When Steph awoke the next night, she found all three of "her boys" at the foot of her bed. All curled up with blankets, pillows, and waves of blonde hair. She sat there…for how long, she didn't know. But she just watched them. And they all looked so beautiful and serene, each in their own way.

It was Christian who woke first. He, like all the others, had keen senses. Yet one of his sharpest ones was the over powering feeling when someone was watching him. A gift that came in handy at times. He sat up, running his hands over his tired face. He looked at Steph for a long moment before speaking. "So what do I call you now," he asked softly. "I don't know whether to call you Tessa, Stephanie or what."

Stephanie looked around the room quietly, contemplating what Christian said. "I was Tessa when I was first here…reborn into a vampire…but she died so long ago. Im Stephanie now," she nodded with reassurance. "Stephanie. Call me Stephanie."

Christian smiled. "Then Stephanie it is." He then stood and sat beside Steph.

She put her head on her friend's shoulder and sighed. "Im just so tired," she admitted.

Christian held her close. "It'll be fine. I know it will," he paused, "I thought you were losing your mind…"

"I thought I was too…it was frightening…but thankfully, Im not."

Christian nodded and spoke hesitantly. "I was…thinking about what happened to you…and do you realize that when it began, you were human, you turned into a vampire, died, became human, and then became a vampire again?…It….doesn't seem possible."

Steph was quiet for a long moment. She really hadn't thought of it. Anger was slowly beginning to flood through her veins. She'd been giving a second chance at mortality. How many people could say that? And it was snatched away…again.

Yet, she couldn't fault Edge. He loved her as Tessa and as Steph. And perhaps the reason he turned her again was his way of dealing with his grief.

She sighed quietly and let her mind wander as Christian held her, as she watched Chris and Edge sleep.

Chris had been awake for some time now. His mind was working quickly. He hadn't even though of what Christian had asked Stephanie. If a vampire died via suicide, were they reborn as human? If so, could this only happen once? If not, how did this happen? He had always wanted better for Tessa…Stephanie…so there was much anger towards Edge and his selfishness. Stephanie was finally away from all this. The life she hated. And Edge brought her back again, unwillingly, again. Edge was awake, he just knew it. And he hoped that the feelings coursing through him, projected onto his creation.

Edge winced. Chris was beyond upset, he was livid. Every part of him was humming with a dull pain…Chris's anger. He kept his face buried in his pillow. His hand softly touched Chris's, trying to placate him. He felt him stiffen. Edge sighed and moved his hand away, sitting up. He rubbed his eyes for the benefit of Christian and Stephanie. He locked eyes with Steph for a long moment. "Evening."

Steph felt cold for the briefest of moments and then nothing. She smiled lightly. "Good evening."

She blinked and in that instant, Chris had already moved to the window, opening the curtains to the dark night.

"Christopher," she called gently.

Chris turned his head slightly, acknowledging her.

"Good evening to you to."

Chris nodded and looked back outside. He needed to know what happened to Steph. So many things just didn't add up. He turned abruptly and walked towards the balcony doors, flinging them open and walking onto the terrace.

Steph stood. And walked forward a few feet, then let Edge hold her in his embrace while they watched him.

Chris looked over the ledge to the crashing surf below. He turned back to his family, his hair flowing with the wind.

"You jumped…" He looked back over the edge. "Right here." He climbed onto the Edge and looked down.

Steph tried to break free away from Edge but he held her fast. "Christopher…!"

He turned carefully. "You stood here…" He was hearing her, but not hearing her. "Edge and I had been fighting…and I suppose you just couldn't take it anymore," he pointed towards the door. "You ran up the stair and climbed right here…"

Steph could see it clear in her mind as if it was happening. Tears fell onto the floor…

"And we all watched…" His voice broke, "you jumped…and there was nothing we could do because sunrise was coming over the horizon…"

"Im sorry," she whispered.

Chris nodded slowly. "I know…but I don't…I just don't understand how…" he trailed off.

Edge kissed Steph's cheek. "Sometimes there are things that are just beyond our comprehension."

"Yes…that is true," he looked over the edge again. "If I jump…do you think I too would become human?"

"No," Edge said firmly.

Christian's eyes suddenly flicked to him, narrowing slightly.

Chris turned and looked at Edge for a long minute. "Perhaps you are right…then again, you could be wrong. It wouldn't be the first time."

"Christopher," Steph pleaded, "Please come down."

Chris gazed at her and then hopped down. "Of course, sweetness. I wouldn't risk your life or the life of any of you for the sake of humanity." He took her hand and pulled her away from Edge. "Your life is too precious to me," he whispered.

Edge watched them and then smiled. He almost roughly pulled Steph to him. "Besides, all he would have succeeded in doing was marring his pretty face on those sharp rocks," His said in a saccharine tone.

"Oh, I would have just cut yours to match," he said quietly.

The two men stared at each other, the hostility was obvious.

Christian quickly intervened, taking Steph's hand and walking towards the stairs. "Lets go the garden and see if we can prune any flowers for you to bring inside."

Steph kissed Christian's cheek, thanking him. "That sounds lovely, let's go."

Edge and Chris walked behind them. Both sulking, arms crossed.