I'll Be Home For Christmas


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            Her fiancé was up to something; that Ginny Weasley was sure of. What precisely it was however remained a mystery. Though, she had in inkling that it had something to do with her birthday.

            She had watched the clock turn to midnight, as the day turned to her 21st birthday. 21. The number seemed odd to Ginny. She felt much older than 21. Perhaps it was the effects of everything she'd been through over the three previous years, but then, lately those three years had become sort of a blur.

            In the four and a half months he'd been home, Harry had managed to change Ginny's life completely. Everything was just how it was supposed to be, and Ginny found herself struggling to remember a time when things had been anything but.

            At the moment however, Ginny found herself growing somewhat impatient with her husband to be. No matter what he was doing, it didn't change the fact that if he didn't come home soon, they were going to be late for dinner. Hermione and Fred had invited them over along with Ron and Allison and George and Angelina, the only others who lived near enough by, over for dinner for Ginny's birthday. Ginny had been extremely surprised at the invitation. Hermione was extremely pregnant now, and Ginny new from her experience with James that she couldn't have handles hosting any sort of gathering that far into her pregnancy.

            Ginny placed a hand on her own bulging stomach. She herself was now nearly five months pregnant. This pregnancy had proven to be a very different experience the first. Harry deserved some type of award. Not only was he more excited over the whole thing than Ginny ever could have imagined, he seemed to always know just what to do or say. If she didn't know better she'd think he'd had an awful lot of experience with pregnant women. Perhaps he'd gone to Remus for advice, and Sirius, if he'd needed to know what not to do. However, she was pretty sure no matter where he had gotten his advice, that keeping her waiting for him, when she didn't even know where he was, was not part of it. She checked her watch again and was relieved when she heard a pop behind her.

            "Where have you been?" she exclaimed, turning to meet Harry.

            "Running some errands," he said casually.

            "For four hours?" she raised an eyebrow.

            "Yes," he replied.

            "You better hope I receive the benefits of those errands pretty soon," she warned. Harry grinned at her. "We better get going," she said Ginny gathered her son and walked over to the fireplace. She hated not being able to apparate, but with the baby it was strictly against the rules. She took James into her arms as she stepped into the fireplace. As she threw the dust she noticed Harry disapparate.

            Ginny came to a stop in the fireplace in Fred and Hermione's new house. They had purchased one directly next door to George and Angelina, and two blocks away Ron and Allison had moved in to an averaged sized house.

            Ginny set down James and went to look for everyone else. She turned the corner into Fred and Hermione's large living room and stopped in her tracks.

            "Surprise!" the group of people standing before her cursed. Ginny thought she might have a heart attack. Everyone was there. All of her brothers' several of which she hadn't seen a months and their wives and children were there. Draco was there with his now finance, Jennifer, along with people such as Sirius, Remus, and many of her Hogwarts friends, including Oliver Wood.

            Ginny slowly made her way completely into the room, trembling, absently setting James down on the ground so he could run around and great anyone. She was grateful when Harry took her arm, stabilizing her, and led her over to sit in a chair where the rest of the pregnant women's club was seated.

            Ginny breathed for a moment before speaking. "So this is what you've been up to all day?" she eyed her fiancée. "Thank you," she smiled. Harry grinned and left her to go chase after their son. One by one people came over to wish Ginny a happy birthday. Eventually she felt someone plop down in the space next to her.

            "Some party huh?" Draco's voice said flatly.

            "Now Draco, haven't we talked about being negative?"  She grinned at her friend. He smiled back.

            "How's the world's next Potter?" he asked.

            "Active," Ginny rolled her eyes. "It's kicking me as we speak." Draco didn't hesitate to put his hand on Ginny's stomach. He pretended to look disappointed.

            "So there really is something in there? Truthfully I've been praying this whole pregnancy thing was just a cover up for a few extra pounds."

            Ginny raised her eyebrows at him, wondering where he was going with this.

            "If only you'd married me when I gave you the opportunity. Then we wouldn't have this little problem of even more Potter spawns running around the country."

            Ginny laughed and shoved him. Draco still teased as if he hated Harry as much as he had back in Hogwarts.

            "So you're telling me you're sitting here worried about "Potter Spawns" when Fred and George are going to add to the population in a matter of days?" Ginny asked. Draco laughed.

            "The Weasleys certainly are keeping the wizard population going. Jen and I better start soon if the Malfoy bloodline's going to compete. I must say though," he said peering around the room and then raised his voice so that everyone sitting around them could hear, "So many beautiful pregnant women in one room is quite a sight," he grinned charmingly. All the Weasley women smiled back blushing except for Hermione who scowled. Ginny remembered feeling exactly the way Hermione seemed to be. Apparently the children inside her where granting Hermione the gift of the Weasley temper. "You'd all make quite a photograph," Draco noted.

            Ginny snickered, "Oh yeah seven fat women, scrunched so they can all fit into the frame. That'd be awfully sexy I dare say. Is Colin here?" she shook her head. She regretted the words the moment she said them forever as Draco suddenly perked up and he smirked at her.

            Before Ginny knew it, Colin Creevey had her and her six sisters-in-law, arranged and posed for a photograph. Each of them was turned at least a tad bit sideways so the camera could capture their stomachs and after much protest and arguing Colin had convinced them all to smile.

            When they were done Colin promised to make lots of copies and send them to them as soon as possible. They then brought out the cake and sang Happy Birthday to Ginny. After a bit more socializing Ginny felt to arms slip around her waist and pull her into an embrace she was extremely familiar with.

            "I want to give you your present now," Harry whispered into her ear.

            "Hmm, I'm looking forward to it," she smiled. "The last gift you gave me was pretty impressive," she grinned, twirling her ring around her finger.

            "Let's go for a walk and I'll give it to you," Harry took her hand. On their way to the door to leave they passed Fred with James.

            "Fred can you watch him for awhile? We're going for a walk," Harry asked Fred.

            "No problem," Ginny missed the secret message looks Harry and Fred exchanged as they spoke. "We'll go visit Aunt Mione," Fred suggested to James whose face took on a horrified expression at the suggestion.

            "No!" he began wiggling to escape Fred's arms. Fred however repositioned his arms around the squirming child to restrict his movement.

            "James! What's the matter with you?" Ginny asked, have embarrassed and half amused by his behavior.

            "Aunt Herminny mean," he scrunched up his face. Fred's' face lit up as if he had stuck gold and he looked down at James.

            "Lets go tell Aunt Heminny that," he said and walked away from Ginny and Harry.

            Ginny breathed out and looked at Harry. "We're never going to see our son again," she said.

            "He'll be all right Fred will be with him," Harry replied.

            "And what makes you think that Hermione won't kill him too?"

            "Oh I didn't mean now. I meant in the afterlife." They both laughed, knowing no real harm was going to come to their son and laughed.

            On their walk Ginny listened to Harry talk, not really hearing what he was saying, wondering when he was going to give her their gift.

            "Harry I'm starting to get a little bit tired," she said honestly.

            "All right," he said stopping. "Do you want to head back?"

            "If you wouldn't mind," she replied.

            "Not at all," he said turning around on the sidewalk. "Hey Gin," he said to get her attention. "Look at this house."

            Ginny looked up at the house they were in front of and her mouth fell open a tad. In front of her was a large but tasteful home; with a house number that read, "Number 16, The Potters."          

            "Oh Harry! It's just…. You remembered…. I…It's just the way we talked about it!" And it was. After nearly four years Harry still remembered the conversation they had had about their future as well as Ginny did.


            It was the summer before Ginny's seventh year at Hogwarts and as it grew to a close she was becoming more and more concerned about what she was going to do without seeing Harry everyday. She hadn't been even a day without seeing him since she had gone home for Christmas during her fifth year. That summer Harry had come directly home with Ron for the summer. That was the summer that Harry finally noticed her. It also happened to be the summer that she had resolved to get over him. However, by the time she went to her dormitory the first night at Hogwarts she and Harry were official. He had won. Or maybe she had won; she wasn't completely sure.

            As she lay in the backyard on the summer night with her head on Harry's chest, the knowledge that she'd soon have to give this up, even for just a few months, was becoming harder to bear.

            "What are we going to do this year Harry?" Ginny asked.

            "Miss each other more than two people should ever have to miss each other," he replied.

            "I don't think I'm going to make it," she commented. "Has anyone ever dropped out of Hogwarts?"   

            " Ask Mione, it's probably in Hogwarts: A History."

            Ginny laughed. "Really how are we going to make it though?"

            "It'll be ok Gin. Whenever it gets to be a lot, think about our lives after you graduate."

            "And what will they be like exactly?" she asked curiously.

            "Well you'll live in the Burrow over the summer, while I live in a flat with Ron and Hermione," he started.

            "Why can't I live there too?"

            "Because you're mother will want to spend a few last months at the burrow like Ron is now. Then when September comes, I'll move out of the flat and we'll find one of our own."

            "I could live with that," Ginny encouraged him to keep going.

            "We'll live together for about a year and then on our…let's see what will it be? Our fifth anniversary of dating, I'll propose."

            "And I'll say yes," Ginny smiled and she felt Harry's fingers intertwine with hers. Then she picked up the rest of the story. "We'll have a small, comfortable wedding with our family and friends. Probably sometime in October; we wouldn't want to wait to long to make it official. I'll tell you I'm pregnant on Christmas day of that year and we'll tell the family that night."

            "You're brothers will pretend to want to kill me, even though we'll be married, happy, and extremely financially fit to raise a child."

            "Except for Ron…he won't be pretending. And Harry, you're already extremely financially fit to raise a child," she teased.

            "Yes well with me as a professional Quidditch player, and you as… well you as…what is it you actually want to do Ginny?" he asked curiously

            "Hmmm I don't know yet. Maybe I'll still be exploring my options then. With you bringing home the bacon as a famous Quidditch player and all."

            "Who said anything about being famous?" Harry protested.

            "Harry, your Harry Potter. You could take Filch's job and be a famous caretaker. Plus you're a phenomenal seeker. I think you're doomed to be famous."

            Harry decided he'd drop it and moved on. "Well with a baby on the way we'll defiantly need a house."

            "A big one! But not too tacky."

            "With a landscaped yard," Harry noted.

            "And a picket fence," Ginny added. "It'll have a big white front door, shutters, a welcome mat, and a house number sign that says 'The Potters.' The inside will be just as beautiful. There will be tall ceiling and a great entertaining/living room, and a dining room that will fit my whole family at the same time, including all of the Weasley grandchildren as each one arrives. The kitchen will be huge with any appliances, and recipe books I might need. And an island in the center! Mum will love it, and it'll be perfect for preparing holiday meals for the family in or things for parties or just dinner for our family. The baby's nursery will be out of a book like Peter Pan. It'll have a crib and a changing table made from wood. The baby will have lots of toys and stuffed animals but its favorite…"

            "Not its, his," Harry corrected. Ginny was surprised both at his words and that he was actually still paying attention. She figured he had probably dozed off, but had continued anyway. "It'll be a boy. Our first one will." His unexpected words and insight touched Ginny. However, she resisted the urge to end the conversation there and kiss him, and continued.

            "Well his favorite," she corrected herself, "would be a stuffed lion that Ron bought him. After all he will be a little Gryffindor."

            "Damn straight," Harry said. Now that was the type of response Ginny expected from her boyfriend.

            "There will be a rocking chair, the one that was in my nursery when I was a baby actually, in the room so I can sit in there when he's sleeping, or read to him at night. And he'll have a little nightlight so he won't be afraid of the dark."

            "I'll teach him about Quidditch, and when he gets older we'll redecorate his room with Quidditch posters and stuff."

            "Just as long as we don't paint the walls orange. I think that damaged Ron in someway," she laughed.

            "Our room will be even better though," Harry said slyly.

            "Hmmm I imagine so, with the oversized bed with privacy drapes."

            "And candles everywhere…" Harry added.

            "And satin sheets on the bed," Ginny grinned.

            "And a master bath with bathtub that could challenge the prefects tub," Harry suggested.

            "And a walk in closet!" Ginny suddenly exclaimed. Harry gave her an odd look in return for her outburst that seemed very out of place along with the other, more romantic suggestion. "I always wanted one of those…" Ginny blushed, as she tried to make her comment legitimate. Harry laughed and pulled her closer.

            "It'll be perfect Gin. It'll be perfect."


            "I can't believe you remembered," Ginny said in awe, still staring at the house.

            "Of course I remembered! Do you want to go in?" he asked.

            She nodded and he opened the gate to the fence and led her through the front door to their new house. It was exactly how she had imagined it so long ago. The kitchen was the size of the first floor of the burrow, and everything was immaculate. Harry had even put in a bookshelf and filled it with cookbooks for her. The dining room was huge too, with a long table with sixteen seats and along the wall wooden highchairs were lined up. She also noticed a small round table at the bottom of the long table with tiny chairs surrounding it, for the children when they were ok to be seated by themselves. The living room reminded her of Fred and Hermione's with sofas and chairs everywhere and a large fireplace. The mantle of the fireplace was decorated with pictured of all the Weasley family including many of James and Ginny together. There was a small toy chest in the room for James and a beautiful piano for her. Ginny felt herself beginning to well up yet again. Harry certainly was good at making her cry. She wiped her eyes with her sleeve and turned to her fiancé.

            "You've certainly been busy," she said. "I can't believe you did all this."

            "I've had some help," Harry said modestly.

            "Is the upstairs done too?" she asked. Harry nodded in response and Ginny excitedly headed for the stairs. Once upstairs she wasn't quite sure where to go first. Harry however guided her into a room, which turned out to be theirs. Once again it was exactly as she had imagined it. She noticed a door inside the room and eyed Harry.

            "Closet?" she asked hopefully.

            "Closet," he confirmed. She squealed in delight a rushed toward it.

            "I doubt I'll have enough clothes to fill even part of it though. My closet at the burrow is even half emp…" she stopped at she flung open the door.

            "I know," Harry said. "So I asked Hermione and the other Weasley Women to help me out and find something to fill it with…." Harry blushed. He honestly wasn't sure if Ginny would be angry or pleased at the gesture. Ginny however smiled brightly and dashed into the large closet.

            "Oh," she said touching the garments. "Mione must have taken Tara along. She has the most wonderful fashion sense." Then Ginny sighed as she caught sight of herself in the mirror. "I guess I won't be able to wear any of this for awhile though."

            "Actually, the whole back section is maternity wear," Harry told her. She couldn't believe it. She had found the perfect man. He had thought of everything.

            They continued the tour with James's room, which Harry had decorated with Quidditch posters and painted in a Gryffindor red. He told Ginny she could change it if she liked, but she liked it just the way it was. The nursery was once again, just the way she had imagined it.

            Though she hated to leave, Ginny decided that further exploration of her new house would have to be left until the next day, and that they should return to the party. When they got there however, they found that nearly everyone was gone. Draco was sitting in a chair with James waiting for Ginny and Harry.

            "What happened?" Ginny suddenly felt very alarmed at the disappearance of everyone.

            "There's about to be another Weasley in the world," Draco informed her.

            "What? Angelina went into labor? Did they go to the hospital?"

            "No Virginia, they went to the pub down the street," Draco laughed at Ginny.

            "Come on Gin, we'll floo over to St. Mungo's," Harry joined in his laughter and guided his wife toward the fireplace.

            "Would you like Jen and I to watch James tonight? He can spend the night at the manor. I'll bring him by in the morning" Draco offered.

            "Really?" Harry asked. "I don't know. Will he mind being away from home like that Ginny?"

            "No, he's stayed at Draco's before. He likes it. James honey? How would you like to stay with Uncle Draco tonight?"

            "Yes!" the little boy answered excitedly.

            "See?" Draco said to Harry. "Hey and maybe you two will enjoy a little privacy to go with Ginny's birthday gift," he smirked.

            "You knew?"

            "Love, everyone knew," he replied. "Now go! Wouldn't want you to miss anything important."

            "Come one Gin, we'll floo together," Harry grabbed her hand and stepped into the fireplace and the vanished in to the green flames.

            At the hospital they found a large group of redheads in the sitting area outside of Angelina's room.

            "You're here!" Molly Weasley exclaimed.

            "Hey Gin, how'd you like you present?" Fred grinned.

            "Eh, I'll probably have to return it," she shrugged and then broke out into a grin.

            The family chatted happily for a while before George came out of the room Angelina was in.

            "They said it's still going to be awhile," he seemed disappointed that he wasn't holding his second child already. "I just hope she doesn't take as long as Ginny did with James."

            "She didn't with Diana," Ginny told him.

            "And the second usually comes faster than the first," Molly commented. "By the time I got to Ginny it was like taking a trip to the loo," she laughed with the rest of the group.

            "So can I come in and visit?" asked Fred.

            "Sure," I'm sure Ang will love some else's head to bite off. Hey she's taken enough potions she may not even be able to tell us apart." George led Fred into the room.

            Bill grinned, "George hasn't stopped smiling since we got here."

            "Better than your reaction when Moira was born," Tara reminded him. Bill had fainted when Christine went into labor.

            Molly Weasley sighed in happiness as she stroked Diana's hair. " I knew I had so many children for a reason. Spoiling theirs has to be my favorite thing to do. Think Arthur, by this time tomorrow, we're going to have another grandchild."

            "Try three."

            Everyone's head turned to look at Hermione as she spoke. A puddle of water was now at her feet and a panicked look came over her face. Harry darted into Angelina's room to get Fred and Ron tried to calm Hermione down.

            "No. No…. I'm not ready yet! I'm supposed to have two more weeks!" Hermione looked toward Molly as if asking for help.

            "Dear it's alright. I delivered the twins three weeks early and they turned out just fine." Ginny stifled a laugh at the sketchy validity of this comment and noticed Percy, Bill, and Charlie doing the same.

            "But the nursery isn't even ready!" Ginny knew Hermione was only a little frightened. She had been the same way when her water broke.

            Fred came rushing out of Angelina's room and dashed over to Hermione who was still in disbelief as Arthur Weasley went to find a doctor.

            "Fred it's not time yet. We're not ready…"

            "Yes we are Mione. We're all set. We've had everything we need for over a month now."

            "But the nursery is still that ugly color and we haven't finished breathing classes…."

            "Shhh," he soothed. "It's fine Mione."

            Ginny had to admit that she as extremely impressed to see Fred so calm, especially with Hermione in such a panic. None of her brothers had been this put together for the birth of their first, and Fred was about to have two. She wondered if having been through it with her would help ease Ron's nerves at all when the time came.

            "Fred this is all your fault!" Hermione cried.

            "What do you mean?"

            "You and your stupid brother," she looked at him. "Do you have to do everything together?" Fred stood silent for a moment before bursting out laughing. Hermione scowled before smiling too.

            "We're going to have our babies," she smiled lovingly at her husband, suddenly calm.

            "We're going to have our babies."

            Ginny had fallen asleep with Harry in the waiting room when Charlie woke them up to tell them that Angelina had had then baby. Ginny was immediately alert and asking details. Angelina and George had named their new son Dylan Michael Weasley and he, like Diana had been born with a beautiful head of Weasley hair. No sooner had Charlie given her the news then Allison came running toward them exclaiming that Hermione had had one of the twins and the other one was on the way. Ginny and Harry made their way to Hermione's room and waited for more news. Eventually Fred emerged from the room grinning ear to ear with two beautiful babies wrapped in soft pink blankets and wearing matching pink hats, with soft red curls that clashed horribly with the pink poking out of the bottoms. Fred smiled at his family who gathered around him.

            "Meet Winnie," he nodded to the baby in his left arm, "and Gia," he raised the baby in his right arm slightly.

            'What are their full names?" Percy questioned.

            "Well Percival," Fred grinned. "This is Winifred Eloise Weasley and this is Georgia Marie Weasley."

            Ginny's jaw dropped. Hermione had actually named her children after Fred and George. Not that she didn't like the names; she just never thought Hermione would give into Fred's pleading.

            Ginny then turned to see George heading towards them with Dylan, wrapped up in blue. He stopped in front of George and they both stared at one another for a moment. Ginny knew that if they didn't each have children in their arms that they'd be embraced in a tearful hug. Instead however, George grinned mischievously.

            "Let the journey to Weasley world domination begin!" he whopped.

            Ginny laughed, the journey really had begun.

            When they arrived home at the burrow Ginny sent an owl to Draco telling him that they had just arrived. They quickly got a reply saying that he refused to bring James home until the evening, so they could rest. For a moment Ginny wondered what had happened to the evil boy she knew a Hogwarts because Draco was certainly not he.

            "So when are we moving in to our new house?" Ginny asked Harry.

            "Whenever you want. It's all ready to go. We'll just have to apparate a few of our things over from here, but that's about it. Wouldn't take more than twenty minutes."

            "Let's stay here one more night and let James say goodbye. Then we'll move out tomorrow?" Ginny asked.

            "Really? Tomorrow? I wasn't sure if you'd want to move out so fast," Harry admitted. "But we can!" he added, not wanting to put her off.

            "Good!" she smiled. There was silent for a while before she spoke again. "Harry?"

            "Yeah?" he replied.

            "You know how we've been planning a December wedding?"

            "Yeah…." Harry said, curious to where she was leading.

            "I don't want to wait that long," she confessed.


            " I want to do it as soon as possible. Before the baby comes," she spilled.

            "I thought you didn't want to be fat in your wedding dress," Harry raised an eyebrow.

            "I was just being stupid. I won't be fat; I'll be pregnant. There's a difference," though Ginny knew that 8 months along she would get extremely angry at anyone who tried to tell her this. "Let's just get it over with?"

            "Just get it over with?"

            "Sorry, that was a bad way of phrasing it. It's just…. I just…. I don't want to wait that long to be Mrs. Harry Potter. I've waited long enough!"

            "All right," Harry smiled at Ginny's enthusiasm. "When do you want to do it?"

            "As soon as possible."

            'As soon as possible,' turned out not to be till August. Finding a weekend when a Grand Wizard was available to perform the ceremony during the popular spring/summer wedding season, when all her brother's and their families were available and when no babies were due proved to be impossible. Finally they settled for August 27, five days before the baby was due.

            "I look like a cow! Just without any spots!" Ginny cried as she looked at herself in the mirror.

            "Ginny don't be ridiculous," Hermione shook her head. "You don't look like you've even gained a pound except for your stomach…and maybe your bust." Hermione grinned trying to cheer Ginny up. She forgot however that Ginny was one of the few people on the planet who did not want a larger bust.

            "Oh great! Like they needed to be bigger!" Ginny exclaimed, turning away from the mirror.

            "Ginny it was your idea to get married before the baby came," Hermione reminded her.

            "I know…." Ginny sighed.

            "Would you rather be waiting another four months to marry Harry?"

            Ginny smiled at Hermione. "No," she shook her head. It was true. Ginny would walk down the isle weighing 400 pounds and in a hot pink 80's robe if it meant she could marry Harry that very moment, rather than in four months.

            "Ginny?" Christine poked her head into the room. "It's time."

            Ginny grinned at Hermione. "Finally!"

            Ginny walked down the aisle with her father and couldn't keep a smile off her face. She noticed Harry seemed to be having the same difficulty. James was standing with Harry, waiting for Ginny and Ron stood behind them as Harry's best man. The rest of her brothers were lined up behind him. The Weasley women were forming a line on the other side as Ginny got closer to the front of the aisle. When she did her father silently handed her to Harry, and went to sit beside his already sobbing wife who was sitting with Remus and Sirius in the front row.

The wedding went beautifully. Harry and Ginny said their vows and Molly Weasley attempted to keep her tears under control. Ginny felt her own cheeks dampen as the Wizard preformed the bonding spell and she saw that Harry's eyes were glassy too. Once the spell was completed the Wizard smiled at the couple.

            "You may kiss the bride," he said. Harry leaned in and kissed Ginny gently. When they pulled away she began to smile but then backed away in pain, her eyes widening.

Harry looked at her bemused but when his eyes traveled to the hand she had placed on her stomach his eyes widened even further than hers.

"Gin are you…I mean are we…Is it time?" he stuttered.

"Yeah," she said. "It is."

Ginny couldn't help but laugh at Harry's panicked state when they arrived at the hospital. She'd thought witnessing the process six time before going though it himself would have helped, but a apparently it hadn't. Remus had had to get her settled in her room while Sirius took Harry away to calm him down for a moment. Ginny wasn't sure what exactly Sirius had told him or then again what type of spell he had put him under, but when he had returned Harry had been more under control. He had been an even better birthing partner than Ron. He for one was smart enough not to complain to her about pain when she squeezed his hand during contractions. Ron had done just that. So, Ginny had showed him real pain by punching him in the face. He hadn't forgiven her for a week afterwards.

When the baby finally came Ginny would have paid all the money in the world to capture the look on Harry's face on film, and tried to permanently store it in memory. It had been a look of amazement and pure joy.

"It's a girl Ginny!" he exclaimed as soon as he could tell. Ginny smiled and waggled her fingers for his hand, which had slipped out of hers when he ran to see their baby. The medi-wizards cut the cords and handed it to his assistant to who took the baby to clean her up. Harry leaned down a kissed Ginny on the forehead.

            "Ginny have I ever told you, that I've never met anyone in my life, that I've respected as much as I respect you?'"

            He hadn't ever told her that and to Ginny that was awfully amazing compliment to receive. Harry had know wizards such as Sirius, and Remus, and Dumbledore…and Snape, in is life, yet there he was telling her he respected her more that anyone.

            "I love you," she told him.

            "I love you too." Then the medi-wizard brought the baby back and placed her in Ginny's arms. Ginny grinned at the sight of the red locks, and her daughters scrunched up face. 

            When the approval was given, Ginny sent Harry out to bring in her family. Once everyone, including all twelve of her nieces and nephews, and James in Harry's arms, Ginny turned her daughter so everyone could see her.

            "Everyone," she smiled, "Meet Hope. Hope, meet everyone," she smiled looking down at her daughter who's eyelids fluttered open, revealing he beautiful emerald eyes to everyone, as she saw her family for the very first time.

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Oh…. Review replies… Hmmmm well in case you haven't figured it out. I'm probably never going to get those done. I'm sorry, I really am. If anyone really really wants one (though I can assure you that by not hearing from me personally you are not missing out on some great experience. I'm pretty unexciting as are my replies…. read some sometime…. they're not very creative) So I'm sorry about those, and hopefully I'll keep up with them the right way when I write the sequel.

            I don't know what the sequel will be called yet (considering I don't even know which one I'm writing yet) but I'll post here to let you know when its posted or if you want email me and let me know you're interested in it, and I'll be sure to email you when I finally begin posting it.

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