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A/N: It's finally here! The sequel that all of you have been looking for! I know you didn't have long to wait but it seems like I did. I mean, I'm the author and I'm dying to know what happens.

Summary: Leslie is living with the fang gang. She's also being hunted (but not exactly).


It is a chilly night. Leslie was wondering through a moonlit park. Something was definitely wrong. She was wearing her pajamas and slippers. Her long brown hair was a little on the messy side. Leslie suddenly saw a strange figure jump out from nowhere. She let out a horrified gasp. The girl fell back into someone's arm. It was her mother!

"Oh, my God!" cried Leslie. "Mom, it's you." She gave her a hug.

"Yes, sweetie," said her mother. "I'm here. You don't have to worry." Her mother was wearing a long glowing white dress. She looked like all of the peace and beauty of the world.

"Oh, Mom. I miss you so much. Strange things have been happening to me."

"I understand. You're a seventeen-year-old girl. Things are going to happen."

"Mom, I don't know if I understand. Can you come back? Please. I need you," said Leslie.

"Oh, honey, I wish I could. But I can't." Her mother was getting a little misty.

"But, Mom, I really want and need you. Can't you find a way? I feel alone," said Leslie.

"Sweetie, please keep it together. I need you to hang on, Leslie."

"Mom, everything has gone crazy since you left. Dad hates me. Rob is just out there. I just don't know either of them anymore, Mom. Mom, can you help me?"

"I'll try, my darling," her mother replied. "And I promise that I will always be with you. I love you, Leslie."

"Wait. Mom, don't go. Not now. I haven't had enough time."

"I feel the same way. Goodbye, sweetheart." Her mother began to rise up.

"No, Mom. Wait! Wait!" Leslie awoke with a huge gasp. It was all a dream. But it was so real. Leslie began to cry into her hands.