them and let her memories flow into them. Everything that they had shared with her of when they were young, Emma and Brennan finding one another. Shalimar helping Emma escape from the GSA for the first time. Brennan and what he had to do for the GSA during the time he was captured. Emma and Brennan's welcoming into the Group. Emma felt light headed. She swayed and lost contact. She fell backwards. But didn't hit the floor as two sets of hands catch her. She smiled as she fell back into the darkness.

Brennan and Shalmar carried Emma over to an empty bed. They laied her down Brennan brushed hair off of her forehead. His baby sister how could ever forget her. He smiled at Shalimar and she grinned back at him. Turning around Jesse and Adam were walking to them. They both grinned. It was good to be back.

~Ten months later.~

Adam's Journal.

It's been a long hard trying time but everything has worked out fine. Both Shalimar and brennan are back to full health and their baby TWINS are doing great. With help from Jesse, Emma and myself they have regained their entire memories. Good and Bad. I have given them a shared bedroom for them and the children it's weird hearing children in this place. Both of them have both powers I couldn't remove them, but they seem to be in no danger so I have no problem with leaving them for the time being. Krya,Les and the others have vistied quite a few times since what happen and they all get along wonderfully. I am thinking about adding them to the Mutant X team. They have the skills, but I would miss Freedom X so I don't think I will change anything.

Brennan has informed me that he plans on asking Shalimar to marry him tonight and I wish him the best of luck. I just hope that life will calm down around us. Emma and Jesse are both happy and dating, which to tell you the truth scares me silly. When I was just getting use to the idea of Shalimar and Brennan (Which I can understand. Ferals don't like to rasie their children alone.) Jesse and Emma informed me of their relationship. I guess that everything is just Perfect.

Adam Kaine.