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Pairings: Kaito&Aoko, Shinichi&Ran, minor Heiji&Kazuha

Rating: T for swearing. Teenagers use filthy language.


Patience wasn't really something Nakamori Aoko valued, neither was tolerance, so when she would feel elbowed in the ribs or have her feet being stepped on continuously she could automatically feel her patience wearing thin.

It didn't help that there was a constant chant of 'Kid' in the background either

Damn. Things were really not going her way

Grunting, the brunette begrudgingly let go of her 'GO TO HELL KID' poster she had spent hours on the night before, it was creased and ripped from the damned audience anyway.

It was frustrating really, being the only anti-kid fan out there, everyone else was practically wrapped around his finger.

Aoko scoffed, rolling her eyes and shoving herself through the crowd, trying to find an exit from the sea of overly obsessed kid fans.

Something had to be done, the absurd thing had to be stopped.

Now, Aoko didn't necessarily despise the phantom thief, but that didn't mean she liked him either. But what she really hated was his arrogance and constant prancing around people's property as if he owned the place.

Well, he was going to get his just deserts whether he liked it or not.

A smirk was now placed on the young brunette's face, an aura of confidence and determination already forming.

However, a sudden thought seemed to occur to her. She had heard that Kid had often dressed up as herself in order to get in and out the building without any issues- being the inspector's daughter had its perks. However that stupid thief had also gotten her made banned from entering heists for a while.

Well that had turned her mood sour fast

How was she supposed to teach Kid a lesson when she wasn't even allowed to enter the premises? Granted, she could stay outside but that was where all the brain washed kid fans where.

Aoko scowled, her mind whirling, she would need help.

Kaito was the first to come to mind- but he idolized kid, always grinning like an idiot whenever her father had lost at a heist. There was no way in hell he would help her

There was Hakuba, but the phantom thief somehow always seemed to know just what he was up too.

She mentally crossed the two off of her list

Akako-san was much too self-centred, besides, what could she possibly gain from coming to a Kaito kid heist?

She crossed her off the list too

Keiko was a possibility, but the girl was much too sweet for something like this.

Shit. She needed someone smart- someone who had a sense of justice, someone who also felt that Kaito kid had the biggest damn ego known to man.

The brunette's mind had yet to stop whirling. Did someone like that even exist?

It was then when she found herself walking into a pole

Groaning, she raised her palm to nurse her poor nose. Opening her eyes to glare at the culprit only to blink in surprise.

"Kudo Shinichi high school detective?" she mumbled, ripping the worn out piece of paper off of the pole.

Cobalt eyes began analysing the paper, it looked like it had been there for an awful long time.

"Maybe this guy..." she found herself muttering "maybe this guy would help me?"

Biting her lip, she was hesitant on what to do. What if someone later on needed it?

Still cautious, she bought out her cell phone, eyes going from the paper to her phone as she entered the number onto her phone, she then saved the number as 'Kudo Shinichi' and then carefully placed the flier back where she had found it.

Would he really be able to help her?


Aoko turned on her laptop, hurriedly finding the search bar. She felt so…stalker-ish. But she had to see for herself whether or not this was some stupid hoax.

She was half surprised to find out that it in fact wasn't

It looked to be that he was exceptionally well known, Aoko hummed in delight. It seemed that not one review for the clients he had were bad.

It was then she decided that she would call this guy.

Aoko gulped, somewhat annoyed with herself for suddenly becoming cowardly as she stared down at her cell phone, his contact name stared back at her, mockingly.

What? Not going to do it?

The brunette blinked looking around before blinking. Shit. It was her conscious.

"I…I don't know if I should"

Are you an idiot? This is Kaito Kid we're talking about! The same thief who always makes fun of your dad!

She then groaned, cursing her conscious before closing her eyes tightly and allowing her thumb to rest on the call button.


Oh well. No backing out now.

It had taken around nine long rings before the phone was answered.

"Moshi, Moshi?"

Aoko gulped before responding "Uh…Hi?" she then mentally cursed herself for sounding so damn unsure.

"Is this-"she then squinted at his name on google search "Kudo Shinichi?" She could only pray that she had pronounced it correctly

The other line was quiet for a few moments before the voice on the other end piped up "Who wants to know?"

Aoko then blinked "Oh! I'm Nakamori Aoko!" she spoke rather fast

"Nakamori…" He muttered

"You might have heard of my dad, if that helps. He's an inspector" she offered, lamely. Gods this was embarrassing.

"Oh! Nakamori-Keibu!" he made a sound of realisation

"So um…Is this Kudo Shinichi? Because this is going to be seriously awkward if it's not" she said

The other end then chuckled, and Aoko could feel the relief practically wash over her when he replied with a "Yeah, it is"

"Oh good! Cause I saw a flier on a pole and it was seriously worn out so I was pretty scared that I called some random stranger!" she spoke

"Wait, there are still fliers out there?" he practically yelped

"….Yeah?" she stretched out, "Um- Kudo-san, are you retired?" she asked, attempting to mask her disappointment "If you are, it's cool. I'll stop bothering you-"

"No!" he practically yelled into the phone, causing her to wince. He quickly apologized "Look...Nakamori-san was it? I'm not really retired but…I'm in a position where I can't really come in person to help you at the moment."

Aoko then blinked "Oh…"

"But I know someone who can!" He quickly stated, causing her eyes to widen slightly "Really? You'll actually help me?"

"Yeah" and she was positive her beaming was even getting to him.

"Thank you! Thank you so much!" She squealed out before blinking "Wait…Kudo-kun, you don't even know what I need help with"

There was a pause "Oh. Right- what do you need?"

"It's…kind of complicated" she was now resting her back against the wall.

"Hit me" he responded almost immediately

"Alright…well, it's about Kaito kid"


Three words seemed to perfectly sum up her morning so far




To say the least, this wasn't exactly how she was expecting to be woken up on a Sunday morning.

Nakamori Aoko stood, her front door left wide open as she stared down towards a child who barely looked like he past the age of seven.

He stared up at her with wide innocent eyes behind rather large, round glasses.

"Um." Aoko blinked a few times, not sure how to address the situation.

She was in Pikachu pyjamas for Christ's sake!

The bunny slippers didn't help the situation either.

"So…Who are you?" she asked, after the rather long awkward silence

He then beamed up to her "I'm Edogawa Conan! Shinichi-Nissan sent me, you must be Aoko-neechan right?"

It was right then where she found herself questioning the sanity of the so called detective god of the east Kudo Shinichi.