A/N-yes finally one of my fics where the people are NOT OOC! Well Hermione may be a little subconscious, but hey, she's 15 and she's a girl, what can you expect? But I think I did a pretty good job with Malfoy! : -D

Chapter 1

"Good lord Hermione! There she is!"

She was almost afraid to look. Ron had been ranting about this girl for days on end, and anyone he fancied was bad in her book.

"Come on Hermione! Take your hands off your eyes!" Ron reached over the table and pulled Hermione's hands off of her eyes. Hermione looked up to see the most beautiful girl she had ever seen walk through the great hall doors.

She had strait, shiny blonde hair, and big, bright blue eyes. Hermione thought about her brown, bushy hair and not so pretty green eyes and felt jealous. Her only attractive feature was her smile, and this girl even beat that.

Hermione tried to think of something snide and witty, but she couldn't.

"Isn't she gorgeous?"

"Well, er, I think Harry would be a better person to ask. Sadly I am not a lesbian."

"Oh I already asked him. He totally agrees."

Hermione rolled her eyes. What more could be expected from a 15 year old boy?

"Do you even know her name?"

"Of course I do! What kind of person do you take me for Hermione?" She rolled her eyes again. "Her name is Bethany and she's a Ravenclaw."

"Well all the pretty girls seen to be in Ravenclaw don't they?" she said under her breath.


"Oh nothing…"

Hermione spent the next few days finding everything she could out about "Bethany from Ravenclaw". Apparently she was very pretty but very dumb. However this didn't phase Ron one bit.

"Brains don't matter. It's the looks that count! Isn't that the saying?" was his response to that.

Hermione decided to take a walk. It was Saturday and she was alone, as Harry was at Quidditch practice and Ron had a detention with Snape; he was caught sucking on a sugar quill during a lecture. Typical Ron.

She stopped in front of the lake and took a look at her reflection. Her hair was shoulder length and bushy, not pretty and curly, but bushy. Her eyes were too close together and small, not big and pretty like Bethany's. She wasn't very tall or very skinny either. She wasn't fat, but she was much curvier than most of the girls in her year. She had horrible nails too; she couldn't get out of habit of biting them.

Hermione jumped when she saw a blonde haired, pale faced boy join her reflection.

"Well, if it isn't a little mudblood. Why aren't you with Potty or Weasel?"

Hermione frowned. "Well, if you MUST know, Harry's at practice-" Draco snorted. "And Ron's at detention."

"Surprise, surprise…"

"Look, did you come down here just to mock me or do you actually want something?"

Draco looked snide. "Oh just to mock you of course."

Hermione shot him an evil look.

"Besides, you're the one who needs help, not me."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Hermione shot back.

"Well, for one, this fizzy hair. How can you stand it?" Draco picked up a bushy lock and Hermione pulled away.

"And your eyes!" he continued. "You can hardly see them when you put them next to this huge hair!"

"Well that's kind of you."

Draco ignored her. "Perhaps your only nice feature is your smile…but it's hidden under those thin lips! Awful I tell you, awful."

Hermione could feel the tears well up in her eyes. "If all you've come to do is make fun of the way I look then I'm leaving."

"But leaving won't help you catch Weasley's eye, now will it?" He knew he had caught her attention with that.

Hermione was at loss for words. How could he have known? She sometimes had the feeling that he could read minds.

"I could help you change that."

"Oh yeah, and what's in it for you? You never do anything unless you'll benefit from it."

"True…let's say…a semester of you doing my potions homework," he said.

"Never! I won't do homework for anyone, not even Harry or Ron! Good-bye Malfoy!" She turned on her heal and walked away.

"True, you not doing Weasley's homework stalls him. I wonder how long it will take until Weasley asks out our lovely Ravenclaw friend?"

She stopped, and turned around with a pained expression on her face. "All right…I'll do your ruddy homework," she muttered.

Draco smiled evilly. "I believe we have a deal."


Meet me in the charms classroom tonight at 11.

Hermione sighed and put the note down. She didn't want Malfoy, of all people, to "make her over", but it seemed that she didn't have a choice.

"Hey Hermione!" Ron and Harry plopped down beside her.

"Hey what's that?" Ron reached over to grab the note, but Hermione snatched it away quickly.

"Um, you don't want to read that, really!"

"Sure I do," said Ron, reaching over to grab it from her. "Who's it from?"

"Er, it's from my mum, and you really don't want to read this. All she does is ramble on about…er…her, um, monthly cycle."

Both Harry and Ron turned violent shades of red and shifted uncomfortably. "Yeah, you're right. Now I don't want to read it!"

Hermione let out a silent sigh of relief as Harry and Ron started eating their breakfast. They couldn't read it, especially Ron.

It was eleven. Hermione was impatiently waiting in the charms classroom. Draco still hadn't showed up, and Hermione was beginning to get worried; being caught alone in an empty classroom this late at night could ruin her chances of being head girl.

She heard voices coming down the hallway and panicked. She looked around. There was nowhere to hide! Her only option was to hide behind Flitwick's tiny desk.

The door opened and Hermione gulped. She hoped whoever it was didn't see her.

"What are you doing Granger?"

It was Draco.

"Malfoy! I thought you were Filch!" She looked at the girl standing next to him. "I didn't know you were bringing someone with you…"

"HA! You thought I was going to make you over?! You kill me Granger."

"I wish…" she muttered.


"Oh nothing…"

"Well anyway, this is Liz and she will be making you over."

"So basically you're just here for the free homework."


Hermione sighed. She just wanted to get this over with.

Two hours later, an exhausted Hermione emerged. Her hair was smooth and shiny. Liz had done Hermione's eyebrows, gotten rid of "imperfections", and plastered her face with make-up. She had to admit it though; Liz had gift. Hermione looked incredible.

Hermione hurried back to the Gryffindor tower, and even though she was exhausted, she couldn't sleep; all she could think about was what her classmates and friends, especially Ron, would think.

After she had finally drifted off to sleep, Hermione woke up in a panic. Surely her make up had rubbed off! She didn't know if Liz would be able to do it again, and she knew that she herself couldn't.

She raced over to a mirror just to check. However, her make-up was fully intact, not even smudged. She reached a nervous finger up to her eyelid, and tried to rub some of it off, just to check. It didn't even come off onto her finger.

Though she was relieved, she figured she would ask Liz about it later. She pulled out her hairbrush to smooth out her hair, but then remembered that it was already smooth. She could definitely get used to this.

Suddenly a voice called out.

"Hey Hermione can I use your red scrunchy-WOW! What happened to you?" Parvati nearly fell back in shock.

"I, uh, decided to, um, look nice for a change," she said nervously.

"Well it worked! You look great!"

Hermione smiled meekly. She just hoped Ron would feel the same.