Tales from the First Panzer Division
Part One: Winter Wonderland
Written by Col. Karl L Schubaltz

The Imperial's First Panzer Division

Commander: Colonel Karl Lichen Schubaltz Pilots an Iron Kong Mk-II. Reacts shyly to Leon's perverted advances and rarely has a comeback line to Leon's somewhat subtle jokes because he's too busy trying to conceal his blushing and/or newly sprouted erection. He's madly in love with Leon but is afraid to admit it.

Second-in-Command: Major Leon "Black Knight" Aethelwulf Pilots a König Wolf, flirts with Karl constantly, is very powerful with magic and psionics... also Immortal. Brings Earth's toilet humor to the Division. Madly in love with Karl, and isn't afraid to admit/show it.

--Jun "Jinx" Xiang Fo Leon's magic apprentice, pilots a Zaber Fang, Leon's left flanks(wo)man, nice girl to have in a firefight, strong willed and independant. Only girl to laugh at Chuckles' risque jokes.

--Skeet "Chuckles" Barticelli Pilots a Great Sabre, Leon's right flanksman, best known for wearing a Hawaiian shirt with naked women on it over his uniform first mission

--Yvette "Callisto" MacLean Pilots a Dark Horn, Karl's left flanks(wo)man, strong feminist mentality, does not get along with Chuckles

--Don "Scotty" Sanchez Pilots a Dark Horn, Karl's right flanksman, very loose and laid back, kinda has a surfer-dude accent

--Yukiharu "Doc" Kenshirou Pilots a Lightning Saix, strictly Non-Combative, medic of the 1st Panzer Division. Was a Republican who defected to the Imperial side during the war.

Mission Log #8998652370, Colonel Karl Lichen Schubaltz reporting. Mission success, was able to apprehend the suspect, the assassin Onyx. However in the process, Onyx lost an eye and Officer Don Sanchez was in the hospital for 8 days. If it wasn't for the quick thinking and fast reflexes of Yvette MacLean and Yukiharu Kenshirou, we would have lost our right flanksman and our techie indefinately.

"Almost done, Colonel?" The dark silhouette of a man leaned against the door frame of his bedroom door. "The troops are waiting."

"Yes, I was just wrapping up." The colonel's elegant porcelain twisted in a sad expression, causing the other man to frown.

"You are not to blame for Scotty's near-demise. You wouldn't have got there in time."

"I know, Leon. But the welfare of my troops still is a top priority." The colonel let his Major adjust and fasten his uniform, he stared into the bishounen's exotic indigo eyes. "How can I be a good war general if my troops are dead?"

"I agree, that should be taken into great consideration. But men like Onyx won't be worried about the welfare of any individual. They are out for one person only- themselves. Those type of men are very dangerous."

"....I know."

"Permission to speak freely, sir."


Leon tenderly tipped Karl's chin upward to they were eye-to-eye, there was a twinkle in both their eyes when their gaze met. Silently, Karl's hands slid on Leon's black sleeves, so close to kissing each other... Karl's cheeks lit in a cute blush, he eyes begged for it. His lips pursed and the grip on Leon's jacket was tighter. Only milimeters apart, the ever-so-blissful moment was interupted by a spunky Asian girl in a Cadet's uniform.

"Sir!" Jinx interupted, her arms folded across her chest. "We like to move out before the snowstorm hits."

"Alright." Leon pulled away from Karl's arms and adjusted his hat. "Don't get your panties in a bind, sweet-cheeks."

Karl snapped out of his bubble and gathered his things, then ran out to rejoin his troops. The snow was falling heavier than before, the inn's lights were fading and flickering back to power. Grabbing hot loaves of honey bread, Chuckles winked at Callisto and spoke. "Hot buns, Callisto."

"Pig." The blonde scornfully retorted, gathering her materials.

"No! They really are hot buns! I swear!" Chuckles groaned, then smiled at the baker. "These are good, I'll spread them around to all the troops."

"Thank-you, kind sir." The petite granny smiled, thanking Chuckles for his light-hearted compliment. Chuckles can be a nice guy given the situation, he's always trying to get Callisto pissed though.

The older man with greying black hair made his way to the Dark Horn on Karl's right side. But seeing how badly he was limping, Karl frowned and walked over to him.

"Are you sure you can handle the trek back? We can leave you behind and come back for you when the snow clears."

"Karl, I been in the Imperial armies since I was 12... I taken worse scrapes than this, you know that." Scotty frowned, then hoisted himself into the Dark Horn.

"Are you sure, Scotty?"

"Yes, I'm as sure as the day is long." The Dark Horn's canopy closed.

Reaching his Iron Kong, the effeminate colonel looked back at the König Wolf to see Leon getting all the gear inside. In the cube was the prisoner, Onxy. He struggled against his confines, cursing in a language he doesn't understand. Karl looked away, almost in shame, he felt that he didn't express himself properly. He knew he had to get to Leon's heart before someone else does or Leon gives up trying to make him his lover. Slowly getting into the Iron Kong Mk-II, Karl had all the panels turn on and the zoid began to warm up. The Iron Kong let a bellowing grunt out of its' thick neck, then tromped to life, shaking the snow off of it. The others followed suit, only the König Wolf howled at the approaching night. Arising to life from the blankets of snow, the 1st Panzer Division headed for the mountain's pass, following a guide in a civilian Molga.

The storm was getting worse, a sneeze sounded from the comlinks. They all turned directly toward Chuckles' Great Sabre, the blonde man looked up at everyone. "Hey, it's no problem."

"Why can't we leave him there at the inn to rot?" Callisto asked, her fuschia eyes glaring daggers at the comlink to Chuckles.

"That is enough, Callisto. We all go home or nobody goes home." Karl instructed with an iron fist-like voice.

"Fine.... tell the lizard to stay away."

"Hey! You heard the colonel!" Jinx shouted into the links, her anger rising. "Zip it!"

The path began to narrow down a bit, for three miles it was a single file line. They got the a suspencion bridge when the Molga stopped and the guide got out. He ran to the bridge and hopping around on it, checking its' sturdiness. He gave Karl and thumb's up and got back in the Molga. He coaxed it onto the bridge, then the rest of the Division followed. Below them was an icy river, half of it was encased in ice, half of it was free and raging. Scotty looked down and gulped, he was definately afraid of heights. Doc followed close behind Scotty, making sure he was safe.

"It'll be okay, Scotty." The auburn-haired medic reassured him in a comforting voice.

"Yeah, I kinda gathered. But don't worry about an old coot like me, kid."

"I have to, I'm the medic. Saving lives is my job."

"Dedicated, no doubt." Scotty laughed light-heartedly, then they got off the bridge.

The pathway they were walking was fairly unstable, the Molga's wheels were swirvind and pivoting to the loosening rocks. Deep within Karl's mind, he felt that this wasn't the wisest idea and path to take. Even with the bureaucratic deadline, Karl felt that this mission was too dangerous. They nearly lost an old friend thanks to Onyx and now the weather might claim someone's life. In that region's language, the guide shouted as the rocks gave out from under the Molga. It fell into the icy river below.

"NO!!!!" Karl screamed, stopping only inches from the small break. "Damn it!!!!"

The Division was quiet, Onyx snickered in his cell cube. A few minutes later, after a peaceful mourne, the 1st Panzer Division moved on. The snow was getting worse and the sun was starting to set. Leon looked at his flanksmen as they began to single file behind him again.

"I don't trust this place to set up camp, Colonel." Leon began, expressing his concern. "Why don't we just take some stimulants and eat rations until we get to a place we designate is safe to camp?"

"I agree, Colonel, sir...." Jinx spoke up in her sensei's defense.

"We all do." Doc reminded everyone before they piped up.

"I don't have doubts on the sincerity of that suggestion." Karl reminded them all, his hands firmly on the controls of the Iron Kong. "I just... I just hope that we can find a place of safe designation for camp..."

"Don't lose focus, colonel..." Leon's voice was peaceful and so soothing, and drenched in emotions. "We all are alright...."

"Yes, I know." Karl kept his emotions to himself, deep down inside he did want to be held and held by Leon. He closed his elegant, cat-like green eyes, putting the Iron Kong Mk-II on auto pilot. Before long, they reached a valley with safe areas for camp. But they were fast becoming consumed by the rabid snowfall. Chuckles ate a loaf of honeybread, looking around at everything.

"Goddamned. Reminds me of home." Chuckles stated out loud and boldly.

"Which home are you referring to? The hooter bar or the skank house?" Callisto commented in her usual mocking way.

"Hey! I had a home! My ma and pa were very loving people! Unlike you, Miss I was raped by my father and locked in closets by my mother!"

"That's it!" Callisto turned the Dark Horn to face Chuckles, but the König Wolf stepped between them and stared right at Callisto's Dark Horn.

"That. Is. ENOUGH!!!" Leon yelled over their comlinks, his eyes expressing deep anger. "If I have to pull you two kids apart one more time.... this is the First Panzer Division, not the fucking Jerry Springer Show! If you want to fight, I'll summon boxing gloves but we're here to transport a prisoner! Not blow each other's heads off! Get the objectives straight!"


Leon turned back to the Iron Kong Mk-II and tromped back to its' side. Karl was sound asleep, the Iron Kong stopped all its' movements. The others' stopped also, Doc still remaining at Scotty's side.

"Kid, you're one in a million. Treating elders with respect."

"It's my job, sir." Doc let the Lightning Saix lie down next to the Dark Horn.

"Job smob... I know a good heart when I see it."

"Thank-you kindly, sir."

"I'm so starved." Jinx munched down on her honeybread and smiled. "Mmmmm, this is so good, I wish I had tea to drink with this."

"I brought beer." Chuckles smiled, holding up a six pack.

"We cannot dull our senses, moron!" Jinx laughed, then ate some of her bread. "Pass me one."

After everyone was given a beer, except for Callisto, Karl and Leon, Chuckles raised the bottle up. "I propose a toast."

Doc, Scotty and Jinx raised the bottles in salute. "To our Colonel and his immortal Major.... to sucess and to girls with big knockers."


"Ha ha ha ha ha!" Scotty laughed heartly before stopping to grab his side. "I'll drink to that, Chuckles!"

Jinx chuckled as well, then tipped her beer bottle. They drank the beer and ate the rest of their bread.

"Hey, wonder what they are talkin' about." Chuckles motioned to the König Wolf and the Iron Kong Mk-II. "Their comlink connections are disconnected from us."

"Leave me be." Jinx drank another shot of her beer. "Officer stuff."

"We're officers too. Spread the love!"

"Not this love, Chuck...!"

"How much further till we get to Sovereign?" Karl asked softly, his hands cupped around a cup of hot, steaming honey tea.

"Not that far. We need to cross this valley. It'll take us a good day's worth of travel."

"I see." Karl whispered softly, taking the cup to his lips.

"Something wrong, colonel?"

"No, nothing at all." Karl looked at Leon through the comlink screen. "Just..."

"...yes....?" Leon spoke softly, his eyes glittering like amethysts.

"...it... it's nothing. Just tired, that's all."


"Let's rest for the travel ahead." Karl commanded half-heartedly, turning away from Leon's gaze.

"...as you wish." The König Wolf tromped away, ready to instruct the troops.

Karl stared into the honey gold liquid of the tea, his elegant green eyes sparkling with newly forming tears.

"Finally made it to Sovereign." Jinx stretched as they arrived from the valley.

"Yeah, and in one piece. That valley was hell." Chuckles smiled, cracking his back.

"Never had to pilot so intricately."

"Get used to it." Doc reminded them, still at Scotty's side.

"Calm dowm, Doc. We're home."

"Good work, Colonel. We congratulate you."

"Thank-you, sir." Karl saluted, poker-faced.

"The Great Whales will be ready in a day or so. How about you and your men rest until then?"

"Yes, sir." Karl walked out of the door, only to see Leon standing at the doorway. "Leon....?"

"Let's go out for coffee." Leon smiled, almost winking at him.

"Sure. Lead the way."

They headed for the cafeteria, leaving the office behind.