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She feels Barry moving behind her, repositioning his body, tightening his hold around her bare waist. She's been awake for some time now, but she doesn't move, partly because she enjoys the feeling of Barry's body covering hers, arms around her, his nose pressed against her neck…and partly because she knows. Although the last night was good—wonderful, even, Caitlin knows it was only a one-night-stand. She knows his heart truly lies with Iris, and that nothing can really come out of this.

Barry must know, too. He must know that they're better off as just friends, never to do this again, never to speak of this again. That's why she refuses to let Barry know she's awake. She knows how this is supposed to go. He's supposed to sneak out before she's awake, and then they're supposed to act normal, like nothing at all happened.

Still, even with the facts staring her right in the face, she can't help but notice that he's not getting up. He's not sneaking out, and right now, lying in bed with him, she's never felt more relaxed.

"Are you awake?" his voice whispers, tickling the back of her neck. Caitlin says nothing, confused. Why isn't he leaving? "Caitlin?" he whispers again, and Caitlin feels him sitting up. Now he's going to leave she thinks.

She feels his hand on her forehead, light as a feather, brushing her hair away. Then, his lips softly kissing her temple. Even though she'd felt his lips all over her body the night before, the touch still makes her heart pound. She's even more confused—he knows it was just a one-night stand, right? "I know you're awake," Barry says, a hint of a smile in his voice. Caitlin gives up and opens her eyes, only to find Barry's green ones inches from hers.

"Good morning," he says cheerily, planting another kiss on her temple, "I'm going to make some breakfast." With one last kiss, he gets up and dresses, heading out the door without another word.

Caitlin watches him go, not quite sure how to react. The way he's acting…so casual, so normal, as if they were already a couple and they'd had sex a million times before…what does it mean?

Line up the facts and com to a conclusion, she thinks. This tactic has always worked when she's faced with a difficult problem.

Fact 1: Barry and I just had sex.

Fact 2: It was a one night stand—no, no Caitlin, that's not a fact. Don't jump to conclusions. Try again.

Fact 2: …It's not something that's happened before. (Yes, that's better)

Fact 3: Barry still loves Iris.

Fact 4: I still love Ronnie

Fact 5: Barry just went to make us both breakfast, meaning either he's just really really hungry, or he actually cares about me in a romantic way, and would possibly want to create an actual relationship out of this.

Come to a conclusion. Her head swims as she tries to add all these facts together, desperately trying to make sense of them, but…it just didn't work. The equation was faulty. She shakes her head, trying to clear it, and she realized that, despite the situation, she really was hungry, and an irresistible smell of bacon is drifting up from the kitchen into the bedroom

I'll figure this out later she tells herself as she rises out of bed and throws on yesterday's clothes.

Barry's humming to himself as she enters the kitchen. He smiles when he sees her and begins to pour her a cup of coffee. She shifts uncomfortably. Shouldn't they talk about things? "Barry…" she says, but he's busy fixing her cup of coffee—with no sugar and just a touch of cream, just the way she likes it.

"Barry," she tries again.

"Do you want sausage or bacon? Or both? Both is good."


He turns back to her, plate full of eggs, bacon and sausage in his hand, looking concerned, "What?"

"Shouldn't we…talk about this?"

His eyebrows knit together for a moment, and he goes to sit in the chair next to her, setting the plate of breakfast food down in between them. "What is there to talk about, Cait?"

She herself isn't really sure, but she doesn't dare let him know that. "I just…think we should discuss…what's going to happen next."

"Oh…" Barry looks slightly hurt for a moment, and Caitlin can't quite figure out why. "What do you want to happen next?" Barry asks, looking up at her.

She sighs, "I don't know Barry, that's why I asked you." Because you're still in love with Iris, and there's no way we can start a relationship right now. "I…don't think I'm in a place where I…want a relationship right now."

Barry chews his lip for a moment before saying, quietly, "Because of Ronnie?"

Honestly, Caitlin doesn't know if it's because of Ronnie. Ronnie's dead, and she knows that. And, although she'll always, always love Ronnie, and she'll never get over his death, she also knows…she knows she has to move on.

But she also knows that she can't move on with Barry. She can't move on with someone who doesn't love her—not for her own sake, but for his. So, all she says is, "Yes, because of Ronnie."

Barry nods, like he's expecting that. He rises suddenly, and says, rather stiffly, "Well, then. I guess we'll just head up to S.T.A.R. labs and forget about the whole thing? If…it that's what you want."

No, no. That's not what I want. "Yes, I think that's for the best."

He nods again and walks away without another word, and Caitlin watches him go, feeling an unexpected pit in her stomach as she does.

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