Harry Potter would love to claim that he was feeling confident as he continued his final battle with Voldemort as the two sides of Light and Dark clashed around them, but as he threw himself to the side in order to avoid another killing curse from the abomination across from him he had to admit he had his doubts. So far every spell Harry had flung in the man's direction had been batted away like flies trying to bullrush a bear, Voldemort had not even moved from his spot since he had first engaged Harry. In comparison, Harry was already sporting several large cuts and wounds from reaching the exterior of Hogwarts, having already felled Fenrir Greyback and Dolohov in the great hall and Courtyard respectively, along with more than a dozen other death eaters.

The only thing keeping him alive at the moment was his Seeker reflexes and the fact that Voldemort hadn't broken out any of his larger area of effect spells, whilst the man was a cut throat tactician and not understanding the meaning of camaraderie, killing off dozens of his own followers to take out Harry was not really conducive to any long term plan he might have of restoring the pureblood powerbase. Even as Harry rolled forwards to avoid another cutting curse aimed at his head a bright red flare spell lit up the sky off to his left, bringing a smirk to his face, Ron and Hermione had managed to deal with Nagini at least so now Voldemort was as mortal as he was.

Harry was under no illusions, even as he remembered back to Dumbledore's offer to 'go back' when he had sacrificed himself in the Forbidden Forest a few hours before, he was not going to survive this final battle and no amount of trick cards were going to change that. He was too weak and without anything approaching the experience and training of the monster in front of him, Dumbledore's mistake in keeping him weak to get rid of the Horcrux from his scar was assuming that he would then be able to somehow defeat Voldemort afterwards. But Harry had a plan for that, all he had to do was get close enough...

Dashing forwards, Harry raised his wand to the sky and fired off his own version of the flare spell, a dark purple almost invisible in the gathering darkness of evening until it burst into various pinks and reds across the sky in the form of a phoenix. It was a predetermined signal to signal all the defenders to fall back to Hogwarts, leaving only transfigured animals and the armoured suits to keep the death eaters and dark creatures busy, but it meant that Harry would not have any of his friends deaths on his conscience into the next great journey.

Out of the darkness flew the Sword of Gryffindor, summoned to his hand by the charms that had been engraved in its handle for more than a millennia. A pair of werewolves tried to block his path to Voldemort, Harry cutting the first one down whilst ducking to avoid the vicious swipe of the second. His sixth sense screamed at him and Harry pulled off a hurried apparition, appearing ten yards to his right as an explosive hex reduced the werewolf and the area he had been stood in to rubble and gore. Voldemort didn't let up, a cascade of spells whirling round Harry as he continued his charge, leaping into the air to cover the last part of the distance with Gryffindor's sword held high to cut Voldemort down.

Unfortunately, whilst aesthetically brilliant for observers, the move left him unable to dodge as Voldemort cast a spell that slammed Harry into the ground with enough force to nearly make Harry blackout. Voldemort started to chuckle as Harry forced himself to his knees.

"I must say Potter, your attempt to finish me was most heroic, foolish and doomed to failure but certainly in line with being Dumbledores little martyr. I wonder if you thought that was actually going to work, I mean a sword? How muggle of you..." Voldemorts words actually brought the smirk back to Harry's face even as he reached down to grab the cord attached to his waist. Voldemort obviously noticed his grin as he lost all signs of confidence and raised his wand once more in an attempt to stop him. But even as the now familiar green light arced towards him, Harry's world was engulfed in pain and light as the 200 pounds of c4 that he had attached to his chest and legs under his robes, all lightened using a featherweight charm, went off with devastating force.

For a moment Harry thought that was it, he had already had his second chance after all, but when he opened his eyes he found himself staring at a screen that made no sense to him at all.

Game over: You are Dead

Would you like to see the post game summary?

Yes No

With no idea what was really going on, Harry decided to go with his instincts and reached up to press the 'Yes' button. In a flash the screen changed into a rolling bank of text and flashing images of people that he knew and some he didn't.

After the sacrifice of Harry Potter along with the death of the Dark lord Voldemort and dozens of his followers at the final battle of Hogwarts, magical Britain was left reeling from the conflict. The ministry, already in disarray from Voldemort's actions against it before it bowed to him, struggled to retain any form of control as the survivors of the battle of Hogwarts, lead by Hermione and Ron best friends of the Saviour as they took to calling him, rallied up the remaining forces of the light in Britain in order to change how the country was run.

It was in effect a revolution of the muggleborns, who had suffered terribly under the short reign of Voldemort and those who followed his ideals. Purebloods who were known to have ties to the Dark were slaughtered in the streets or tried in mob courts before being hung or burned. This hadn't been the aim of the light when they began the move, but by the time they realised what was going on it was too late to stop it, Ron and several other Hogwarts veterans perishing in the riots that occurred at the ministry and in Diagon Alley.

The civil war that raged between the purebloods and the 'New Bloods' as they called themselves was only stopped due to the intervention of the ICW, who had to expend considerable resources and manpower in quelling both sides of the conflict, even with the help of Hermione and her reformed Harry's Army, dedicated to restoring peace and tracking down the worst of both sides.

Without Harry's influence and skills, the situation in Britain remained tenuous at best even as dark rumours from Asia and Eastern Europe spoke of 3 Dark Lords rising more dangerous than any encountered before. With no champion of the light to oppose him things look grim for the inhabitants of the wizarding world, leaving many to question what would have happened if Harry had survived that fateful night?

Parts 1-3 complete: Would you like to see your score?

Yes No

Harry was left reeling at the summary of the 'events' that took place after his death, had his sacrifice meant so little that Wizarding Britain had continued to tear itself apart despite his friends best efforts? Evidently so and that stung, in addition to the obvious hint that he had been meant for more than just fighting Voldemort all along, or at least that is what Harry was taking from the final paragraph. Whilst he was tempted to tap 'No' just to get this farce over with Harry decided to persevere in the hope that there would be the metaphorical light at the end of the tunnel and an option would appear to allow him to change things in his future. With a sigh he reached forwards and pressed 'Yes, the size of the words shrinking as a rolling script appeared in front of him.

Score: Prologue (Ages 1-11):

Survived the Prologue: +100 points

Failed to discover Heritage before 11th Birthday: -20 points

Performed accidental magic (3): +30 points

Malnourished: -40 points

Total: +70 points.

Score: Part 1: (Years 1-4)

Year 1:

Made friend (Hagrid): +10 Points

Familiar gained (Hedwig):+20 Points

Made friend (Ron): +0 Points

Earned rival (Malfoy): -20 Points

Sorting Completed:+10 Points

Outflew Malfoy to become seeker: +10 Points

Defeated Boss (Troll): +30 Points

Made friend (Hermione):+20 Points

Life debt earned (Hermione):+100 Points

Helped Hagrid with Dragon (Caught): +20 Points

Survived Bonus Boss Barely (Quirrelmort in the Forest):+20 Points

Solve the mystery of the 3rd Floor (failed):-50 Points

Solved puzzles to Philosophers Stone (1/6 completed): +30 Points

Defeated Boss (Voldemort Possessed Wizard 1):+100 Points

Pass First year exams (Pass): +20 Points

Won House Cup: +10 Points

Quidditch Cup not won: -10 Points

Year 2:

Sent Warning for Misuse of Magic at home (Dobby): -30 Points

Crashed the Dinner Party: -20 Points

Failed to complete Homework for School (2/7):-20 Points

Escaped the Dursleys in style: +10 Points

Earned Friend (George): +5 Points

Earned Friend (Fred): +5 Points

Missed the Hogwarts Express:-20 Points

Crashed Mr Weasleys Car:-10 Points

Used Polyjuice to Spy on Malfoy:+20 Points

Had a limb de-boned:-10 Points

Survived the Acromantula swarm:+20 Points

Solved the mystery of the Chamber of Secrets: +30 Points

Beat Bonus Boss (Lockheart): +10 Points

Beat Boss (Basilisk) (Poisoned): +60 Points

Beat Boss (Voldemort's Diary): +100 Points

Life Debt Earned (Ginny):+100 Points

Follower Earned (Ginny):+40 Points

Made Friend (Dobby):+10 Points

Made Friend (Fawkes):+20 Points

Earned Rival (Malfoy Senior): +20 Points

Horcrux destroyed:+50 Points

Pass Second Year exams (Pass):+20 Points

Won House Cup:+10 Points

Quidditch Cup not won: -10 Points

Year 3

The list for each year got longer and longer and to be honest after seeing how badly he seemed to have done in his fifth year Harry had stopped reading and instead scrolled all the way to the bottom and was glad he had done so, at least his score for part 1 and 2 were positive,

Prologue Score: +70

Part 1 Score (Years 1-4): +1200

Part 2 Score (Years 5-6): +340

Part 3 Score (Year 7): -1400

Total: 210 (Rating: Are you even trying at this game?)

Karma: Martyr until the End

Extras: Achievements:

Defeated Voldemort: +1 Perk point.

Wizards are superiARGH! (Defeated a supremacist with weapons he deems inferior): +1 to Muggle science with new Characters.

3 Monster Bosses defeated: Monster slayer Perk unlocked

Outflew a Dragon: Flying Fighter Perk unlocked

Won the Triwizard tournament: +1 attribute point at start up, +10 Hp per level.

When in Doubt, use more explosives (Used far too much explosive for desired effect): +1 explosives skill with new characters.

Be the Best at Something rather than good at Everything (Come top of your Class in one OWL): +1 skill point in OWL skill.

Don't be the Best, be Better (Come top of the Country in one OWL): +10% learning rate with Skills related to OWL class).

Perks are available in the character creation section of New Games, Would you like to return to the Main Menu now?

Yes No

Harry didn't even think about it before tapping yes, he could work out what the other information meant later.

New Game

New Game +

Load Game (Error, No Files available)

Well there was no exit button and there seemed to be no saved games for him to use. Disappointing but Harry could live with it. He didn't quite know what the difference between 'New Game' and 'New Game +' was, but given that he had gained some bonuses at the end of the score sheet he assumed the + was related to them and therefore it was more beneficial for him to go for that instead. Pressing it firmly, he was then presented with another screen to select from.

Available Worlds:

World Of Light

World Of Grey (Played once- Locked until another Playthrough is completed)

World Of Darkness

World Of Order (Locked- Secret undiscovered)

World Of Chaos

Please select the World setting you would like for your new game.

So the 'World' he had been playing in hadn't been the darkest one, merely the middle of the road? Given how terrible most of the wizards had been once Voldemort had risen Harry didn't want to see what was incorporated in a 'Dark World' or 'Chaos World', meaning that he really had only one option available to him. Pressing the World of Light and then confirming it with a tap of the appearing yes button, Harry found himself presented with another rolling block of text and did his best to memorise it as he realised this was the history of the world that he was about to drop into.

At the height of the Muggles Second World War, which cost millions of lives and left many more permanently scarred, another secret conflict was taking place on the sidelines between peoples that normal humans refused to believe even existed. The Dark Lord Grindelwald, who had taken over all of continental Europe's Magical domains apart from the occasional isolated stronghold, was against his former friend Dumbledore, who stood to defend those that the Dark lord would target in Britain and the rest of the World. Their fateful battle in Northeast France sent shockwaves round Europe and the rest of the world, damaging the planet wide wards that had been put in place by the sorcerers of Ancient Sumeria and leaving a large area of the region as nothing more than ashes and burnt Earth.

These wards were put in place to protect the Earth from the denizens of a pocket dimension created by the Sumerian wizards called the Last Hope. Within this dimension lies the creatures that even the wizarding world think of as myths and legends, the Devious Seelie of Arthurian legend, demons of all manner and strength and the mythical Thunderbirds are but a few of the recorded creatures to have escaped into the real world over the last 4 millennium through various weak points in the shields.

Whether the damage was caused by accident; the result of various spells colliding and reacting in a catastrophic cascade of energy; or by the desperate machinations of either side is unknown. And despite the continued debate amongst historians about it, the result is far more important to the future than the cause.

With the wizarding world in disarray and nobody appearing able to organise the chaos an ancient order stepped forth from the shadows at the behest of His Holiness the pope. The Inquisition was an order that predated the Roman Empire and only became predominantly Christian in the Dark Ages when pagan demon summoning threatened to destroy the wards that the Order had been created to protect. Presented again with the threat of a pocket dimension collapse that would unleash untold dangers into the world, the Order struck quickly and without hesitation, toppling what remained of Grindelwald's power base in days before restoring the ICW to power under their heavy scrutiny.

New laws were passed in every country, certain rituals and spells that could risk further damage to the wards were made illegal and their knowledge locked away or destroyed whilst Inquisition bases were created in each country to maintain order and deal with any 'cracks' between the dimensions that appeared. Such destruction of their heritage as well as the attempts to subvert their traditional beliefs did not go ignored by those affected, pureblood wizards joining with Druids and other pagans in rebellion against the Inquisition, those in Britain lead by a man who styled himself as Lord Voldemort, using the stand against the Inquisition to also further the causes against muggleborns and Muggles in general.

Despite their strength from millennium of training techniques and methods, the Inquisition was not strong enough to fight a war on so many fronts effectively, leaving many countries in a state of semi-guerrilla warfare. In Britain, this all changed the night that Lord Voldemort target the family of a young boy as they were thought to be allies of the inquisition. That night would lead to changes that nobody could even imagine, Voldemort perishing at the hands of a 1 year old child who now left as an orphan became a symbol of change in this turbulent world.

Placed with a new family and under the watch of the Inquisition's finest, the death of Lord Voldemort gave the Inquisition the opportunity it needed to wrest control of Britain and establish a solid government headed by those that support its interests. At the age of 10, the Child and his family receive a letter ordering them to attend a magical census run by the Inquisition, and this is where the story truly begins...


Yes No

Definitely not what he expected from a 'Light' world, but he supposed it was all a matter of perspective and it sounded like this 'Inquisition' had things under better control now than Fudge could ever have claimed. As he pressed the yes tab again the blackness around him burst into lights and colours and Harry found himself sat in an office room, decorated with an obvious 'holy' theme in mind given the white marble facades and various pictures of holy warriors fighting demons. He was alone for the moment and he couldn't help but wonder why that was, he was supposed to have come here with his adopted family wasn't he?

Then the door opened and a tall broad shouldered man stepped through, dressed in heavy plate armour covered in glowing runic symbols that Harry was sure Hermione would have loved to look at in great detail. The man was at least 6 foot tall with short cut black hair and well defined features, casting Harry a look of appraisal before speaking in a deep baritone that somewhat reminded Harry of some of the aurors he had met before things went to hell.

"So, you are the Child who defeated the so called 'Lord of Tradition', I must admit I was expecting you to be a little taller." Without giving Harry the opportunity to reply the man took his seat on the opposite side of the ornate desk and opened one of the drawers. "I am Captain Hargrove of the Inquisition's British task force and I am here to complete your first official census testing, couldn't have you with the rest of the magicals in case one of the traditionalists tried to take revenge again." The word 'again' made Harry wonder quite how different this world's history was for him if he had already been targeted at least once for what had happened that night. The man pulled out a thick dossier and an odd looking crystal ball that seemed to have a constellation of stars in it.

"Put your hand on the power crystal and then we can start the questions whilst it takes a reading of your magic potential and health." Not really knowing what was going on, Harry did as he was told, only for everything to grey out and freeze as capital letters appeared over the desk.

Welcome to Character Creation!


Defias here with another new project that has popped into my head thanks to me reading 'Harry Potter and the Video Game life' by Temairine (If you haven't read this yet I would suggest you do so as that is where I got the premise for this story from). I know what people are going to say and yes this is going to have parts of Dragon Age: Inquisition linked to it, thats just how the writing panned itself out and I am not going to apologise for that in the slightest.

The Inquisition is a unique concept for the World of Light game, just as the wards and pocket dimension are, I am not saying there was a similar organisation in Harry's original universe that were just sat doing nothing and watching clouds. This is both to change the world enough that Harry is not going to just ghost through on past knowledge as well as to provide potential enemies and encounters for our erstwhile hero to have over the course of the story.

The Inquisition and it's history will be explained further if the story progresses, I want this to be like any video game, where the story not only develops as the plot progresses but sometimes the small details that you can find littered around the place give you a new outlook on things.

This is literally a plot bunny for now, I have no real idea of where this story is going and more importantly which bits of which games I am going to go with, so if you like this and want some more, REVIEW! The ideas I get from people in reviews is pretty much how I write at the moment as I have too much else going on to really focus on this otherwise.