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Chapter 1

"Wakey, wakey, Rose Tyler!"

The Doctor beamed as he opened the door to Rose's room and poking his head in with his usual untamed amount of energy. He had just punched in coordinates to an amazing planet as a surprise for his fellow pink and yellow human. Just the thought of Rose's big and bright smile on her face when she saw where he landed the TARDIS warmed his hearts. He could barely contain his excitement.

His smile hadn't dropped from its manic state when his eyes caught sight of said human still completely wrapped up in her blanket cocoon, the top of her blonde head just barely peeking over the heavy pink covers and snoring softly. "Rose?"

Walking over to her side of the bed the Doctor began to poke her back gently with his finger. One thing he learned about Rose since she started traveling with him two years ago was that she was definitely not a morning person. The word 'grumpy' was not a strong enough word to describe her mood. But that wasn't going to stop him from getting her out of bed. "Rose. Rooooose," he stressed with a softer voice this time, but still loud enough to stir Rose out of her slumber.

It seemed to be working since her snoring had eased up. "Rose. Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose, Rooooooose. Wake up." The Doctor continued to nudge her to get up when he finally heard Rose grunt. She found her voice to speak, but the sound was muffled by her pillow. "C'mon Rose, time to get up." He said with a happy chirp in his tone.

Rose let out another grunt and spoke again into her pillow, this time her words not as inaudible. "Can't. Sleeping."

The Doctor took away his finger that was still nudging her back and pointed it to her accusingly, though she couldn't see it with her back to him. "Rose Marion Tyler, that is a lie. You are speaking to me, which proves you are fully awake and able to get up and move."

"I'm hallucinating…"

Taking out his sonic, the Doctor scanned Rose's body. "Ah, that's another lie!" He exclaimed when he read the results. "You show absolutely no signs of any mental illnesses, usage of medications, susceptibility to seizures or lack of sleep…" He snorted at that last symptom. "Oh yes, definitely no issues in that department. Seriously Rose, if you keep on lying just to get rid of me, that little button nose of yours will grow to the size of three cucumbers. Believe me, you don't want that." He warned, arching his eyebrow.

All Rose responded with was another grunt. The Doctor shook his head. Humans and their obsession with sleep.

Rose was still wrapped up in her covers, trying as hard as she can to hide her smile. Why doesn't he just give up? She thought. Before she could even register what he was going to do next, her body began to bounce up and down as her mattress dipped and shook wildly. She turned her head around slightly and peeked out of her right eye to see the Doctor kneeling beside her on her bed with his hands on her body - one on her shoulder and the other on the middle of her back - and sporting a goofy grin on his face. Just looking at him made it almost impossible for Rose to conceal her smile. He was like an excited little kid, or even a puppy. Either way, it was undeniably adorable. But that wasn't enough to get her out of bed.

The Doctor huffed when Rose turned her face back into her pillow. Her stubbornness wasn't going to make him give up. Especially not today. He would make sure she would get up. He had a wonderful surprise outside the TARDIS doors waiting for her. She just couldn't miss out on the special trip he had planned for her.

"Roooooooooooose," he whined. "Please get up. It's been morning for a very long time."

"You're just saying that cause you've been awake for a while."

"Weeell, that may be true, but that's because Time Lords don't need as much sleep as humans," he sniffed. "And honestly Rose, you sleep way too much. Definitely exceeding over the required amount of hours that a human needs."

"Aren't you Mr. Know-it-all." She said with much hinted sarcasm.

He sniffed again. "Well of course I am. Really Rose? Lies and rhetorical remarks? You are treading on thin ice, little lady," he said with mock seriousness. Dropping the facade he placed his hands back on her body and shook her as he resumed bouncing on her bed with joy. "Now c'mon, up you go! Rise and shiiiine!"

Rose just snuggled closer into her pillow and covers, holding on for the ride. She was still hiding her smile which kept stretching on her face below the blankets. She loved to tease the Doctor. It was always fun when given the chance, and she knew he didn't mind it either. He was so playful at times that he could pass for a child living inside a grown man's body - or in this case inside a nine hundred year old Time Lord. She heard the Doctor let out a frustrated noise when he wasn't accomplishing at getting her up. Maybe he had finally given up. She was going to win this.

Suddenly the Doctor stopped bouncing on Rose's bed. She felt him shift as he moved closer to her to the point where she can feel the breath escaping his nose. Though she was wrapped up tight in heavy blankets she was certain that the sudden burst of heat that shot through her body was definitely not from her cocoon. With gentle fingers he removed the hand he had placed on her back and smoothed back her silky messed up hair to the side, just barely brushing her skin. Her breath hitched when she felt his own ghost across her cheek as he brought his lips to her ear.

"Please wake up," he pleaded softly, his voice barely a whisper. With nimble fingers, his right hand that clutched her shoulder moved to the edge of the many layers of blankets still wrapped tightly around her body, pulling them down a bit to reveal her shoulder as he caressed her thoroughly with gentle movements. His other hand rested on the back of her head, stroking her hair with the softest of touches. "Please Rose. I've landed us in the perfect place. You can't see everything when you're here couped up in your bed with your head in the pillows. Please get up. For me." He turned his head slightly, the tip of his fringe tickling the top of her eyelid which she kept shut tight.

Rose couldn't breathe, nor could she move since her mind decided to forego all knowledge of how to think. Why in the name of sanity would she want to get out of bed now? If anything, the Doctor's soft touches were drifting her back to sleep rather than the intended opposite reaction. This approach was new. What was happening now could only be a dream. Oh, she was definitely not waking up now if this was all just a fantasy. She would have pinched her leg if it hadn't been curled up to her chest holding the covers. She had said it as a joke earlier, but was she hallucinating?

In all of their interactions with each other the Doctor had never been this close before. Not that she was complaining at the moment. Sure the holding of hands, hugging and the occasional kiss to the forehead were exceptional since they were things done on a daily basis. But this? This was…different, good different. It was utterly breathtaking - literally.

Rose finally found her breath as it shuddered, her heart pounding in her chest. Oh God, could he hear it? With him always bragging about his 'superior Time Lord senses' surely he was able to hear it. She could have sworn she felt his lips curve into a small smile against her temple for a short second.

Before she could respond he lifted himself completely off of her as he stood up. She inwardly groaned at his absence. Well, that moment was short-lived.

The Doctor moved to stand at the end of her bed, his hands reaching for the blankets. Clearly he had to use drastic measures to get Rose moving. A sly grin crossed his lips for a moment. "Okay Rose, if you think you're going to stay in that bed all wrapped up like a Slitheen compressing human flesh, then you leave me no choice…"

In a quick motion he yanked off all of her covers, discarding them on the floor without care. Before Rose could even comprehend what was happening, the Doctor suddenly lunged himself back onto her bed on top of her and started to tickle her.

Rose half shrieked and half giggled as she tried to swat his hands away, but she was too late. His fingers danced over her ribs in swift movements as she began flailing her arms at him. The Doctor leaned into her more, pressing his body on hers to trap her in his tickle torture. Trying desperately to catch her breath as they both laughed like two loons, Rose couldn't stop the tears from coming out of her eyes. As childish as it was, it was just the two of them being themselves with each other. This was just a typical and playful tickle fight among best friends - nothing more, nothing less.

'Though sometimes I wish we were more,' Rose thought in the back of her mind.

Finding a small bit of strength she caught one of his hands by the wrist and pushed against his chest, rising herself in a seated position. Still laughing, she finally gave up. "Okay, okay, you win! I'm up, I'm up!"

The Doctor lifted his chin up with boastful pride. "See," he began. "That's what happens when you underestimate me, Rose Tyler." Lowering his head down to her eye level he gave her a thoughtful look. "I must say that I admire your effort to be extra grumpy this morning. Mind you, not many people can keep an act like that without breaking character."

Rose chuckled and gave him a playful push. "How awarding. Why thank you."

"Have to give the credit when it's due, don't I?" He shrugged with a smile as he rose off her bed to stand beside it.

"All right I'm awake, now tell me where we landed," Rose said.

That manic grin appeared on his face again as he put his hands in his trouser pockets and bounced happily on his feet. "Guess!"

Rose rolled her eyes. "Doctor, I hate guessing, just tell me."

The Doctor's grin fell to a pout. "But then that'll spoil the surprise."

Sometimes it was hard to forget that this nine hundred year old Time Lord could be the equivalent to a five year old boy.

Rose let out a sigh and thought. " I dunno. I'm gonna say…Earth." It was a simple answer since they always made stops on Earth, specifically London. Why is it always London? Then it just occurred to Rose what time of year it was going by standard Earth calendaring. "Oh, are we gonna be at Mum's for Christmas?" She chirped. It's been a while since she's visited her Mum, ever since leaving the parallel world.

The Doctor's smile faded as he raised his hand to scratch the back of his head awkwardly. "Ehm…" He scrunched his nose trying to search for the right choice of words.

Rose caught onto his fidgeting. "Oh," she said hiding some of her sadness as she glanced at her hands laying in her lap.

The Doctor hated when that fallen look appeared on Rose's face. Sitting next to her on the bed, he took one of her hands in his and softly brushed her knuckles with his thumb. "I'm sorry Rose," he said quietly. "I know how much you miss Jackie. I can redirect the TARDIS and head back to the Powell Estate for you..."

"S'okay Doctor," she shook her head, offering him a light smile. "It doesn't matter where we go. Yeah I miss Mum, but you're important to me too. You wanted to surprise me by bringing me to a special place, so we'll stay."

The Doctor looked at her with a sad look in his eyes. He knew how much Rose wanted to visit her mum. While the presence of Jackie Tyler sometimes consisted of him saying something rudely or Jackie asking him personal questions about his physiology or whatever other little squabbles they have with each other, she was still Rose's mum. She was the only family of Rose's left, so he offered her that much.

Rose patted his arm reassuringly, bringing him out his thoughts. "I wanna stay, Doctor. We can visit Mum after our trip, 'kay? Besides, maybe I can bring her back a souvenir. At least one that can replace that shiny purple rock from Tharmanok that turned into a bouncy ball of slime."

The Doctor chuckled. "I thought it gave her flat a more…illuminating feeling." He joked as he nudged her shoulder with his own. Gaining back his excitement, he let go of Rose's hand and jumped to back on his feet. "But!" He exclaimed. "It definitely involves Christmas!"

"Great!" Rose stood in front of the Doctor. "Can we go now?"

The Doctor scratched his chin as he studied Rose. "Right now? Rose, what about…you're…well, ehm…" he gestured at her pajamas - a sleeveless blue vest and dark pink shorts. "I mean, you'll be freezing in that outfit, Rose. Your body can't withstand extreme temperatures like mine. Now unless you were a loppasite - which, be lucky you aren't one of them. Nasty little buggers they are. They're the only creatures that shed their outer skin for molted fur and have -"

Rose giggled as she playfully pushed him out of his ranting. "You're so daft," she pushed him again when he gave an exaggerated mock pout. "Of course'm not gonna go out in my pajamas. Just give me a sec to change, 'kay?"

Nodding with a smile, the Doctor pointed his thumb towards Rose's door. "I'll be out there." As he walked out of her room, he popped his head back in a second later with a stern look on his face. "Just don't be long," he pointed his finger at her accusingly again. "You've already slept half the day away little Miss GrumpyShorts."

"Oi!" She giggled. "You called me a bleedin' Slitheen earlier, Mr. Rude and Not Ginger." She picked up one of her pillows and threw it at him, just missing him as he ran away giggling.

"That's me, oh yes!" He called out from the corridor.

Rose shook her head and headed to her wardrobe to get dressed. The Doctor said she would freeze so she obviously had to dress warmly. She couldn't wait to find out what the Doctor has in store for her.


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