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Winter 2008


Artemis POV

The hunters and I were sent by Zeus to track the manticore and if needed assist the rescue of the demigods from Westover Hall. Three demigods were sent to fetch them after a cry of help from a satyr. The three demigods were Annabeth Chase, a daughter of my sister, Thalia Grace, my youngest half sibling and Will Solace, my nephew.

The hunters and I watched from afar waiting for the manticore to turn up. I glanced at Zoe to see her looking to the distance with slightly watery eyes. I shook it off as the wind for Zoe was not one to cry but recently she had begun to show weakness. Especially under the stars or when my brother came to visit. I tried not to think about it for I feared she may have fallen for my brother but I knew she would not betray me so put the thoughts aside.

I too often found myself looking up at the stars but I was never sure why I did. They seemed like long lost friends but also filled me with remorse yet I didn't know why.

I was brought out of my musings when I saw the manticore approach the clearing in front of us with the two demigods – a brother and sister it appeared- and my nephew, Will. I told the girls to hold fire until I understood the situation for I, unlike many of my siblings, preferred to assess a situation before killing.

My nephew was hit by one of the manticore's projectiles and appeared pained before trying to comfort the other demigods. He would frequently close his eyes and I think he was attempting to communicate with the satyr because I knew they shared an empathy link. The manticore then appeared to vanish from view before returning when the other demigods arrived. He appeared to beusing a walkie talkie, probably communicating with some mortals to pick up the demigods.

I was under orders from Olympus to take the two unknown demigods to Olympus so I fired at the manticore making my presence known to him.

I heard Zoe next to me "Permission to kill, my lady"

Before I could even respond the manticore had interrupted "This is not fair! Direct interference! It is against the ancient laws."

Did he really think I would believe that. "Not so. The hunting of all wild beasts is within my sphere. And you, foul creature, are a wild beast."

As I was about to allow Zoe to finish off the pitiful monster that was the manticore, the daughter of Athena charged and leapt on top of the beast. I must say she has courage but was obviously not using her brain that she was gifted with. She would make a fine hunter.

I turned to Zoe and said "permission granted." knowing she would find a clear shot.

My nephew attempted to stop me but I did not have time to listen as I started firing at the other monsters in the clearing.

I felt the wind change and all the monsters froze. I assumed the ride had arrived but in fact it was another immortal presence or presences. One I felt that I should recognise but did not know why. It was a he, I was sure of it and another four female looking statures were aligned with him. He radiated power like the night itself was powering him. They were all cloaked in shadows although they slowly dissipated.

At this moment I saw my nephew jump forward to save Athena's daughter only for the manticore to pull both him and Zoe over the cliff. I went to scream but before it even left my mouth the shadowed man had backflipped off the cliff to save them.

The women were completely uncloaked by now with the youngest looking around twelve, she had startling onyx black eyes with silver stars instead of pupils. The other women I recognised as Eris and Nemesis children of Nyx and some of the minor goddesses. Alongside them was none other than their mother who looked us over before giving me a glare that I was not aware of its reasoning. The youngest one gasped when she saw me almost as if recognition passed over her before shadow travelling away.

I guessed she was also a child of Nyx but had more tanned skin like that of a surfer which contrasted with her eyes yet complimented her auburn hair. She had black streaks in her hair that made her look all the more beautiful. And for clothing she wore what looked much like my hunter's winter garb but black.

These observations had only taken my godly brain a second to register before I turned back to the monsters to find the young girl decimating them alongside my hunters. She wielded a sword like a master but would switch to a gorgeous ebony black bow when she spotted someone in need of long distance help.

The demigods were all at the cliff edge crying for their lost friend while the new unknown demigods stood aside staring at the world they had been introduced to.

I turned back to Nyx to find the man had returned with my nephew and Zoe. He hugged Zoe like they had known one another for centuries and I bristled in anger before she pulled back and gave him a firm right hook to the cheek. I was amazed that all the man did was laugh before healing himself and winking at her before she turned and joined back in the fight.

I was unable to fight for there were no immortal enemies to fight along with Nyx, Eris, Nemesis and the curious man. We all surveyed the battle while the man spoke to my nephew.

Once all monsters had been defeated and the girl had returned to her family I drew my bow and aimed it at the man.

He calmly stood before laughing which infuriated me to no end. I knocked the arrow and fired at him but he simply glowed a bright white light before side stepping at incredible speeds that rivalled Hermes.

"I always pictured our reunion differently but seeing as you do not appear to recognise me Apollo must have been correct meaning all the other things he said were most likely true."

He then vanished in the shadows with a dejected look on his face.

I turned behind me to see all the hunters had their bows pointed at where he had just been except Zoe who looked down and promptly melted into the shadows to appear alongside the young girl.

"When did you learn to shadow travel?" I glared at her for keeping this from me.

"Oh, that is a long story but I have been able to since before I joined the hunters. Nyx if you please I must go and find him it has been too long."

She bowed to Nyx, smiled pitifully at me and promptly vanished. I was frustrated, my best friend had been lying to me for years and now she acts as though she pities me.

"Girls hold your fire you are in the presence of a primordial goddess."

The hunters all bowed but held their fire almost waiting for the mystery man to turn up. Nyx turned to glare at me "Do not let my visit go to your head Olympian for I detest you as much as your grandfather right now but know this, he may laugh and leave now but you have broken him and I fear he is all the hope you have for the next war and you better hope his parents chose to join their fellow Olympians or you may lose the strongest allies you have."

They all promptly vanished leaving the young girl who looked me up and down before muttering under her breath although I heard her perfectly clearly " Wow, she really is as bad as Uncle Hades says. And hey Olympus will be fun when she will finally see how the council feel. No matter aunty Zoe will help her find the correct way and maybe, just maybe we won't be fighting for Kronos this time around."

I gasped so this child fought in the first titan war for the titans yet was not currently imprisoned. Her other comment confused me but I put it to the side.

"Alas time to visit Aunty Calypso, I haven't seen her since Odysseus. Hiding is no fun anymore, look what happens to your parents, one becomes and oblivious bitch and the other depressed and alone."

She then turned around but as she did seemed to gain sight of the demigods. She ran to my nephew and embraced him before telling him to tell Apollo that Andromeda sends her love and will see him soon but needs to go rescue her father.

So her name was Andromeda and I assumed the man that vanished was her father. She then turned to Thalia promising to see her soon and to guide her later on. That part confused me for I wanted to know how Thalia knew this young Andromeda who hung out in the company of goddesses such as Nyx.

On her departure where she ran to the cliff but before flipping over much like her father she shouted down at the ocean " Hey Triton, truth will be out soon and then we can have real fun again, until then beat this dive, oh almighty not so prince of the seas, the competition is back on." Then she turned back to Thalia "You should visit more often, I have missed you and even Hades said you are welcome. Just call you know how." Finally she turned to me and looked me up and down again before saying "Thank the gods father loved me enough to take me with him when he got written out the history books or I may have turned out as prejudiced as this lot. Don't worry Zoe should return soon after she is all caught up again. One and a half millennium may take some time." She then promptly somersaulted off the cliff laughing all the time.

The stars seemed to twinkle like a wink at the falling child before they dimmed again.

I was thoroughly amazed with the events of the day and ordered the hunters to set up camp and grant the demigods a tent to stay in before they can hitch a ride tomorrow morning.

As the hunters and demigods disbanded there was a bright light and my brother appeared in all his glory. I was about to jest with him about being so early at this time of year before I saw the scowl present on his face.

He turned around to view the clearing before looking at the cliff and smiling muttering something about diving when I realised he had seen the last part of the meeting then turning back to me with a sad smile and saying "It truly has begun, the heart is needed to be won"

"Apollo stop messing around I just had one of the weirdest evenings of my immortal life." I said exasperatedly.

"Oh, I know sis, you just got reacquainted with my best mate Perseus, god of night, storms, tsunamis, loyalty, heroes, the arctic sea, swordsmanship and he is now willing to take back his domain of constellations." He muttered the next part "although it took us five centuries for him to re accept it after what you did. Although of course I know you don't remember while everyone else believes you were just being a cold hearted bitch. But hey some of the council still can't stand you but lucky for you father made them all act lovely with you until Perseus returns" He paused dramatically before getting excited.

"Hey everyone is back on Olympus and Hades has persuaded Andromeda to join us so we can help you remember. I warn you though sis there are no longer any laws making us nice to you so brace yourself."

With that parting he smiled cheekily at me before flashing away to Olympus.

"Hunters, I am needed on Olympus, do not attack or kill the campers and Thalia I would be pleased if you would join me."

Thalia glared at me obviously knowing she was no longer required to act in my presence but reluctantly joined me anyway. Although I think I saw her smile probably anticipating a show when we arrived. With that we flashed to Olympus

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