Chuck vs. The New Recruits

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It's Not A Tumor


It has been 6 and half months since the situation in Istanbul, Turkey occurred. Life would gradually get back to normal or close to normal when it involves the family and friends of Chuck Bartowski. Of course, within a 6 and half month period General Beckman would need some assistance from the former nerd herd leader pertaining to information. It would be the only thing he would do now that there are far more important matters in his life that he's focused on like preparing to have a baby due in a month.

True, Ellie saw to that knowing how her little brother's abduction truly affected her a few months after the terror filled ordeal to the point where she had nightmares about it. Thankfully, those nightmares would fade eventually after talking with her sister-in-law Sarah and how she was able to deal with it and her past pain as a spy. The things she personally experienced that tend to be buried in the back of her mind but somehow resurface from time to time.

Ultimately, the one on one with his wife gave her back that much needed sleep she so desired. Unfortunately, being the mother of one Clara Woodcomb sleep would be lacking; but it would be his awesome brother-in-law Devon coming to the rescue to help her through it. As a matter of fact, it wouldn't just be Devon as those within the inner circle of Team Chuck rallied around and helped support each other get through that difficult moment in time, especially the Riley's with their family situation. Hey, that is what family is for right?

His family would rally and support each other once again when he received an unexpected phone call. A phone call that completely took him by surprise so much so he actually had to contact Beckman to actually confirm it. In his mind, he's been invited and asked to do not only public appearances, but various speaking engagements since he is after all a successful business owner that is being well known in the computer/gaming industry. However, when it comes to this particular public appearance and speaking engagements it came out of nowhere.

In any case, after speaking at length with Sarah he would then gather the troops, so to speak, in order to speak to them on the opportunity presented to him. After sharing this bit of news with his inner circle, it no doubt had mixed reviews with Ellie not wanting him to do it and Morgan wanting him to do it and asking if he can tag along. He, along with Sarah, assured those with their concerns and all of them mainly coming from Ellie that he will be perfectly fine since there is no possibility of anything happening. They will see to that.

They will see to that. It's those four words that didn't sit too well with the eldest Bartowski sibling he recalls. He knows so many thoughts were running through her head concerning what could possibly go wrong. Anything and everything he surmised. For him, he could only imagine what actually goes on in a place that he's being invited to. Granted, it may not be anything like the movies but still he thinks to himself.

Although she has her misgivings about it, Ellie reluctantly gave her blessing to have him go and the one thing that comforted her the most is he wouldn't have just Sarah by his side. Casey's presence would also be a fixture as well after finding out his role in all this. Once the arrangements were made, Chuck and Sarah would head out Monday morning to their intended destination with the full support of their friends, as well as family.

"How are you feeling?" asked Sarah. The proud wife and mother-to-be sits in the back passenger seat of the S.U.V. they're currently in next to her husband.

Chuck sits there briefly taking it all in all-the-while mulling over what Sarah asked him. "I'm good." Instantly, he notices his wife quirk her right brow towards him. "Okay, maybe nervous anxiety. Just a smidge." he added holding his thumb and finger up somewhat close together for her to see. A sheepish smile expressed towards her.

"Don't worry babe…" Sarah retorted. She reaches up gently rubbing in a comforting way her husband's upper left shoulder with her right hand. "…you'll do fine. Remember, I'll be there and so is Casey."

"You're right." he softly smiled. He leans his head down in order to press his lips softly against her forehead. While sitting there cuddled next to his wife, he knows that even though he's heading into a place that he's only heard stories about his nervous anxiety will subside with the knowledge that his wife will be right by side. His thoughts then turn to the other individual who will be there as well. "I wonder how Casey's holding up?"

"He's fine…" she responded. "…those kids not so much knowing his temperament." smirked the former C.I.A. Agent.

Upon saying that, Chuck can't help but harken to the movie Kindergarten Cop starring Arnold Schwarzenegger where he's undercover as a teacher. In the beginning, it's painfully obvious the kids were having the absolute advantage over him to the point where he experienced a headache in the process. It's not a tumor. It's that particular thought and the way Arnold said it that it leads Chuck to express a soft chuckle in Casey's expense to which Sarah hears.

"What's so funny?" she softly asked. Her two blue spheres gazing lovingly upwards towards her husband.

In response, Chuck simply shakes his head expressing a bit of smile on his lips. "It's nothing."

It's at that point, the happily married couple are alerted by their driver inevitably turning their attention forward. "Mr. and Mrs. Bartowski, we've arrived."

The S.U.V. pulls up at the gate leading the driver to show his credentials. After a few moments, they're waved through and pass through the gate. A mesmerized Chuck can't help but be in awe of where they're currently in. As he takes in the location, their driver speaks up. "First time here in Virginia folks?" he inquired briefly turning back over his right shoulder.

"I've been here before but my husband hasn't." answered Sarah. She turns her head noticing the cute facial expression on her husband's face as he takes in his surrounding looking through the not his window, but her window as well.

"This is awesome." Chuck softly breathed out.

It's at that point, his attention is directed to the driver. "Welcome to Camp Peary Mr. Bartowski…" The driver briefly turns back over looking over his right shoulder once again. "…otherwise known as The Farm."


"Mr. Charles Bartowski, we're glad you came. I'm the Assistant Director of Operations William Dennis here at The Farm." the man happily proclaimed watching him along with his wife emerge out of the S.U.V. He sticks his hand out for a handshake as Chuck walks towards him with Sarah following behind him. There is another man behind him presumably an assistant of sorts.

To Chuck, William Dennis stood around 5'10, black hair with spots of grey showing, sporting a greyish goatee, wearing a seemingly regulation suit and tie, with dress shoes to match as well. Plus, wire rimmed glasses that adorn his eyes. In his mind, he personifies an ere of confidence judging by the gold watch on his left wrist and the ring on his finger he probably earned climbing the ladder of success to attaining the title of Assistant Director of Operations. It just some of the perks of being one of the powers that be I guess he thinks to himself.

"I'm glad to be here and please…" he retorted giving a firm nod towards the Assistant Director of Operations. "…call me Chuck." The two men stand there for a moment in order to exchange handshakes. "It's awesome you want me of all people to speak to the recruits."

"Okay Chuck. The reason we asked is because it's not often in our line of work when an analyst becomes an agent. Share with them your own insights. A question and answer period following after. It will be at the end of the week since training is nearly over."

"I don't see a problem with that." he said shrugging his shoulders.

Dennis' attention is then averted towards Sarah. "Agent Walker. The Farm's best and most outstanding trainee returns to the place where it all began for her." nodded the man in his late 40's to early 50's.

"That's all in the past. I'm Sarah Bartowski now. A wife and soon to-be-mother." she smiled firmly. Sarah briefly peers down to gently rub her stomach with her left hand.

In Sarah's mind, so many years have passed since she last step foot on The Farm. In a way, it hasn't changed a bit as if it was locked away in a time capsule. To her, although the place hasn't changed the individuals who enter in and actually make it end up changing. I know I did. The way a person thinks and acts, as well as one's whole demeanor can most definitely be flipped around to where you're a totally different person when you end up finally leaving for your first assignment if you get chosen.

"Regardless. You've set a high standard here. A legacy if you will." proudly stated Dennis. "You know, the records you've achieved and set here still stand."

Instantly Chuck's eyebrows rise up in absolute astonishment upon hearing that. "Whoa. That's pretty awesome."

"Indeed. Congratulations by the way to the both of you."

"Thanks." nodded Chuck expressing a proud smile.

Sarah nods then gives her response. "As much as I would like to relive past glory Assistant Director..." She briefly pauses for a moment in order to intertwine her left hand with her husband's right. "…I'm here to support my husband." she firmly added stepping closer to Chuck.

The undeserved attention she is getting from ADO Dennis felt awkward because it focused on the accomplishments she was able to achieve during her time at The Farm. Apparently, it's considered to be the gold standard in which every trainee must reach for in order to become a full fledge agent. Granted, it's nice to reflect back on the things you've done in the past but to have them used as motivation for future agents to strive for is not something she never expected to encounter. In that instance, her thoughts are broken by the sound of her husband's voice.

"How is Casey doing with the new recruits?"

Dennis is silent for a brief moment taking off his glasses then responds. "He hasn't killed anyone if that's what you're asking knowing Agent Casey's reputation. Not to my knowledge anyway." he replied shaking his head.

"Do a head count just in case." remarked Sarah expressing a faint smirk.

You really should. Chuck was about to stay that out loud but he restrained himself from doing so. If he did, then his concerns for the possibility of recruits slowly dwindling down would certainly not be considered good news for Beckman. The lanky business owner knows that his former teammate isn't too keen on instructing young kids, especially those with such short attention spans. He'll chew him up and spit them out faster than you can express a grunt he thinks to himself. His thoughts concerning the matter are set aside when the man who welcomed them to The Farm continues on.

"I'll take it into consideration." Dennis said briefly then turning behind him whispering to his assistant. Afterwards, he stands there for a moment putting his glasses back on inevitably gathering his thoughts then speak up once again. "When General Beckman suggested that a member of the NSA train our recruits I was considerably apprehensive. She did express that our agencies should play nice one in a while so it was approved by my boss."

"It will work out. I trust the big guy." Chuck said with a smile on his lips.

"Casey has been the best partner I've ever had. The recruits will benefit from what he'll teach them." assured Sarah.

"I hope so. I would hate to have my boss be wrong about this."

"Speaking of Casey…" Chuck takes a brief look around then turns his attention back to Dennis. "…do you happen to know where he is?" inquired the former nerd herd leader.

Once again, Dennis turns his head leading his assistant to speak into his right ear. He then turns his attention back to the couple standing in front of him. "Agent Casey is presently in the training facility teaching hand to hand combat techniques to the recruits." he replied. "We'll escort you there." he added.

At the same time he says that, a man in dark glasses wearing a jogging suit driving a golf cart appears to their right. After Chuck helps his wife to get seated, he hops in sitting next to his wife with Dennis sitting in the front and his assistant now in the driver's seat. The man wearing the jogging suit and dark glasses inevitably walks off leading Dennis to nod to his assistant to which he drives off with the former spy couple to the location of one John Casey.


Colonel John Casey considers himself to be one of the toughest human beings alive. He's basically seen and done it all from taking part in wars such as Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom to tangling with the supposed best the opposition has to offer. Hell, he's even lived in the walls belonging to his past rival Costa Gravan Premiere Alejandro Goya who he was assigned to assassinate but failed to complete. Though an unfortunate mark on his part he would however be unofficially bestowed the moniker Angel de la Muerte otherwise known as Angel of Death.

Essentially, he's earned the distinction of being considered a grizzled veteran who has the respect of not only his peers but even his enemies as well. He is the type of man that when he looks fear directly in the eyes it flinches whereby putting the fear of God into fear itself. The burly NSA Agent has endured the pain of broken bones even going so far as to break his own in order escape from tight fitting bonds such as hand cuffs. Absolutely nothing phases him because quite frankly what is there for him to do that he hasn't already experienced. That was until General Beckman gave him an assignment that he at first thought was punishment for something that he may have done but would reluctantly take the assignment given to him.

In his mind, he considered it glorified babysitting the potential new recruits and evaluating whether or not any of them are even become worthy C.I.A. Agents. Agents that he know would have to be in the same league as the best damn partner he has ever had…Sarah Walker. So, they have some pretty high standards to live up to. In that instance, instead of relishing the assignment he took it upon himself to raise the level to the point where the new recruits would eventually drop like flies.

To him, it would simply weed out those individuals who were merely there just to be there and those who are taking it so seriously they're willing to sacrifice blood, sweat, and tears all for the greater good. He was able to do just that as the group of 30 eventually dwindled down to 15 and with just 1 week left, Casey is prepared to see if any of the 15 that were able to survive will make it to the end. It's those ever so lucky 15 that now stand a few feet away from him in front of a rather large circular blue wrestling type mat. They are all dressed in their regulation FARM issued work out attire as their instructor walks from side to side eyeing each one of them down.

After a brief moment of tension filled silence, Casey speaks up.

"All of you have survived my own version of boot camp." Casey notices from out of his peripheral vision to his right the change in demeanor as if they're happy about that bit of news. He quickly turns to face them causing the new recruits to snap their attention back to their instructor. As much as he wants to smirk concerning the power he has over what they unknowingly are referred to as lambs to a slaughter, he steels himself and continues on. "You've got one week left and I want to see who has still retained the combat and escape techniques I taught you." he grunted.

The trained sniper stands there silently eyeing the 15 individuals standing a few feet away from him from left to right. The icy stare of death directed towards the potential new recruits seem unphased but looks can most certainly be deceiving. In any case, after mentally choosing the two volunteers to take part in his exercise he calls them out.

"Sloan and Gabriel…" he barked. "…you two ladies front and center." ordered the proud marine.

"Sir!" the recruits hollered in unison.

As the two take their position standing across from each other with Casey circling them like a predatory lion, Assistant Director of Operations William Dennis emerges from the front entrance hallway followed by Chuck and Sarah. The former spy couple quietly approaches keenly observing their former teammate from a concealed distance as he instructs the 2 female recruits in being able to escape a triangle choke hold before completely passing out due to having their breathing cut off.

"Now how do you escape Sloan?"

Sloan is about to answer when one of the recruits decided to give one of his own. "I wouldn't."

Instantly, Casey's attention is directed to the response given knowing full well it's a male voice. He rises up and glares at the 10 men that presumably said it then makes a calculated guess at who made that inappropriate comment.

"Owens!" he bellowed.

It's at that point, immediately responds. "Sorry sir! It just slipped out!"

Casey makes his way towards Owens and is about to get chewed out when Dennis intervenes stepping though the line of 13 individuals.

"Boys will be boys Colonel." Dennis places himself in between Casey and the recruit Owens who is glad that his life was spared by the ADO. He briefly turns his attention to Owens then motions for his visitors to step forward. "Colonel, you have 2 visitors that would like to see you. I think they know you quite well."

In that instance, the wall of 13 new recruits part letting the 2 visitors pass to where they stand next to Dennis. Upon seeing the 2 visitors, a faint smirk appears.

"Bartowski…" he said. His attention then falls on his blonde wife. "…Walker." gruffly added the grizzled military vet.

"What's up big guy." grinned Chuck.

"Hey partner." Sarah smiled.

As the 3 former teammates take a moment to catch up, a small commotion begins to slowly formulate coming from the 15 new recruits. It's a commotion that Casey quickly takes notice evident by the way they're all somewhat huddled together. "Hey!" What's with the yapping!? You all sharing your lady feelings?" growled the annoyed instructor.

"No sir!" quickly piped up one of the male recruits. "It's just that…" the male recruit pauses inevitably turning to look at the couple standing in front of them. "…you know them?" he firmly inquired pointing to Chuck and Sarah.

Casey's eyebrows furrow as he directs his attention to the male recruit. "What are you lip smacking about Moxley?"

Moxley is about to answer when a female recruit chimes in. "Agent Walker is known as a legend here at The Farm." the young woman astonishingly stated. "When it comes to Agent Bartowski…" she pauses momentarily speechless. She forces herself to continue on by speaking to the man himself. "Is it true you stopped a bomb by using a porn virus?" she quickly blurted.

"Are you kidding me?" Casey muttered under his breath. He reaches up with his right hand on order to rub his right temple.

While Casey stands in utter disbelief that his students are star struck by the appearance of Chuck and Sarah, they're being thrown a barrage of questions. One of those questions is whether the baby their having is a boy or girl but it would be the lanky business owner responding to the first initial question asked.

"To answer your question…." He pauses for a brief moment leaning forward motioning to get her name.

"Moore sir." she excitedly replied. "Tricia Moore." added the seemingly vibrant female.

"Please, you don't have to call me sir. You can call me Chuck." he replied flashing a smile towards her. Sarah simply rolls her eyes watching the scene play out in front of her as her husband continues on. "Yes I did disarm a bomb using a porn virus. It was awesome and the way I went…"

The fan fare is suddenly interrupted by a male voice chiming in. "So that's Bartowski huh. He doesn't look that tough." The comment causes the Casey, Sarah, Chuck, Dennis, and 14 of the 15 recruits to direct their attention to the person who made it."

"And you are?" inquired Sarah quirking her right brow.

The rather large and muscular male recruit stands there with his arms crossed with an unimpressed expression on his face. He sizes Chuck up and down shaking his head. "Trent Balor."

"Now is not the time son." stated Dennis turning his attention towards Balor.

Instantly, a sly smirk appears on Casey's lips. "Hold on." The burly NSA Agent steps forwards standing in front of Balor eyeing the recruit then turns his head back looking at his former teammate standing next to his wife. "How about it Bartowski? Let's see if he's right." he grunted.

In that moment, two words run through Chuck's mind. Oh boy.


The impromptu face to face match between Chuck and the new recruit Trent Balor suddenly had a large audience. Word quickly spread within the training facility leading to a very large gathering surrounding the blue wrestling type mat. While Balor is waiting patiently on the far end with Casey talking to him, Chuck is on the other end with Sarah giving her best pep talk to her successful business owner husband.

"Try not to hurt him babe." suggested Sarah giving a wink to her husband.

"Hurt him?" Chuck looks behind him over his right shoulder then returns his attention back to his wife. "I'm more worried that he'll hurt me. The guy looks like Ivan Drago from Rocky IV minus the Russian ascent." he added with much concern to his well-being.

Sarah leans forward whispering in his left ear. "You got this and remember you're The Intersect."

Once Sarah leans back and looks at her husband, the worried expression suddenly fades. "I am." he smiled with growing confidence. "Thanks for reminding me babe."

"Hey, it's my job to remind you." she replied softly smiling up at him.

While standing there, she watches as her husband initiates a flash then gives her a firm nod. The moment between the two is abruptly ended by William Dennis. "Are you sure you want to go through with this?"

"I'm sure. Let's do this." he answered giving a nod to the Assistant Director of Operations.

After giving Sarah a brief kiss on the forehead and gently rubbing her stomach for a measure of good luck, he then walks away leaving Sarah standing next to Dennis. The two watch as Balor and Chuck standing face to face with Casey officiating. As for the aforementioned instructor, he looks back and forth from an ever ready, as well as confident new recruit to a former teammate that basically everyone has underestimated in the past. After raising his right arm, 4 words though runs through his mind as his drops it down hard initiating the impromptu face off to begin. Let's get it on!