DISCLAIMER: The Justice League was created by Gardner Fox. The main protagonists of this story, and several characters who are alluded to or have character traits incorporated into characters who are present, were created by Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, Louise Simonson, Jon Bogdanove, Robert Kanigher, Sheldon Moldoff, Bill Finger, Bob Kane, William Moulton Marston, Geoff Johns, Doug Mahnke, Gardner Fox, Harry Lampert, Mark Waid, Alex Ross, Len Strazewski, Mike Parobeck, James Robinson, and Brett Booth.

Superheroes. That was what people called the group of individuals who began dressing up in costumes and fighting injustice back in the 60's. Some had incredible powers that made them superhuman, later termed by science as 'Metahumans'. Others simply were men and women in costumes with special skills, a gimmick, and a strong sense of justice. But all of them had one thing in common: The desire to do good, and make the world a better place. That's why, after a few years of operating, they all gathered together to form a group called the Justice Society of America.

Over the years, many heroes joined, each with their own unique powers and abilities to bring to the table. The Flash, Green Lantern, Black Canary, Doctor Fate, The Atom, Wild Cat, Miss America, Hawkman, Shazam, the list went on and on. Eventually, even rulers and leaders of their own lands, like King Orin of Atlantis and Queen Hippolyta of Themyscira, joined for their own terms of heroism.

However, as decades went by, things changed. Alan Scott, the Green Lantern, was the first to leave, devoting his life to starting a family with his lover, Sam, and Alan's daughter, Jennifer. Dinah Drake, Black Canary, likewise left the team due to pregnancy, and eventually chose not to return. Jay Garrick, The Flash, was killed in an incident during an otherwise routine battle with his enemies, The Rogues, leaving his daughter, Jessica Garrick, Kid Flash, to take up the mantle. Billy Batson, Shazam, took up the role of the old wizard who granted him his powers by protecting the Rock of Eternity, and was never seen in person again afterward, though there were rumours of crimes being broken up by a single lightning bolt that left the mark of Shazam scorched on the ground. Orin and Hippolyta both left after a misunderstanding nearly sent their lands to war with one another, despite the efforts of Orin's wife, Mera, and Hippolyta's daughter, Diana, to keep the two sides from coming to blows. Doctor Fate...just disappeared one day without a word.

Finally, by the time the new millennium rolled around, the group was completely dissolved. While heroes still exist, they mostly operate as individuals, with only what members of the JSA that are still alive and their families keeping tabs over the years. But even what heroes remain now face a new kind of obstacle, born from the very country they swore allegiance to many years ago: Government officials. Secret agencies. Men and women who label heroes as a menace to society, and have marginalized their more recent efforts to the point where the average person has doubts if they still exist, or ever existed at all.

And thus, mankind moved on, advancing in their own way to the future, only scarcely aware of the silent guardians who protect them...or the dangers in the dark that seek to annihilate them.

With a low moan, Calvin Henry Kent opened his eyes as he felt the sunlight peer through his curtains. He wiped his forehead of the small beads of sweat on his dark skin, which the average person would mistake to mean he was African-American. Really, he'd been lucky in that sense, since, as he grew up, it allowed him to avoid certain unneeded questions.

Sitting up, he peered out the window of his room at the fields of the farm. It'd taken all night, but he finally finished work on expanding the Kent family farm's fields, and built the new greenhouse...though, really, it'd taken all night because he had to limit his overall production speed, just in case there were any low flying planes in the vicinity at the time.

"Uhnnn..." the simply gorgeous lazy lump laying next to Calvin moaned as she started to wake up, dark red hair flowing across her actual African-American face. "Is it morning already?"

"Yep, that thing where we have pancakes and orange juice, and we aren't hobnobbing with celebrities," Calvin joked, kissing the woman's forehead.

"It was the grand opening of the new Garrick Labs," the woman defended herself, smirking a little. "Not a celebrity in sight, but nonetheless, a big scoop to be had."

"And plenty of champagne?" Calvin inquired. "Or was that NOT what I smelled when you walked in, Loana?"

"Y'know, 'Smallville', that super smelling is kind of creepy sometimes," Loana joked, nuzzling Calvin lovingly.

"Can you really blame me, when I live with a woman such as yourself, who usually smells amazing?" Calvin countered, moving in to kiss Loana, before there was a sudden knock on his door. "Hello?"

The bedroom door opened a tiny crack, revealing the aged face of Calvin's adoptive mother, Martha, peering through. "Uh, Cal? There's a man here to see you."

Blinking in surprise, Calvin looked down at the floorboards. Adjusting his vision, he peered through the solid matter of the floor, spotting his father, Jonathan, talking to a blond man in a suit and sunglasses through the screen door. He didn't even need to use his x-ray vision to spot the badge in his pocket. This man was most certainly a government official or agent of some sort. Thankfully, this wasn't the first time something like this had happened, and he knew how to talk his way through this.

"I'll take care of it," Calvin assured Loana with a smile, getting up and putting on a bathrobe and reading glasses. "Get a cup ready for me?"

Loana nodded, the two getting up as Loana headed to the kitchen. Calvin, however, headed to the front door, slouched over slightly. He greeted the men talking with a friendly smile and wave.

"Hello there," Calvin said. "Can I help you, mister...?"

"Trevor, sir," the blond replied, his voice thick with a southern accent. "Agent Trevor. I was wondering if I could have a word with you."

Calvin nodded, giving his father a reassuring pat on the shoulder before exiting through the door, walking out into the morning sun and feeling its rays soak into his skin. Giving another look at the man, he could tell that he wasn't carrying any kind of weapons, and wasn't concealing anything with any sort of lead or the like.

"So, what is it you wanted to say, Agent Trevor?" Calvin asked.

Trevor, however, seemed more occupied by the two's surroundings. "Your family has a WONDERFUL home. Long fields, well put-together barn, a greenhouse...It's like the ideal place for someone who wants to just get away from it all."

Calvin shrugged, pretending like he didn't see where this train of thought was going. "I suppose so...Agent Tre-"

"Ah, just call me Steve," Trevor cut him off, waving his hand in a much more carefree way than Calvin was expecting. "Look, I'm sorry for the whole 'secret agent' look, I actually kinda hate this monkey suit. Nothing like what I usually wear to work, but they kinda insisted."

"...Steve," Calvin started again. "What is it you want?"

Steve turned back to face Calvin, pulling a small file folder out. "I want you to have a look at this."

Calvin blinked in surprise, taking the folder and opening it, revealing the somewhat staticy photo from what he suspected was from space, and of the bizarre, star-shaped creature in it. "What is-?!"

"THAT is headed toward Earth at a speed our top minds can't begin to understand being possible for a creature living in space," Steve Trevor explained. "THAT is believed to be responsible for catastrophes across multiple planets. And THAT...will be passing by the moon in two days."

"Doesn't the government have ways of protecting the Earth from things like this?" Calvin asked, looking over the data sheets.

"We're prepared for various threats we believed could emerge, yes, but no one was expecting something like this, and our weapons aren't equipped to handle it," Steve explained. "Mr. Kent...This is a job for Superman."

Calvin looked back to Steve, appearing confused and surprised. "I...What do you-"

"Drop the act, Mr. Kent, spy satellites have been watching you for months now, we just haven't had need to interject ourselves into your life," Trevor said bluntly. "But I'm gonna make this perfectly clear: There's recorded evidence linking you to your secret identity in a government database right now. I can't tell you where it is, but I can tell you what will happen to it if you succeed in defeating this threat."

Calvin narrowed his eyes. "And if I don't, you come for me and my family the second you need a scapegoat? Is that it?"

"Hey, don't kill the messenger," Steve said. "If it was up to me, we wouldn't even have these records. I'm on your side."

Calvin sighed, looking away. On the one hand, he hated the idea of playing government puppet. He'd always fought for the little guy against oppression, and they didn't get much more oppressive than the current President. On the other hand, though, this was about more than the person running the ship. It was about every man, woman, and child in the country, no, the entire world. Wasn't it worth it to swallow his pride for that? And yet, still...

Finally, looking back to Steve, Calvin curled his lips into a slight grin. "Alright, Mr. Trevor, you've got a deal...on one condition."

"That being?" Steve asked, curious.

"I pick the team," Calvin answered. "I know this 'Task Force X', and even IF I trusted them, I know they don't have the skills necessary to back me up on a mission like this. I'm going to need a group of people I can count on."

Agent Trevor scratched the back of his neck. "...The JSA?"

"Not sure what happened to them," Calvin responded quickly. "...Well, most of them, anyway. Still, Themyscira WOULD be a good place to start, all things considered. Either Hippolyta or her daughter would be a good choice of recruits."

"Eheh, you haven't BEEN to Themyscira in a while, have you?" Steve asked nervously, getting a confused look from Calvin. "Let's just say there's been a few changes there..."

On the shores of Themyscira, otherwise known as Paradise Island, a lone woman in green and gold armour stood watch, armed with a spear and a shield emblazoned with a mash up of the emblems for Themyscira and Atlantis. Looking out to sea, she saw no signs of anyone approaching...until, after a few moments, she saw a small speck in the far off distance approaching from the sky, and fast.

"Arus!" she called to a nearby tower, a male guard in similar attire jogging out to meet her. "What is that?!"

The guard, Arus, peered through the sky, as the speck grew to the size of a man flying through the air. "Arms ready!"

The two guards prepared their weapons, standing ready for battle. Within a few seconds, the man came to a halt in the air above them. He wore a silver-blue and red armoured attire of sorts, a red and yellow belt across his waist and a red and yellow S-like emblem on his chest. A long, red cape billowed in the wind behind him, a similar yellow emblem on it. His eyes had a confident yet relaxed look to them.

"I don't mean any harm!" Superman called down to the two. "I need to speak with your Queen! It's an urgent matter!"

"Then speak, 'Man of Tomorrow'!" a voice rang out, surprising everyone. Within moments, a pegasus came swooping down, stopping a few feet in front of Superman, carrying two passengers in white and green robes that he knew very well, but hardly expected to see so close: Diana, daughter of Hippolyta, and Mera, Queen of Atlantis. Specifically, Mera had her arm around Diana's waist, and was wearing a very different wedding band.

"...Apparently, a lot HAS changed around here," Superman surmised.

Diana sighed, laying her hand on the marble ledge before her. It was a few minutes later, after she and Mera had escorted Superman to the small castle that housed the throne of Themyscira. She hadn't said much, but just from witnessing the way that the people showed their respect to both Diana and Mera, and how they waved the flags of both Themyscira and Atlantis (and just the fact that there were any men on the island at all), it was clear that to Calvin that there had been a MASSIVE change since the last time he'd spoken with the friend he once called Wonder Woman.

"My mother and Orin," Diana finally began to explain. "They began to outwardly spew mistrust toward the other. It grew bit by bit each day, until finally, both left their respective chambers in the night to meet on neutral ground...for battle."

Calvin's eyes widened in shock, but he let Diana continue. "Both myself and Mera realized they'd left, so we followed. What we witnessed was awful: All along, they had been tricked, their mutual distrust in each other amplified...by Circe. Apparently, she had agreed to work with Orin's brother, Orm, to trick the two into entering a battle where they'd be so exhausted, they'd be easy targets for..."

Superman closed his eyes, clenching a fist. "...King Orin...Queen Hippolyta..."

"With the two gone, presumably having killed each other in combat, Themyscira and Atlantis would enter war, and with no one to oppose them, Orm would take control of Atlantis while Circe would make the Amazons her slaves," Diana went on, brushing a tear away. "To prevent that, Mera and I revealed what had truly happened, and we decided to marry, to maintain control of our lands, as well as unite them."

"Diana, I'm so sorry," Calvin whispered, pulling his friend into a hug. "I wish I could've been there to help you through all of this."

"You had your own life and responsibilities," Diana reminded. "Remember, even one such as you can't be everywhere at once."

Superman nodded, pulling away a bit. "Diana, I wouldn't have come here to ask this of you if the situation wasn't urgent. It's just..."

"I know, Cal," Diana replied. "I WANT to help you, of course. It's just, with everything happening here-"

"Don't I get a say in this?" Mera inquired, surprising the two as she stood in the doorway. "Look, if you want to go, just go. I'll look after our kingdoms while you're gone."

Diana smiled sadly. "I couldn't force you to do that. I can send my sister to deal with this."

"Donna may have your strength and abilities, but not the mental skills that come from your years as a warrior and a diplomat," Mera reminded Diana. "Besides, if this...THING that's approaching really is a threat to the ENTIRE world, then for the sake of your kingdom, you MUST send your greatest hero, which would be you."

Diana still looked unconvinced, until she heard Mera's voice whisper in her mind, Don't worry about me, Diana. I can look after both our lands just fine in your absence. And if anything comes up that I CAN'T handle...Well, I DO have a rather large and well-equipped army to protect myself with.

Diana sighed, smiling. "If you're sure, my Queen."

"I'm positive, my Queen," Mera replied, pulling her wife and closest friend into a hug.

"So, does she win most of the arguments?" Calvin asked with a grin.

Diana smirked. "...We keep an official tally in the throne room. We're more or less even."

"With you being the less part," Mera joked. "Now get your ass out there and save this world."

Diana nodded. "Right...I'm just going to need to get armed first."

Superman folded his arms, counting the number of bricks used in the walkways of the island as he waited with Mera outside the castle doors. Finally, after a half an hour, Diana emerged. She wore a blue high-neck leotard under a red armoured top with a golden eagle-shaped breastplate over-top of it, a golden W-shaped belt with an equally golden lasso attached to it, a blue gladiator-style skirt with white stars running down it, knee-high red and gold boots, a golden tiara with a red star in the centre and chin guards, and gold bracers. Her long hair was pulled into a ponytail, and she had a red, regal looking cape slung over her shoulders.

"Oh, you changed your costume," Superman noted. "Don't know if I like it."

"You just miss the swimsuit," Wonder Woman joked.

"No, I miss mobsters laughing at the swim suit and paying for it with broken noses," Calvin retorted jokingly.

Diana rolled her eyes. "Well, I'm trying to avoid breaking any noses lately...So, who are we picking up first?"

Superman rubbed the back of his neck. "Well, that depends: How fast is your horse?"

It was a breathtakingly sunny day in the Great Basin Desert. Jessica Garrick, also known as The Flash, liked to race across it on her free time, which was becoming shorter and shorter everyday. Surprisingly, crime-fighting was becoming the easy part, compared to what was quickly overtaking it: Board meetings. It was seeming more and more everyday like the board of directors couldn't survive a day without her, and she was becoming increasingly curious how other heads of major corporations handled the stress all the time. Watching some of them in their free time, like Gotham City's Bruce Wayne, they either didn't feel it at all, or were just really good at hiding it.

Jesse cocked her eyebrow as she spotted something approaching behind her on the heads-up display on her visor: Something red, blue, yellow, and flying at speeds to match her current land-speed. "So, does the Man of Steel feel up for a race?!"

"Actually, I came to talk, but I've heard you're a talented multitasker!" Superman replied, coming up alongside Flash.

"I have a pretty well-rounded skill-set, yeah!" Flash retorted. "Why?!"

"Ever flown a spaceship?!" Cal asked, earning a wide grin from Jesse.

"...I've flown a simulator!" the Scarlet Speedster answered. "They never let me near a ship!"

"Then I think you're gonna like what I have to say to you!" the Man of Tomorrow suggested, the two slowing to a halt as they approached Wonder Woman on her pegasus. "...Well, managed to get ahead of us, after all."

"Told you so," Wonder Woman teased with a shrug.

"Diana!" Jesse cheered, hugging the Queen of Themyscira. "So glad to see you! Seems like the only time we meet nowadays is for funerals."

"It's good to see you too, Jessica," Diana replied before looking back to Calvin. "So, that's three. How many left?"

"There's three more we need to see, but they're a little spaced out, and I think it might be best if the two of you approached one of them," Superman explained. "We meet at the Happy Harbour launch site tomorrow morning."

"So, I'm guessing this is pretty serious?" Jesse said. "I mean, for you to be recruiting a team."

Superman nodded, reaching into his belt and pulling out a black and white photo. Flash took it curiously, and her eyes widened at what she saw: A gigantic star-shaped...THING, floating in space, passing by what was very clearly Deimos, Mars' outer moon.

"...I'll move some stuff around," Flash muttered. "Make sure I'm not missed for a few days trying to stop frigging Armageddon."

It was raining hard in southern Brazil, so much so that the dam near a village so small that it wasn't even on the map was cracking hard under the pressure of much larger waves than normal. The people of the village, seeing this, were quick to decide to grab their things and run. Unfortunately, even with so few people, they couldn't evacuate nearly quickly enough, nor were there many higher lands for them to escape to. As such, when the dam finally burst, some were still in the process of fleeing on foot.

A young boy groaned as he fell to the ground, in such a hurry that he failed to see the large bowl that had been dropped in the soil. His mother screamed at him to run, but he was stunned still in fear as the waves began to approach. He held up an arm and braced himself, only for mere sprinkles of water to hit shortly after a massive tearing sound ripped through the air.

Looking ahead, the young Brazilian boy gasped in amazement of what he saw: A red haired woman in a black and green costume standing before him with her arms stretched out to the waves, and massive vines torn up through the ground that created a wall of stones wrapped in vines. They continued to spring up further and further along, creating a barricade around one side of the village and diverting the water further down the river.

Pamela Isley, also known in some circles as Poison Ivy, sighed hard as she slumped a little, having stopped the flood from claiming any lives. She'd heard it through the grapevine that there was heavy rain predicted for this area, and knew well enough that Brazilian rescue teams dispatched wouldn't arrive in time. So, she came as quickly as she could, regardless of the fact that the Brazilian government wasn't exactly known for being all that open to 'her kind', as she'd heard it put once.

"O-Obrigado!" the boy behind Pam exclaimed, seemingly in awe.

Ivy smiled weakly, helping him up. "De nada. Você está bem?"

"Sim, sim!" the boy answered, just as his mother ran up to hug him. Pam waved as the mother took him away, likely to regroup with the rest and let them know it was safe to return.

Well, at least I got SOME thank you this time, Pamela thought, walking off. Better than 'Get the hell out, witch', or 'A demon! Grab your pitchforks and throw your vegetables'. Not that that'd do anything anyway, since throwing a vegetable at me is like shooting bullets at-

"That was impressive," a voice called out from above, startling Ivy a bit before she glanced up at the source.

"Your highness," Pam greeted with a grin as Diana and Jesse floated down on the back of the former's pegasus. "...Starting a party or something?"

"Something like that," Diana replied. "We need your help on a mission."

Pamela cocked an eyebrow. "...What kind of mission?"

"The kind where we could all die, and even if we succeed, we might not get much in the way of thanks for," Flash answered, getting an odd look from Diana. "...Oh, sorry, I think I got my hand tangled in your lasso on the way here..."

Poison Ivy smirked. "...Well, that sounds right up my alley. When do we leave?"


The people of Dearborn, Michigan ran in terror as an eight foot tall, decaying, grey skinned man slammed down onto a car. He wore a black apron, studded belts across his chest, and heavy black boots. Most horrifying of all though, he had large butcher knives stuck into his rotting shoulders, and they didn't seem to cause him any pain or irritate him at all. What DID seem to irritate him, however, were the large number of cars speeding along the streets.

Enraged, the massive zombie stepped off the car he'd slammed onto, picked it up, and hurled it at a building, the driver inside screaming in horror. However, just before the car hit the building, it was caught in what looked to be a giant green net. Looking out the window, the driver spotted the source of the web: A man in a green, black, and white body suit that covered him from head to toe, floating in the sky, wearing a green ring that emitted an emerald light that created the net. The man used his ring to carefully guide the car to the ground, letting the driver out.

"Thank you, Green Lantern!" the driver cried, running to safety.

"Grrr, Grundy hate green men with sparkly rings!" the massive zombie, Grundy, roared.

"Grundy's going back to the swamp!" Green Lantern retorted, hurling the net at Grundy. Unfortunately, the undead giant had seen it coming, pulling a butcher knife from his shoulder and throwing it at the net. While it didn't cut it, it did as was intended: Take what would've been Grundy's place, ensnared on the ground. With that done, Grundy leaped into the air, looking to ram a fist into Green Lantern's face. While GL had managed to erect a force field with his ring to protect himself, the sheer shock of Grundy's punch still sent him crashing to the ground.

"Grundy SMASH!" Grundy bellowed, bringing both feet down to stomp on Green Lantern. Before he could, though, he was knocked aside by a massive blast of golden light, knocking him into a telephone pole.

Green Lantern shook his head hard as he sat up, looking through the lime green lenses of his mask at the hand that reached down to him. Glancing up, he saw its owner: None other than the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth in the golden helmet and gold and black costume, Doctor Fate. Smiling a little under his mask, GL grabbed hold of Fate's hand, letting him help him to his feet.

"Not often I see other heroes in my city," the Emerald Crusader noted.

"I sensed the presence of one with ties to The Rot in Dearborn," Fate replied, his voice deep and echoing. "It would seem I found the source, but I thought Solomon Grundy was banished to the moon by the original Green Lantern."

"Maybe he hitched a ride with Nightmare Moon," Green Lantern snarked, confusing Doctor Fate. "...Okay, so my daughter watches My Little Pony, and-"

"GRAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" The two were quickly called out of their bonding session as Grundy ran at them, swinging an empty car like a massive club. Lantern and Fate were both quick to create force fields of their own, but this left them on the defensive as Solomon Grundy continued to wail on their force fields. Meanwhile, the ground underneath them was beginning to decay, and seemingly dead roots in the earth began to spring up, ensnaring them while they were cut off guard.

"Grundy break your skulls!" Grundy screamed, raising the car over his head.

"Break your own!" Doctor Fate replied, summoning a golden firebird that burned the vines to ashes and then scorched Grundy across the arms, causing him to drop the car on his own head. With their foe stunned, Green Lantern formed a giant green warhammer in his hand and slammed it into Grundy's chest, sending him tumbling across the road. Despite this, he still rose to his feet, looking angrier than ever.

"This isn't doing any good," Fate observed. "As long as he's here on Earth, The Rot will continue to empower him. We need to remove him."

"I doubt he's gonna let us drag him back into outer space," Green Lantern noted. "Any suggestions?"

"I COULD teleport him back to the moon, but such a spell would take time to charge," the Sorcerer Supreme admitted.

Green Lantern frowned, but nodded nonetheless, forming a ball and chain in his hand. "I'll hold him as long as I can."

Grundy let out another roar, charging toward the two as they prepared. However, before he and Green Lantern could clash, Grundy found himself slammed down into the road hard by a blur of red and blue. Green Lantern's eyes nearly popped out of his lenses in surprise, seeing the Man of Steel standing between him and the fallen Grundy, who might as well have had little cartoon birds flying around his head at this point.

"...Oh, um, sorry," Superman stammered, looking slightly embarrassed at his two fellow heroes. "I kind of needed to talk to you, and he was in the way, and...I hope you don't mind me stepping in, I just needed to talk to you right away."

Green Lantern blinked, his jaw threatening to fall through his mask and slam into the concrete below. "...I think I'm gonna need a minute..."

Steve sighed, looking at his watch as he paced back and forth in front of the main gate to the shuttle. It was supposed to be set to launch within the next half hour, and yet there was no sign of Superman or his team. At this point, he'd need to call off the launch and arrange for Task Force X to be brought in alone, and he didn't like their odds against the the threat approaching Earth.

A loud ding caused Trevor to look up from his watch and finally find relief. Filing out of the elevator and into the hall leading to the gate were Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Poison Ivy, and Doctor Fate. They marched toward him in a line, and Steve couldn't help but notice that they looked dramatic without even consciously trying. They looked and felt like just the force he'd been hoping for.

"You came," Steve said happily before a thought occurred to him. "...Wait, there's only six of ya. I thought the plan was seven?"

"Seven's on the shuttle," Superman explained casually, stunning Trevor. "...Just trust me, he's on there."

Steve's eyes widened a bit as he caught on. "...Oh. Right. Well...Okay, I'll leave ya to it then...Good luck, all of you."

"Don't worry, Steve," Diana replied. "We'll be fine."

Cal cocked an eyebrow at the two. "...You two know each other?"

"We go back, yeah," Steve admitted, smiling to Wonder Woman with a look of almost bitter-sweetness. "...Don't let this be the last time I see ya, 'Angel'."

"I promise, when this is over, me, you, and Etta are getting together for a couple of drinks," Wonder Woman promised.

Steve nodded, stepping aside for the six to pass. Together, the group stepped through the gate and into the shuttle cockpit, Flash whistling in appreciation of the ship's controls. She slowly eased herself into the seat, getting a feel for it.

"Oh, I think I'm in love," Jesse said with a giggle as she looked over the ship's various read-outs and controls. "I see this baby's got some power to it. Engines definitely aren't standard issue for space missions."

"What a shocker," Pam muttered, getting seated as she looked around. "...Hey, I thought you said the last member of this team would be on-board."

"Maybe he cancelled?" Green Lantern suggested. "I mean, maybe he's got other priorities, or...I don't know, this IS kind of a scary mission, so maybe he-"

"Pick your next words carefully," a voice replied from the back of the ship.

Everyone looked to the back, save for Superman, who had spotted the person there already with his x-ray vision. Within a few seconds, the air began to blur in the back of the ship as a figure became visible, wearing a near pitch black costume with dark violet blue highlights. He wore a a utility belt filled with equipment, bore a large bat-like emblem on his chest, had a long cape flowing behind him, and his face was covered by a black cowl with violet blue lenses.

"...Batman?" Green Lantern said, his voice dripping in disbelief. "You're real?"

"Considering your line of work, that shouldn't shock you, Mr. Baz," Batman muttered, surprising GL. "...So, this is the team that's going to save the world: A farmer, a queen, a PhD, a thrill-seeker, a rule breaker, and a wanted fugitive. So glad I came."

Flash huffed, laying her chin on her fist. "The feeling's mutual. This ought to be SO much fun..."

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Hello and welcome to Justice League Infinite, my newest attempt at doing a Justice League story. lol As you can see, things in this version of events are a bit different. The JSA ran on this world for decades, with a number of Golden Age heroes having served on the team at some point or another (save for the big three of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman), until their numbers dwindled over the years and the organization shut down. Diana and Mera are now married and co-Queens of each other's nations. And SOMEONE, wink wink, is ruling America from the President's office with an iron fist and a grudge against superheroes. Oh, also, I changed it so that the Justice Society began operation in the 60's, since it makes it a bit more plausible for Jay Garrick and others to have kids in their mid to late 20's in the modern time than if they started out in World War II.

Let's talk a bit about the characters, all of whom bear similarities to versions of themselves seen throughout the Multiverse of the comics. Clark Kent is replaced by an amalgamation of himself, John Henry Irons, and Calvin Ellis named Calvin Henry Kent, or Cal-El. Lois Lane is replaced by an African-American hybrid of herself and Lana Lang. Steve Trevor is a secret government agent, but nonetheless remains a good guy. Wonder Woman is, from a personality standpoint, probably closest to her pre-Flashpoint incarnation, but is a Queen now of two lands, and has grown as a negotiator/diplomat. Jessica Garrick is basically meant to be an alternate version of Jesse Quick, except that she's Jay Garrick's daughter instead of Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle's, and is a bit more of a thrill-seeker than her counterpart, though she does still run her own business. Pamela Isley is a superheroine instead of a villain or neutral of any sort, specifically out to help the helpless and uncaring of jurisdictions or the like that don't approve of her help. Green Lantern is Simon Baz, who in this version has a wife and daughter, was wrongfully accused of a terrorist bombing, is currently still hiding his identity from the public until he's proven innocent, and is the only Green Lantern currently, as there are no Green Lantern Corps, only Alan Scott, who eventually gave up the Green Power Ring so it could choose a new bearer. Doctor Fate is Khalid Ben-Hassan, the Doctor Fate of the New 52 Earth 2 book, and likewise has a similar back-story to him. Finally, Batman is still Bruce Wayne, and while his origins are pretty much the standard one, a few elements of his own support group have changed, and he's still not used to working with other heroes, being untrusting and paranoid of them at times. There are other differences to go over later, but for now, that's the gist of it. Oh, and Solomon Grundy is kind of a mix between his New 52 Earth 2 version and the one from Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Now for the heroes' costumes. Superman's is more or less his Earth 2 counterpart's costume from the New 52, with a couple of yellow additions to his belt, Calvin Ellis' version of the House of El emblem, a slightly smaller cape with a yellow House of El emblem on it, and the blue of his costume has a bit more of a silver tone to it to make him shinier and to act as a reference to Steel. Wonder Woman's costume can very much be seen as a hybrid of her Justice League War outfit, her New 52 Earth 2 costume, and has that red cape she's seen in sometimes (most recently Sensation Comics) for the heck of it. The Flash's is pretty much the costume Jesse Quick wore in the late 90's, particularly at the beginning of The Titans, only with the Flash lightning bolt logo. Poison Ivy and Doctor Fates' are pretty much just their New 52 costumes, since I couldn't think of anything better that suited them in this canon, and hey, why mess with a good thing, right? Green Lantern's costume bears the same general design as the one Baz wears in the comics, except that it's a full body suit, covering his skin, eyes, and mouth. Finally, Batman is wearing a darker version of his Justice League 3000 costume, with the red turned to a dark violet blue, termed the 'Meta-Buster', a suit designed specifically for keeping up with Metahumans.

Anyway, thanks for checking out chapter 1 of this story. Next chapter, we learn exactly what the threat to Earth is, and get a little more back-story on these characters. Ja né!