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Oh. Good. Lord. What had Draco just done? He had just kissed her in front of the entire school. Not to mention her current boyfriend!

She could've killed him. If he was looking for her to fall into his arms and weep for joy, well then he was clearly mistaken.

So she did what anyone would have done in a situation like this.

She raised her hand, smacked him hard, and stormed out of the great hall.

But she wasn't fast enough for him.

"Hermione! Wait! What did I do?"


Then she screamed in frustration and hurried up to her dormitory, clearly unaware that the entire student body had heard every word.

"Hermione! Come on! Let me in!" Ginny was banging on the door to Hermione's room.

"No." she said stubbornly.

"Ron really needs to talk to you!"

"He'll just have to wait then."

"You can't stay in there forever."

"Oh really? Let's just see."

"You'll starve!"

"Considering my options, that seems to be the way to go."

Then Ginny gave up and let Harry have a shot.

"Come on Hermione, open up! Come out, we all want to talk to you. Ron's not angry, I swear!"

"Wow, Harry. That was an incredible choice of words! Now, I think I'll open up my door so that you three can bombard me with questions and I'll spend half the night talking to you!"

"Really?" he asked.


"How about you just let me in. You don't even have to talk. I'll just sit there with you. And no one else has to come in."

"You're not allowed."

"I think McGonagall can make an exception. And even if she doesn't, I'll take the detention. One more can't hurt."

She thought for a minute before sighing and unlocking the door.

"Thank you," he said.

For a few minutes they sat in silence, Harry on the floor, and Hermione on her bed.

But then, overcome with emotions, Hermione started to cry.

"Oh Hermione…" Harry scooted up onto her bed and she buried her head in his shirt. She sobbed incessantly for a good five minutes before the tears stopped coming.

"Do you want to tell me what's going on?" he whispered.

"Yeah, I've got to tell someone before I explode."

Then the whole story spilled out. How Draco had made her over, how she didn't really feel anything for Ron after he had asked her out, how Draco made her feel like she was flying, and then how that song was for her and how she liked it (that is, until he kissed her).

Harry could hardly speak. "Mal-Malfoy?" he said unbelievably. "I just thought what he did was a mean joke or something."

Hermione put her face in her hands and moaned.

"No, it's just that, I, well, never saw, I always thought, I couldn't imagine…oh I don't know. I guess I just always thought that it would be you and Ron until we graduated. Maybe even longer…"

"Thanks for making me feel even better about this Harry," she said sarcastically.

"Well, if it were me, the first thing I'd do would be tell Ron. He still thinks it was a cruel joke."

Hermione sighed. "I know. I can't keep leading him on. But…Harry…"


"What about his Mum?"

Harry laughed. "Leave that to me."

Hermione slowly opened her door and crept down to the common room.

Ron leapt up.

"I'm going to kill him Hermione, I really am."

"Uh...Ron…you'd better sit down."

"What? No!"

"About the kiss…it wasn't a joke."

"What!? What are you talking about Hermione? Of course it was! Even I figured that out!"

"No, it wasn't. Draco kissed me because…well…to be perfectly honest…"

"Wait…did you just call him Draco?" Ron looked at her in disbelief.

"Yeah…I did…"

"You're not saying-"

"Yes, I am. He kissed me on Christmas day and I knew. I'm in love with him."

She waited with bated breath for the blow to fall.

"Wh-What? You…love…what? Malfoy? Him…you…you mean to say…"

"Oh Ron I'm so sorry. I know, I've been dating you all this while, but Draco was the one who made me over, I promised I'd do his potions homework. Then you ask me to be your girlfriend, and I thought it was what I wanted, but it really wasn't. Then he kissed me, and oh-Ron it was amazing. And that's when I knew. But now things are bad and he messed things up completely and I don't even know if you'll ever want to be friends with me again and I'm so sorry. Really, I am."

Ron kept running his hand through his hair, it looked like he was doing some quick thinking. Then he stopped and looked at her.

"Have you told him how you felt?" he said.

"Well, no, I've been talking-"

"Then go."


"Go tell him that you love him before it's too late. I know how it feels to love someone, so go. Because if you're not happy then neither am I."

Hermione stared at him. Ron had never been this quick to forgive. But instincts took over her and she ran and gave him a huge hug.

"Go." Then he kissed the top of her head, and she ran out of the common room to find Draco.

"That was very big of you mate," said Harry, walking down the dormitory stair where he had been listening.

"Well, everyone has to grow up sometime," he said with a chuckle. "I do hope she tells him though."

"So do I, so do I."

She spotted Draco sitting in the library, running his hands through his hair and pacing back and forth.

"Draco!" she called out.

"Hermione!" he said, and rushed over. "Look, I'm so sorry about the kiss. It was completely out of line and I never should've done that in front of ev-"

She pressed a finger to his lips. "Shh…" Then she leaned in and kissed him softly.

"What was that for?" he whispered.

"Because I love you, that's why," she whispered back.

"I love you too." Then he leaned in and kissed her back.

She couldn't have even imagined life being this good.

A couple days later, when things had calmed down, Hermione decided to write to the writers of What to Do When You're Caught Between Two Men to tell them how she felt about their book.

Dear Writers,

Your book is utter crap. I read it when I was caught between two men and it was not beneficial at all. You should rename it. How about What Not to Do When You're Caught Between Two Men? Because that's all it basically told me. I could write a better book and I'm only 15.


Hermione Granger

It was very crude, but Hermione didn't now how to phrase nicer than that.

A few weeks later a reply came.

Ms. Granger:

If you feel you can write a more instructive book, please mail us a chapter of your "book", and if we feel you've done a good job, we will give you a complete refund.


The Writers

Well this would be easy enough, writing a chapter. She certainly had experience. She'd have to remember to show Draco.

Chapter One: Never Get Involved With Two Men

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