The school year was coming to an end and they had one more trip to Hogsmeade. There had been a few Death Eater meetings, and Hermione had been punished for saving Harry. Voldemort would never kill her, of course.

"We need to look for a house or something," Draco said to Hermione. They were sitting on the hearth of the fireplace in the common room.

"Yea... We can probably stay here until we do find one; I think father would be nice enough to let us stay."

"Yep. How about some place in Hogsmeade? We are going this weekend, so it would be a good idea to look, and it is close to Hogwarts."

"Okay, sounds good," Hermione said. It was nearing night that Thursday evening. The two went to bed, sleeping soundly and waking up early the next morning. The day seemed to go on forever as everyone waited for the last trip to Hogsmeade. Hermione woke up very early Saturday morning, and made Draco get up. The two got ready and left for Hogsmeade early.

"This house looks nice," Hermione said pointing to a yellow house in a brochure they picked up.

"Yes. We need to find the realtor, so we can check out some of these houses," Draco said. Hermione looked through the pamphlet and found an address.

"They are just around the corner," Hermione said and began to walk faster. Hermione walked up to a large brick house and entered through the main glass doors.

"Hello, how may I help you?" a blonde woman asked behind a desk.

"We'd like to buy a house," Hermione said as she walked up to the desk.

"Aren't you a little young to be buying a house?"

"I guess, but we are married and need a house," Draco said to the woman, whom he found was extremely annoying and fake.

"Who are your parents?" the lady asked.

"Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, my father-in-law is Severus Snape," Draco said.

"Oh! Mr. Malfoy! How can we help you, then?"

"We'd like to buy a house," Draco repeated Hermione's words, getting extremely annoyed.

"Ah! Okay, what houses would you like to visit?"

"This one," Hermione pointed to the picture she had shown Draco.

"Okay, one moment," the woman said and rang a bell.

A man all of a sudden appeared and escorted Hermione and Draco to the house. Hermione fell in love with it, and Draco already knew he would have no say in whether they bought it or not. It had three bedrooms, two baths, two floors, a living room, and kitchen/dining room. Hermione smiled and looked at Draco, pleaded silently to buy the house.

"We'll buy this house. How much is the cost?" Draco asked, much to Hermione's delight.

"We can negotiate," the man said. They walked into the kitchen, which already had a table and chairs, and sat to talk. They eventually came up with a good price, and Draco was able to pay in two payments. Hermione searched the house over a few times then left with Draco to go back to school.


It was the last week of school, and there was much excitement, even Harry was excited, for he would be going to live with Sirius. The last day eventually came. Hermione and Draco watched everyone get on the Hogwarts Express to leave. Hermione said goodbye to Harry and watched the train leave. Hermione and Draco then left to go home, to their small home in Hogsmeade.

The End!

AN - Yes, the end! I hope you enjoyed the story. I intend on writing another one (a completely different FF), but I will write it all before I post it. I had wanted to post this on Valentine's Day, but the site was down. Thanks for your support!