I never thought his asian dick would have the poingnant, pungent odor it did. But it only turned me on more.
As I sat there, he gyrated my puss to another dimension, were time and space intersected in vaginal bliss. His erect fillipeen filled me up from head to toe it seemed, and after 6 whole seconds of pure pleasure, he spread his manseed all over my girlcaves in an explosion of hate, love and sweat that lasted 47 minutes and included a reading of Shakespeare's Henry IV. After, we layed on the dirt of the forest clearing he chose to bang me in, he said to me, Ava.
Ava, ava ava ava. Ava. Who are we?
What are we? Buttfucking villians into the night?
Sunsetting vagpunchers?
Clitslamming peenblasters exstroidenaire?
No, I said.
We are horny, and we need to bang in the ass this time because you literally destroyed my pussy, so I can't have kids now.
And he got the goatskin condoms and we fucked with marmalade lube until our parents picked us up.
And in that moment, I knew I had to assassinate the president of the United States of America, Potatodick McMami.