Grace knew everything about Mr. Warbucks there was to know.

He drank "black" coffee. At least, he thought it was black. He had switched from drinking it with three sugars to having it with none a few years ago because he was getting a bit older and wasn't supposed to have the great deal of sweets he usually was. But Grace had known that straight black coffee would be too bitter for his sweet tooth, so she always snuck in a little bit of sugar. He loved it. When he was our at restaurants, however, he always ordered straight black coffee and thought the beans were bad because of the bitterness.

He loved peppermint sticks, caramels, and licorice- but never together.

His steaks were medium rare, with a honey cayenne drizzle the cooks had come up with when they had to make dinner for thirty with no warning and three hours to come up and make something.

He liked whiskey, piƱa coladas, and vodka with pineapple-like juice. This tied in closely with his choice of cologne, which was a custom-made soft, sweet, fruity scent with a low note of musk and tobacco smoke. It was strange to her, but appealing. She loved the way he smelled.

He liked forest green and deep red. His ties were generally that deep red with bits of purple, but he often wore a blue and silver tie that Grace had given him for Christmas one year. He had never really said thank you, but he still wore it for most important functions.

He wasn't really bald. He had curly, bright red hair but he hated it so much he had it shaved every time it showed signs of growing back. Grace had seen pictures of him when he was young. She thought it was rather cute. She wished he would grow it back, but knew he wouldn't.

He liked girls with straight, shiny black hair and electric green eyes, with slightly tanned skin and tall, slim figures. He found them intriguingly beautiful. The Mona Lisa was rather like that. He enjoyed it very much. Grace was tall, but had a fuller figure than he usually found attractive. She had curly blonde hair and hazel eyes. She was rather pale, too. Almost the opposite of what he found beautiful. But to him, no matter what she looked like, she would still be absolutely stunning to him.

He wasn't generally a family man, but he loved his small family with all his heart. Grace found it endearing that while he cared for little else but his work, she and Annie were the little else. He loved her. And she loved him too. No matter what, she would always be his favorite.

Grace knew everything there was to know about Oliver Warbucks there was to know. He was still learning about her. He always would be. But there were nice things about not knowing everything. There would always be surprises.