Chapter 22

The years went on after the defeat of the Decimation. Danny, Sam, Maddie, Lt. Heinkel and Jof all eventually healed from their injuries. Jof managed to find enough medicine among the remains of the Decimation to help Sam and Lt. Heinkel fully recover from their injuries. Jack Fenton, Major Roger White and Lieutenant Gabriel Ramos were given heroes funerals for their part alongside the men and women of the Air Force that kept the Decimation's starfighters occupied.

Jof Favrem was granted honorary citizenship among all the nations of Earth and along with Maddie, Danny, Sam, Jazz, and Tucker were awarded the highest civilian awards for their heroism while Major Lucas Smith and Lieutenant James Heinkel were promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and Captain rank respectively and awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for their heroism along with their fallen comrades. In time Jazz became a Jedi and along with Jof Favrem toured the world to promote peace. Vlad Masters was sentenced to spend no less than 500 years and no more than his natural life in prison for his crimes against humanity by the United Nations International Criminal Court.

Six years after the fall of the Decimation, Danny and Sam married and had a daughter named Cameron. The year afterwards Tucker and Valerie also married and had a son named Omar the next year. Two years later Tucker and Valerie had another son named Odafin and Tucker founded a ghost fighting organization named the Foley's Fighters to help his friends protect the world from ghosts. The year after this Danny and Sam had triplets named Jack, Jerry, and Chloe. And time moved on…


Jazz woke up in her apartment building in Amity Park. She checked the date on her calendar and realized, today's the day. She went into her bare living room and spent twenty minutes stretching before she summoned her lightsaber to her hand. Master Favrem had taught her everything she knew about lightsaber Forms, the only one she didn't know was Form 7: Juyo. Jazz found she preferred the elegance and sophistication of Form 2: Makashi. Following Master Favrem's instructions Jazz designed her lightsaber to aid her in dueling Form 2 using her parent's anti-ghost technology to build a curved lightsaber hilt. It was a simple metal hilt with some bronze decoration and a rubber grip for her hand. She pressed the activation button and a glowing turquoise blade came out from the hilt, the result of sending ectoplasmic energy through a blue crystal. Master Favrem showed her how to make an artificial crystal for her lightsaber using some of the technology of the Decimation.

For the next hour and a half Jazz flowed through the six Forms, her lightsaber a turquoise blur spinning through the air. Once her training was done and she stretched for thirty more minutes then ate breakfast and took a shower. After stepping out of the shower Jazz looked at herself in the mirror. It had been twenty years since she had met Master Favrem; she had grown into a beautiful woman, almost a spitting image of her mother except for her smaller hips. Jazz had never married nor had children in accordance with the Jedi Way. She had grown her hair out to its former length and now styled it into two long braids down her back. After getting ready Jazz put on the blue pants and sleeveless shirt along with her blue Jedi robes and walked to her brother's home.

A lot of things had changed in twenty years, robes were now a fashion, and Earth had reverse engineered the technology from Master Favrem's ship and the Star Destroyer to make more advanced weapons and security defenses. Robots; or droids as Master Favrem liked to call them, now walked, rolled, or floated along the streets alongside humans. Jazz made her way through the streets and about three blocks from Danny's house she sensed danger. She turned around and saw a man take out a blaster. Jazz quickly whirled around and Force pushed the man into the building next to him. "AGH!" he yelled in surprise, dropping the blaster. "Why did you take out the blaster?" Jazz asked the man, using the Force to influence his mind. The man said, "I needed the money in the store." "That's not happening," Jazz said as police walked over and took the man and his blaster into their custody. Today was an important day, many foreign leaders and representatives were going to arrive, and the police had to step up to keep them safe.

There were no more interruptions as Jazz made it to Danny and Sam's house. She pushed the doorbell and Sam opened the door in a black and purple dress with her hair brushed straight down her back. "Jazz," Sam said in surprise as they hugged each other, "I thought I'd see you at the takeoff." "Well I just wanted to see how my apprentice was, and give him one last chance to back down," Jazz told her sister-in-law. "No such luck," Sam said, Jazz could sense that her little smile wasn't completely real, "Jack has been talking about nothing else aside from martial arts and Jedi training when he isn't talking about going out to see the larger galaxy." As if on cue they heard two lightsabers activate from the back yard and the sounds of laser blasts being deflected. "Let's make sure he doesn't kill his siblings," Sam sighed as she and Jazz walked out to her back yard.

There they saw Jack, Jazz's apprentice, fighting with his three siblings. Cameron was the one with black hair and glowing green eyes in a white jumpsuit with black belt, boots, and gloves and black CP symbol on her chest with a glowing green sword that Jack just deflected with the blue lightsaber in his left hand. Cameron looked a lot like a taller Sam, and had inherited the standard ghost powers along with Danny's ghost ray and the ability to form her ectoplasmic energy into weapons. Then Jack deflected an ice ray from his brother Jerry. Jerry was flying above him with black hair and green eyes and wearing a white jumpsuit with sky blue belt, boots, and gloves with sky blue sunglasses. Jerry had to wear glasses in his Human Form and inherited Danny's ice powers and the ability to make copies of himself.

Jack jumped up and avoided a ghost ray from his other sister, Chloe. Chloe had white hair and green eyes and was wearing black and red pants with red boots and a long sleeved black and red tank top with a black glove on her left hand and red glove on her right. She had inherited ghost rays and was even more powerful than Danny in that area. That left Jack himself who landed behind Jerry and Force pushed his brother into Cameron. Jack was a tall, muscular young man in tan and brown robes who instead of inheriting ghost powers was strong in the Force. He looked amazingly like his grandfather except for his brown eyes. Jack supplemented the Jedi training Jazz gave him with martial arts training; he was so proficient that he was already studying the Jar'kai dual wielding lightsaber variants.

Jack spun his lightsabers around and said, "You guys give up yet?" "Not even in your dreams Jack," Jerry told him as he and Chloe blasted ice and ghost rays at him. Jack's lightsabers were a blue blur as he deflected them away from him as Cameron blasted ghost rays at him. Jack jumped up into the air and threw his lightsabers at his siblings, who ceased their assault and scattered. Jack took the opportunity to summon his lightsabers back to his hands and kicked Cameron into Jerry and then Force pushed Chloe into them both, making them all into a pile. "I think that means that I win," Jack said with a big smile. "Ugh, if nothing else, I'm not gonna miss getting my butt kicked by you," Cameron said as she untangled herself from her younger brother and sister and stood up. White rings flew up and down Cameron, Chloe, and Jerry's bodies as they turned back into their Human Forms.

Cameron's black hair turned red and her green eyes purple while her white jumpsuit became a sleeveless white dress and heels while Jerry's black hair turned blonde and green eyes purple while his sunglasses turned into regular glasses while his jumpsuit turned into a blue suit with brown shoes and red tie while Chloe's white hair turned black and green eyes blue while her clothes turned into a black and red dress like their Mom's with black army boots. "You're growing more powerful by the day," Jazz commented as she stepped out. "Aunt Jazz!" her nieces and nephews said as they wrapped her in a group hug. "It feels like only yesterday you three could barely fly and Jack would whack himself on the head whenever he made things float in the air," Jazz said as they let her go. "You're a great teacher, and Shaolin Kempo Karate really helps with my focus," Jack said. "When you're not ogling that blonde girl," Jerry commented and ducked his brother's dope slap. "So anyway, do you think you can give him one more lesson Aunt Jazz?" Cameron asked. Jazz checked her watch and said, "We got fifteen minutes before we gotta go." Jack's siblings all had wicked little smiles as they went to stand next to their Mom to give Jazz and Jack space.

Jazz took off her outer robe and used the Force to float it to Sam and Jack did the same. "My powers have doubled since we last sparred, Aunt Jazz," Jack said as he got his lightsabers ready. Jazz shook her head as she saluted him with her lightsaber and said, "Twice the pride, Jack, and double the fall." Jack moved towards her cautiously, he had learned long ago not to underestimate his Aunt. Jazz suddenly stabbed at him and Jack blocked it with the lightsaber in his left hand and made a slice with the one in his right. Jazz back flipped away from his attack and jumped forward to do a heavy downward slice. Jack blocked the blow with both his lightsabers, leaving his body open for Jazz to open handedly hit his chest and knock him back a few steps. Jazz pressed her advantage and spun around as she advanced and went for a slice at his side. Jack clumsily blocked the strike with one lightsaber that was knocked away and Jazz spun around to attack his other side and knock his other lightsaber away then went down and tripped Jack up to make him fall to the ground.

Jack jumped up and Jazz jumped back to avoid his rising-falling slash and gestured with both hands to rip both lightsabers out of Jack's hands and into the air in front of her where she telekinetically switched them off. "You rely too much on your size and strength still, you're like a tall mountain strong, but not very mobile compared to me," Jazz told him as she sent his lightsabers back to him. Jack put his lightsabers on his belt and nodded, "I got it." "Don't be afraid to be more fluid in the future, you never know what will happen," Jazz told her padawan/nephew and they retrieved their robes from Sam.


An older Jof Favrem looked around at all the humans who had come to see her off. In the twenty years since she had arrived Jof had aged though that age only showed in the wrinkles around her mouth. She had all but given up hope to ever go home after she had killed Kandall Thal and had dedicated herself to teaching Jazz and helping her teach her nephew Jack in turn while documenting all the knowledge she had accumulated over her life. All that had changed three years ago, she felt a massive tremor in the Force, so powerful even young Jack could feel it, as if a great evil had been extinguished. Jof knew then that she could return home. With the help of Danny and his friend Tucker she had managed to convince the people of Earth to help her construct a ship using the remains of the Star Destroyer, TIE fighters, Lambda class shuttles, and her Jedi starfighter.

Her hard work had finally come to fruition a week ago when the ship was finally completed. Jof looked at the ship, it was a tubular like ship, 3.5 meters tall, 61 meters wide and 92 meters long with eight landing legs and eight wings scavenged from the Lambda shuttles the Star Destroyer had along with parts of the TIE fighter's cockpit windows on the side and front cockpit as well as two turbolasers from the Star Destroyer on the top for defense. The outer shell had been the easy part though to construct, it was the engine that was the most difficult to build, but in the end they managed to make an engine small enough to move the craft. The people of Earth dubbed the craft the Terra Oratoria, Earth Ambassador in one of their ancient tongues. Jof Favrem decided to go on the platform that had been constructed for the Terra Oratoria and sat at her seat as she waited for the rest of the crew.

Jazz and Jack arrived and Jof stood up and she and her old student bowed in greeting and took their own seats on the platform. It was agreed that the people of Earth would not waste this opportunity to join the wider universe, and agreed to send five ambassadors and four crew members with them. Soon, the five ambassadors and the crew arrived in their limousines. It was agreed that all of Earth's inhabited continents would be represented, Jazz would represent North America.

A tall dark skinned woman in a red dress and head garb, Enina Obioma of Nigeria, representing Africa, walked up and greeted Jazz and Jof with a bow as they did in return. Next came a shorter pale skinned man with blonde hair and blue eyes in a blue suit and red tie, Rolf Wagner of Luxembourg, representing Europe stepped up and greeted those already there with a bow that was returned. An average height man with darker skin, black hair and green eyes who was built like a fighter in a black suit and tie walked up next, Thiago Mata of Brazil, representing South America who curtly nodded to the other representatives and took his seat. He was immediately followed by a shorter woman in a long sleeved green dress with white lilies for decoration; Ju Pan of China, representing Asia gave a deep bow and was greeted in kind before she took her seat. The last representative walked up, a rather lean yet average height man wearing a gray suit and black tie with red hair and blue eyes, Michael Falsworth of Australia, representing the continent of…Australia.

Crowds of people showed up to see them all off; from all over the planet they came, men, women and children of all ages. Jof could spot Jazz's Mother, Maddie, and young Jack's Mother, Sam, and his siblings, Cameron, Jerry, and Chloe in the front row along with Tucker and Valerie Foley and their two sons Omar and Odafin. Suddenly a bright light lit up the sky and everyone looked up to see none other than Danny Phantom flying down. He was as tall as his Father had been and had filled out into a muscular man while his right arm had to be replaced with a robotic duplicate; you could tell because of the blackened metal which arm it was. Jof looked at her own hand, it was more silver in color and skeletal, Danny's was specially made to survive his body's ectoplasmic energy running through it when he activated his powers. Danny flew down next to his wife and everyone cheered as President Olivia Preston ascended the stage and everyone stood up in respect for the older woman.

Once everyone sat back down the President gave her speech, "People of Earth, today may be the greatest day in the history of our planet. Today, members of our species will embark on a journey far past our Solar System to the planets beyond it. Our world will join a great Galactic Community the likes of which previous generations could only have dreamed of. In the future, our descendants will mark this as the beginning of a new era of brotherhood as we join together as a planet and go to meet other species and join with them in the bonds of friendship. With this being said, I now say to our brave ambassadors, as Jedi Master Jof Favrem has said many times; may the Force be with you."

The crowd cheered as the other ambassadors gave speeches of similar length then went on board along with the crew. Eventually Jof, Jazz, and Jack were all that were left. As the three of them went up, Jazz and Jack gave their family and friends one last hug. Maddie told them, "Jack would have been so proud to see you now," and gave them a final goodbye kiss. Jof overheard Omar and Odafin telling Jack, "Don't forget to take lots of pictures of any hat alien girls you see." Cameron, Jerry, and Chloe all told him, "Don't go crazy up there," or, "We'll save some bad guys here for you to beat up when you get back." Finally, Danny and Sam hugged their son and Danny said, "Nothing can stop you now, you're going higher than the sun. But never forget who you are," and Sam said, "We'll always be so proud of you for this." Jack was doing an adequate job of keeping his emotions in check as he, Jazz, and Jof all went onboard the ship and took their places in the pilot deck.

They all buckled down and went to work, "Raising landing gear," Jazz said followed by Jack reporting, "Engines powered up." The Terra Oratoria rose up into the air and its wings descended. The ship flew up past Earth's atmosphere and the ship's com link turned on, "Earth to Terra, come in." Jof spoke back, "Terra to Earth, we have exited Earth's atmosphere and are passing the moon now." Jof then turned to Jazz and Jack and said, "Set the calculations for the jump to hyperspace." They passed Earth's moon and Jazz said, "Coordinates locked onto the Star Destroyer's last location before its jump to hyperspace." "Terra to Earth, we are about to make the jump to hyperspace, once we do we'll be unable to communicate any further," Jof said into the com link.

"Copy that Terra, good luck on your trip," went the com link and Jof turned the connection off. "Jumping to hyperspace in 3…2…1, go!" Jack excitedly said as he pulled the lever and the stars turned into long lines as they made the jump to hyperspace. Jof looked through the window and sighed in relief. "So…what do you think it will be like?" Jack asked. Jof turned to him after setting the autopilot on and told him, "It will be better than when I left it, of that I am certain. The presence that we all felt three years ago, that must have been the Emperor, with him gone the Empire must have been rendered helpless, or at least a mere shadow of its former strength. We'll see once we reach an inhabited planet."

Hours passed by after that, Jof took the time to meditate while Jazz taught Jack a lesson on the more subtle nuances of the Force. Suddenly, the alarm sounded and their ship left hyperspace and saw a titanic Star Destroyer. The Terra shook and Jof said, "They got us in their tractor beam." "Can't we blast our way out?!" Jack yelled. "No, it's too big," Jof told him; then the ship's com link sounded. Jof turned it on and a voice said, "Renewed Hope to unidentified craft, please identify." Jof blinked in surprise at this; that was not the kind of name the Empire used. "What does this mean?" Jazz asked. Jof reached out through the Force and sensed a powerful presence on board. "Stretch out with the Force and see for yourselves," Jof told Jazz and Jack. They did as instructed and Jack said, "Wow, there's someone powerful on that thing." "I don't sense anything bad…this could be good for us," Jazz said. Jof nodded and said into the com link, "Renewed Hope, this is the Terra Oratoria of Earth on a diplomatic mission, Captain Jof Favrem speaking."

There was silence on the other side but eventually the voice said, "Captain Favrem, I just received orders to escort you on board the Renewed Hope. We have an important official onboard who would like to speak to you and your copilots. Will you allow us to escort you inside?" Jof felt a presence touch her through the Force and she could tell that Jazz and Jack felt it as well while Jack looked nervous.

"Alright, we are going to have to enter your hangar bay as we do not have any way to dock with you," Jof told the Renewed Hope. "Understood Terra Oratoria, the official will be waiting for you there." The com link connection turned off and Jof piloted the ship onto the titanic Star Destroyer's hangar bay. They landed inside it and the representatives from Earth came out of their rooms to ask, "What's happening?" "We're about to meet an official from whoever is in charge, let us go out first to make sure that it is safe," Jof told the representatives. The representatives agreed to this and Jof, Jazz, and Jack all went to the main door of the Terra Oratoria. The door opened up and the ramp went down to show two men in black pants and undershirts and white over shirts with medals displayed prominently and a shorter man in a black robe and a lightsaber hilt dangling from his belt.

Jof felt too late as Jack's panic at the powerful presence finally overcame him and he yelled, "It's a Sith!" "Jack wait!" They were too late as Jack tore off his outer robe and pulled out his lightsabers and jumped at the man in black. Jof then saw that there were many blue clad soldiers there as well now pointing blasters at Jack. "Don't shoot!" the man in black yelled as he Force pushed the men beside him away just in time to dodge Jack's slash. "What now!?" Jazz asked. Jof felt the man in black's intentions and said, "We leave them to it. Jack will not be harmed." Jazz looked nervously as Jack tried another slash that the man in black sidestepped effortlessly.

Jack tried to slash his opponent with both lightsabers from both sides only for the man to jump up into the air and take off his black over robe to reveal a short man in his twenties with blonde hair and blue eyes who finally drew his lightsaber. A green blade sprang to life as Jack threw the lightsaber in his left hand at him. The man swatted the lightsaber aside and blocked Jack's two handed side slash then spun around for his own slash that Jack blocked. As Jof watched the fight she could not help but feel that the man Jack was fighting looked…familiar.

The man Force pushed Jack back and Jack took the opportunity to summon his second lightsaber back to his hand. "You're very well trained," the blonde man told Jack. Jack paused at this then said, "What kind of Sith Lord are you?" "Who said I was Sith?" the blonde man asked in confusion. Jack charged forward to attack and the blonde man blocked all his blows, all three lightsabers were a blur as they battled. Finally, the blonde man spun and sent Jack's lightsabers crashing together then spun his own lightsaber around them, sending them flying from Jack's hands and Force pushed him back to the ramp, where he tripped and fell on his butt.

The blonde man deactivated his lightsaber and summoned Jack's lightsabers to his hands and deactivated them. He took a moment to look at the hilts then walked over to Jack and handed them back to him, "Your aggression is a weakness, and can bring you dangerously close to the Dark Side." Jack took his lightsabers and Jazz went down the ramp to help him up. "I'm so sorry for my apprentice, he has always been overly impulsive, and he has never met another Jedi aside from me and Master Favrem," she apologized to the man with a bow and got Jack to do the same. The man smiled and nodded, "It is alright, I'm just happy to meet another Jedi," and bowed back. Jof then stepped down and bowed in greeting, "I am Jof Favrem; this is Jasmine Fenton, my former apprentice, and her apprentice and nephew, Jack Fenton."

The blonde man bowed to them all and replied, "It is an honor to meet you all. I am Luke Skywalker of the New Republic." Jof's mind finally saw the connection as she said, "You are the son of Anakin Skywalker." Luke Skywalker's eyes widened in shock at this and he asked, "You knew my Father?" Jof explained, "Only in passing. I mostly knew of him from his reputation, he was a great hero of the…Old Republic." Luke Skywalker nodded and said, "Yes, he was." Jof indicated that the representatives could all come down and they introduced themselves. "Welcome, all of you. I must say, this is a great day for the Galaxy, to meet three Jedi and learn of a new planet all in one day is like a dream come true," Luke Skywalker said to them all. As he led them all to their rooms, Jof could only think, the Force is truly with me.

The End

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