Roanan: Yay, what?

Rix: Imma hijack the author corner!

Roanan: And I'm stuck with the nutjob…

Rix: *Throws coconut at Roanan*

Roanan: Oh cooking supplies!

Chapter 5

Holdiays Season 1 (Whatever it is in the Sonic world.)

Well it was the holiday season. The vocaloids were settling down after semi adjusting to the changes. And by that same token Meiko was drunk. On the eggnog. Lily wasn't drunk yet so it was a good sign. Luka had taken the liberty of destroying the karoke machine. Which means she had Miki slash through the stupid machine. Luka was enjoying herself now. So was Miku and Gumi. Haku was busy drinking. Rin was crying her eyes out. The reason was obvious upon asking. Road rollers were obsolete now. Len was currently in the bathroom.

"Well it's all been boring. What are you doing?" Luka asks as she sits down next to Miku and Gumi. Neru also sits down.

"We are playing a game called Touhou Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. Want a turn?" Miku asks. Luka happily takes the controller from the spot Gumi was sitting. As Gumi seems to have disappeared.

Meanwhile where Gumi is at.

"Understand. You get the ingredients and I'll drop the annoyance you've been." Faith says as she slowly walks around Gumi. Knife's hang in the air ignorant of the laws that guide almost everything in the room. Gumi nods. She is promptly warped out of the room. Faith watches as the knives turn into nothingness as she leaves.

"Well they want us to get ingredients to make a potluck. I don't want to know why but it's worth it…" Gumi groans from faceplanting the ground.

"Sounds fun." Miku says.


Roanan: Well then. The coconuts being cooked.


Roanan: Here have some chocolate.

Rix: SCREW YOU! *Running away.*