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"Are you ok?" Cuddy asked, trying to stifle a laugh as Greg walked back into her room, a little sheepishly, sporting a black eye and bruised nose. It had been almost half an hour since the delivery of their daughter and she'd been laughing, on and off, as the memory of her partner face planting her bed played round and round in her head like a stuck record.

He frowned, winced when his frown caused his nose to throb and then grunted. "I'll live through this endless embarrassing experience which you will no doubt remind of whenever you want me to do something for you."

"Oh, come on, I wouldn't do that to you" she assured him before pausing and correcting herself with "well, not much."

House chuckled darkly before sitting down beside her and running his hand through her hair. She was beautiful; tired, sweaty, smelly and bloodied but absolutely radiant. Her happiness was so hard to ignore, it settled around her like a glowing aura of energy and, even though he'd humiliated himself, it put a smile on his face. "Hey" he whispered, changing the mood of the room entirely "I love you."

Lisa closed her eyes as he pressed his lips to hers. She loved it when he said those words to her because they meant so much more coming from a man who struggles with expressing emotion but he was trying so hard for her. "I love you" she repeated softly.

"So" he pulled back but his eyes never left her face "do I get to meet our new little money trap?"

"Of course" she replied, surprised that, just for a moment…distracted by the affection House was showing her…she'd forgotten that she'd just given birth. She sat up and reached into the bassinette, on the other side of her to House, and gently picked up the sleeping baby who was wrapped in a soft pink blanket. Lisa automatically straightened out the white hat that the nurses had placed on the head of her new born daughter before passing her over to House who, with a tender touch, took her in his arms and stared down at his second child.

The baby was shrivelled, pink and resembled something like the creature Gollum but she was beautiful, just like her mother, perfect in every way and he was in awe of her. House knew that, without even having to think about it, he would do whatever he could to protect this child, to make sure that she's happy and cared for and loved. He knew that, this little girl, like her brother and Rachel, would claim his heart forever. He loved her so much that it hurt.

Lisa watched him, almost overwhelmed by how fascinated he was by their new baby; he stared at her with so much love that it brought a lump to her throat. "I was thinking about names" she stated softly.

"No way are we calling her Joy" House replied, his eyes never wavering from his daughter's face. "Or Meredith."

"I went off the name Joy a long time ago, Greg" Cuddy informed him "and I've never liked Meredith." She chuckled and shook her head before saying "I wanted to know what names you liked?"

"Me?" House frowned, surprised by the fact that he was being asked this question. Men aren't like women, they don't spend half of their lives deciding on names for their future children…House didn't even think he'd ever have children let alone fathering two and becoming a carer for another in the space of eighteen months. It stumped him for a moment but, as he continued to stare down at the girl's perfect button nose, upturned mouth and small ears, only one name came forth in his mind. "Grace" he replied before turning to look at Cuddy.

Grace was beautiful, undeniably perfect, for their new daughter. Lisa Cuddy smiled; she was pleased that he'd come up with a name like this; surprised, of course she was…she thought that he'd come up with something like Jemima, Jemma or Jamie to honour his best friend…but albeit pleased. "Grace" she said, liking how it sounded on her tongue, before beaming at House and nodding "I love it."

House seemed pretty pleased with her reaction and settled lower into his chair, cooing at his child.

"I was thinking" Cuddy said after a minute or two "Rachel calls you daddy."


"She sees you as her father and has done for a long time and so I was wondering if you'd like to adopt her? Of course, I adopted her whilst she was still a baby but, I was thinking, if anything happened to me then you wouldn't have any right to her, she'd be taken back into care."

House stared at her, honoured by her suggestion. "You want me to adopt her?" She nodded "of course, yes; how could I say no?" He paused for a moment before saying "and, whilst we're at it, perhaps you could adopt Benjamin?"

"Of course" like House, Lisa was honoured by this suggestion, more for the reason that he was very protective over his son and asking something like that of her meant that he trusted her enough for her to have parental rights to his son.

Sometime later, after Lisa had given in to her exhaustion, someone knocked gently on the door. House looked up just as Wilson popped his head around the door. "Am I alright to come in?" House nodded "and the kids?" He nodded again and watched Wilson, who was carrying Benjamin, lead Rachel into the room.

She ran over to House and hugged him. "You have to be very quiet" he told her "mommy's sleeping."

"Ok" she whispered "daddy, what happened to your face?"

House had momentarily forgotten about his bruised face but now that it had been mentioned again, the dull throbbing, reminding him of the still forming bruise around his eye and nose, returned. "I had a fight with a door" he told her, unwilling to tell a five year old the truth.

She considered this for a moment before pushing it to one side and asking "can I see the baby?"

"Of course you can, Sweetheart, but you have to be very gentle with her; remember when Benjamin was very small and you had to be careful with him" she nodded "you have to do the same with Gracie because she's very fragile, ok?" Rachel nodded again.

"Gracie" Wilson said, watching his best friend as he got up and retrieved the baby from her bassinette "is that what you named her?"

"Grace" House replied, sitting back down and lifting Rachel, with one hand, onto his lap "but I guess she'll be known as Gracie as well."

Rachel stared at her little sister for a moment, just taking her in, before smiling, bending down and kissing her. "She's cute" she stated.

"I know" he agreed "and it's your job, as her big sister, to help your mommy and me protect and take care of her."

"Like I do with Benny?" She asked.

"Exactly like you do with Benny." House told her, kissing the top of her head and taking in the smell of her hair, a mixture of digestive biscuit and cheese. He smiled to himself for a moment as he realised that this was his family, that these were his children and that his entire life revolved around pleasing and loving them.

"House" Wilson said, distracting him from his thoughts "what really happened to your face?"

He looked up at Wilson, who was watching him intently, and said, in an attempt to avoid answering the question, "Lisa and I want you to be their god father."

"What?" He asked feeling stunned and forgetting about House's bruised face "House, do you know what you're asking of me?"

He nodded "of course we do; we've talked a lot about it and have made, or will be making, arrangements for if something happens to either one of us but if something happens to both of us then it would make us both happy if we knew that you'd be the one to take care of our children."

"Wow" Wilson stated, sitting down on the couch and resting Benjamin on his lap "that's…of course I will, Greg, wow…yes, of course!"


Lisa Cuddy awoke to find that Rachel and Benjamin had arrived and were now snuggled up on House's lap; all three of them sound asleep. Rachel was tucked, in almost a foetal position, in the crook of House's right arm; one of her hands in her lap and the other holding House's. Benjamin was tucked in the crook of House's left arm with one arm behind his head and the other up to his mouth as he sucked his thumb. It was a joyful feeling, seeing the man she loved, her daughter and his son all sleeping soundly together and it was easy to forget that the small boy, barely one year old, was almost smarter that a full grown man.

"Hi" a voice stated.

She turned her head to see Wilson on the couch, she hadn't spotted him before and he alarmed her for a moment but she smiled at him "hi."

"How are you feeling?" He asked, getting up and perching himself on her bed.

"A little sore" she admitted "but really good."

"That's good" Wilson nodded "and soreness is expected given the…err…nature of the event." He then paused and asked the question House had tried to avoid answering "what happened to Greg's face?"

"Oh!" Lisa laughed, shaking her head "he'll never forgive me for telling you this."

"What?" He asked, smiling through his confusion.

"He passed out just after she was born, landed on his face."

House's best friend snorted as he played it out in his head "seriously?"

She smiled and nodded before saying "thanks for looking after the kids."

"You know that it's never an issue" Wilson assured her "they are wonderful children so it's always a pleasure."

Lisa smiled even wider at him for a moment before gesturing at House and the kids "how long have they been asleep?"

"Only about an hour" he replied "Rachel was singing lullaby's to Grace and it must have sent House to sleep, the kids followed quite quickly. Don't worry" he added when Lisa started looking around for her new daughter "I put her back into her bassinette."

Cuddy looked around at the bassinette, where Grace was sleeping soundly, and smiled. It was still hard to believe that this baby was hers, that she wasn't adopted and that this beautiful little creature was a product of Gregory House. Her life hadn't taken the path she thought that it would take; she never expected to play house with a man like Greg especially playing house with him. She thought that their romance had ended the moment he'd driven her car into her old home and yet here they were with three children; his, hers and theirs. It would be a dream come true if all three children were biologically linked but that didn't matter because the way things were now, the way the children were with her and House, together and separately, proved that they didn't have to be linked to be a family and maybe that was better?

It was also hard to believe that she'd just given birth because she'd given up long ago the dream of conceiving and bearing her own child. The trouble that she'd experienced before, with IVF, was now just a horrible memory, locked in the past, and her patience had paid off. House had not only ended up being her dream man but he ended up giving her the dream that she'd all but given up on.

Her family was a beautiful one and she loved being a part of it.

She sighed contently to herself before reaching out and touching House's hand, the one that was supporting Rachel, jerking him awake. "Hey" she whispered.

"Hi" he smiled, adjusting his position a little.

"I'll, erm, leave you to it" Wilson said, getting up from the bed and stretching his arms.

Lisa had almost forgotten that he was there but she stopped him "no, wait, we wanted to talk to you about something."

"I already told him" House informed her "he accepted."

"Of course I did, I'm honoured that you trust me enough to even consider it." Wilson said.

She smiled, a little disappointed that House hadn't waited for her but not really surprised "you were the first person on our lists and so, naturally, we asked. I'm glad you accepted."

"In the nicest way possible" James Wilson said as he headed for the door "I really hope that I never have to act upon it. Rest up, Lisa, I'll come back later."


"'Today is your lucky day'" Taub read once the rest of the team entered the outer office "for you, my little group of mixed race Nazi's, have a snow day! Do with it as you please.'"

"What?" Thirteen frowned "is that from House?"

"No signature on the bottom" replied Taub "but, from the tone of the letter, I'd guess that it is."

"Wonder what he's doing" Foreman stated.

"Who cares" Chase grinned, putting his jacket back on "he's given a day off; that's one motive I tend not to question."

"Yeah but that's because it rarely ever happens" Foreman told him "something must be wrong."

"Or right?" Suggested Thirteen, taking a sip from the contents of her take-away coffee cup. "House rarely takes personal days so either he or Benjamin is sick-"

"No" Chase interjected "House would come in anyway; Cuddy literally has to put him under house arrest to keep him at home. You should know that by now."

"True" she nodded "maybe he's hauled up in bed having sex? He's done that before."

"But that's a hand written note" Taub pointed out "he wouldn't come in just to write a note then go back home which means that he's here somewhere."

"In with Wilson?" Foreman suggested.

"Possibly" Chase agreed, resigning himself to the fact that he did actually want to know what was going on "either way, I bet he knows what's going on; let's go and ask him."

The team all walked toward James Wilson's office, Thirteen and Foreman in the lead, and entered without bothering to knock, a trait they'd picked up from their boss. Wilson looked up, from his paperwork, in surprise and frowned as he said "hi, can I help you or am I in the wrong office?"

"House has given us a day off" Thirteen told him.

"And you're going to spend it in here? I'd rather you didn't."

"No, we want to know what's going on" Foreman replied. "Is he ok?"

Wilson stared at the four for a moment before setting down his pen and sitting back in his chair, folding his arms across his chest. "So, House gives you a day off and you're more concerned about his welfare?"

"Well, yes" Taub nodded "he never gives us a day off."

"You haven't had any cases for a while, maybe he's just being nice to get you out of clinic duty?"

Chase snorted "being nice? You do know that this is House we're talking about, right?"

"Look" Thirteen sighed "we know he's here, we just want to know why he's here but not here."

Wilson rolled his eyes before nodding "fine, ok; he's up in maternity. Lisa went into labour last night."

Thirteen's eyes widened. They'd never even considered that this might be the case because she wasn't due for another couple of weeks. Fearing the worst as she stared at him, really taking him in. He had slight purple bruising under his eyes, meaning that he hadn't slept well and that he was tired; he had a 5 o'clock shadow which meant that he hadn't shaved this morning and he was wearing the same shirt and pants that he'd worn yesterday. Her stomach dropped as she dared to ask "is she ok?"

"She gave birth to healthy baby girl just one hour after going into labour" Wilson told them "they're both absolutely fine."

The tension in the office lifted immediately as the team let out their breath's they'd been absently holding as they awaited his answer. "Do you think they'll mind if we go and see them?" Chase asked.

Wilson shrugged "don't know unless you try; Cuddy will be fine but House…" he grinned as he remembered that House had a bruised face and why it was bruised "yeah, go and say hi. House is rarely ever in a good mood, he might even tell you about the fight he had with a door."

Thirteen, Foreman, Taub and Chase stared at Wilson as though he'd gone mad before leaving his office, shutting the door behind him.

Once he was alone, Wilson chuckled to himself and sighed as he imagined what the look on Gregory House' face would be like when Cuddy revealed the true reason behind his injuries.