The Pond Twins

Chapter 1: The Eleventh Hour Part 1

A/N: Okay, so I've had this idea for a little over a week now. I know this story has sort of been written a few times before, but I wanted to put my own little twist on it. The story that initially gave me the inspiration was "Out of the Woods" by mynameisella. What if Amy had an IDENTICAL twin sister? How would've things been different? This story will mostly follow along the lines of the show from the beginning of Series 5 and onwards. I may add my own short little filler chapters here and there. :)

Alexis Pond was lying in her bed wide awake and afraid. She turned over on her side so she could face her sister in the other bed. She could see that Amelia's eyes were closed, but she knew full well that she was not asleep. They both had been having nightmares for a long while now. They were each other's comfort when it came to having nightmares. Aunt Sharon said that none of the nightmares were real and that they would soon come to pass, but the crack in the wall was saying otherwise. Amelia and Alexis had always been afraid of the crack. It would send nightmares into their heads and prevent them from getting at least a decent night's rest. Tonight was no different.

Alexis couldn't take it anymore. She quietly slipped out of her bed and tiptoed across the floor to where her sister was. She tried to be quiet. So she whispered. "Amelia... Amelia... Come on, I know you're not asleep."

Amelia's eyes shot open and she sat straight up. She hadn't heard her sister walk across the floor. She was always sneaky like that. "Alexis. You have to stop doing that. You scared me more than the crack in the wall."

"Ha, I doubt that, but I am sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. It's just that I can't sleep." Alexis got up on the bed and sat next to her sister.

"Neither can I. I'm scared Alexis. The crack is saying all these things and I don't know what they are." Amelia laid her head and Alexis's shoulder.

"I know. I hear it too." Alexis wrapped an arm around Amelia's shoulder. "We could pray about it."


The sisters got off the bed and turned on the nightstand lamps. They both knelt down at the end of Alexis's bed.

"Dear Santa, thank you for the dolls and pencils and the fish," Alexis said sweetly. Amelia chimed in.

"Yes, thank you. It's Easter now though, so I hope we didn't wake you." Amelia said squeezing her eyes shut more tightly. Alexis saw this and did the same.

"But honest, it is an emergency. There's a crack in our wall." Alexis said as she shot a quick glance at the crack. "Aunt Sharon says it's just an ordinary crack, but... we know it's not, because at night, there's voices."

"So please, please, could you send someone to fix it? Or a policeman? Or..." Amelia was cut off by a loud crash like noise coming from their backyard.

They both ran over the window to see what happened. They saw that a giant blue box had completely wrecked their shed. Big grins spread across both their faces.

"Thank you Santa." Alexis and Amelia whispered in unison. Both the twins ran and quickly grabbed their boots. Amelia put on her red ones and Alexis put on her pink ones. They ran downstairs and grabbed their coats that were hanging by the front door. Alexis eagerly opened the door and ran outside, Amelia quickly following behind.

There was soft yellow light emitting from the top of the blue box. They both could here some sort of a noise coming from inside. The box was tipped over, but they could sort of see that there was writing above the doors. They seemed to say 'Police Public Call Box'. Amelia and Alexis both had confused, but intrigued looks on their faces.

All of a sudden, the doors flung open and a man popped his head out.

"Could I have an apple?' He asked looking between the two girls. "All I can think about is apples."

"Maybe you're having a craving." Alexis said looking at the strange man.

"Oh, that's new. Never had cravings before."

"Are you alright mister?" Amelia asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Just had a fall. All the way down there, right to the library." He said with an eyebrow raised. "Hell of a climb back up."

"You're soaking wet." Alexis said pointing out the obvious.

The man hopped down from the box. He wobbled a little as he spoke. "I was in the swimming pool."

"You just said you were in the library." Amelia and Alexis said at the same time.

The man looked at the girls with an eyebrow raised. "Well, so was the swimming pool. Also, am I seeing double here or what?"

"No, I don't think so. We're twins." Amelia replied. The man looked at her and nodded in understanding.

"Are you a policeman man?" Alexis asked.

The man looked back at Alexis. "Why? Did either of you call a policeman?"

"No, but you came about the crack in our wall? Santa sent you right?" Alexis asked.

"What crack?" The man then yelped and fell back on the ground in pain. Amelia and Alexis ran over to him and saw that he was actually in what looked like to be quite a lot of pain.

"Are you okay?" Amelia asked in concern. The man stood up a bit shaky, so he leaned against his box for some support.

"No, I'm fine." He said just a bit too sure of himself. "This is all perfectly norm-" He was cut off, and opened his mouth as a burst of something golden floated out of his mouth.

"Who are you?" Alexis asked with wide eyes. The man shrugged and answered her with a grin.

"Don't know yet, still cooking." He looked between the two girls. "Does it scare you?"

They both shook their heads. "Just looks a bit weird." Amelia and Alexis said in unison. The man looked at them again with the same expression he had the first time they answered at the same time.

"No, no, no. The crack in your wall, does it scare you?" The twins smiles faltered a little at the mention of the crack. The man noticed.

"Yes." Alexis answered.

The man clapped his hands together, spinning around as he did so. "Well then, no time to lose." He said happily. "Hello, I'm The Doctor. Do everything I tell you, don't ask stupid questions, and don't wander off." He then turned around and was immediately greeted with a face full of tree. He fell backwards, but popped right back up. He then turned back to the girls and the house.

"Are you alright?" Amelia asked with a smirk on her face.

"Early days, steering's a bit off." He said knocking one foot against the other.

"Or a lot." Alexis said under her breath.

The Doctor just smiled at them and took both of their hands as they walked into the house.

Once they were inside Amelia walked into the kitchen to grab an apple.

"If you're a doctor, then why does your box say police?" Alexis asked with curiosity. Before The Doctor could answer Amelia returned with the apple. The Doctor took it, bit into it, then very quickly spit it out onto the floor.

"That's disgusting. What is that?"

The twins shared a look and then answered again in unison. "An apple."

The Doctor then said that he wanted yogurt and Amelia then proceeded to get him yogurt. He spit that out too. It turned into this whole big thing. He never liked any of the things either twin tried to give to him. He even went as far as to throw a plate with bread on it out the front door!

Finally The Doctor had settled on something and before they knew it, all of them were sitting at the kitchen table. The Doctor was dipping some fish fingers into some custard and Alexis and Amelia were sharing a tub of ice cream.

"Funny." Alexis commented with a mouthful of ice cream when The Doctor was drinking the bowl custard and ended up with a custard mustache.

"Am I? Good. Funny's good... What are your names?" The thought of them actually having names had actually just occurred to him.

"Amelia Pond."

"Alexis Pond."

"Ah, brilliant names... Amelia and Alexis Pond, like names in a fairy tale. Are we in Scotland Amelia?"

"No. We had to move to England. It's rubbish."

"So Alexis, what about your parents?" The Doctor asked. "Are they upstairs?... Thought we would've woken them up by now."

Both the girls were quiet for a moment.

"We don't have a mum and dad." Amelia replied. It seemed that she had an easier time talking about stuff like this than her sister. "Just an aunt."

The Doctor looked between the two girls. "Then where's your aunt?"

"Out." Alexis replied quickly.

"And she left the two of you alone?" The Doctor asked a bit disbelievingly.

"We're not scared." Amelia and Alexis replied together.

"Course you're not. You're not scared of anything." The Doctor finished his custard. "Box falls out of the sky, man falls out of box, man eats fish custard, and look at the both of you, just sitting there. So you know what I think?... Must be hell of a scary crack in your wall."

The girls were really excited. The Doctor said that he would be back in five minutes. So they were trying to hurry and pack a few of their things. They packed the essentials, like some extra clothes. Amelia made sure to grab both of their lockets. She handed Alexis her locket and they both put them around their necks. The lockets had two pictures inside. A picture of their parents and a picture of one another. Amelia had a picture of Alexis and Alexis had a picture of Amelia. It was almost impossible to tell who was who. The only difference in their appearance was their eye color. Amelia had lovely teal blue colored ones and Alexis had really pretty emerald green ones.

They quickly made their way down stairs and into their back garden. They sat down on top of their suitcases and waited patiently.

They waited and waited...

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