The Phantom and the Jedi

Chapter 1

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Jof Favrem's ship shook as it was hit by yet another round of laser fire. The Twi'lek Jedi's lekku shook in despair at the groan of her customized Delta-7 starfighter; it wasn't as maneuverable as the newer Delta-7B or Eta 2 Actis interceptor, but the modifications to the shields she made had kept it running so far. Just in time she sensed another round of laser fire from the giant Imperial ship pursuing her. It was an unnatural pyramid like ship that she had heard was called an Imperial-1 Star Destroyer. She quickly flew down, hoping that her smaller and more maneuverable ship would be fast enough to dodge the lasers on the belly of the Star Destroyer.

Her R-450 unit squealed at the sudden maneuver and a stream of slower beeps then followed. "You found a hyperspace ring? Where?" Jof's radar showed a small white blip 300 meters to her right. It also showed twelve TIE-fighters were released from the Star Destroyer and heading right for her. Jof watched on her radar as they closed in on her, but did not rely on her eyes as she allowed the Force to control her actions, allowing her to narrowly dodge their fire and return it, shooting down three of the fighters as she headed for the hyperspace ring. She then heard R-450 squeal in what could only be described as pain when a TIE fighter, different from the others, managed to hit him. "R-4!" Jof screamed as the strange TIE fighter scored three hits on her left flank.

The attacking TIE fighter had a red cockpit and its side wings were rounder than the others. She sensed a dark presence on board it as she dodged it's follow up blasts and counterattacked. You, she thought as she saw five ordinary TIE fighters heading for her. Just give me more time! Jof hoped as she shifted all power to her boosters, flying right at the hyperspace ring. She slowed down as she reached it; taking two more hits, and saw one of her booster engines was failing. Jof let the Force guide her hands as she went into hyperspace, praying for a miracle…

Amity Park, Indiana

Jasmine Fenton, most called her Jazz, was driving her 'new' car around, making sure that it would hold together like she needed it to. It was a 1980 dark green full sized Ford LTD. The old man that sold it to her admitted that the air bags needed to be replaced and the radio didn't work, but so far everything else ran like a dream. The old owner even modified it to get ten more miles to the gallon than it could originally do. So far it was running like a dream. Jazz's phone went off and she set it to speaker. "Hello?" "So, how's that rustbucket you bought working for you? About to blow up any second?" her younger brother, Danny's, voice said. "No, aside from the lack of a radio this old car is working like a dream, how's the patrol going?" Jazz said.

"Looks like a nice quiet night," Danny said, "Where are you?" "I'm near the South Exit," Jazz said, then saw a bright streak of light fall from the sky, and crash dozens of miles away from the road. "HOLY CHRISTMAS!" Jazz yelled as she slammed on her brakes. "Jazz? Jazz! What happened!?" Danny yelled. Jazz picked up her phone and said, "Danny did you see that meteor?!" "Yeah, did it land near you?" Danny asked. "No, but I'm not that far away. I think its 24, 25 miles South East from where I am," Jazz said, then had a…feeling…that she should go see the meteor. It wasn't the first time that her feelings had led her to the truth, as much as she tried to be scientific about everything, sometimes she 'went with her gut', like her Dad always said. "I'm going to go check it out," Jazz said, then hung up.

It was a bumpy ride, but after a half hour Jazz made it to the crash site. It wasn't a meteor. Jazz immediately called Danny, "Danny, get over here now, I need your help, that wasn't a meteor." "What is it?" Danny asked. "I think it's a spaceship," Jazz said, then heard a moan. "Someone's hurt, get over here as fast as you can!" Jazz ordered, "I'm on my way," Danny told her. Jazz followed the noise and immediately saw the pilot of the space ship, it wasn't human. Lying on the ground was what looked like a green skinned woman with two long fleshy…tails coming out of her head, wearing torn and bloody robes and clutching onto a bag and a metal cylinder.

"Hello?" Jazz called out, and the alien woman's head turned towards her. "Help…me," the alien woman said in a strange accent that sounded like…French? "Wait here, I have a medical pack," Jazz said, and ran back to her car. She opened the trunk and got out her emergency medical pack, she had learned to always have one on hand for Danny on not so quiet nights. She ran back to the alien woman and got a closer look at her injuries. One of her legs was broken, the woman's head was bleeding, and she saw blood was coming from under her shirt, somewhere at her abdomen.

"I have…medical supplies, in the bag," the alien woman told her. Jazz opened the bag and saw things she didn't recognize in various tubes. "Blue one…patch, for my stomach," the alien woman said. Jazz pulled out a blue tube and pulled out a patch. The alien woman struggled to open her robes and show her abdominal injury. Jazz put the patch on the wound then asked, "Do you have any more?" The alien woman shook her head, and lost consciousness. "Okay Jazz, you can do this," Jazz said as she got her bandages out and wrapped them around the alien woman's head. "Jazz?" she heard Danny say behind her.

"Danny, I need your help, she's wounded," she said, and Danny just stared at the alien woman. "Danny!" Jazz yelled, "I need your help!" Danny snapped out of it and said, "Right! What do you need?" "I put some of her medicine on a wound on her stomach and wrapped up her head, but her right leg is broken, from the crash of her…spaceship. I need a splint," Jazz told him, then looked around. "Take those pieces of metal over there and straighten them out, maybe blunt them a little with your ghost ray," Jazz said, pointing to two strips of metal a few feet from him. Danny picked them up and bent them until they were reasonably straight then used his ghost ray from his eyes to melt the sharp edges, and ice ray to cool them.

While he was doing this Jazz yanked the boot off the alien woman's foot and cut open the pants she had on beneath her robes to get to her thigh. "Done," Danny told her. "Alright, I need you to put them on either side of her leg and hold them there," Jazz ordered. Danny did as he was told, then Jazz said, "Tighter!" Danny put the metal strips closer and Jazz wrapped the bandages around the alien woman's wounded thigh. "Carry her to my car Danny, we got to get her out of here," Jazz told her brother as she grabbed the alien woman's bag and metal cylinder and put it in the bag. Danny put her in the back seat of Jazz's car and asked, "What are we gonna do now?" "I don't know," was all Jazz could say as she drove away from the crash site.